This line of ROCHELLES was first documented in Wake Co., N.C. It was a large family; so I will attempt to document this family one line at a time. I have already included some of the line of William ROCHELLE of Wake Co., N.C. He apparently is the only known child that stayed in that area. Many of his descendants moved to Tennessee. Please go to: Tennessee Rochelles.


The family legend states that John ROCHELLE married Elizabeth BOONE, relative of Daniel BOONE. (the parents marriage has not been proven) They had the following children: 1)John ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1748- 2)James ROCHELLE, b.15 July 1752- 3)Lovick/Lodowick ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1754 - 4)William ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1754 (twin of Lovick)- 5) Allen ROCHELLE- 6)George ROCHELLE- 7)Amelia ROCHELLE- 8)Celia ROCHELLE- 9)Sally ROCHELLE. All of the sons served in the Rev. War. All the children left Wake Co., except William ROCHELLE, and moved to the Kershaw, Fairfield and Richland Districts of S.C.


James ROCHELLE was born 15 July 1752, possibly in Wake Co., N.C. His marriage record is recorded in Wake Co.,N.C. marrying Sylvia JORDAN, on 16 Feb. 1775. Possible child of this marriage is Anderson ROCHELLE, b. 25 Nov. 1776. No further record of Sylvia ROCHELLE has been found.

James ROCHELLE first appears in Craven Co., S.C. (which was later divided in Fairfield & Kershaw Cos. and others) on 18 April 1778 renting land from James HOLLY, Jr. and wife Elizabeth in the parish of St. Mark's on the North Prong of Lynches Creek. Allen ROCHELLE (his brother) & James RALEY witnessed this deed on 11 July 1786.

Deed:18 April 1778-Craven Co., S.C. John HOLLEY of Craven Co., S.C. and James ROCHELL of the same Co.-a grant dated 13 Feb. 1753 under Gov. James GLENN, Esq. did grant Wm. CANTY a tract of land containing 300 acres on both side of North Lynches Creek in Parish of St. Marks and Co. of Craven surrounded on all sides by vacant land. Recorded in Bk. OO, p. 148; that the said John HOLLEY of sum of 600 pds. money of Province paid by James ROCHEL do sale for one whoe year a tract of 100 acres on South side of Lynches Cr. Signed: James HOLLEY, Elizabeth (X) HOLLEY. Witness: James RALLY, Allen ROCHELL. State of S.C., Charraw District before Charles EVANS, J.P. for said district personally appeared James RALLY and made oath that John HOLLEY & Elizabeth his wife did deliver the withing conveyance to James RICHALL for use, and did also see Allen ROCHEL sign the same. Sworn: 28 Feb. 1785. Recorded: 11 July 1786. (deed located in the Register of Deeds Office, Charleston County Courthouse)

Deed: 13 Feb. 1780-James ROCHELLE sold to Charles EVANS-lease-Bk. 5, p. 129----James ROCHEL of Camden District to Charles EVANS, Jr. of Charraw District for 12,000 dollars-100 acres-St. Marks on the north prong of Lynches Creek, formerly a tract granted to Wm. CANTY. Signed: James ROCHELLE, Witness: Barwell EVANS, Benjamin EVANS. (deed located in Reg. of Deeds Office, Charleston Co. Courthouse)

Deed: 11 July 1786-Chesterfield Co., Cheraw District, S.C.-Charles EVANS of Chesterfield Co., Cheraw District do assign over to the commissioners of the Loan Office, my plantation whereon I now reside situated in said Co. and district containing 450 acres of land bounded at this time by lands of David PERKINS, and other lands of my sons, and is composed of the following tracts, viz: 300 acres originally granted to Wm. CANTEY, who sold the same to one DICKSONS?, who sold it to John HOLLEY, Senr. who sold 200 acres of the same, to my father Benjamin EVANS and the remaining 100 acres, to John HOLLEY, Jr. who disposed of the same to James ROCHELLE of whom I bought it and the above mentioned 200 acres I inherited as eldest son and Heir at law to my deceased father who died intestate. Also 150 acres granted to me 7 June 1774 adjoining the first mentioned tract, making and imposing in the ---- a plantation of 450 acres for a tract ------------- to plats and ---------------- H 333 which said tracts of lands I declare to be in mortgage for the repayment of 250 pds. with the legal interest of 7 per centum per annum from the date hereof, and I do agree that the same may be exposed to sale according to law. etc. Signed: Charles EVANS, Daniel SMITH. (S.C. Archives:State Treasurer, Commissioner of Paper Medium Loans, Mortgage Bk. B., p. 333 A-B)

