Bolin Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas

BOLIN CEMETERY, Newton County, Arkansas

The BOLIN CEMETERY is located on the old Colonel Felps Bolin Farm near Mt. Judea, Arkansas in Section 19, Township 19North, Range 19West.

Any words in parentheses (..) are from my family group sheets, gathered in my Bolin research.
BOLIN, Ancie Bell (born 1908) fieldstone (died 1919, 11yrs old) Colonel & Nora Carey Bolin
BOLIN,Colonel Felps 6 June 1865 6 May 1933 Calvin & Elizabeth Nichols Bolin Nora Carie' m:10 Sept 1885 Franklin Co.AR
BOLIN, Nora Carie' (1868) (no date) Joseph & Rebecca A Belt Carie' Colonel Felps Bolin married 10 Sept 1885 (C-251)Franklin Co.AR.
JOHNSON, 2 Children fieldstone fieldstone Marvin & Nellie Bolin Johnson
JOHNSON, Nellie 17 Mar 1903 19 Jan 1942 Colonel Felps & Nora Carie' Bolin Marvin Johnson married 4 Aug 1923
ROYSE, Nora Verada 7 Apr 1912 10 Dec 1919 Arthur & Ader Bolin Royce
Elizabeth Ann Nichols Bolin was sister to our third great-grandmother Tibitha Nichols Ricketts. Some of the Floods\Fluds married into the Bolin families.
Have several photos of the Bolin folks in my 'Kinfolks Memory Album' located on my website.
I believe Colonel Felps Bolin was the son of Calvin Bolin and Elizabeth Ann Nichols Bolin. Elizabeth's husband Henry died early in the Civil War (ca 1863), killed by bushwackers near the Atkinson School.
Colonel Felps Bolin (listed as Calvin age 2), was living with Calvin Bolin on the 1870 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township, Visit 629.
Calvin Bolin was also in Franklin County, Arkansas in 1876.
Calvin married ELIZABETH CAMPBELL,age 35, on 25 Feb 1876 (B-219) in Franklin County,Arkansas

See the "Henry Bolin Story" in my 'Kinfolks Stories' on my website.
I believe Henry and Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" Nichols Bolin were the parents of:
(1) John E. Bolin, born 1850 in Missouri. He married four times:
l. Nancy Flud (daughter of John L & Miranda Gilmore Flud) on 7 May 1870.
2. Sarah Atkinson on 18 Oct 1874
3. Margaret Smith Dover on 25 Jan 1888
4. Emeline Henderson Tennison on 20 Dec 1893.
Emeline had married (1) ROBERT TENNISON

(2) Sarah Bolin, born 1852. She married Thomas Atkinson.

(3) Isabel Bolin, born 1861. Nothing further known.

Henry Bolin was killed by bushwackers near the Atkinson School
around 1862.

Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" Nichols Bolin then had the following children:
(4)Colonel Felps Bolin,born 6 June 1865. He married NORA CARIE' on
10 Sept 1885 in Franklin County, Arkansas (C-251).
Nora CAREY (CURIE)was the daughter of Joseph Carie' and
Rebecca Emeline Belt. Joseph Carie' may have been Nora's
stepfather.Joseph Carie' was born in 1850 in France.
Family is on the 1880 Franklin County, Arkansas Census in White Oak
Township, Page 732C
1.Joseph Carie', self, M, male, W, 31, France, Farmer, France,France
2.Becie E. Carie, wife, M, female, W, 36, AR, Keeping House, TN, TN
(she is Rebecca "Becky" Belt).
3.Nora O Carie', daug., S, female, W, 12, AR, at home, France,AR
4.Rosetta Carie', daug., S, female, W, 5, AR, at home, France, AR
5.John R Carie', son, S, male, W, 2, AR, at home, France, AR

Nora's brother John Carie' married SARAH ELLEN BOLIN on 26 Sept 1895
in Newton County.

Colonel and Nora Carie' Bolin had two daughters who married into the
Flud Families.
Daughter Bonnie Bolin married GEORGE W FLUD (b:1886) in 1909.
Daughter Ola Bolin married NOEL THEODORE FLUD .
They moved to Eufaula, Oklahoma and had two daughters,Adlee and
Della Flud.
In 1927 Ola Bolin Flud was hanging clothes on a clothesline and was
struck and killed by lightening. Grandmother Nora Carie' Bolin took
the two girls and raised them at Mt. Judea, Arkansas. Adlee Flud
married LEWIS JOHNSON and Della Flud married CECIL EDDINGS.
Have been writing to Della for about ten years now.

(5)Mary Jane Bolin, born 1868, who married HENRY CLINGMON ARMSTRONG
on 26 December 1882 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Henry Clingmon Armstrong had first married SARAH MELVINA PIERCE(she
later married JIM "Striker"TENNISON.

(6)William R Bolin, born 18 Oct 1871. He married MARY JANE EDDINGS on
18 Dec 1891.

(7)Delila A Bolin, born 1872. She married J.W. STANDRIDGE on
7 Feb 1889. They moved to Franklin County, Arkansas to raise their
family and are buried there.

(8)Charles Bolin, born 19 July 1876. He married NELLIE LORD ca 1894.
He later married Mary Virginia Flud (daughter of John Snooker Flud)


Evelyn Flood

September 2016

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