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I've recently gotten back into researching my genealogy (including my wife's). Life gets busy when you have a 8-year old son, a 2 year old daughter, household chores, work and volunteer activities all asking for your time.  I've been able to add onto formerly dead lines (including the Covalt line which now appears to have originated from the Coult/Colt line).  Also, the Clawson line has expanded.

These 2 sites were created using PAF.

32 Generations of Ancestors of Roger Covalt

25 Generations of Ericka Heinz Covalt


I have also created a web site with a family tree of 20 generations of my ancestors. This was created using a program that I really like called "Gedtree"


Other pages will follow (when I get around to it)


Please contact me with comments or errors you find.


My personal home page is


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updated October 23, 2007, during the lovely firestorm of 2007 in San Diego County (Finally got around to updating this during our exacuation)

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