Essex Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas


To reach the cemetery, follow the Limestone Road from its junction with State Highway 16 southwest of Deer, Arkansas to the first road turning left after passing the Ogden Cemetery.
Follow this road for about 3/4 mile, always keeping to the left.
The Essex Cemetery can be seen in a field across a branch. The road
leads through a gate to the cemetery.
Located in Section 18, Township 13North, Range 21West.

Complete listing of known burials through 2000

NOTE: Have added parents names, spousal names, marriage dates and notes to the cemetery information.
Will keep adding information to this file as i research the different Northern Arkansas families.


Evelyn Flood

BAILEY,Belle Wheeler 7Jan1882 18Jan1913 W. C. "Bud" WHEELER & Matilda Chambers Elmer Bailey m:8Sept1904(pg446)Newton County
BOHANNON,Child 11Apr1925 11Apr1925 ****** ****** ******
BOHANNON,Ella Ellen 5May1856 6Mar1937 Richard M. Lee William E.Bohannon m:6Nov1873 Newton Co.AR
BOHANNON,William E. 5May1851 6Aug1940 John J. & Elizabeth Bohannon Ella Ellen Lee
CAMPBELL,Olive 15Dec1906 17Oct1933 John R & Julia Murray Pruitt Henry Campbell m:21Nov1926(pg583)Newton Co.AR.
CLAYBORN, Albert Brasfield "Ab" 30Jan1868 27Dec1966 John W. & Martha J. Hyatt Clayborn m:(1)Eva M Earl 18Dec1892(D-248) m:(2)Louisa Eliza Curtis 15Feb1899 (F-232)
CLAYBORN,Fane no date no date George & Willie Clayborn
CLAYBORN, Junior Dane 1944 27June2000 George & Willie Berry Clayborn
CLAYBORN, Laura 9Nov1899 28Jan1919 Albert & Lou Curtis Clayborn (CORRECTION)
CLAYBORN,Louisa Elizabeth 27Sept1876 28Nov1962 John D. & Mahala Essex Curtis No. 2 wife of Albert Brassfield Clayborn m:15Feb1899 (F-232)Newton County
CLAYBORN,Mary Lue no date no date George & Willie Berry Clayborn
CLAYBORN, Raymond W 29July1905 16June1989 Albert & Louisa E. Curtis Clayborn Pvt. U.S.Army WW II
CLAYBORN,Sherman 5Apr1902 10Feb1992 Albert & Louisa E Curtis Clayborn "In God's Care, Father"
CLAYBORN, Velma Lorene 19Feb1923 20Dec1941
CLAYBORN, Vernie "Jake" 2May1917 6Dec2000 Albert B.& Louisa E. Curtis Clayborn
COOKSEY, L.Bargess 1860 25July1884 John & Margaret Doolin Cooksey Nancy Essex m: 21July1881 Newton County Age 24 years
CURTIS, Ann 1Feb1878 1Sept1884 John D. & Mahala Essex Curtis "Asleep In Jesus"
CURTIS,infant girl 22Feb1896 22Feb1896 J.D. & Mahalie Essex Curtis "Asleep In Jesus"
CURTIS, John 28Sept1882 13Sept1884 John D.& Mahala Essex Curtis "Asleep In Jesus"
CURTIS, Scott 8Oct1889 6Apr1891 John D. & Mahala Essex Curtis "Asleep In Jesus"
ESSEX, John Jordan 3May1871 19May1939 Warren & Rebecca Woodward Essex m:(1)Mary Millsaps 13Feb1890;m.(2)Malinda Jones McElhaney on 16Nov1914(pg 437);m.(3)Laura Massengale 21Oct1929
ESSEX, Malinda 1884 27Dec1926 Will J. Jones & Amanda Yates Martin Jones Greenhaw (1)Mr. McElhaney uknown date m:(2)John Jordan Essex on(2)16Nov1914 (pg 437)Newton County
