Anson Call m. Mary Flint


Anson CALL born May 10, 1810 married Mary FLINT on October 3, 1833 in Madison, Lake, OH.

They had the following children:

Son, Anson Vasco CALL born on July 9, 1834 in Madison, Lake, OH.  He married Charlotte HOLBROOK on January 28, 1853.  Anson Vasco CALL died on August 4, 1867.
Other spouse of Anson Vasco CALL-#2- Eliza Catherine KENT married on November 10, 1856.

X Daughter, Mary Vashta CALL born on March 27, 1836 in Madison, Lake, OH.   She married Ira Curtis PARKE on April 10, 1853.  Mary Vashta CALL died on August 11, 1920.

Son, Cyril Moroni CALL born on February 6, 1838 in Kirtland, Geauga, ILL.   He died on July 9, 1846.

Son, Chester CALL (twin) born May 13, 1841 in Macedonia, Hncck., ILL.   He married Agnes Melissa LOVELAND on January 12, 1860.  Chester CALL died on January 26, 1908.
Other spouses of Chester CALL-#2-Mary Angeline PACKER married on July 6, 1869. #3-Sarah Maria DICKSON married on December 9, 1872. #4- Pamelia Elizabeth BARLOW married on June 16, 1886. (Widow of David W. THOMPSON)

Son, Christopher CALL (twin) born on May 13, 1841 in Macedonia, Hncck., ILL.  He died on May 13, 1841 in Macedonia, Hncck., ILL.

Son, Hyrum CALL born November 14, 1845 in Nauvoo, Hncck., ILL.  He died on June 15, 1846.

Daughter, Ruth Piede CALL born abt. May 13, 1849 (Ruth was bought from the Indians in Fillmore, Mllrd., UT in 1852 when she was 2 or 3 years old)   She married James Henry DAVIDS on December 25, 1864.  Ruth Piede CALL died on September 19, 1919.

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