Descendants of Daniel and Comfort Pittman

Descendants of Daniel and Comfort Pittman

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***Latest news Jan. 9, 2015***

Picture of David and Nancy Pitman LunaDavid and Nancy Pitman Luna
Nancy is dau of David and Mary Adcock Pitman

My Great Great Great Grandparents are Daniel and Comfort Pittman who were in DeKalb Co. TN during the 1850 and 1860 Census. Daniel was born ca. 1800-1803 according to info on the two census records he appears in. 1850 Census lists his state of birth as NC while the 1860 census list it as SC. Comfort was born about 1808-1810 and list her state of birth as TN in 1850 records and KY in all other census records. I am not sure when or where Daniel and Comfort married. Two of their children(David and Jane)list AL as their birth states so that would lead me to believe that Daniel and Comfort were there between the years 1838 and 1842. I've not had an opportunity to view an index of the 1840 Census as of yet. They were in TN by 1844 as that is where their next child was born.

Children of Daniel and Comfort Pittman

Contact List of Descendants of Daniel and Comfort Pittman

2003 Reunion of Payne Family Descendants
Was Held at Campers Paradise
in Bowie, Texas
On Saturday, June 14, 2003

Research Notes

I'm trying to determine what happened between the 1860 and 1870 Census as Daniel and Comfort were in Dekalb Co. TN during 1850 and 1860 census but by 1870 Comfort and family are in Rutherford Co. I believe the move might have been due to the war. Apparently Daniel Pittman passed on sometime between 1860-1870 as he does not appear in the census records any more after this time. Daniel's occupation was listed as a Cobbler. Comfort, her daughter Jane (who married a Pittman also) lived in Rutherford Co. in the 1870 Census. David my line was also right near them in Rutherford Co. TN. By the 1880 census David and Mary are back in Dekalb Co. TN. I'm not sure if Comfort Pittman had passed away between 1870-1880 or not but I have not found her in the census records during that after 1870.

I was able to find three of the children of Daniel and Comfort in the 1880 Census of Gibson Co. TN.--Those three were
1. Sarah Jane(who is now married to Joseph Oneal)**her son by 1st husband is living nearby. Living in Hickory Grove Area in 1880.
2 Mourning and her husband E. M. Burkett. They were living in Eaton area in 1880 but later moved off and settled in Bowie Co. Texas.
3. Lee Pittman and wife Nancy also living in Hickory Grove Area during 1880.

Remember too that Daniel Monroe Pittman would have also been here too had he not died a yr earlier. Judging by census records which finds Josephine Talbort Pitman living as a widow in the home of her parents without any obvious children I believe that she and Daniel Monroe Pittman didn't have any children or at least didn't have any that survived.

Two major questions I have had about the Pittmans are
1. What happened to Bettie after the 1870 census
2. The 3 youngest children listed in Comfort's household in 1870--Nancy David and male whose name began with the letter M (rest of the name was illegible) who were they?
I believe that I have found Elizabeth "Bettie" Pittman. If you will remember the three children in the 1870 Census living with Comfort Jane and Bettie were listed as Nancy Pitman 9, David Pitman 4 and Male (illegible but looks like it starts with an M) Pittman 7-month old Male. I have found a Bettie Payne married to W. C. Payne with 3 children listed as W.C.'s step-children. I had found what I thought was Nancy Pitman(one of the 3 children listed in the 1870 census in Comfort's household) living with Nancy Pittman Lawrence, her aunt. I believe that the Nancy Fisher listed as stepdaughter in W. C. Payne's household(with occupation listed as servant) was also counted in the household of Nancy Pittman Lawrence as Nancy Pitmon. I don't think it's that much of a stretch given that this census also lists Betty Lawrence Pittman Payne's(dau of Nancy Pittman Lawrence) household twice in different districts. Nancy(daug. of Bettie) is listed last in the household of her stepfather and mom as if it were an afterthought. I believe this is because she may have been a live-in housekeeper for her aunt.

Is it possible that Bettie married one of the Fisher boys who lived near them prob. in late 1860 or 1861 and that she was widowed in the 1870 census as was Jane? Were the children of Bettie listed as Pittman because the person giving the info didn't make a point of telling the Census taker otherwise?

