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This section covers farms from less than an acre to a few hundred acres including our Central Indiana farm which falls somewhere in the middle.

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Spruce creek Farms is about a 125 Acre grain farm with all but 17 Acres just south east of Shelbyville Indiana. Most of the main farm is tillable except for 2 small woods, a small stream and the lots where the houses and barns etc. sit.
Buildings include 4 houses and a mobile home. 3 large post and beam barns, a 30' x 64' open face tool (tractor) shed, a 18' x 20' small shop building a 20' x 30' "seed house", 4 round metal grain bins (total of just under 7,000 bushels), 2 wire rod type ear corn cribs (total of 3,000 bushels) and several other storage buildings including a small unused house in poor condition which dates from the 1850's and which I fear is beyond hope. I would love to find someone that would take it down or move it.
My wife and I live in a house we put up new in 1976. It is a little over 2600 sq. ft.
My retired mother lives in the house I grew up in but it has been built on to twice since those days.
Our son rents the mobile home from us and lives there with his 6 yr. old son. He works full time and farms with me as well.
The other house at this location is rented to nice couple that have been there a good number of years now.
There are 17 acres located over in a neighboring county which has about 100 sq. ft. of tillable ground. it is all river and woods (Big Flatrock River). It has a house which we rent out and next to it is a concrete block shop building (43' x 30') which was built in 1934 as an automotive service garage and gas station. We also rent that out separately. It is currently empty and I am thinking of maybe making a mini craft mall in it with about 6 small shops. It is in a small village that attracts some tourism due to having a very long covered bridge in it and is also surrounded by Amish families.

Where we live and farm...


We live at the red star just outside of Shelbyville IN. If you look to the east a ways you will see the Village of Moscow (pronounced like "coe" not like "cow") where the 17 acres mentioned above sits.
If you look at the top left corner that is Indianapolis galloping our way.

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