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Humeston, Iowa

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Welcome to My Hometown !

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Parade with us thru our history !

This is a "forever in the works" site.
As more of "the dust of time is blown off"
of Humestons' history, it will be added here.
Any information, photos, etc. that you may
care to contribute will be warmly welcomed !
I do hope you enjoy your visit, and
thanks for stopping by !

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Humeston During the 40s or 50s

Downtown Humeston 1940s or 50s

Today the town is much smaller.
(1913 population was 1400, now 673.)
The gas station on the left is gone,
so is the building next to it. This
was formerly the Chevrolet Agency. The
others on that side of the street are still
there, but have changed hands many times.
On the right side is an antique store where
Hutchinson's used to be. There are not as
many cars parked on the street, especially after
we lost our grocery store.

But it is a nice place to call home.

Please see

Fundraiser To Reopen Store

Where is Humeston ? See the map for a general idea.

If your plans are to visit Humeston, may I suggest a visit to Mapquest?
Click on "Driving Directions". Enter your address as the starting point & Humeston, Ia
as your destination. You'll be able to print out a map & detailed driving directions.


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