***Jan 9, 2015***

I took an Autosomal test over the holidays and received my results today. The autosomal test will show identifiable segments back to about your GGGGG Grandparents. My first match was A descendant of Daniel & Comfort Hatfield Pittman. :-) So far I have matched other descendants of David Pitman & Mary Frances Adcock Pitman as well as a descendant of Annie Pitman Dunham.

***Dec 23rd 2005***

A wonderful breakthru shows that there is a perfect match of the 37 markers of the descendant of Jonathan Pitman(b 1748 NJ) to our descendant of Daniel & Comfort Hatfield Pitman. This is a MAJOR breakthru and now to find where the two lines meet.

***UPDATE Dec 6th 2005**

Our Pitman DNA test didn't match any of those that had already been tested when it came back in late October. This week however I received news that another Pitman descendant matches our first 12 markers. What does this mean? Well since they only had the 12 marker test done it means that there is a 50% chance of a common ancestor in 7 generations and a 95% chance of a common ancestor in 29 generations. Now if they upgrade to a 25 or 37 marker test that would narrow done the odds even more on the likelihood of a common ancestor.

12-marker 50% likelihood in 7 generations & 95% likelihood in 29 generations

25-marker 50% likelihood in 3 generations & 95% likelihood in 13 generations

37-marker 50% likelihood in 2 generations & 95% likelihood in 7 generations

The more Pitmans we have testing, the more likelihood that we will have someone match our lines. See the Pitman Project at FamilyTreeDNA

***UPDATE July 2nd 2005**

I noticed a post on a Rootsweb's message board concerning Annie Pitman Dunham by Jan Hicks which told of having new info on the line of Comfort who married Daniel Pitman. COmfort's last name was unproven. Jan answered my inquiry about her post and told me that she and Royce Dunham had gotten a copy of John R. Dunham's 1909 Guion Miller Application and that it contained a good bit of new information. Jan promised to send copies to me which arrived today(July 2nd). I must say I am so excited about the amount of information in these documents. I will be updating this site over the next few weeks to reflect what we have learned. What new pieces of info did we get from this document?

***UPDATE May 7th 2003**

Have been updating the Descendants Report part of this webpage and linking people to their census records. I've not completed it yet but work on it pretty much daily.

I have still not come to a conclusion on who the parents were of Margaret and Annie Pitman, sisters who married Dunham Brothers. I have been trying to research further the John Pitman who is in the Bledsoe Co. TN census of 1850. He is in Marion Co. TN in the 1830, 1840, and 1860 Census. I believe that he is most likely the father of Daniel Pitman and that Moses Pitman may be a son of John's and thus a brother to Daniel. The Daniel Pitman who is listed in the 1836 tax list of Marion Co. TN is living in Dist 1 which is near Bledsoe County line. One thing that I do feel is certain is that there is a connection between these three Pitmans as I'm finding them in Marion Co. TN, Jackson Co AL and Dekalb Co. TN.

***UPDATE April 5th 2002***

Today was a good research day for the Hatton Payne line. I was able to find a date and place for Hatton Payne's marriage as well as the name of his bride and their 1900 Census Entry(see marriage notes and 1900 Census info). Mary Nell Paris another of the Pitman/Payne researchers has been in contact with others researching the Payne line. I also got a response today from Judy Blihovde to an inquiry I placed at GenForum on the Payne Forum about Dekalb Co. TN Paynes. She is the Granddaughter of Hatton Payne. I'm hoping that piece by piece all of us researchers will be able to figure out what seems to be an increasingly bigger puzzle.

***UPDATE February 3rd 2003**

Received a phone call today from Charles Pitman. Had written to Reid Andrews, grandson of Foster Pitman. Charles who is a cousin to Reid is also interested in the Family History research. We hope to be able to place more of the pieces in our Pitman puzzle.

***UPDATE February 11th 2003**

Found on the Confederate Pension Applications Index at TN State Library and Archives site that Florence Alabama Prater Pitman(2nd wife of David Pitman) had applied for Widow's Pension on David's Civil War Service.