On 21 Jan. 1788 the House of Representatives petitioned the inhabitants of Lancaster Co. & Chesterfield Co. residing on Lynches Creek to clear out obstructions on the creek as high up as the falls where Benjamin OUTLAW lived. Others living in this area were Messr. Richard MIDDLETON, Jesse MINTON, George EVANS, Josiah EVANS, James ROCHELL & Josiah CANTEY.

James ROCHELLE along with his brothers appear in the 1778 Census and the 1790 Census for S.C.

He also appears in many court records and served on the Grand Jury for many years.

Kershaw Co., S.C.
Plat Bk. I page 85

Transcribed by Sloan Mason

South Carolina
Pursuant to a Warrant from David R. EVANS, Esqr. Commissioner of Locations in the District of Camden dated the 8th day of January 1800-I have admeasured and laid out unto Captain James ROCHELE a tract of Land containing four hundred and sixty four acres situate in the District of Camden in Kershaw County bounding on the S W and N W by land surveyed for Josiah EVANS on the NW Isaiah WATTES, Lovick ROCHELE and vacant land, on the S E on Capt. George EVANS land & on the NE by land surveyed for Lewis J. BRYANT, and hath such shape and form as the above plat represents.
Surveyed by me this 11th day of January 1800.
Elisha BETTIS, D. S.
Recorded & delivered
Anderson ROCHELE, 1st April 1800.

James ROCHELLE'S second wife was Margaret EVANS; b. 22 Feb. 1762 to Josiah EVANS and Margaret LARKINS, who married on 17 Feb. 1755 in the Orangeburg Church in Prince Frederick Parish, S.C. They had the following children: 1)Dorcas Tabitha Leanora ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1783-2)John ROCHELLE- 3)Helen ROCHELLE, b. bef. 1788- 4)James ROCHELLE, b. 15 June 1789- 5)Margaret Evans Larkins ROCHELLE, b. 4 Dec. 1791- 6)Arabella E. ROCHELLE, b. 29 Dec. 1793- 7)Cynthia ROCHELLE -8)George Evans ROCHELLE, b.19 Jan. 1798- 9)Charlotte Lavoune ROCHELLE, b.15 Oct. 1800.

This Bible Record was generously donated by Linda Rochelle Cooper, a direct descendant:

(no Title page)

George & Elizabeth ROCHELL was married the 7th day of May 1818

George ROCHELL son of James & Margaret ROCHELL was born the 19 day of January 1798.
Elizabeth ROCHELL daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth WHITAKER was born the 7 of May 1809.
Margaret ROCHELLE daughter of Josiah and Margaret EVANS and the wife of James ROCHELLE was born February 20th 1762.
James ROCHELLE Sn'r was born 15th July 1752.
James Lemuel ROCHELL son of George & Elizabeth ROCHELL was born the 15 day of Feb. 1819.
Richard W. ROCHELL son of George & Elizabeth ROCHELL was bornt he 19th of January 1821.

Charlotte E. ROCHELLE daughter of George and Elizabeth ROCHELLE was born 28th day of August 1823.
Sarah Davis ROCHELLE daughter of George and Elizabeth ROCHELLE was born the 25th day of January 1826.
George E. ROCHELLE son of George & Elizabeth ROCHELLE was born the 22nd day of October 1829.
Thomas Jefferson ROCHELLE (other writing crossed out)
Thomas W. B. ROCHELLE son of G. & E. ROCHELLE was born April 23rd 1832.
Elizabeth B. ROCHELLE daughter of Geo. & Sarah P. ROCHELLE was born Oct. 8, 1850
Ellen ROCHELLE daughter of G. E. & Sarah P. ROCHELLE was born June 17th 1852.
Estelle ROCHELLE daughter of G. E. & Sarah P. ROCHELLE WAS BORN 22nd Nov. 1854.
Sallie ROCHELLE daughter of Geo. E. & Sarah P. ROCHELLE was born sept. 11th 1857.

