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Warren Co. TN Census Records Online

INDEX 1850 Warren Co. TN Census
1860 Warren Co. TN Census

Households containing Ministers from
the 1880 Warren Co. TN Census

1880 Warren Co. Tennessee
District 9
A.J. SUFFELL Self M M W 50 TN Mechanic TN/TN
Martha J. SUFFELL Wife F M W 52 TN Keeping House VA/NC
Tyranna GREER Other F S W 20 TN House Keeper TN/TN
Albert GREER Other M S W 33 TN Farmer TN/TN
C.B. DAVIS Other M M W 64 VA Minister Of Gospel VA/VA
Rhoda DAVIS Other F M W 57 KY Milliner VA/KY

1880 Warren Co. Tennessee
District 9
A.L. COMES Self M M W 57 TN Minister Of Gospel P.M. NC/SC
Nancy COMES Wife F M W 57 TN Keeping House VA/VA

1880 Warren Co. Tennessee
District 13
John MCNABB Self M M W 34 TN Minister TN/VA
Jennie MCNABB Wife F M W 32 TN Keeping House TN/TN
Andrew MCNABB Son M S W 13 TN Works On Farm TN/TN
Sallie MCNABB Dau F S W 9 TN At Home TN/TN
Jessie MCNABB Son M S W 2 TN At Home TN/TN

1880 Warren Co. Tennessee
District 14
Isaac DENTON Self M M W 74 KY Gospel Minister KY/KY
May DENTON Wife F M W 68 VA Keeping House VA/VA
Mary SELLERS Other F W 20 TN TN/TN

Alms Home Residents as listed in the 1930 Census

1930 Warren Co. TN Poor Farm T626 2283 89-3
1st Civil Dist. Enum Dist 3 Page 44A Sheet 4A
Jim H. Mitchell Head M W 38 Marr 1st 22 TN TN TN Farmer Gen Farm
Ella Mitchell Wife F W 35 Marr 1st at 19 TN TN TN
Ruby L. Mitchell Daughter F W 15 S TN TN TN
James F. Mitchell Son M W 3 8/12 S TN TN TN
Henry Montenson Boarder M W 78 S TN Canada Canada
Hubert Hollin Boarder M W 26 S TN TN TN
Larkin Crouch Boarder M W 65 S TN TN TN
Bud Arge Boarder M W 60 S TN TN TN
Jesse Henson Boarder M W 21 S TN TN TN
Monroe Haley(Halsy)Boarder M W 80 Marr 1st at 21 TN TN TN
Annie Haley Boarder F W 81 Marr 1st at 22 TN TN TN
Minnie Sullivan Boarder F W 60 Wd TN TN TN
Pearl Gribble Boarder F W 49 S TN TN TN
Della Arge Boarder F W 55 S TN TN TN
Mary McGregor Boarder F W 37 D TN TN TN
Annie Starkey F W 75 S TN TN TN
Ann Miller Boarder F W 55 S TN TN TN
Mary Bowers Boarder F W 81 Wd TN TN TN
John Womack Boarder M W 61 S TN TN TN

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