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DELONG Families ... Located in the East and MidWestern USA, this DELONG family includes surnames DELONG, ADAMSON, WILSON, ROUTH, and many more. Includes contributed data from connecting families along the way.

25 Oct 2004
EPPLER Families ... As a FIRST GENERATION AMERICAN in my EPPLER line, my maternal line exists almost solely in GERMANY. Our research to date covers several centuries of generations and ancestral information on our EPPLER line. Along the way we've also found some other connecting EPPLERs who immigrated to the USA and you'll find some of their family research and connecting families here as well. Popular names in this database are EPPLER, STROMBERGER, BODMER, DESSEL, BITZER, CONZELMANN, and many many others all located in or very closely rooted to GERMANY.

25 Oct 2004
HUISMAN Families ... Brothers Teunis, Jan & Pieter Huisman immigrated to IOWA from Holland in the early 1900's. Teunis settled down in O'Brien county and it was there my Father and his 7 siblings were born and raised. Our HUISMAN research includes our Dutch ancestors, their descendants and related families/ancestors in HOLLAND, CANADA and the USA. Also includes images, data and files contributed from our connecting HUISMAN researchers!

25 Oct 2004
HUDSON Families ... Another Midwest Family mainly in Indiana and Illinois with roots in Kentucky, Tennessee and the Eastern states! We still have a lot more HUDSONs to find, so expect this database to grow as our research progresses! In the meantime you'll find plenty of the names LUTTRELL, SEXSON, SEXTON, STORM, RANKIN, and a few WEEKS.


15 Apr 2003
STEARNS Families ... Actually, you won't find many STEARNS in these files. But you will find plenty of the surnames GERTZ, SPITZNOGLE, COULTER, WEISE and others located mostly in Midwest USA, mainly Illinois and Iowa. Also includes data contributed by connecting families.

2 Apr 2003
The PACE Families ... Since I'm a die-hard glutton for genealogy research, this family page is for one of my neighbors. Here you'll PACES of Eastern Kentucky with roots in NC and VA along with HENSLEY, HOWARD, ENGLE, and other connecting families. I'm just starting on this one so you can expect it to grow as my research progresses.

25 Oct 2004
WILLIAMS/DUSENBERRY Families ... Another ever-expanding family line in the Midwest! Surnames are WILLIAMS, CHURCHILL, PRICE, DUSENBERRY, DEZELA and many many more. Includes images, data & files contributed from connecting families & researchers also!

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