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The Ashdown family appears to have originated around Ashdown Forest on the Sussex Weald in England.  It is in an area close to the boundaries of Sussex, Kent and Surrey and consequently most of the genealogies of todays Ashdown families can be traced to this small area of southern England.

This web site is for all Ashdown families and will only be as good as we make it.   Any genealogical or historical information about the Ashdown family and it's origins in the UK can be submitted for inclusion.  Any research you have done, details of certificates you hold,
stories and photos of your Ashdowns, copies or details of wills, parish records, links to your personal web site or whatever. Permission should be gained prior to submission if necessary and credits and acknowledgments will be included.
It has been set up as an adjunct to the Rootsweb based
Ashdown-UK Mailing List.

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ASHDOWN-UK Mailing List.
Discussing and sharing of information regarding the Ashdown surname and variations (e.g., Ashdowne, Asshedowne, Aysschedowne etc) in the United Kingdom.