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Native American Research Mainly in the Southeastern US

The following is a guide I made to aid in my research of some of my family lines which may have had a Native American connection. Since my family is from the Southeastern US most of the information covers tribes which were in that area. Hopefully this will be useful to others researching in that general area.--Marie

Eastern Cherokee

1817 Reservation Roll--List of those living in the East who didn't want to be removed to OK & who signed up to receive land in the Eastern US & to stay there.

1817-1835 Emigration Roll--List of Cherokee who signed up to move to Arkansas Territory and eventually to OK.

1835 Henderson Roll--List of Cherokee living in the states of AL, GA, NC & TN in 1835 who signed up to remove to OK. Listings here mean they signed up to move but do not prove that they actually moved.

1848 Mullay Roll--List of Cherokees who stayed in NC after the others left in 1838.

1851 Siler Roll--List of members of the Eastern Band of Cherokees who were entitled by an Act of Congress in 1850 to receive compensation.

1852 Chapman Roll--List of those mentioned on the Siler Roll who actually received compensation.

1854 Act of Congress Roll--Supplement to the Siler Roll. These names were added by act of Congress.

1869 Swetland Roll--List of Eastern Cherokees & their families who were still residing in NC as of 1848 and considering moving to Indian Territory.

1883 Hester Roll--List of the Eastern Band of Cherokees for the yr 1883 who were still living in the East.

1908 Churchill Roll--List of members of Eastern Band of Cherokee

1909 Guin Miller East Roll--List of Eastern Cherokee(excluding Old Settlers--those who were already in OK when the Cherokee who removed in 1835 arrived there in the winter of 1839) residing east or west of the MS river.

1909 NARA's Index to Guion Miller Roll

1924 Baker Roll--Eastern Cherokee Roll. Today the revised version of this roll is what one must be able to prove a direct blood line to as well as meet age and blood degree requirements to be enrolled as a member of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians in North Carolina.

Western Cherokee

1851 Old Settler Roll--List of those Cherokee still living in 1851 who were residing in Oklahoma prior to the December 1835..

1852 Drennen Roll--Census of new arrivals of 1839 "Trail of Tears"

1898-1914 Dawes Roll--Meant to be the final roll prior to the dissolving of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. The Cherokee Nation of OK reorganized in the 70's and now uses this Dawes Roll as a means of certifying members. What this means is that to even be considered for enrollment in the Western Cherokee one must prove ancestry to a person on the Dawes Roll.

NARA's Index to the Dawes Roll

Native American Links

Cherokee Trail of Tears Map

Native American Settlements and Peoples of the United States

Settlers & Intruders on Cherokee Indian Lands 1801-1816--Abstracted from the Records of the Cherokee Agency in Tennessee: Correspondence and Miscellaneous Records. National Archives Microcopy M-208, Rolls 1-7, 13.

Native American: CensusLinks--A listing of Native American rolls & records which are available free online.

Indian Land Cessions Maps

Kappler's Indian Affairs: Laws & Treaties(OK State Univ.)

Kappler's Indian Affairs: Laws & Treaties(Accessgenealogy)

The Intruders--A TNGenWeb Progect

1819 Settlers on Indian Land--Jackson Co. AL & Marion Co. TN

Digital Library of Georgia--Among the Databases listed are Native American Documents & Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842

Indian Pioneer Papers: OKGenWeb Project--Index of Interviews conducted around 1936 which tell of migration to OK etc. Some of these interiews from the index are online here.

Native American: Internet Resources--Internet School Library Media Center Native American page






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