Richard ROCHELLE son of George and Elizabeth ROCHELLE died the 17th day of January 1826.
George ROCHELLE son of james & Margaret ROCHELLE DIED THE 1st day of June 1836.
Elizabeth B. ROCHELLE died the 23rd Oct. 1850.
Elizabeth B. ROCHELLE died on the 14th of April 1852.
Sallie D. ROCHELLE died 1863.
George E. ROCHELLE died Dec. 24th. 1866

George (the youngest known son of James & Margaret ROCHELLE) and Elizabeth Whitaker ROCHELLE moved to Lowndesboro., Alabama


Hardy Vickers WOOTEN and Charlotte E. ROCHELLE-January 24th 1841

Charlotte E. ROCHELLE daughter of George & Elizabeth ROCHELLE.
George ROCHELLE was a son of James & Margaret ROCHELLE.
Elizabeth ROCHELLE was a daughter of Lemmuel & Elizabeth WHITAKER.
Margaret ROCHELLE was a daughter of Josiah & Margaret EVANS.
Elizabeth WHITAKER was a daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth BROWN

Mark HOWARD and Ella WOOTEN-July 10th, 1888.


Hardy Vickers WOOTEN, in Burke County, Georgia; b. December 15th, 1813
Hardy Vickers WOOTEN at Marysville, Tenn.; d. July 18th, 1856

Charlotte Rochelle WOOTEN, in Fairfield District, S.C., b. August 28th, 1823.
Charlotte Rochelle WOOTEN, at "Rosewood;" d. April 2nd, 1885

Gavin WOOTEN, in Lowndesboro, Ala.; b. October 26th, 1841.
Gavin WOOTEN, at Rosewood; d. October 10th, 1888.

Rochelle WOOTEN, in Lowndesboro, Ala.; b. August 25th, 1843
Rochelle WOOTEN, Mt. Jackson, Va.; d. Jan. 10th, 1864.

Ella WOOTEN, in Lowndesboro, Ala.; b. June 18th, 1845.
Ella Wooten HOWARD, at "Rosewood" d. April 1st?, 1918; 10:50 P.M. Our? time.


Ida WOOTEN, in Lowndesboro, Ala., b. June 1st 1847
Ida WOOTEN, at Rosewood, d. Jan. 14th, 1880

Zoe WOOTEN, in Lowndesboro, Ala.; b. May 5th, 1849
Zoe WOOTEN, at "Rosewood," d. Jan. 19th, 1909.

Death of James ROCHELLE

James ROCHELLE and most of his children were listed on many of his brother's court records, including those of Capt. John ROCHELLE of Richlands district and Lovick ROCHELLE of Kershaw Co. James ROCHELLE died about 1802, intestate. Family Records state he died June 10th, 1802.(without a will)

On the 28th of Aug. 1802, his wife Margaret applied for the administration on the estate of James ROCHELLE. A Bond was applied as follows:

!ESTATE-17th Sept. 1802-Fairfield Co.,S.C. Know all men by these presents, that we (Agnes-crossed out) Margret ROCHELL, George EVANS, and William MCGEE are holden and firmly bound unto John BUCHANON, Ordinary for the District Aforesaid in the full and just sum of $4000 dollars , etc.... The condition of the above Obligation is such that if the above bound Margaret (Agnes-crossed out) ROCHELLE-administrax of the goods, chattels, and credits of James ROCHELE, deceased, do make a true perfect inventory of all and singular the goods, chattels, and credits of the said deceased, which have or shall come to the hands, possession or knowledge of the said Agnes ROCHELLE etc.......signed,sealed: J. BUCHANON Margaret ROACHELL, George EVANS, William MCGEE -SOURCE-Estate Records of Fairfield Co.,S.C.-S.C.State Archives

James ROCHELLE and family were apparently very wealthy land owners of the time, they are listed in the Inventory of Estates as owning 30 slaves. The estate was very large and took from 17 Dec. 1802 to 27 Aug. 1807 to be sold; listed to direct the appraisement were many prominent men of that area: Thos. STARKE, Zach NETTLES, Darling JONES, David GEORGE, & Gardner FORD. Listed in the estate were his family members: Margaret ROCHELLE, widow; John ROCHELLE, son was deceased, Cynthia ROCHELLE, Tabitha ROCHELLE, James ROCHELLE, Margrett ROCHELLE, Arabella ROCHELLE, Hellen ROCHELLE, George ROCHELLE, Sharlotte ROCHELLE, & Anderson ROCHELLE.