ESSEX, Mary Elizabeth 26Nov1874 no date Jesse & Martha Breedlove Millsaps Wife No.1 of John J. Essex m:13Feb1890 (pg277)Newton County
ESSEX, Mary Jane 13Mar1861 15Mar1875 Warren & Rebecca Woodward Essex "May The Resurrection Find Thee On The Bosom of Thy God"
ESSEX, Matilda C 26Sept1869 23Feb1871 Warren & Rebecca Woodward Essex "We Will Meet Again"
ESSEX, Rebecca 19Apr1830 11Apr1919 "Thy Trials Ened Thy Rest Is Won" William & Elizabeth Reed Woodward Wife No.2 of Warren Essex m:24Feb1853 Newton County
ESSEX, Rebecca 1868 1943 Warren & Rebecca Woodward Essex did not marry
ESSEX, Warren 1824 in KY 9Oct1872 Per CW Pension Sgt.Co.E,2nd AR.Inf.(Union)Civil War (1)Lydia Ann Davis m:9Oct1845 in KY(she d:25Aug1851 Big Piney) (2)Rebecca Woodward m:24Feb1853 Newton County
FREEMAN, Vestie 8Nov1903 12Aug1908 John W. & Emma Jane Robinson Freeman
HESS,J.C. 19Apr1910 15Dec1985
HYATT, STONE, Arsenett unknown maiden name m.(1)Berry Stone (wid) (2)John Hyatt 15Sept1871 buried here per Dewayne Stone
KINER, Eileen G 27Jan1926 14May1997
McELHANEY, Sylvester
5Jan1912 15July1940 Malinda Jones McElhaney Essex
MIDDLETON, Jiles G. 28Apr1850 20Jan1903 Jane (mnu)1860 Jackson Co.AR Sarah Isabelle "Ebbie"Jackson m:ca 1869 Searcy Co.AR?
MIDDLETON, Mary S 29Oct1882 5Feb1908 William C. & Ellen Lee Bohannon Monroe Middleton m:24Aug1902(pg286) Newton County
MOONEY, G. Jack 12June1868 14Apr1943 Jack and Halley Louiza Bohannon Mooney Molly Flippo m:8Feb1901(pg368)
MOONEY, Mary 23Sept1871 15Apr1958 Jack & Halley Louisa Bohannon Mooney
MOONEY, Molly 4Jan1876 no date William Haywood & Mary E Simmons Flippo G. Jack Mooney m:8Feb1901(pg368)Newton County
MORRISON, 3 children no date no date Samuel & Lou Thompson Morrison
MORRISON,Samuel 1847 no date.Served Co. L,8th MO.Cav.(Union) Civil War Lue E. Thompson, b:1860 m:5Sept1880 Newton County
PRICHETT, Ida 1901 1961 James & Tryphena Bohannon Stone m.Owen Prichett (1897-1974) Owen later m.Bonnie Holt
PRUITT, Angie 8Aug1901 18July1903 James F. & Sarah E. Cooksey Pruitt
PRUITT,Child 6Jan1911 twin 7Jan1911
PRUITT,Child 6Jan1911 twin 16Jan1911
PRUITT, Emma E 3Dec1894 1Oct1905 James P. & Nancy Parlee Curtis Pruitt
PRUITT,Nancy Parlee 10Oct1856 27Dec1924 Amos F. & Rachel Daniels Curtis James P. Pruitt m:26Mar1871(pg115)Newton County
RANKIN, 4 children
no date no date John & Lura Morrison Rankin John & Lura were m:1901 (pg84)Newton County
ROBERSON,son 20Sept1875 2Oct1875 Francis Marion & Sarah E Woodward Roberson Name also shown as ROBINSON
ROBERSON,child 1924 1924
ROBERSON, Elijah E 1Mar1853 14July1910 Pleasant M.& Luanna Jane Bohannon Roberson Rachel Ann Chambers m:20Jan1876 Newton County
ROBERSON, Francis Marion 11Jan1847 28May1922 Pleasant M. & Luanna Jane Bohannon Roberson Sarah E. Woodward CSA Civil War, Co.K Hill's Cavalry
