MARTHA EMELINE BURDINE SEXTON<br> Mrs. Thomas Madison Sexton
Buffalo National River,with Limestone cliffs

by Evelyn Flood
(daughter of Louisa Jane Burdine and Levi Sexton)

Levi Sexton was the son of Timothy Sexton and Artillisa Holt.

First, I would like to thank the many people who have helped me in
the additional research of this family. Since there are so many
descendants, will only list the names of the grandchildren and spouses.

It would be interesting to hear some stories about this family from anyone .
It always makes it more interesting when little happenings about
the family are known.
Wish I had some stories, but hoping people will write in with
their comments.

MARTHA EMELINE BURDINE was born on 8 August l880
(118 years ago this month) in Mt. Judea(Newton County), Arkansas
to Louisa Jane Burdine who was the daughter of Joseph and
Martha A Pickett Burdine.
Martha Burdine married THOMAS MADISON SEXTON who was son
of Daniel Sexton and Mary Reddell.
THOMAS MADISON SEXTON was born on l4 September l876 also at
They were married on 4 Feb 1900 in Newton County, Arkansas.
For anyone wanting a copy of the marriage license, it is on page
28l of the 1900 Marriage Book.

Martha Burdine Sexton died on 25 August 1961 at Stigler,Oklahoma
and is buried in the Starr Cemetery,Muskogee County,Oklahoma.
Thomas Madison Sexton died on 10 May 1969 at Stigler (Haskell Co.)
Oklahoma and is buried in the Starr Cemetery at Briartown,Oklahoma
(Muskogee County).

Martha Emaline Burdine and Thomas Madison Sexton's children I have record of:
(1)Daniel Levi Sexton b: 3 April 1901 at Mt.Judea,Arkansas
He married:(l) DONNIE HOLT who was born on 8 April 1907 at Mt. Judea,Arkansas. She was daughter of Charlie Holt and Nancy Doty.

Daniel Levi and Donnie Holt Sexton's children were:
(a) Reba Jewell Sexton born 14 May 1930 at Muskogee,Oklahoma
Reba Sexton Howard died in 1991.

(b) Catherine Joyce Sexton born 4 March 1932 at Muskogee,
Oklahoma, married WOODSON RAY KASH. Catherine Sexton Kash died in 1988.

(c) Charles Thomas Sexton born 24 Feb 1933 at Muskogee,Oklahoma

(d) Lovella Nadine Sexton born 20 Dec 1934 at Muskogee,Oklahoma

(e) Barbara Fay Sexton born 9 April 1937 at Muskogee,Oklahoma

(f) Ruby Jean Sexton born 4 January 1939 at Muskogee,Oklahoma

(g) Randal Lee Sexton who was stillborn in October 1941.

(h) Janice Marie Sexton born 8 Nov 1943 at Porum,Oklahoma

(i) Donita Gail Sexton born 28 Sept 1946 at Porum,Oklahoma

(j)Delores Ann Sexton who was born and died in August 1948.

Donnie Holt Sexton died on 8 Jan 1958 in Muskogee,Okla. and is buried
in Coleman Cemetery at Porum,Okla.

Daniel Levi Sexton married a second time to BETTY CAMPBELL date and
place unknown.
Daniel Levi Sexton also married a third time to FLORA PRITCHETT, date
and place unknown to this writer.
Daniel Levi Sexton died on 26 August 1978,place unknown.

(2)James Covey"Dock"Sexton
Darice Roha of Simi Valley,California sent me much information.
In her notes she said "my granddaddy is James Covey Dock Sexton.
He was called Dock. He was named after Dr. James Covey Blackwood, the
doctor who delivered him. Her mother is Lorene Sexton Gerig."

James Covey"Doc"Sexton was born 23 September 1902 at Mt.Judea,Arkansas.
He married LAURA MOORE who was born 16 July 1909 in Porum, Muskogee
Date of their marriage is unknown by me.
Their children were:
(a) Joy Belle Sexton born 8 June 1928 and died 17 June 1928 at

(b) Alta Lorene Sexton born 30 Aug 1929 at Porum,Oklahoma

(c) Christine Sexton born 28 April 1931 at Porum,Muskogee
County,Oklahoma, who married ALBERT LLOYD McCOY.

