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This is my family, or at least some of it. I am descended from Lowe Brown of Tazewell Co., VA, through his eldest son, Isaac. This family is noted for a peculiarity known as symphalangism. It is a hereditary ailment whereby afflicted members may have no knuckles on their fingers. Fortunately for me, Isaac did not have the 'curse' so it was not passed down through my line. However, it still persists in many members of our family. I have been doing genealogy research for over 40 years and have compiled a large amount of information on the families shown above as well as many others.
In any work of this magnitude there are bound to be errors of both omission and commission. Some of this information was given to me by family members or taken from other publications. I encourage you not to blindly accept anything you see here. Be sure to validate anything you find here with your own research and don't forget to check out the Bios and Stories for more information and caveats. If you notice any glaring mistakes or disagree with anything you find here (or just want to say "Howdy") I'd appreciate hearing from you.

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