Red Rock Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas

Red Rock Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas

This cemetery is in White Township on the east side of Big Creek near the old Cooper
place (NW l/4, Section 32, Township 15West, Range 20 North)

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Evelyn Flood


ASHER, James 1837 25Dec1916 at Redrock Sarah F Galbreth,M: Feb1859 Newton Co.AR Co.F,FirstAR Inf.(Union)Civil War.Thought to be buried here
ATKINSON, Belle 11Mar1888 11Mar1949 William Asa & Virginia Foster Gilmore O.B.Bettis Atkinson m:13May1906 Newton County
ATKINSON, Carol 11Aug1943 29July1969 Clell Atkinson
ATKINSON,Dean Nallen 9Jan1952 9Jan1952 Carroll & Esther Shatswell Atkinson
ATKINSON,O.B."Bettis" 27Feb1884 26Mar1945 Mel Atkinson Belle Gilmore m:13May1906 Newton County
BROWN, George W 28June1925 20Mar1928 Washie & Wrintha Shatswell Brown
BURDINE,Mary Margaret ca 1859 No date ca 1892.No date. Buried near entrance Mr. Bray and Nancy Flood Bray Burdine John L Burdine m: 13June1878 Newton County
CHAMBERS,Matilda R 11Nov1879 28Dec1889 George W & Sarah E Jones Chambers
CHEATHAM,Madison C 20May1849 26June1921 Barnett & Manervia A Wilburn Cheatham Nancy J Tennison m:12Apr1868 Newton County
CHEATHAM, Nancy J 26Aug1850 9Dec1913 Thomas & Sarah Caroline Liles Tennison Madison C.Cheatham m:12Apr1868 Newton County
CLAYBORN,Effie Mae 15Jun1902 21Apr1945 George"Snake"&Martha Cheatham Cooper Sherman Clayborn m:22July1923(pg273)Newton County
CLAYBORN,Sandra Lee 17Jun1966 3Aug1966
CONEY REDDELL Faye 14Oct1940 12Aug1995 Vester & Tessie Beatrice Martin Shatswell
COOPER,Albert T"Ankers" 1898(Sept 1896?) 1943
COOPER,David Nallen 2Jan1892 4Mar1965 Hiram & Margaret M.Gilmore Cooper m:Cora Tennison 25Mar1915(pg11)Newton County(divorced)
COOPER,Hiram 14Mar1856 21Apr1919 Isaac & Narcissa Ritchey Cooper Margaret Maranda Gilmore m:25Dec1879 Newton County
COOPER,George William"Snake" 1Nov1884(1880?) 16Nov1955 (1)Martha Ann Cheatham m:29Apr1900 Newton County (2)Oma Angeline Baker
COOPER,Ileen 2Mar1926 8Sept1928
COOPER,John Clayton 4Aug1941 13Nov1941
COOPER,John D 17Dec1899 23Jan1902 Hiram & Margaret M Gilmore Cooper
COOPER,Margaret Maranda 20Mar1860 18Mar1944 Kelsey & Emeline Maberry Gilmore Hiram Cooper m:25Dec1879 Newton County
COOPER,Martha Ann 21Oct1881 11Sept1918 Mathew M. & Nancy J Tennison Cheatham George William"Snake"Cooper m:29Apr1900(pg391)Newton County
COOPER,Martha L 23Mar1889 18July1894 Hiram & Margaret M.Gilmore Cooper
COOPER,William K 28Oct1886 15Oct1914 Hiram & Margaret M Gilmore Cooper
COPELAND,Madline 29June1926 17Aug1927
FARMER, Joseph C 13May1863 19May1946 John? & Rebecca Peoples Farmer Mary Ann Burdine m:24May1874 Newton County
FARMER,Mary Ann 15Dec1853 27Dec1928 Joseph & Martha Ann Pickett Burdine Joseph C Farmer m:24May1874 Newton County
FARMER,Thomas W 18Feb1883 16Jan1884 Joseph C & Mary Ann Burdine Farmer
