1893-1900 The Roberts families lived in and around the Spanish Fort, St. Jo and Illinois Bend area for several years. Isaac “Squire” Roberts belonged to the now defunct Masonic Lodge of Spanish Fort. I have quite a few copies of marriage licenses that show him performing marriage ceremonies in Montague County as a Justice of the Peace. His brothers were farmers in this area. Sometime in the late 1890’s the brothers started moving across Red River into The Oklahoma Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation. They either started the small town of Orr or were some of the first settlers there. “Squire Roberts started a store and later established a bank. Jefferson K. Roberts, (my grandfather ran a drug store in Orr for a time. I have receipts, which shows his letterhead. His uncle and also stepfather worked in the drugstore for a time.


The Roberts children started moving to other areas, mainly to Comanche County, they were mostly cotton farmers Later on in the 1920’s when oil was discovered most of the younger generation started working in the oilfields, and the families started spreading out even more.


The Roberts Families now hold a Reunion in Rush Springs, Oklahoma, the second Sunday in September where they meet for lunch. There is a smaller reunion held in Ringling Oklahoma, but is not regularly scheduled. One reunion was held in the old town of Orr, in the schoolhouse. Later all visited the Orr Cemetery; donations were made to place a tombstone on the grave of George W. Roberts. The exact location of the grave of his wife Susan Paralee is not known.


The town of Orr stayed in existence from around 1898 to the 1940’s. It was a nice small farming town; the local bank was run by Isaac “squire” Roberts, a grocery store by his son Dow Roberts. During the depression all most everyone moved away, to Ringling, which was on the railroad, and to Wilson, a few miles away in Carter County.


There is very little recorded about Thomas J. and Nancy Ann Wailing-Roberts Daughter Ann Roberts, she married T. R. Smoot in Arkansas. It is reported to me by Ann Roberts-Steel and others that they had two children; Temple and Ann. Ann Smoot later married a Mr. Springfield and moved to Oilton Okla.


I checked the Social Security Death Benefit records an found the following,


Social Sec. Number Name             Death       Birth        RC R-Zip        Sndx

46-03-3354  Smoot, Temple         10/00/68   7/19/1888    37 74052        S530


I will continue checking in the above area in Oklahoma to find more relatives


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