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This is the computer section of my website. I've been online since '96. I remember the first computer that we had. You could boot the computer go make and eat breakfast and the computer would be almost be finished loading by the time all that was done. Also dial-up internet connections which I haven't had in many years were no fun. It felt like it took forever for anything to download. I eventually got brave enough to teach myself web design by handcoding my own pages. I grew very tired of trying to get the page editors of that day to do what I wanted and figured if I knew how to hand code the pages I could eliminate the middle man(so to speak). I have came a long way from the person I used to be who was afraid to touch the power button on her husband's computer. I design my own pages, admin several mailing list & message boards.

I did install Ubuntu on my old pc and was able to connect it to the network. I currently use it as the office pc.

Favorite Computer Web Sites

Created on ... April 12, 2008