Lone Hill Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas

This cemetery is located on a hill in the Limestone Valley of
Newton County, southeast of the Alfred Curtis Place. It is in
Section 12, Township 13North, Range 22West.
If the date is not on the tombstone, used date from census records
and will be in parenthesis( ).
All marriages in Newton County unless otherwise stated.
Cemetery is overgrown with brush.

BLACKWOOD,Hesikiah"Ki" (1870) unknown;died of typhoid fever James Milton Blackwood & Asberine Posey Davis
CARLTON,daughter 4Apr1920 9Apr1920 Doy & Ora Wheeler Carlton
CARLTON,Marion A. 27June1875 26Dec1919 Marion B.& Sarah Virginia"Jenny" Dunlap Carlton Julia Ogden; m:1Sept1895 Julia later m:(2)Francis W Casey in 1921
CARLTON,Mary Elizabeth 13Jan1847 10Oct1865 George W. and Angeline Leonard Park Marion Benjamin Carlton m:ca1864 Newton County,Arkansas
CARLTON,Pauline 7May1927 14Dec1931
CASEY,Elizabeth"Liza" 1855 12Mar1889 SPRADLEY Uriah R.Casey m:16Apr1876
CASEY,Harley 1July1904 15Oct1905 Al & Lucy Casey
CLAYBORN, Isaac R 10Nov1853 (18Mar1853?) 28Feb1905 George R.&Elizabeth Phillips Clayborn Martha Ellen Dodson m:1874
CLAYBORN,George 14Apr1876 14Mar1877 Isaac R.& Martha Ellen Dodson Clayborn
CLAYBORN,Mary 10Jan1875 15Jan1875 Isaac R.& Martha Ellen Dodson Clayborn
CULBERTSON,Laura no date 1870 Calvin & Catherine Henson Houston William Allen Culbertson
DODSON,General D. Edmond 3Oct1805(1813?) 1887 Susan Casey
DODSON, Pleasant ca 1855 before 1910 General D. Edmond & Susan Casey Dodson Martha Jane Flud (James Flud) m:11 April 1878 Newton County
DODSON, Susan ca 1820 unknown Casey General D. Edmond Dodson 1880 Newton Co.AR.Census,Union Twp.
GILLIAN, Eliza 21Oct1880 2Dec1882 William F & Martha Ham Gillian
GILLIAN,Fora E 28Mar1894 25Dec1894 William F. & Martha Ham Gillian
GILLIAN, Martha Emeline 6Dec1859 31Aug1939 Daniel E. & Malinda Doolin Ham William F. Gillian m:7Oct1877
GILLIAN,Sarah M 16Dec1882 8Jan1883 William F. & Martha Ham Gillian
GILLIAN,William F 7Dec1856 25Jan1927 Martha E. Ham m:7Oct1877
GILMORE,David L 15Oct1861 10May1888 Kelsey & Emily Mayberry Gilmore Adaline Houston m:24Dec1882
GILMORE,Kelsey Levi 27Aug1885 22Nov1885 David L. & Adaline Houston Gilmore
HAM,daughter 25Jan1911 8Feb1911 Ulysses Grant & Winney Casey Ham
HAM,Daniel E. 16May1827 7Aug1891 Mary Ham.He served Co.C 16th AR.CSA (Civil War) m:(1)Polly Daniels 1848;(2)Eliabeth Harrison 1855 m:(3)Malinda Doolin April 1856
HAM,Malinda E. 14Sept1834 12July1892\96? Michael & Elizaeth Taylor Doolin Daniel E. Ham;m:Apr1856 children:Sarah E;Martha E;Sterling P;Ulysses;Ellender
HAM, Sarah V 1Feb1893 22Aug1894 Ulysses G. & Winnie E. Casey Ham
HAM,Sterling Price 1863 9Sept1875 Daniel E.& Malinda Doolin Ham drowned in Piney Creek rounding up cattle It is said he was buried here
HAM,Ulysses S."Grant" 27Mar1869 20Sept1933 Daniel E. & Malinda Doolin Ham m:(1)Winnie Casey 20Feb1890 m:(2)Pearl Breedlove
HAM, Winnie E. 18Mar1869 22May1932 Allen & Chassie Woodward Casey Ulysses Grant Ham m:20Feb1890
HOUSTON, Calvin Thomas (ca1806) (ca 1859) Robert & Margaret Cunningham Houston Catherine Henson m: ca 1846)
HOUSTON,Lucretia A."Creasey" 11Jan1846 27Mar1904 Isaac & Narcissa J. Richey Cooper m:(1)James M. Hampton 10Mar1861(died Civil War) m:(2)William H.Houston ca1866
MOONEY,Holley Louisa"Liza" (Jan1845) John J."Ibe" & Elizabeth Bohannon John D. Mooney m:ca 1864
MOONEY, John D. (1845 Alabama) 22Nov1885? Holley Louisa Bohannon.m:ca1864 He served Co. E,2nd AR.Infantry(Union)Civil War
OGDEN, Alfred A. 23Nov1853 20May1920 Pleasant & Sarah Cantrell Ogden m:(1)Sarah Murray m:(2)Tabitha Dillahunty
OGDEN,daughter 1920 1920 Doy Ogden
OGDEN, Tabitha 20Feb1855 26Jan1901 Dillahunty Alfred A. Ogden m:ca 1872 Madison Co.AR?
OWEN, Aaron 1819 18Dec1885 William & Susanna Fizer? Owen Nancy Jane Moody He served Co.C,1st AR.Infantry(Union)Civil War
OWEN, Nancy Jane 10Dec1826 19Aug1914 Jonathan & Alender Alvira Oaks Moody Aaron Owen
WITT,Mary Ellen 1901 1902
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