(d) Norma Dean Sexton born l December 1933 at Porum, Muskogee
County, Oklahoma
Norma married WALTER SCHEWE.
Norma died 21 Aug 1992 in Thousand Oaks,California

(e) James Sexton born 28 June 1936 at Porum, Muskogee County
He married AMY(MNU) and they had a daughter(1) Valerie Sexton born in Florida.
James married a second time to NANCY ELLEN(MNU)and they had the
following children:
(2) Joshua Sexton b 1977 in CT
(3) Noah Sexton b 1979 in CT
(4) Sarah Sexton b ca 1984 in CT

Found James Covey Sexton on the 1920 Muskogee County,Ok. Soundex Census
Vol.52, ED 95, Sheet 6, Line 58.
James Covey "Dock" Sexton died 21 Aug 1977 in Canoga Park
(Los Angeles County) California.

(3)William Roosevelt Sexton born 7 April 1905 at Mt.Judea,Arkansas.
He married EDNA LEONA RAIMER on 27 August 1927. Their children:
(a)Allen Gerald Sexton born 24 May 1929 at Foss,Oklahoma
who married DORIS FISHER

(b)David Rondel Sexton born l9 May 1932 at Briartown,Oklahoma
who married ILA MAYFIELD

(c)Correna Jane Sexton born 7 March 1937 at Briartown,Oklahoma
who married PHILLIP BRYANT

(d)William Thomas Sexton born 21 Oct 1939 at Briartown,Oklahoma

(e)Edna Lavern Sexton born 21 Nov 1944 in Briartown,Oklahoma
who married STANLEY A HISER

(f) Jerry Donald Sexton born 5 May 1947 at Briartown,Oklahoma
He died 14 April l964

(g) Wanda Lou Sexton born 11May 1950 at Muskogee,Oklahoma
who married TERRY HOLLIE

(h) Linda Sue Sexton born 11 May l950(twin)at Muskogee,
who married DON MARKS

William Roosevelt Sexton died on 5 May l975 at Porum,Ok.

(4)George Washington Sexton
born 22 February l908 at Mt.Judea,Arkansas.
Violet's parents were Martin Luther Poole and Mazelia Kynsettia Carpenter.

George and Violet Sexton's children are:
(a)George Washington Sexton Jr. born 5 March 1933 at Porum,
Oklahoma who married MARTHA MAGDALENE NORRIS in 195l at Blackwell,
Martha Norris' parents were Raliegh Norris and Dorothy Burroughs.

George Jr. and Martha Sexton's children are:
(1) Deborah Donez Sexton born 1954 at Blackwell,Oklahoma who married

(2) Tamara Georgene Sexton born 196l at Blackwell,Oklahoma, who

(b)Martha Mazelia Sexton born 18 August 1935 at Porum,Oklahoma
married BOBBY LONG in 1953 at Ft. Smith, Arkansas.
Bobby Long's parents are Jesse Edmund Long and Flora Angeline Reeves.

Martha M and Bobby Long's children are:
(1) Dwight Glen Long born 1954 at Briartown,Oklahoma, who married
(2) Violet Angeline Long born 1956 at Tulsa,Ok. who married
(3) Jeannie Lynn Long born 1957 at Tulsa,Oklahoma, who married

(c)Viola Ruby Sexton born l7 May 1937 at Porum,Oklahoma
married(1) LLOYD SNYDER(div.)
She then married ROBERT EUGENE FANDRY on
16 May 1966 at Littleton,Colorado.
Viola Ruby Sexton Snyder Fandry's children are:
(1) Lloyd Ray Snyder b 1957 at Blackwell,Oklahoma(Kay County) who
(2) Stephen Owen Snyder born 1959 at Blackwell,Oklahoma
(3) Lynetta Blanche Snyder born 196l at Blackwell,Oklahoma
married CARL BEAVER(div.)
(4) Sindy Marlys Snyder born 1963 at Stigler, Oklahoma. (Haskell County)

(d) Dollye Dimple Sexton born 19 Sept 1938 at Porum,Oklahoma
married DAN LEE MOORE on 15 June 1956 at Stigler,Oklahoma
Dan Lee Moore's parents were Jack W Moore and Madge Mae Scott Liming.

(e) Orvil Thomas Sexton born l6 August l940 at Porum,Oklahoma
married FREDDIE FERN BROWNING who was born 6 June l943 at Post, Texas
They married on 22 June l962 at Tulsa,Ok. Freddie's parents are:
Elisha Coleman Browning and Letha Hill.
Freddie Browning Sexton sent me much information on the
Burdine-Sexton families. She lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and had
just started teaching when last she wrote.

(f) Carrie Lee Sexton born 6 March 1944 at Porum,Oklahoma
married CONNIE ROY ALEXANDER on 13 May 1963 at Muskogee,Oklahoma
Roy's parents are: Benjamin Franklin Alexander and Sharleta A Potter.

