Rockport Aransas County Texas Cemetery
Rockport Aransas County Texas Cemetery

The Rockport, Aransas County, Texas Cemetery Web Site
Provided by Patricia Barber Wendel and Jeanette Barber

est. 20 April 2002 (copyright 2002)

What this web site is all about:
We are providing this web site as a method of allowing access to photographs of gravesites at the Rockport, Aransas County, Texas Cemetery. We invite those individuals with ACCURATE information regarding those gravesites including anectdotal, historical or personal commentaries or additional pictures to contact us with submission of information you would like to see on the web page. In order to provide this information, please email such information to or
Once we receive the information you provide, we will attach such information to the respective photograph for appearance on the web page. In submitting information for appearance with the photo, please remember that the information needs to be accurate to prevent others from propagating incorrect information. Additionally, once you submit your write-up to appear with the picture, you agree to give us rights to publish that information on this and subsequent web pages. Each picture has a “Sec” number, with Section 1 being closest to the entrance. Please bear with us while this site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Entrance gate to the cemetery. Section 1 starts just to the right inside this gate with Sec. 2,3,4, etc going East to West. As this site progresses we will incorporate a drawn map that will indicate the various sections where your ancestors are buried.

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