Debts were paid to the following people: Arthur SIMPKINS, Lyon COATS, Jonathan BETTONS, Edm. RENNOLDS, James MARR, George TYSON, James BRYANT, Wm. ADAMSON, John ADAMSON, Samuel STARKE, Amos SIMMS, Wm. HARRISON, Tho. BROWN, Samuel KINCAID.


Negroes listed in another appraisment: JIMBO, DAFF, DERRY, BARBARY, SARAH, TOBY, SILVEY, CHARLES, FILL & JACK, LUCY, ISHAM, SILAH, HARDY, DINAH, JUDE, HARRY, REUBEN, AGGY & SUCKEY; HANNAH, JACK, JUDE, DICK, ANTHONY, GABRIEL, AMY, MINDOR, JURIAH & SIDNEY (probably some of the same people were listed here, but additional children added)

With the Estate finally settled in 1807; a notation was added that listed the Estate of the deceased son John ROCHELLE, was added to the amounts paid to each heir: Margaret ROCHELLE, Widow was granted 1/3 of his estate. The other 2/3's was placed in nine equal shares and paid to each of the nine living children: Cynthia ROCHELLE, Tabitha ROCHELLE, James ROCHELLE, Jr., Margaret ROCHELLE, Jr., Arabella ROCHELLE wife of John PEAY, Helen ROCHELLE, George ROCHELLE, Charlotte ROCHELLE and Anderson ROCHELLE.

James ROCHELLE is supposed to be buried on Dutchman's Creek, the gravesite has not been located.

Margaret Evans ROCHELLE

Margret Evans ROCHELLE, was a very independant woman for this time period. Many land deeds were recorded in the Fairfield Co., S.C. courthouse under her name. A Land Grant was issued to her on 3 Dec. 1803-Thirty eight acres were surveyed for her on the 28th day of Sept. 1803 in the Sixteenth District of Fairfield on the Waters of Dutchman Creek, and the Waters of Wateree River bounded by NE & NW on POOLS land, SW on MICKELS land, and SE on Margaret ROCHELLE'S land. Bk. 50, p.225.

Since Margaret ROCHELLE was a woman, and really had no legal rights of security for her property and belongings; she did have to put into Bond or obligation at the Court of Ordinary on 22 Oct. 1805 as security to George EVANS, (possibly her brother) for administering the Estate of James ROCHELLE and standing behind her as Administrix of the Estate. The following negroes were put up as security to go to George EVANS in such case: JIMBO, DAFF, DENNY, BARBEY, SARAH, TOBEY, SILVEY, CHARLES, LUCY, ISHAM, SILVEY, HARDY, DINAH, JUDE, HARRY, REUBEN, AGGY, SUKE, HANNAH, JACK, ISAAC, DICK, TONEY, and GABRIEL. This was signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of John EVANS, T. WATTS, Josiah EVANS and signed by Margaret ROCHELLE.

There are several Deeds of Gifts from Margaret ROCHELLE of Fairfield Co., S. C. to her sons: 30 Jan. 1830, a Deed of Gift of certain Slaves to her son George ROCHELLE; other Deeds of Gifts to James ROCHELLE, George ROCHELLE and Anderson ROCHELLE. Since there were many of these transactions to her sons; she did not leave anything to them in her Will. There are 2 recorded wills for Margaret ROCHELLE, both are listed below:

WILL-Margaret ROCHELLE-Kershaw District, S.C.-10 Sept. 1842----In the name of God, Amen. I, Margaret ROCHELLE of Kershaw district in the State of S.C. being weak of body but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding, thanks be to God for the same; do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following: I give and bequeath unto Thomas STARKE and James D. STARKE the following negro slaves viz: PHILLIS, MICHEAL, RACHEL, ALFRED and HANNAH and their increase to hold to them the said Thomas STARK and James D. STARKE their executors and administrators in trust and upon the special confidence that they or the survivor of them or the executor or administrator of such survivor shall permit my daughter Charlotte L. KENNEDY during her life to have and retain the possession of the said negro slaves, and their increase and to have and enjoy the use and benefit of their labor in such manner that the said negro slaves and their increase shall in no way or in any manner be liable for any debts contract default or liability of her husband John A. KENNEDY; and upon this further trust and special confidence that from and immediately after the death of the said Charlotte L. KENNEDY, the said Thomas STARKE and James D. STARKE or the survivor of them or the executor or administrator of such survivor shall stand possessed of the said negro slaves and their increase to the use and for the benefit of their heirs of the body of the said Charlotte L. KENNEDY who may be living at the time of her death, to be divided among the said heirs of her body share and share alike. I give my daughter Margaret L. STARKE, the negro slaves BETTY and BOB and one half of my houshold furniture to her and her heirs forever. I give to my daughters Arabella E. PEAY and Cynthia ROCHELLE to be equally divided between them the balance that may be left of the money that may be due me for negro heir after the payment of my debts and funeral expenses and the expence of proving this my Will and to my said daugther Arabella E. PEAY; I give also the other half of my household furniture, and I do make nominate and appoint the said Thomas STARKE and James D. STARKE executors of this my Last Will and Testament hereby revoking and making void all and every other will and wills at any time heretofore by me made; and do declare this to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 10th day of Sept. in the year of our Lord 1842. Signed, sealed, declared and published by the above named Margaret ROCHELLE the testatrix as and for her last Will and Testament. Margaret ROCHELLE (seal) (the word to in the second line from the bottom of the first page being first interlined) in the presence of us who at her request and in her presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnessess: H.H.CLARKE John ROBERTSON, M.F.ROBERTSON, L.A.GOODWYN

!WILL-of Margaret ROCHELLE-Probated 9 Dec. 1848-Kershaw District, S.C.
In the name of God Amen, I Margaret ROCHELLE of the District and State aforesaid being weak of body but of sound and disposing mind and memory and understanding and mindful of the uncertaintly of life do make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following. My Will and desire is and I so direct that immediately after my death my negroe slaves: MIKE, RACHEL,ALFRED, BOB, and BETTY and their future increase be divided into five equal shares which I give and bequeath as follows: I give and bequeath one share that is to say one fifth of the said slaves and one fifth of their increse to Thomas STARKE, Senr. upon this special trust and confidence nevertheless that he stand posessed therof for the use and benefit of my daughter Synthia ROCHELLE for and during her life in such manner that it shall in no way be liable or subject to the debts contracts or liabilities of her late husband or of any husband she may hereafter marry or any debt contract or liability now existing or that may hereafter exist against her and that after the death of my daughter Synthia ROCHELLE, he the said Thomas STARKE, Senr. will by good and sufficient title convey it absolutely to her daughter Frances ROCHELLE. I give and bequeath one other share, that is to say one other fifth part of the said slaves and one other fifth part of their increase to the said Thomas STARKE, Senr. upon this special trust and confidence nevertheless that he will stand possessed thereof for the use and benefit of my daughter Charlotte KENNEDY for and during her life in such manner that it shall in no way be liable or subject to the present debts (or future) of her husband and that immediately after her death he the said Thomas STARKE, Senr. will by good and sufficient title convey it absolutely to the children of my daughter Charlotte KENNEDY that may be living at the time of her death to be equally divided between them. I give and bequeath the other three shares that is to say the other three fifths of the said slaves and the other three fifths of their increase to my daughters Margaret L. STARKE, Arabella E. PEAY, and Dorcas PEAY one share to each. I direct also that after the payment of all my debts and funeral expences that my horse, household furniture and the money arising from the hire of my negroes be equally divided between my five daughters: Synthia ROCHELLE, Charlotte KENNEDY,Margaret L.STARKE, Arabella E. PEAY and Dorcas PEAY the money and the property in the clause given to my daughter Syntha ROCHELLE and Charlotte KENNEDY, I give to them for their sole use and benefit and to be in no way liable to the debts or liabilities against them at my death. And I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint the said Thomas STARKE, Sen. sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament and revoke and make void all and every other Will at any time heretofore by me made and do declare this to be my last will and Testament-In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this ---day of ---in the year of our Lord 1845. Signed Margaret ROCHELLE -----Witn:T.P.MICKLE, J.L.MICKLE, Mary E. MICKLE, Robert MICKLE------Margaret Evans ROCHELLE---Recorded (Probated)Will bk. A. page 118---9 Dec.1847