ROBERSON,George T 6Sept1885 23July1888 Elijah E. & Rachel Ann Chambers Roberson
ROBERSON, John Perry 14Sept1889 17Feb1950 Francis M. & Sarah Woodward Roberson Nancy (mnu)
ROBERSON,Nancy 8Aug1905 23Jan1988 John Perry Roberson
ROBERSON,Rachel Ann 14Feb1859 30Aug1949 Mahala Woodward Chambers Elijah E Roberson m:20Jan1876 Newton County
ROBERSON,Sarah E 6Apr1852 27Nov1943 Woodward Francis Marion Roberson m:22Oct1868 Newton County
ROBERSON, W. E. "Chock" 1872 1948 Francis M. & Sarah Woodward Roberson Martha "Mattie" Davis m:22Jan1895 (pg180) Newton County
ROBINSON,John Preston 12Aug1877 29July1956 Elijah E. & Rachel Ann Chambers Sarah Elizabeth SPARKS m:5Mar1899(pg240)Newton County
ROBINSON,Mary E 28Mar1859 17Sept1941 Thomas & Martha Clayborn BETHEL William Pleasant Robinson
ROBINSON,Sarah Elizabeth 7Apr1880 23Nov1956 James Basel & Mary F Breedlove SPARKS John Preston Robinson m:5Mar1899(pg240)Newton County
ROBINSON, William J 28Dec1902 17Mar1976 William P.& Mary E. Bethel Robinson PFC US Army WW II
ROBINSON, William Pleasant 2May1857 18Nov1903 Pleasant M. & Luanna J Bohannon Robinson m.Mary E. Bethel
SHATSWELL,Mary Ellen 1866 1939 Francis M. & Sarah Woodward Robinson No.2 wife of William M. Shatswell m:1Jan1908(pg351)Newton County
SPARKS, Matilda 28Jan1880 21Sept1900 Elijah E. & Rachel Ann Chambers Robinson Irvin Sparks
STEEL,Andrew Sept1790 20Dec1877 James Steel m:(1)Elizabeth Blair 1812 N.C.(2)Mahala Woodward 7Oct1876 Newton Co.AR. War of 1812 Pensioner
STONE,Bill (William M.) (ca 1872) no date John & Sarah Essex Stone
STONE, D. George 1904 1974
STONE, Floyd 1901 1920 Squire & Jerusha Abby Davis Stone
STONE,James W 1870 1935 "Gone But Not Forgotten" John & Sarah Essex Stone Tryphena Bohannon m:23Oct1890 (pg42)Newton County
STONE, Jarisha Abby 1882 1920 Andrew Jack & Malinda Harris Davis Squire Stone m:14May1896(pg517R)Johnson Co.AR
STONE, Lloyd G 30Sept1904 10June1974 James & Tryphena Bohannon Stone Pvt U S Army WW II Hardwick Funeral Home
STONE,Ransom D 14May1912 25Sept1916 John H. & Laura J Wheeler Stone
STONE, Sarah 15Nov1853 1Mar1920 Warren & Rebecca Woodward ESSEX John Stone m:12Nov1868 Newton County
STONE, SQUIRE 1876 1950, Husband John & Sarah Essex Stone? Jarisha Abby Davis m:14May1896 Johnson Co. AR
STONE,Tryphenia 1876 1958 "Gone But Not Forgotten" William E. & Ellen Lee Bohannon James W Stone m:23Oct1890 Newton County
WHEELER,W.C."Bud" 17May1858 6July1907 Isham Wheeler & Catherine Anderson Matilda Chambers m:16Nov1879 Newton County
WOODWARD,Elizabeth 10Mar1810 24Feb1875 "Gone But Not Forgotten" Mr. REED Willis Woodward m:20Aug1826 Madison Co.MO

marriage dates, spousal and parent information,etc.
Have obituary clippings to add later.
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Evelyn Flood

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