Pruitt Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas

PRUITT CEMETERY,Newton County, Arkansas

This cemetery is located on the first road left off State Highway No. 74 east of Jasper, Arkanss. It is about one mile from Highway No. 74 in Section 26, Township 16North, Range 21West.
There are several unmarked graves.
Known burials through 2000

ANDERSON, Asa M. 11Aug1839 20Jan1923 Joseph & Roxellana Bolt Anderson Rhoda Daily Served Co. C,Indiana Infantry(Union)Civil War
ANDERSON, Rhoda 20Aug1844 15Nov1910 James & Elizabeth Daily Asa M. Anderson
BOOMER, Fred Allen 11Apr1869 18Jan1936 Fredrick O. & Harriett Hayles Boomer Hattie Maude Anderson m:6Aug1889 (pg214)Newton County
BOOMER,Hattie Maude
4Nov1871 England 26Oct1931 Asa M. & Rhoda Daily Anderson Fred Allen Boomer m:6Aug1889 Newton County,Arkansas
CARTER,Virgil K 6June1922 9Jan1929
HARP,child 28Feb1914 28Feb1914 Granville G & Mary Anthony Harp
HARP, Claude H. 10Feb1893 16June1914 Granville G & Mary Anthony Harp Cordelia "Delia" Villines m:17Sept1911 (I-97)Newton County
HARP,Delbert 20Feb1922 4July1933 Othar Oliver Harp
HARP,Oasie 6Jan1901 24Aug1919 Anderson Monroe & Mary V Waters Harp
INLOW,Roy Wilson 27Mar1921 7Nov1983 Served World WarII
MAHAN, Ola M. 10Aug1888\1890? 22Oct1918 John T & Malinda Ellen Vanderpool Pruitt (1)Gilbert T.Smith 25Oct1909 Haskell Co.OK
(2)Walter Mahan
PRUITT,John D 18Nov1830 10July1905 Vernetta Jane (mnu)
Pruitt, John T 2Jan1870 17Nov1945 Malinda Ellen Vanderpool m:5Oct1886(E-217)Newton County
PRUITT,Malinda Ellen 18Mar1870 11May1928 James & Anna Henderson Vanderpool John T.Pruitt m:5Oct1886(E-217-recorded 1895)Newton County
PRUITT, May 21Feb1901 6Sept1901 U.S. & P. Pruitt
PRUITT,Nellie 21Dec1901 3June1902 Ransom S. & Rhoda Berry Pruitt
PRUITT,Onnie 16Feb1902 20Oct1918 John D.& Malinda Ellen Vanderpool Pruitt
PRUITT, Ransom S. 1866 1933 John D & Vanetta Jane Pruitt Rhoda A. Berry m:1Nov1887 (pg2)Newton County
PRUITT, Rhoda A 1870 1934 Berry Ransom Pruitt m:1Nov1887 (Pg2)Newton County
PRUITT,Vernetta"Nettie"Jane 12Aug1836 5Apr1927 John D Pruitt
Pruitt, Walter D 8Aug1893 22Mar1954 John T. & Malinda Ellen Vanderpool Pruitt
PRUITT,Wilburn 14Oct1923 7Sept1930 Walter D Pruitt
RUSH, Joseph Henry 3Nov1838 17Dec1912 Sarah Davis
RUSH, Sarah 10Jan1843 28May1917 Joseph Henry Rush
RUSH,Rosetta 20May1900 5Dec1903 Henry & Minta Martin Rush
SHAW, Elizabeth 3June1890 8Oct1901 Francis & Mercelena Shaw
SPRINGER, Bud 16July1930 18July1930 Paul & Lucy Owens Springer
STARR, John 18Apr1842 6Jan1925 Michael & Lucy Ann Olive Starr Sarah Elizabeth Agee m:1868 Osage Co.MO
STARR,Rissie Jane 26Dec1891 9Jan1926 Henderson Isaac Sidney Starr m:6Aug1907(pg312)Newton County
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