!ESTATE of Margaret ROCHELLE-Kershaw District,S.C.-19th April 1848
These are to authorize and empower you, or any three of you whose names are here under written to repair to all such part and places within this State, as you shall be directed unto by Thomas STARKE, Executor of the last Will and Testament of Margaret ROCHILL, late of the District aforesaid deceased, wheresoever any of the Goods and Chattels of the said deceased are or do remain within the said parts and places, and which shall be shown unto you by the said Thomas STARKE and there view and appraise all and every the said Goods and Chattels being first sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God to make a true and perfect Inventory and Appraisement thereof and to cause the same to be returned under your hands or any three of you to the said Thomas STARKE on or before the 15 day of June now next ensuing. Dated the 15th day of April 1848 and in the 72nd year of American Independence. Benj.----- Clerk, Ordinary Ex.Officer ---To Messrs. James HARRISON, Willis HUCKABE, John ROBERTSON, and William PICKETT Memorandum: that on the 19th day of April 1848 personally appeared before me John A. CRUMPTON? one of the Magistrates in Fairfield--James HARRISON, Willis HUCKABE, John ROBERTSON, and Wm.PICKETT being four of the appraisers appointed to appraise the goods and chattels of Margaret ROCHELLE deceased, who being duly sworn, made oath, that they would make a just and true Apprais. of all and singular the goods and chattels of the said deceased, as shall be produced by Thomas STARKE, Exec. of the deceased and that they would return the same, certified under their hands unto the said Thomas STARKE, exec. on or before the 15th day of June next. Sworn:John A.CRUMPTON,Magistrate Signed:James HARRISON, W.B.HUCKABEE, John ROBERTSON, Wm. L. PICKETT

Appraisement of the personal property of the Estate of Margaret ROCHELLE deceased:

BETTY-about 50 years old-----------------$200
MIKE- $300
ALFORD- $250
BOB ---- (unable to read)
RACHAL -$500
ELIZA -$150
We the undersigned being duly qualified to appraise the property of Margaret ROCHELLE deceased hereby certify that the above is an appraisement of all the property show'd us by Thomas STARKE, Exec. Signed:WM.L.PICKETT, James HARRISON, W.B. HUCKABEE, John ROBERTSON

A Family history has been passed down that before Margaret Evans ROCHELLE died, she first told the family she had some momentoes that she wanted buried in a box. They had no value to anyone at all, but she treasured them and wanted it that way. The daughter Margaret did "the honors" and went out and dug a hole in the ground by the barn and buried the box. (This story was told to Mrs. Herschel ROCHELLE by Mrs. TRANTHAM of Camden, S.C. in 1975; it was told to her by her grandmother Jane Starke NELSON, daughter of Margaret Rochelle STARKE)

Children of James and Margaret Evans ROCHELLE

1)Anderson ROCHELLE, was the first son of James ROCHELLE and his first wife Sylvia JORDAN; probably born in Wake Co., N.C. -b. 25 Feb. 1776. Anderson ROCHELLE married Nancy Ann HARRISON, sometime before 1813. She was the daughter of Reuben HARRISON. She was born 15 April 1786. They had the following children: 1)James Harrison ROCHELLE, b. 23 April, 1813-d. 2 Sept. 1839-2)Sarah E. ROCHELLE 3)Mary Ann ROCHELLE.

