Kapark (Capark)Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas

KAPARK (CAPARK) CEMETERY, Newton County, Arkansas

The Kapark (Capark) Cemetery is located near the old Capark Community, about l/2 mile east of Forest Service Road No. 1410. In Section 19, Township 14North, Range 23West in Kentucky Township of Newton County, Arkansas. Forest Service Road No. 1410 runs North and South, East of County Road No. 21

Notes (in parenthesis)are from my Family Group Sheets and research and ARE NOT on the tombstones.

KAPARK (CAPARK) CEMETERY, Newton County, Arkansas

BEGLEY, J.J. no date no date Sgt,Co.B,8th KY Infantry(Civil War)
BEGLEY, Manerva 26Dec1882 5May1901 A.M.Begley
BOLING\BOWLING, children 4 children no dates buried beside mother Elsie
BOLING\BOWLING, Elsie no date no date Mitchell Eli Boling
BRYANT, Child 20 Oct 1898 20 Oct 1898 (James F.& Martha Addie Curtis Bryant)
BRYANT, Dave C 15 Nov 1902 20 Dec 1923 (James F.& Martha Addie Curtis Bryant)
BRYANT,Floyd 1 Oct 1901 18 Oct 1901 (James F.& Martha Addie Curtis Bryant)
BRYANT,Mertie 23 Dec 1899 27 Nov 1900 (James F.& Martha Addie Curtis Bryant)
BRYANT, Rachel 25 July 1847 30 May 1934 (William & Rebecca Mays Lickliter) W.M.Bryant (m.24May1867 Laurel Co.KY)
BRYANT, Rosa M.A. 12 May 1871 21 July 1890
BRYANT, W.M. 29 Nov 1847 19 Sept 1919 (Elias & Manerva Richmond Bryant) (Rachel Lickliter) (m.24May1867 Laurel Co.KY)
BRYANT,Walter 18 May 1897 15 Apr 1898 (James F. & Martha Addie Curtis Bryant)
COLLINS, child no date no date (Silas & Hulda Collins)
COLLINS,Jerry W (13 Oct) 1882 1930 (Tipton & Thurza M Martin Collins) (Stella Dixon) (m.11 Mar 1906 Newton Co.AR)
COLLINS, Tipton no date(1833 Morgan Co.IN) no date(before 1900) (Solomon & Delilah Nichols Collins) (Thurza Mahala Haley Tessie Martin) (m.ca 1858 Douglas Co.MO):3 MO E Mil
CRANFORD, Cora 25Mar1915 7Mar1934 (Cornelious & Sally Bryant Cranford) (1920 Kentucky Twp.,Newton Co.AR)
CRANFORD,Cornelious 4 May 1856 24 July 1942 (Sally Bryant) (m.20Dec1893(pg48)Newton Co.AR)
CRANFORD,John 25 Mar 1896 27 Dec 1892 (Cornelious & Sally J Bryant Cranford) (Pearl Nelson) (m.6 Sept 1925 Newton Co.AR)
CRANFORD,Laura 8 Oct 1911 27 July 1916 (Cornelious & Sally Bryant Cranford)
CRANFORD,Leonard 7Jan1901 17Apr1924 (Cornelious & Sally Brant Cranford)
CRANFORD,Pearl 9 Aug 1907 2 Dec 1955 Nelson John Cranford m.6Sept1925 Newton Co.AR
CRANFORD,Sallie J 22 May 1874 no date W.M.& Rachel Lickliter Bryant Cornelious Cranford (m.20Dec1893(pg48)Newton Co.AR)
EDWARDS, Barbara 1860 1946 John Neal Gilbert Edwards
GRIFFIN, Anna B 20 Oct 1880 12 Dec 1880
GRIFFIN,Mary F 4 June 1863 18 May 1896 (Smith) Joseph R Griffin (m.31 July 1887 Newton Co.AR)
GRIFFIN,Thomas J 20 Oct 1889 1 Jan 1891 (Joseph & Mary F Smith Griffin)
GUTHRIE,Solomon 9 Jan 1895 18 Jan 1895 (J.W. & Rachel Bryant Guthrie)
HATCHER,Calvin C 1860 1935 (Elizabeth Ray) (m.1881 Gibson Co.TN)
HATCHER,Elizabeth 1865 1930 (John J & Eliza Agnew Ray) Calvin C Hatcher (m.1881 Gibson Co. TN)
HIBBARD,B.F.(Benjamin Franklin) 3Oct1851 Clay Co.KY April 1921 m.(1)Nancy(mnu) (m.(2)Lucinda Hubbard 1915 Newton Co.AR)
HIBBARD,Chester 13July1888 15Oct1888 B.F. & Nancy Hibbard
HIBBARD,Hester V 20Jan1881 18Sept1892 B.F. & Nancy Hibbard
HIBBARD, John 14July1912 22Sept1925 (Millard Fillmore & Margaret Eastep Hibbard)
HIBBARD, Nancy10Feb1854 9Apr1914 Benjamin Franklin Hibbard
HODGES, Eddie E 5May1896 2Feb1897 (Stephen & Jemima Minnie Bryant Hodges)
HODGES,Sallie A 10July1889 9Nov1889 (Stephen & Jemima Minnie Bryant Hodges)
LONG, child no date no date William M. & Becky Bryant Long
MASON,Francis M. 24May1880? 6Aug1883?
PRUITT, John Berry 10Oct1873 2Jan1886 John H & Mary Marshall Pruitt
PRUITT, Polly Annie 19Dec1886 10Nov1887
PRUITT, S. no date no date
PRUITT, William Obediah (22May1822 Hendricks Co.IN) (16Sept1904) In Co.E,2nd AR.Infantry(Union)Civil War (m.1 Lucy Stanlin.m.7July1843 Wayne Co.MO) (m.2 Rachel Campbell 11Apr1903,Franklin Co.AR
ROBERTS,Emily 1Aug1894 16Aug1894 (John E.& Sarah Ives Roberts)
SASSER,Elizabeth 2Aug1852 8Feb1892 Taylor John Wesley Sasser
SMITH, Cynthia 24Apr1824 26Oct1893 Thomas J.Smith
SMITH,Thomas J 1Apr1825 16Jan1893 (Jabel & Rosanna Jones Smith) Cynthia
TAYLOR, William F 15Dec1890 5Mar1891 (John H & Fannie E.Pruitt Taylor)
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