The Robey, Robie, Roby Family Association

The Family History From Early England To America


The Robey/Robie/Roby Family Association is a non- profit organization that was formed in 1994. It is dedicated to the research and preservation of the family history for all future generation. If you would like information on our family association you can email Secretary/Treasurer Joy Robey Klingaman at, or President William G Robey at .

A brief history on the founding of the family association.

Leicestershire, England
Map by Colin Hinson, Copyright Genuki

This Robey/Robie/Roby line can be traced to Castle Donington, Leicestershire, England as early as the 1200's

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Official Castle Donington Web Site

Early New England

Henry Robie b. 1618 in Castle Donington emigrated to New Hampshire in 1639. Henry is the first to come to the New World.

Massachusetts Bay Colony

Port Tobacco

John Roby b. 1607 in Castle Donington emigrated to Port Tabacco, Charles County, Maryland in 1662.
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Society for the Restoration of Port Tobacco

Henry is John's second cousin.

Family Tree  The family line from England to America.

Roby Key House

This is a photo of the Roby Key House in Castle Donington, England that we think was taken in about 1890. This photo is in the possession (in 16 x 20 inch size) of Clinton Robie of Savona, NY.

Learn more about the Key House and Castle Donington.

Real Estate Brochure on The Key House

Hasylryg Tomb

View some 17th century Roby graffiti from Castle Donington

William G Robey's CD
Robey/Robie/Roby The Family History From Early England to America

Billy F Robey's Books
A Do It Yourself Genealogical Kit
Early Maryland Records of Roby, Robey, etc.
Families 1659 - 1820

Early English History of Roby, Robey, Robie, ect Ancestral Families of American Immigrants

Jeremiah Robey
Jeremiah Robey born April 14, 1809 in Harrison County, West Virginia
High Priest - Carpenter of the Mormon Church

Christopher Roby
Christopher Roby (1814-1897) Manufacturer and Commanding Officer of Troop F, Mass. Volunteer Militia.

Christopher Roby Sword

The Chelmsford Historical Commission has put together a great history of Christopher Roby and the factory where he made the Roby Sword for use in the Civil War.

Robey Tractor

This fine example of the Robey 6 nhp compound design is a three-speed engine with overhead slide valves. This example has been with the same family since new in 1910, over the years being used on threshing and other agricultural work as well as stone-crushing. The engine is owned by F.B. Gibbons & Sons Ltd and it was seen on the rally fields with the same driver for fifty years in both working and preservation days.

Here is a great website with more information on these great Robey steam vehicles.
The Robey Trust Limited

The Robie Country Store is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Robie Country Store in Hooksett, N.H.

The Robie Country Store in Hooksett, New Hampshire

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