There are many land deeds listed at Fairfield Co., between Anderson ROCHELLE and other families, such as the ROSS'S, BRYANT'S, HARRISON'S, etc. Sometime between 1833 & 1842-all these families decided to move to Perry Co., Alabama.

Anderson ROCHELLE and Nancy Ann Harrison ROCHELLE both died in Perry Co., Alabama and are buried at the Ocmulgee Baptist Church, along with some of their children and relatives.

Please see the website of Doris JOHNSTON-this is her line and she goes into more detail about this family:

2)Dorcas Tabitha Lenora ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1783-d. 27 Oct. 1850. She married George E. PEAY, sometime before 1827. Children of this marriage: 1)John A. PEAY- 2)Austin J. PEAY-3)Arabella Lenora Dorcas PEAY 4)Mary E. PEAY
Dorcas L. Rochelle PEAY, died on the 27th of Oct. 1850 at her residence in the Chester District of S.C. in the 67th year of her life; consort of George S. PEAY.

3)John ROCHELLE, died before 1802.

4)Helen ROCHELLE, born before 1782 and died 14 July 1840. She never married, but did leave a will.

WILL-10 Nov.1827-Fairfield Co.,S.C.-Will of Helen ROCHELLE-In the name of God Amen, I Helen ROCHELL of Fairfield District, being at present in low state of health and mindful of the uncertainty of life have thought proper to make this my last will and testament. In the first place I desire that all my just debts and funeral expences be paid and afterwards that all the property of which I am possessed be disposed of as follows. Secondly, I give devise and bequeath to my neice Hellen ROCHELL, daughter of Allen ROCHELL and his wife Cynthia, a negro boy named DAVID, to her and heirs and assigns forever, but if she should die before marriage and without leaving issue living at her death, then the said boy or his value to be divided among her surviving brothers and sisters. Thirdly, I give devise and bequeath to by exec. hereafter named a negro woman named Barbara, in trust for the use of Margaret STARKE, wife of Thomas STARKE during her natural life,and after her death, in trust that the said negro and her increase be equally divided among the children of the said Margaret then living freed from all further trusts. Fourthly, I give and devise to my said executors a negro man named Tony in Trust for the use of my sister, Dorcas PEAY, wife of George PEAY during her natural life and after her death to go to her children then living freed from the said trust. Fifthly, I give and devise to James STARKE, son of my sister Margaret STARKE, a child of the negro woman BARBARA, named MACKAY to the said James his heirs and assigns forever. Sixthly, I give and devise to my sister, Arabella E. PEAY, a mulatto boy named ALFRED to her her heirs and assigns forever. Seventhly, all the money due me by my brothers James and George ROCHELL and my brother in law Thomas STARK, I will and direct to be collected by my execs., and invested in the purchase of a negro girl to be held in trust by my Exec. for Mary KENNEDY, daughter of Charlotte KENNEDY, my sister until the said Mary arrives to the age of 21 years or marries when the said girl and her increase if any, and the value of her services is to be delivered to her absolutely freed from all further trust, and if the money due me at my death after paying debts and expences are not sufficient, in such case I direct my exec. to put it out on interest until it shall be sufficient for that purpose. Eightly, The residue of what property I may posess at my death I give and devise the same to my dear mother Margaret ROCHELL. To my dear and beloved brothers James ROCHELL and George ROCHELL, I owe an apology for not noticing them in the provisions of my will, they posess an equal share of my love and esteem with my other relations; but they have received a larger share of my fathers property than my sisters and a sense of Justice induces me to give my property to my sisters and their children. Lastly I nominate and appoint my brothers in law John PEAY and Thomas STARKE, exc.of this my last will and testament. Signed,sealed,published and declared by Testatrix in our presence to be her last Will and Testament, and signed by us in her presence, tnd in the presence of each other as witn. to the same: Danl. R.JUNE, John E.PEAY, Wm. ELLISON. Signed:Helen ROCHELL Recorded Bk.12-p.42 -Probated 14 July 1830.

