Littlefield & Beaver Dam, Arizona

Littlefield & Beaver Dam

Littlefield Beaver Dam

Where are they?
Littlefield & Beaver Dam, Arizona are located in the very NW corner of Mohave Co., Arizona. They are about 10 miles NE of Mesquite, Nevada & about 35 miles SW of St. George, UT. Both are small farming communties that sit on the Virgin River. They are seperated by I-15. Beaver Dam sits on the North and Littlefield sits on the South. Both started out as Mormon Farming Communities and today decendants of the early settler's still farm some of the land. Littlefield is still mostly farm land but Beaver Dam has become more of a retirement place for people from all over the US.


Histories of the Area
Littlefield on the Virgen River
Arizona's Forgotten Town
Far Out, But Still In

Early Settlers
Samuel Reber

Then & Now
Littlefield School

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Littlefield Cemetery
Beaver Dam Cemetery