Coppers Bluff Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas

COPPERS BLUFF CEMETERY, Newton County, Arkansas

This cemetery is in White Township, Section 1, Township 14North, Range 21North. Located near the headwaters of the west prong of Big Creek. It is on the east side of the road near the J.W. Farmer's place.
Notes are from my Family Group Sheets and ARE NOT on the
tombstones .Likewise, if there is information in parenthesis,
it was taken from a census or family record and is not on the

COLLINS, child 1940 1940 Ernie & Wilma Kelly Collins
COLLINS, child June 1946 June 1946 Ernie & Wilma Kelly Collins
FARMER,child 1914 1914 Columbus J. & Rebecca O'Neal Farmer
FARMER,Child 1916 1916 Columbus J.& Rebecca O'Neal Farmer
FARMER,child 1920 1920 Columbus J.& Rebecca O'Neal Farmer
FARMER,child 1923 1923 Columbus J.&Rebecca O'Neal Farmer
FARMER,child 23 Aug 1931 1 Sept 1931 Verlin & Nola Reddell Farmer
FARMER, Joseph C (Oct 1881) 1922 Thomas N & Mary Elizabeth Smith Farmer Rutha Peoples Hagar Pierce m:18 Mar 1906 Newton Co.AR
FARMER,Minnie ca1886 ca1915 John D.& Alta Zerah Smith Baucom Simon David Farmer m:23 May 1903 Newton Co.AR
FARMER,Rebecca "Becky" (1835) after 1910 Smith & Sarah Peoples John? Farmer
HAWKINS, Edgar 1903 1987
SHATWELL,Elizabeth (1 Oct 1822 Henry County,Tennessee) 5 Jan 1911 Smith & Sarah Peoples Thomas Crownshield Shatwell m:1 Oct 1847 Johnson Co.AR
SHATWELL,Polly A (April 1851) (6 April 1908) John M.& Mary Polly Renee Rowland Smith William M. Shatwell m:1869 (A-63) in Newton Co.AR
SMITH, Claud 8 June 1920 11 Sept 1920
SMITH,James W 3 Oct 1847 7 Jan 1898 John M & Mary Polly Renee Rowland Smith Mary Tennison 1866 Newton Co.AR
SMITH, Mary 5 Sept 1888 20 Sept 1888 J.A. & M.E. Smith "we will meet again"
SMITH,Mary Ellen (21 June 1865) (23 Nov 1892)after childbirth Morgan & Martha Hines Pierce Nathaniel Smith Sr.See his story m:7 April 1881 Newton Co.AR
SMITH,Nathaniel Sr. 24 Dec 1861 (27 July 1892) Alfred & Rebecca Flood Smith Mary Ellen Pierce See "Nathaniel Smith Story"
TORIX,Mary Ann Flud Brewer ca 1838 12 Jan 1892 John L & Maranda Gilmore Flud m:(1)Jesse Brewer m:(2)Peter Torix 17Mar1867 Newton Co.AR
TORIX,Peter (ca 1843 Polk Co.AR 28 Oct 1871 Duff, AR George Peter & Elizabeth Jones Torix Mary Ann Flud Brewer Co.C,1st AR.Cav.(Union)Civil War
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Evelyn Flood

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