5)James Fay ROCHELLE, Jr. b. 15 June 1789-d. 6 April 1837. He married Nancy MOORES, b. 23 June 1809-d. 25 Feb. 1843; daughter of Charles MOORES and Mary HARRISON. James ROCHELLE and Nancy Moores ROCHELLE resided in Fairfield Co., in the vicinity of the old Longtown Presbyterian Church. They had the following children:1)John Ross ROCHELLE, b. 17 Oct. 1827-d.13 March 1881-2)Charles Moores ROCHELLE, b. 7 May 1829-d. 26 Jan. 1884-3)Anderson Franklin ROCHELLE, b. 9 Feb. 1821-d. 18 Sept. 1831-4) Henry Pinkney ROCHELLE, b. 28 Dec. 1832-d. 19 Jan. 1884-5)Eugene Brevard ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1833-d. 16 Feb. 1885-6) Mary Moores ROCHELLE, b. abt. 1836. James and Nancy ROCHELLE both died young. James died intestate, leaving a large estate and many slaves.

The family cemetery is located 1 mile northwest of intersection of a dirt road (could be Rochelle Creek Rd) and State Rd. 317 near Dutchman's Creek.
I have been told that the coordinates for the Cemetery on Google Map are: N & W, near Taylor's Creek.

If anyone finds anything on the Cemetery please let me know.

ROCHELLE, Nancy E.-d. 25 Feb. 1843, age 33 years. Nancy E. ROCHELLE who departed this life 25 Feb. 1843, age 33 years, 8 months, and 20 days. Best rest to her spirit it has taken it's flight. To the regions of Mercy so beautious and bright. To her as the faithful the promise is given. Then peace to the sorrows she's happier in heaven.

Three lovely graves on top of Rochelle Hill in Fairfield County, S.C.

The ROCHELLE cemetery has now been destroyed by logging. Apparently it was still there, until recently. There once was a iron fence around it. I only have a picture of one of the tombstones, of Capt. James ROCHELLE.

ROCHELLE, James, Capt.-b. 15 June 1789-d. 6 April 1837; s/o James and Margaret ROCHELLE.

ROCHELLE, Anderson-d. 18 Sept. 1831, age 7 months.


6)Margaret Evans Larkin ROCHELLE, b. 4 Dec. 1791 (obviously named for her mother) married Thomas STARKE a very prominent and wealthy member of society; on 1 July 1811 in Fairfield Co., S.C.
Below are wonderful pictures of Thomas STARKE and his wife Margaret Evans Larkin ROCHELLE. These portraits were reported to be painted by William Harrison Scarborough, a famous artist of his time. A special thanks to Jane Starke Semple and her kind mother for inviting me into her home and letting me take photos of these wonderful portraits.


Thomas STARKE and Margaret E. L. ROCHELLE had the following children. 1)Thomas James STARKE, b. 23 April 1812-d. 3 FEb. 1878. He married Mrs. Frances Harrison BREVARD about 1815.- 2)Martha Peay STARKE, b. 4 May 1814-d. April 1886 in Micanopy, Fla. She married Madison Starke PERRY , abt. 1832. They migrated to Florida, where her husband became the 4th Governor of Florida.-3) James STARKE, b. 2 March 1816-d.29 Aug. 1816 -4) James Douglas STARKE, b. 21 March 1820-d. 14 June 1903 in Gainesville, Fla. He married Selena Kendall FARBER on 19 Jan. 1868.- 5)Sarah STARKE, b. 4 Sept. 1817-d. 18 oct. 1824 - 6) Margaret L. E. STARKE, b. 22 April 1822-d. July 1900. She married Dr. Thomas ABBOTT about 1837. - 7) John Williams STARKE, b. 16 oct. 1824-d. 20 Oct. 1882. He married Isabel MILLING on 25 April 1859. - 8) Douglas STARKE, b. 17 Nov. 1827 - 9) William STARKE, b. 19 April 1830 - 10) Sarah E. STARKE, b. 21 Aug. 1832-d. 21 June 1856 - 11) Charlotte Jane STARKE, b. 30 August 1834-d. Jan. 1905. She married Dr. Thomas NELSON - 12) Arabella Cynthia STARKE, b. 17 Jan. 1840-d. 7 Jan. 1856 - 13) Reuben H. STARKE, b. 22 Oct. 1844.


sent by Linda Rochelle Cooper


Much more will be added to this lineage.