(Temporary List for Comment)

Adelaide Street Hamilton Street ca 1900 3(p146)
Albert Terrace (SH) Freeman Street 1939 2
Alfred Street Bedford Street, N-S section after 1890 1
Ann Street (SH) Drummond Street 1939 2
Arnold Street (NT) Hickman Street 1939 2
Arthur Circus (H) Runnymede Street 1939 2
Arthur Street Carlton Street after 1890 1
Audley Place Audley Street (NW-SE part) after 1890 1
Augustus Terrace Mortyn Street (Later Forbes Avenue) by 1930’s 3(p135)
Augustus Terrace (WH) Faraday Street 1939 2; 3(p134)
Barrington Street (NT) Marsh Street 1939 2
Bath Street Carter Street (Later Gourlay Street)   3(p145)
Birch Avenue (SH) McKenzie Street 1939 2
Burnett Place (NH) Condell Place 1939 2
California Street Bay Road after 1890 1
Cameron Crescent (NH) Salier Crescent 1939 2
Carter Crescent (WH) Gourlay Street 1939 2
Carter Street Gourlay Street   3(p145)
Catherine Street Absorbed into Brooker Avenue after 1890 1
Cedric Street (NH) Wignall Street 1939 2
Central Street (H) Watchorn Street 1939 2
Chapel Street (H) Berea Street 1939 2; 3(p117)
Clara Street Ryde Street after 1890 1
Clark Parade (NT) Queen’s Walk 1939 2
Clyde Street (H) Criterion Street 1939 2
Coleman Street (SH) Crisp Street 1939 2
Colville Street Federal Street after 1890 1
Corby Lane Barton Avenue   3(p113)
Craigside Road (in the 1890’s) Craigside Avenue   3(p131)
Crown Street (SB) Randall Street 1939 2
Derwent Street (H) Trumpeter Street 1939 2
Domain Road (H) Aberdeen Street 1939 2
Douglas Avenue (SB) Braddon Avenue 1939 2
Dunk Street (SH) Downie Street 1939 2
Emma Street Newport Street after 1890 1
Forest Crescent (WH) Whelan Crescent 1939 2; 3(p194)
Fort Nelson Road (SB) Folder Street 1939 2
Garden Crescent (H) Fitzroy Crescent 1939 2
George Street (WH) Rennie Street 1939 2
George Street Boa Vista Road after 1890 1
George Street (off Park Street near Domain) Absorbed into Brooker Avenue after 1890 1
Hamilton Crescent (WH) Dalrymple Street 1939 2
Harold Street (SH) Degraves Street 1939 2
Hawthorn Ave. (NT) Oldham Street 1939 2
High Street (SB) Sandy Bay Road 1939 2
High Street Tasma Street after 1890 1
Hone Street (SH) Milles Street 1939 2
Hope Street Roberts Street   3(p182)
Hugh Street (SH) Syme Street 1939 2
James Street, E. to W. Section (H) Knopwood Street 1939 2
Kent Avenue (WH) Cato Avenue 1939 2; 3(p125)
King Street Pitt Street after 1890 1
Laurence Street (NT) Meredith Street 1939 2
Lloyd Street Roope Street (between Swanston and Pirie Streets) after 1890 1
Lord’s Road Carr Street after 1890 1
Luke Street (SH) Hennebry Street 1939 2
Macquarie Lane (SH) Macfarlane Street 1939 2
Main Road (NT) New Town Road (Augusta Road to Creek Road) 1939 2
Main Road (SB) Sandy Bay Road (Wellington Rivulet to City Boundary) 1939 2
Main Road (Risdon Road to Newtown Rivulet) New town Road after 1890 1
Marshall’s Lane Sunnyside Road after 1890 1
Melbourne Street (H) Victoria Street 1939 2; 3(p147)
Milton Street (H) McKellar Street 1939 2
Montagu ave. (NT) Montagu Street 1939 2
Moore Street (NH) Lewis Street 1939 2
Mortyn Avenue (WH) Forbes Avenue 1939 2
Mt. Nelson Road (SB) Nelson Road 1939 2
Murrell Street (NT) Rattle Street 1939 1; 2
Nelson Avenue (SB) Nile Avenue 1939 2
New Street (WH) Cane Street 1939 2; 3(p124)
Newton Place Honora Avenue after 1890 1
Norfolk Lane (H) Suffolk Lane 1939 2
Pier Street (SB) Marsden Street 1939 2
Princes Street Cavell Street after 1918  
Princes Wharf (H) Salamanca Place 1939 2
Princess Street (on George Frankland’s map in the 1830’s) Princes Street (Later Cavell Street)   3(p126,7)
Providence Valley Queen Street (Later Newdegate Street)   3(p174)
Providence Valley Newdegate Street (between Andrew and Mellifont Streets) after 1890 1
Quarry Street Browne Street (between Arthur and Pine Streets) after 1890 1; 3(p122)
Queen Street Newdegate Street (between Elizabeth and Andrew Streets) after 1890 1
Queen Street Newdegate Street 1925 3(p174)
Ross Street (NT) Valentine Street 1939 1; 2
Ryder Street (WH) D’Emden Street 1939 2; 3(p132)
Scott Street Giblin Street after 1890 1
Scott Street Lewis Street after 1890 1
Short Street No longer exists. Was next to New Town Primary School. after 1890 1
Stephen Street or Augusta Road Augusta Road after 1890 1
Toarra Road (NT) Maria Street 1939 2
Trafalgar Street (NT) Midwood Street 1939 2
Trinity Lane No longer exists. Was between Campbell Street and Park Street/Brooker Avenue beside old Trinity Cemetery) after 1890 1
Veterans Row Murray Street (between Burnett and Warwick Streets) after 1890 1
Ware Street (NH) Feltham Street 1939 1; 2
Watch-House Lane Chapel Street (Later Berea Street) early 1900’s 3(p117)
Wellington Buildings Pine Street before 1901 3(p177)
Williamson Street Burnett Street (between Argyle and Campbell Streets) after 1890 1
Windsor Street (SB) Nixon Street 1939 2
The “NOTE” column indicates –

1.  Raynor, Tony. (1999) New Town Historical Walk – Guided Tour by historian Tony Raynor. (Photocopied notes.)
These notes, issued to participants on the walk, contain part of a map dated 1890.  Changes have been worked out by comparing this map with the current Tasmanian Street Atlas.

2.  “The Mercury”newspaper, Hobart.  Vol. ?, No. ?, ?? September, 1939, p.??
A notice which read (in part), "NOTICE IS GIVEN that by a resolution passed by the City Council, on 18th. September, 1939, the following alterations have been made in the names of certain streets of the City of Hobart".
In the "Old Name" column -
    H denotes Hobart.
    NT denotes New Town.
    SB denotes Sandy Bay.
    WH denotes West Hobart
    NH denotes North Hobart
    SH denotes South Hobart
as they were in 1939.
(Thank you to Ray Hayes for sending me a copy of this notice.)

3. Goodrick, Joan. (1993) The West Hobart Story. Sandy Bay, Tasmania: Shearwater Press.
Although this book has an extensive bibliography, unfortunately sources are not quoted in the text.