*****Update****Feb 23, 2001****

Click here to view Dunham Census records
I have been researching Annie and Margaret Pitman--two Pitman sisters who married Dunham Brothers. After finding them both in the 1880 Census...I could see from their answers to the census that several of Margaret's children had been born in AL. I checked in AL census records of 1850 and was able to Margaret and husband John S. Dunham in Jackson Co. AL. Initially I believed that the Annie Clark living with John and Margaret was Annie Pittman listed in error as Annie Clark. After seeing a post at GenForum by John R. Goss, I'm not sure that this was really an Annie Clark that he mentions in his post

Earlier, Judy(who descends from Mourning Pittman) had mentioned finding a Daniel Pitman in the 1836 Tax List of Marion Co. TN. At the time I didn't give it much thought because all the traces we had found of Daniel and Comfort were in the Dekalb Co. Area. Upon finding the Dunham brothers in Jackson Co. AL it suddenly occurred to me that Marion Co. TN was just North of Jackson Co. AL. I was able to get the statistics for the household of a David Pitman listed in the 1840 Census of Jackson Co. AL. I believe that the David Pitman that is listed on the 1840 Jackson Co. AL is actually Daniel Pitman. If you have ever researched in the census you can understand how the names Daniel and David could be mistaken for each other in cursive handwriting. The ages of all the children all fit as do the ages of Daniel and Comfort. There are however two males listed in the household which I have no idea who they might be. Perhaps there are more children of Daniel. Initially, I had thought that David(my line) was the eldest child of Daniel and Comfort. Now it looks like Comfort and Daniel had at least one older daughter(Nancy Pitman Lawrence's Death Cert. lists her father as Daniel Pitman) and perhaps even two more daughters--Annie and Margaret Pitman--not to mention the two males that I have not been able to place.

Jerry O'Neal 'Putt' Pittman

Age: 62 Date of Death: Mon., May 31, 1999
Occupation: Outdoor Supervisor for Crockett Utility Gas Dept.
Preceeded in death by: Lena Ann Pittman(wife)
Services: Wed. June 2, 1999 Burial: Alamo City Cem.
Arrangements: Ronk Funeral Home
Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN), Publication Date: June 01, 1999


Ann Pittman Tanner

Age: 76 Date of Death: Thur. Jun 10th, 1999
Occupation: Homemaker
Preceeded in death by: Lyndon W. Tanner(husband)
Survivors: Services: Sat. June 12, 1999 Burial: Alamo Cem.
Arrangements: Ronk Funeral Home
Ann/Henry L. Pittman/James A. Pittman/Sarah Jane Pitman(and first husband)/Daniel and Comfort Pitman


Corinne Pittman Adkins

Age 83
Date of Death Thur. March 17, 2005
Preceeded in death by: Virgil Adkins(husband) Homer Adkins(son) Foster & Bessie Gibbs Pittman(parents), James Pittman(brother) Willie Faye Andrews(sister) Survivors: Services: Monday, Mar 20, 2005
Burial: Hillview Memorial Cemetery in Alexandria, TN
Arrangements: Sellars Funeral Home
Officiating: Bro. August Ruff

Florence Esther Dull Russell

Mooresville, NC
Age: 84
Born: June 3, 1921 West Hope, Ohio
Died: Jan. 6, 2006 at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center

Preceded in Death By:
  • Parents:
  • George Earl & Stacey Lee Dull
  • Husband:
  • John Kenneth Russell, Sr.
  • Son:
  • John Kenneth Russell, Jr.
  • Siblings:
  • Wilma Hartis, E.G. Dull, Bob Dull, & Maver Broadway. Survivors:
  • Son & Dau-in-law: Gary Wayne Russell and wife, Faye
  • Daughters & Sons-in-law: Nancy Russell Phillips and husband, Marvin, Donna Russell Porter and husband, William, all of Denver
  • Grandchildren: Jay Phillips, Angie Mahaffey, Danny Phillips, Maria Adams, Kimberly Noggle, Annette Jones, Lori Belton, Billy Porter, and Kenneth Porter
  • 13 great grandchildren.
  • Service: Monday, January 9, 2006 Arrangements by McEwen Funeral Service-Derita.
    (gr gr gr granddaughter of Daniel & Comfort Hatfield Pitman)
    Published in the Charlotte Observer on 1/8/2006.

    Please consider the information on this page to be "to the best of my knowledge".
    As with any research, you should verify for yourself--Thanks, Marie

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