(g)Jimmy Allen Sexton born 26 April 1950 at Porum,Oklahoma
married CHERYL ANN ARNOLD on 2 August 197l at Stigler,Oklahoma
Cheryl's parents are Billy Mathew Arnold and Jessie Imogene Wisenhunt.

(h) Kathy Jane Sexton born 12 July 1953 at Briartown,Oklahoma
married GARY LYNN MEYERS on l December 1973 at Mulvane,Kansas(div.1991)
Gary's parents are Ralph Gordon Meyers and Doris Audrey Shockey.
(i) Ollie Irene Sexton born 25 Feb 1955 at Briartown,Oklahoma
married(1) LARRY GENE ARNOLD on 25 August 197l.
Ollie Irene Sexton Arnold m:(2) BOBBY DAWAINE WINKLE on 19 May 1979 at Checotah,Oklahoma.

George Washington Sexton died on 15 January l972 at Stigler,Ok. and
is buried at Starr Cemetery, Briartown,Oklahoma.
Violet Poole Sexton died on 26 October 1966 and is buried at Starr Cemetery also.

(5)Sarah Rowena Sexton born 12 September 1911 at Porum,Oklahoma.
She married ORVILLE HENRY BURNETT on 9 March 1928 at Muskogee,Oklahoma.
Orville Burnett had been married previously to MITTIE DAVIS.
Orville Henry Burnett was born 17 Feb. 1893 at Coal Hill, Arkansas
He died on 4 April 1968 at Briartown,Oklahoma and is buried at Starr Cemetery at Briartown.
Sarah and Orville Burnett's children are:
(a)Chester Thomas Burnett born 6 May 1932 at Briartown,Oklahoma
married LORETTA WYNONA GULLEY on 13 June 1959.

(b)James Leon Burnett born 4 Sept 1935 at Briartown,Oklahoma
married SHELIA LEATRICE ADAMSONS on 21 April l956.

(c)Arley Leroy Burnett born 30 April 1938 at Briartown,Oklahoma
married CLARA EDITH BASS on 25 March 1960.

(d) Harold Timothy Burnett born 2 April 1944 at Briartown,
Oklahoma, married DONNA COUGHRAN (SMITH) on 15 Dec 1969.

(6)Bertha Jane Sexton
Bertha was born 17 Oct 1918 in Porum,Oklahoma and married HIRAM BARNES. Bertha Jane Sexton Barnes died 28 Feb l937 in Porum,Ok.

(7) Ivan Talmadge Sexton
Ivan T Sexton was born 17 November 1921 at Porum,Oklahoma.
He married MAXINE DANDRIDGE,date unknown.
Maxine's parents were Sheriden Dandridge and Pearl ?.
Ivan and Maxine Sexton's children are:
(i) Ronald Gene Sexton born 3 January 1947 in Checotah,Oklahoma

(ii) Pauletta Sexton born 28 Dec 1950 in Blackwell,Oklahoma
married VIRGIL GEORGE SCOTT with son Monty Scott born in Ok.

(iii)Ricky Dale Sexton born 8 April 1954 in Tulsa,Oklahoma

Ivan Talmadge Sexton died on 12 July 1962 at Oklahoma City,Oklahoma
and is buried at Muskogee,Oklahoma.

(8)Ruth Lee Sexton
Ruth Sexton was born 7 June 1925 at Porum,Oklahoma.
She married HOWARD ALVIN JONES on 27 Feb 1946 at Coalgate,Oklahoma
Howard Alvin Jones died on l9 November 1991 at Ft. Smith,Arkansas and is buried at Starr Cemetery, Briartown,Ok.

Ruth Sexton and Howard Alvin Jones' children are:
(a)Johnny Wayne Jones born 18 May 1947 at Porum,Oklahoma
married NELDA HOLLAND on 3 Dec 1969.
They had a daughter Angel Jones who married ? KEENAN and their
daughter is Ashwyn Nicole Jones .
Nelda died on 24 Dec 1997 at Ft.Smith,Arkansas

(b)Judy Kaye Jones born 24 June l950 at Blackwell,Oklahoma
(Kay County)
Judy died on 13 August l990.

(c)Tommy Allen Jones born 28 Nov 1955 at Stigler, Oklahoma
(Haskell County) married LISA DEMPSEY on 20 Aug 1974.

(d)Roger Allen Jones b 16 July l958 at Muskogee,Oklahoma
married SANDRA SHASASKI on 17 August l978

I erased people's names who were still living.

Evelyn M Flood

21 Apr 2001

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