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Together, with a large number of family researchers, we have combined family genealogy works into one central database. As you read this, we continue to build the data base for you and hopefully, with your help.

This database is an attempt to rebuild our entire family history, bringing back in lost or forgotten lines, and branches into one family tree. Yes, it is a huge undertaking. To date, we have added 182,200 individuals to the database, and with your help, we might add a few more.

Much has been accomplished. Sites are being set up of individual lines, a community site is being built so you can engage in non genealogy family chats or discussions, and a great deal of history has been accumulated for you to share with your immediate family.

Regardless of whether or not you spell your name Rodgers or Rogers, you are in fact family. As part of this family, we hope you take part in not only the discussions, research or activities, but also that you might join in to help further this effort.

There are email lists to join for research discussions, such as rogers-surname-L- request@rootweb.com where all you do is write an email and type the word subscribe into the body and subject line. Then, by typing an email addressed to rogers-surname-L@rootsweb.com you immediately can contact other family genealogy researchers. There are other lists as well and genealogy posting boards. If you visit our central web site, at http://www.expage.com/ancestorial you will find many many links to genealogy boards, email lists, rogers and rodgers genealogy works, as well as many other valuable research sites. On top of this, we are currently building a Rogers/Rodgers Community Center, where chats and message boards can be used to communicate with family members, even though the conversation is not genealogy related.

So as you move thru this site, and enjoy what your family has built for you to enjoy, think about contacting us to see how you to can help further this cause.

Thomas W. Rogers Born Mothers day 1954

Here are some of my favorite websites:

Rogers/Rodgers Ancestorial Home (http://www.expage.com/ancestorial)
Rogers Genealogy Research Site (http://www.expage.com/ancestorialrogers)
Rodgers Genealogy Research Site (http://www.expage.com/ancestorialrodgers)

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