Pictures from Old Hickory

Pictures from the Scrapbooks of Pearl Jakes Cooke

These pictures are from the scrapbooks of my grandmother, Pearl Gray Jakes Cooke. Unfortunately, she glued some of the pictures into the scrapbook so anything that was written on the back was lost. Each of these photos contain people whom I do not recognize or know their family connection if any to the Cooke family. Pearl and her husband Thomas D. Cooke moved their family to Old Hickory TN when Tom begin working for Dupont. From what I've been told my grandparents lived in the neighborhood in Old Hickory along with the families of other Dupont workers. This gives me reason to believe that the children in the picture are probably children of Dupont workers. Other information and pictures of the Cooke and Jakes families can be found at Cooke Family Photos, Jakes Family Photos and 1930 Census Records of 900 Block of Dodson St.

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The two toddlers in front are left-right
Unknown & Olive June Cooke Brannon. Back row left to right is unknown, Magness Cooke Snoddy, unknown, Viola White Cooke Agee and Tommie D. Cooke Jr. This picture was prob. taken about 1926.
This is a picture of the Basketball Team of Dupont School. I'm not sure what year this picture was taken. My uncle Morris B. Cooke is the guy to the left of the female coach. Morris was born in 1927 so I figure this picture was taken around 1942.
The girl to the right of the X on the top row is my Aunt Magness Cooke Snoddy(My Dad's oldest sister). The next row down to the right of the X is my Aunt Viola Cooke Agee. I'm not sure when this picture was taken but I believe that the girls were in their early teens which would make the year around 1930
My guess would be that this picture was taken around 1924. It is a picture of my Uncle Tommie D. Cooke and one of his playmates.
I am not sure who this lady is or of the date this picture was taken.
I believe this picture was taken at the same house as the first one on this page. It could be a different house but of the same build too as many of the Dupont houses were alike.
Pearl Gray Jakes Cooke with her children Tommie D. and Olive June. I believe this picture was taken around 1926. Tommie died during a scarlet & rheumatic fever outbreak in 1927
Lila Thomas, Friend of Magnus Cooke Trover Duke, Dated Magnus Cooke & Viola Cooke
Pat Crauso --Sept 21st 1945
Was in the same armed services hospital
in Bethesda, MD that Morris Cooke was in
Roy Woodard & Morris Cooke
--Roy's family lived in Old Hickory