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Family Origins and Deepest Root

Doris's Martsolf  family roots have been traced back into the 1600s to the Martzolf family from the Alsace region of France.  The most distant direct ancestor known is Wendel Marzolf who lived in Memmelshoffen, a town located in the French department of Bas-Rhin in Alsace.  Two of his grandsons, Wendling and Johann Philipp, moved to Ober- and Niederbetschdorf around 1705.  Doris's Martzolf line remained in Betschdorf for over 125 years, and there are many connections to other Betschdorf families.  A few Martzolfs still live in Betschdorf, but we have not determined their connection to any of the Martsolf/Martzolf families in America.

The Immigrant Ancestors

In 1833, Diebold Martzolf and his family came to America, making Diebold, his wife Eva Barbara Martzolff, and their son Philipp the immigrant ancestors of Doris's Martsolf family.  (Eva Barbara was also a Martzolf by birth.)  Other Betschdorf Martzolfs who came to America were Diebold's older brother Johann Heinrich who settled around Hanover and Abottstown, Pennsylvania; Eva Barbara's sister Eva Dorothea who was married to Jacob Pflugh and their family settled in Beaver County, Pennsylvania: Diebold's and Eva Barbara's first cousin Jacob Martzolf, who also settled in Beaver County.

The Origin of the Name

The name Marzolf(f) or Martzolf(f) is a patronymic, which means it is taken from the name of the father of the original name bearer.  In fact, the name Martzolf does occur as a first name as well.  It is derived from the Latin name Marzellus, which is a form of the name Markus or Mark.   The name Mark can traced back to Saint Mark, who was the author of the second Christian Gospel.  The name also occurs with a 'ph' at the end - Martzolph.

The surname Marzolf/Martzolf seems to be most common in the upper Rhine area, especially in the Alsace region of France which was once part of Germany.  This name might have been the preferred form of the name Mark, or a common dialectic variation, in the Alsace region.  Other German patronymics derived from Mark include Marzloff and Marx.

The 'Martsolf' spelling appears to be unique to the branch of the family that settled in the Beaver County and Butler county, Pennsylvania, area.  So far, no exceptions have been found.  The spelling was probably changed to preserve the correct pronunciation instead of the correct spelling, because the pronunciation of the German "z" and "tz" are closest to "ts" in English.  The change of the spelling to Martsolf occu rred sometime around 1900.  The head stone for Gertrude, the wife of Diebold's oldest son Henry, who died in 1871, is marked "Gertrude Mortzolf" (notice that an 'o' replaced the 'a', also).  When Henry died in 1907 his head stone was engraved with Martsolf.


Records of Individuals

         Baptism (and birth) record of Johann Heinrich Martzolff, father of Diebold Martzolff - 108k

         Baptism (and birth) record of Johann Philipp Martzolff, father of Eve Barbara Martzolff - 52k

         Baptismal Certificate of Philip Martzolf, son of Diebold. - 278k

         Death Record of Johann Heinrich Martzolff, father of Diebold Martzolff - 109k

         Theobold Mortzold (Diebold Martzolf) Declaration of Intent filed in Beaver County, Pennsylvania 1837 - 573k

         Jacob Mortzol (Jacob Martzolph) Declaration of Intent filed in Beaver County, Pennsylvania 1837 - 285k



Phillip & Sarah (Schramm) Martsolf - 194k
Family of Philip Martsolf & Sarah Schramm - 106k
Martsolf Gathering September 1888 - 179k
Charles and Anna Luella (McDonald) Martsolf - 57k
Four McDonald Generations (includes Ernest Martsolf, Anna L. McDonald Marsolf) - 27k 

Family of Diebold Martsolf and Sarah Burry - 99k

Henry Martsolf & his family - 136k




1914 Reunion - 263k
1915 Reunion - 184k
1938 Reunion - 198k
1961 Reunion - 153k

2000 Reunion - 58k

2002 Reunion - 85k

2004 Reunion - 58k

2008 Reunion - 170k

Family Picnics - descendants of Richard A. Martsolf & Jean Jeffers

2008 - 277k


Charles W. Martsolf 1932
Anna Luella McDonald Martsolf 1937
Philip Martsolf 1906
Richard A. Martsolf, Sr. 2001
Jessie Reid Martsolt Stotts 1966
Ernest W. Martsolf 1940



"The Good Old Days........"  is a short autobiography of Mary Alberta "Billie" Martsolf Robinson (1915-1996) which desrcibes many of the pleasures and hardships of Western Pennsylvania rural life in the early 1900s.  The family property is now part of Morraine State Park of Pennsylvania; and much of it is covered by Lake Arthur.

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