FOSTER,Laura A 1Feb1878 8Oct1907 Joseph C & Mary Ann Burdine Farmer John Taylor Foster m:18Mar1897(pg34)Newton County
FOSTER, Mary Lee Anner 16Feb1899 11Feb1900 Charles W Foster & Delphie Farmer Foster O'Neal
GILMORE,Carlesa 18Nov1883 9Sept1884 David L & Adaline Houston Gilmore
GILMORE,female no dates William Asa & Rebecca J Wheeler Gilmore
GILMORE, David S 23Dec1885 22July1889 William Asa & Rebecca J Wheeler Gilmore
GILMORE, Emeline 24May1835 15Mar1926 David and Susanna Criner Mayberry Kelsey Gilmore m:19Mar1854 Newton County
GILMORE,Kelsey(twin) 2Mar1895 6July1895 John Columbus & Mary Ann Cheatham Gilmore
GILMORE,Wesley(twin) 2Mar1895 6July1896 John Columbus & Mary Ann Cheatham Gilmore
GILMORE,Leatha L 4Mar1899 1May1903 William Asa & Virginia Foster Gilmore
GILMORE,Rebecca Jane 17Jan1863 8July1886 Isham & Catherine Anderson Wheeler Wife No.1 of William Asa Gilmore m:29Jan1882 Newton County
GILMORE,Virginia Foster Wallis 1Feb1856 4Dec1922 Charles & Mary Nichols Foster (1)William Wallis 1July 1880 Newton County (2) William Asa Gilmore 2Feb1887 Newton County
GILMORE,William Asa 15July1856 26Dec1932 Kelsey & Emeline Mayberry Gilmore (1)Rebecca Jane Wheeler (2)Virginia Foster Wallis (1)29Jan1882 and (2)2Feb1887 Newton County
GLADDEN,M.G."Cicero" 2July1837 21Dec1905 Sarah Roberts
GLADDEN, Sarah 2Jan1844 12May1911 ? Roberts M.G."Cicero" Gladden
HALLUM, Caroline Celina 30Dec1849 20May1926 John & Rebecca J Gilmore Tennison Clinton Monroe Hallum m: ca 1866 (pg13)Newton County
HALLUM, Clinton Monroe 20Feb1849 31Aug1924 John C Hallum & Sarah Stevens Hallum Flud Caroline Tennison m: ca1866 Newton County
HALLUM,Iva May 19Jan1899 9Sept1899 J.K.& Sally E Brassfield Hallum
HALLUM,Rebecca C(Precilla?) 23May1900 2Sept1901 Ples H. & Mary Rosa Ricketts Hallum
HARRIS,Sarah Elizabeth "Bessie" 26Jan1904 29Jan1910 Zelen Seaborn HARRIS & Matilda Gladden Harris Shatswell
HEFLEY,Jessie 26Mar1905 8Mar1907 daughter of C.A. & M.R. Jones Hefley
HEFLEY,unknown no date no date
JONES, Benjamin 26Jan1888 26Jan1897 son of D.C. & Laura Davis Jones
JONES,son 2Mar1903 2Aug19? W.T. & M.G. Jones
JONES,Custer 4Mar1890 8Sept1903 William Riley & Martha A. Cooper Jones
JONES,Custer 22Mar1905 20Sept1905 James M.& Sarah E. Hefley Jones
JONES,James M 16July1879 11Oct1912 William Riley & Martha A.Cooper Jones Sarah E. Hefley m:19June1904 Newton County
JONES,Sanford 10Dec1908 21Dec1910 James M.& Sarah E.Hefley Jones
JONES, unknown no date no date
MARTIN, Rose 10Jan1915 21Mar1943 Steve & Katie Sutton Shatswell Verlin Martin
MOATS, Veria F 19Mar1913 7Nov1915
NICHOLS,Catherine"Katie"SUTTON SHATSWELL 1Mar1886 16Aug1973 Simon S.Sutton and Mary Ann Tennison (1)Steve Shatswell m:2May1901 Newton County (2)David Vestor Nichols 28Aug1930 Newton County
PEOPLES,Oscar N 26June1898 31Mar1901 David C. & Mary A.Gladden Peoples
RICKETTS,George K 2May1893 14Oct1893 John A.& Elizabeth M. Jones Ricketts
SHAT, Sherman Denoly 23Jan1926 23May1927
