Robin's Egg

Robin's Egg

My name is Robin Whelton. Welcome to my online family tree.

This web site is a labor of love, and since we are all shaped by where we come from, mentally and socially as well as genetically, it is also a continuing adventure in self-discovery for me.

Look over some of my major lines (AHOLA, LeBLANC, and NORTON/NAUGHTON (WHELTON and MARTENS coming soon!), or read about the Crowley/Whelton murder of 1886.

Please don't take anything here as proven fact: it's just my working outline. A lot of my information comes from personal recollection, interviews with family members, and communication with other researchers, but I am slowly working on documenting and confirming it, as my very busy life allows. If you have any information that may confirm or disprove anything I have up here, I'd be more than grateful if you'd let me know.

Feel free to e-mail me at r.m.whelton AT gmail DOT com if you find a potential connection... or if you would like to report a problem with the site, offer constructive advice, and/or just give my ego a boost <G>.

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