1911 Colorado Business Directory--Golden
Information Abstracted from Colorado State Business 
Directory--Gazetter Pub. Co. Denver CO 1911
Page 712-714(Golden, Colorado)
Golden--  Population:   2,300

Alderson, Victor C. pres Colorado School of Mines.
Aldringer, Mrs Mary, dressmaker and plain sewing, 9th St Phone Silver 303.
Armor, Mrs. Nellie, restaurant.
Avenue Hotel, W. D. Smith prop.
Baker, M, co treasurer.
Baltimore Hotel, Frank Zimmer prop.
Baptist Church(First), Rev Ira D. Hall pastor.
Barnes, J. W. atty.
Barton Shoe & Clothing Co. S. A.
Beishline, Harry, tailor.
Blood Brothers, blacksmithing and horseshoeing.
Broad, R. Jr. , dry goods pres and cash Golden Savings Bank.
Brown, J. H., dry goods.
Bunney, Robt, postmaster.
Catholic Church, Rev Father Hunfeldt priest.
Chapman, A. R., R R & Exp. agt.
Cluesman, A. J., bakery.
Colo School of Mines, Victor C. Alderson pres, T. C. Doolittle reg.
Colo Tel Co. O. H. Bigelow mgr.
Colo Transcript (w) Transcript Printing Co. pubs.
Coors Co. Adolph, brewery.
Crawford House, H. A. McEachern prop.
Crosby, Jno F. meat market.
Cunningham, Sam, mayor.
Curry, W. H., brick mason.
Dahlberg, Nels, saloon.
Davidson, J. L., insurance, florist, furniture and undertaker.
De Graff, Mrs. M. E., restaurant.
Dennis, Jos Jr., co sheriff.
Dennis & Cunningham, livery.
Denver Intermountain Ry Co. L. E. Marsh agt.
Dier, Wm. A. atty.
Dobbins, A. G., prop People's Press
Dollison, G. E. dry goods.
Downen, J. M. supt city schools.
Duvall-Davison Lumber Co.
Eldridge, Sam'l, carpenter.
Ellis, O. T. dry gds & millinery.
Episcopal Church, Rev C. M. Pullen pastor.
Feldman Cigar Co. Wm, cigar mfr.
Ficht, Paul, saloon
Fremont, Harry, tailor.
Fromhart, W. H., blacksmith
Garrison-Arasmith, props Golden Globe.
Garvin, D. E., physician
Gehman, J. B., wh clay
Golden Globe(w), Garrison-Arasmith props.
Golden Hotel, Mrs Kate Dunn prop.
Golden Illuminating Co, M T Morrill pres.
Golden Improvement Club, C. G. Clear sec.
Golden Pressed & Fire Brick Co, J. B.  Church pres.
Golden Savings Bank R. Broad Jr pres & cash, J. W. Rubey vce-pres, Paul Ficht sec.
Golden Steam Laundry, F W Welland prop.
Gow, Frank, cigars and confecty.
Gow, Jas, brick layer.
Gray, W. H., barber.
Gregg, I. S. T., co clerk.
Gurley, T. W. cigars and confecty, agt D & N. W. Ry.
Harrison, D. E., drugs.
Harrison & Lyons, millinery.
Herdic,  C. H., barber.
Hertel, Luther, clothing.
Higgins,  E. H., bakery.
Hoar Allen J, pub People' Press.
Hughes' Market, Ed C. Hughes prop.
Humberger,  Elizabeth, co supt schools.
Jameson,  Alex D., county judge.
Jefferson County Abstract, Real Estate & Inventory, Geo. Townsend, sec. treas.
Johnson, J. M. Jr, elk dist. court. 
Kelly, Jas., physician and drugs. 
Kelly, Jno P, physician.
King, W. J., physician.
Koenig Merc Co. grocers.
Lake, A. C., dentist.
Landry, F. A., restaurant.
Langenhan, H.  drugs.
Linder & Co J. H., hardware.
McGee, Jas A, jeweler.
Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev. H. M.  Mayo pastor.
Meyer, Paul, physician.
Morris, J. M. builders' supplies.
Morris,  L. H., painter and paper hanger.
Newton, Jno. marshal.
Normile, Thos. cigars and confecty
Omaha House, E Werner prop.
Opera House, Mrs Clara Nichols prop.
Ottens, L., saloon.
Patterson, Annie L.  city treas.
Pennsylvania House, furn roms.
People's Press (w), Allen J.  Hoar pub, A G. Dobbins mgr.
Pullen,  R N, dentist. 
Quaintance, Chas F, photographer. 
Quaintance Inv. & Amusement Ce, real estate.
Rathmann, H., hay & grain.
Renzen, M., men's furnishings.
Retail Merchants Assn, Wm. Bolitho, pres.
Rhea, K S, co assessor. 
Rock Flour Milling Co., J. C. Devalon mgr.
Rocky Mountain House, Mrs Lizzie NoIler prop.
Rodgers, W Bt. Shooting gallery. 
Rowling, Mrs E. grocer.
Rubey, H. M., cash. Woods-Rubey Nat. Bank,
Rubey,  Clay Co H M
Sarell, Wm M. hardware. 
Schall, T. I. books. 
Seaver, N W, transfer.
Seeleman, Chas. shoemaker.
Shrum, Mabel C. Librarian School of Mines
Sitterle, Chas. saloon.
Slater, J D. shoemaker.
Smith, E, plasterer.
Smith, Frank, cigars and confcty
Snodgrass,  J A, shoemaker.
Snyder,  Ben F, justice peace.
Sorensen Soren, groceries, flour and feed.
Staples, Chas S. tailor, justice peace, notary.
Star Theatre.
State Industrial School for Boy Fred L Paddleford supt.
Stewart & Smith, grocers,
Townsend,  Geo, notary.
Tracey,  Frank, wall paper.
Treffeisen, Jno, meat market,
Tripp, A B, city clerk, supt water works.
Tulett, Thos. blacksmith.
Upston, M A, carpenter.
Walker, J W, painter.
Ward, Thos, real estate.
Williams, I. co. surveyor,
Williams, J D, cigars and confecty
Williams, Jas H, fuel and feed.
Williams, Wm, cement work.
Woodburn, Orr, cigars and confety
Woods-Rubey Nat Bank, W.S. Wood pres, J W Rubey vice-pres, H. M.  Rubey cash.
Woolridge & Woolridge, carps 
Wright Jno, carp.