SHATSWELL,John Kelse 10Aug1881 1June1977 Thomas Columbus & Rutha Mariah Jones Shatswell m:(1)Ada Brown Sutton on 1Jan1905 Newton County m:(2)Matilda Gladden Harris on 22July1906 Newton County
SHATSWELL, Lee Roy 22Mar1946 17Oct1994 Evansville, Indiana Vester & Tessie Beatrice Martin Shatswell
SHATSWELL,Lewis G 5May1922 2Apr1928
SHATSWELL,Rutha Mariah 1853 1921 Thomas R & Elizabeth Hampton Jones m:Thomas Columbus Shatswell 31Mar1872 Newton County
SHATSWELL,Thomas Columbus 1849 1941 Thomas C & Elizabeth Peoples Shatswell m:(1)Canzada Burdyne 7Feb1868(divorced) m:(2)Rutha Mariah Jones 31Mar1872 Newton County
SHATWELL,son no date no date Vester G. & Tessie Martin Shatwell
SHATWELL, sons no date no date 2 sons of Solomon & Goldie James Shatwell
SHATWELL,child 27Dec1913 29Dec1913 Rudy"Bud" & Melvina"Vina"Hallum Shatwell
SHATWELL, Danny Glen 5Apr1950 27Aug1967 Vester & Tessie Martin Shatwell
SHATWELL,Vester G 15Mar1910 1Jan1977 Steve and Katie Sutton Shatwell Tessie Beatrice Martin
SHATWELL,Melvina "Vina" 18Dec1893 4Jan1914 after childbirth John K & Sally Brassfield Hallum Rudy "Bud" Shatwell m:13Mar1913 (pg251)Newton County
SUTTON, Belle 1881 10Dec1900 Hamm John Columbus Sutton m:3Feb1898(pg124)Newton County
SUTTON,Bennie C 3Dec1902 18Jan1903 William Robert & Lizzie Farmer Sutton
SUTTON,Laura 19Sept1895 22July1899 William Robert & Lizzie Farmer Sutton
SUTTON,M.L."Lizzie" 22July1876 22July1972 Joseph C.& Mary Ann Burdine Farmer William Robert Sutton m:17July1892(pg193) Newton County
SUTTON,William Robert 12Jan1873 20Aug1940 Simon S. & Mary Ann Tennison Sutton M.L."Lizzie" Farmer m:17July1892(pg193)Newton County
SUTTON,Zella O. 12June1909 16Jan1916\15? Pleas Houston & Nettie Emeline Foster Sutton
TENNISON,child no date no date Elisha "Lish" & Neva Shatswell Tennison
TENNISON,child no date no date
TENNISON,child no date no date son of Elisha & Edna Mae Coonts Harrison
TENNISON, Elmer 6Jan1933 6Jan1933
TENNISON, Elisha"Lish" 25July1904 4June1982 Allen & Nancy Riggs Tennison m:(1)Neva Shatswell 9Oct1926 Newton County m:(2)Edna Mae Coonts Harrison
TENNISON, Lonzo 11Feb1901 10Aug1905 son of J.A. & N.D.Tennison
TENNISON, Mary C 27Jan1887 23Apr1888 William G & Mandly L. Ricketts Tennison
TENNISON,Neva 8July1908 30Dec1942 Steve & Katie Sutton Shatswell Elisha "Lish" Tennison m: 9Oct1906 (pg566) Newton County
TENNISON,Ollie E 11May1908 18July1909 son of J.A. & N.D. Cheatham Tennison
TENNISON,William G March 1848 11Feb1950 no marker John & Rebecca J Gilmore Tennison m:(1)Sarah Ann Smith ca1866 Newton County m:(2)Mandy Ricketts 11Feb1877 Newton County
WHEELER,Catherine 9Feb1837 26Nov1881 Mr. Anderson No.1 of Isham Wheeler
WILLIAMS,Isabell 30Aug1834 7Oct1872 David & Susanna Criner Mayberry T.H.E. Williams
YESMONT,Rhoda Ann 23Feb1965 12Jan1970 daughter of Roger & Thelma Shatwell Yesmont

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Evelyn Flood

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