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Scottish/Irish Records
New: Origins of the McClung Family
New: Clan and Tartan by H. Juhling McClung
4:9 Ulster-Scot Report
4:10 Ulster-Scot Report, con.
7:3 Research from Scotland-1976
New: Church Records from Scotland
New: Ships from Ireland: 1729-60
25:20 Public Records from Ireland
30:25 Public Records from Northern Ireland
New: Early McClungs in America Outline of McClung Genealogy
New: New: McClungs in the Rev. War: SAR Index sent in by Bill Davenport
New: McClungs in the Old Wars
7:9 McClungs in Service
New: Records with Variant Spellings Donated by Bill Davenport
New: Immigration Records Searches
New: Early Claims made to the U.S. Congress
9:9 Early US Census Index
New: McClung Census Index in Early America (phonetic search)
New: 1850 Census Index for those not yet posted
New: War of 1812 McClungs by state. Donated by: Bill Davenport

The following records are organized by State, then County. The numbers at the beginning refer to Journal number and page number.


New: Research Log for Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas searches
New: 1820 Census Index + 1830 & 40 From Internet Search by Bill Davenport
12:14 1830 Census Index
New: 1840 Index & Transcriptions
New: 1850 Index & Transcriptions
New: 1860 Need Index and most transcriptions.
New: 1870 Census Transcriptions
New: 1880 Census
New: 1900 Census, Please send in your notes on other counties.
New: Some Alabama Marriages

New: Early Alabama Land Records
New: Land Patents
New: Miscellaneous Records from Valley Leaves,compiled by Suzy Burt

Autauga County

New: Miscellaneous Records

Bibb County

New: Miscellaneous Records

Blount County

New: Court Martial

Cherokee County

3:12 Black Oak Cemetery

Colbert County

New: Miscellaneous Records

Fayette County

12:25 Census Records:1840-80

Jackson County

New: Miscellaneous Records

Jefferson County

New: Miscellaneous Records

Lawrence County

New: Land Records
New: Marriage Records
New: Census of 1870 Donated by Bill Davenport

Limestone County

New: 1840 Census notes
New: Miscellaneous Records
New: Deed Index and Deed Records
New: Cemeteries Donated by Nina Boston, Limestone Angel

Madison County

New: Miscellaneous Records
New: List of Probate Files
New: Probate File 955, William in 1817-8

Marshall County

New: Miscellaneous Records

Montgomery County

New: Miscellaneous Records

Morgan County

New: Miscellaneous Records
New: Orphans' Court Minutes

Randolph County

New: Cemeteries of Randolph County
New: 1860 & 1870 Census returns

St. Clair County

New: Early Records of St. Clair by McGuire

Sumter County

New: Misc. Record May not be a McClung

Talladega County

New: Miscellaneous Records

Tuscaloosa County

New: Miscellaneous Records

Winston County

New: 1870 Census from Bill Davenport


New: 1830-1850 Censuses
New: 1860 Census
New: 1870 Census
New: Land Records(appears to be homestead and thereafter.)
New: Arkansas Probate Records
New: Index to Confederate Soldiers

Vital Statistics

New: Marriages of Arkansas
New: Mortality Schedules, 1850-80
New: Land Patents from Eastern Ark.


New: Census for 1860
New: Obit of Charles E. McClung


New: 1800 Census


New: 1860 Census


NEW: Research Log to be updated
NEW: Early Censuses of GA: 1820-40
New: Census Indexes: 1850, 1860
New: 1860 Census Transcriptions Index presented first.
New: Early Tax Lists
22:14 Early Marriage Records from Georgia
New: Georgia Land Lotteries
New: Georgia Land Office Index
New: Deed Index Searches
New: Abstracts of Wills
New: Pension Application for John McClung Rev. War

Colonial Records

New: English Crown Grants St. Paul Parish 1755-79
New: Land Records of early Parishes

Campbell County

New: 1850 Census
New: 1860 Census
New: Marriages

Carroll County

New: Census Records
New: Marriage Records

Chattooga County

New: Census Records 1850
New: Deeds

Cherokee County

New: Deeds Vol. 1-2 (1833-79)

Cobb County

New: 1850 Census for Reuben and Thornton

Floyd County

New: 1860 Census

Franklin County

New: Deed Index

Greene County

New: Land Records

Gwinnett County

New: Death Records

Habersham County

New: Deeds; Reverse Index

Hall County

New: Deeds 1819-1934

Haralson County

New: 1850 Census

Harris County

New: 1860 Census

Jackson County

New: Marriages
New: Deed Index
New: Probates
New: Tax Records
New: Church Records

Marion County

New: 1850, 60, 70 Censuses

Newton County

New: 1850 & 1860 Censuses
New: 1870 Census

Oglethorpe County

New: Deeds

Paulding County

New: 1860 census

Putnam County

New: Probate and Land Records

Richmond County

New: Deeds

Talbot County

New: Census Records
New: Marriages

Taylor County

New: 1870 Census

Thomas County

New: Census Records 1850

Warren County


Wilkes County

New: Deeds


Vital Records

New: Marriage Records of Illinois


2:5 1820 Census
New: Indiana McClungs in 1850
New: Marriages; some printed 10:13-14

Marion County

New: Probate Records donated by Rodney E. York

IOWA Records

20:13 Census for 1840 and 50
New: Census for 1860 Transcribed by J. McClung

Lucas County

4:17 History of Lucas County


New: Census Records
New: 1860 Census transcription
New: Early Land Grants by Jillson. Vol. 1
7:11 Some McIntires and their Descendants

Vital Records

22:18 Kentucky Marriages


27:10 Maryland 1790 Census + Marriage
31:1-2 Early Wills: Robert, John
New: Early Censuses 1800-20
New: 1860 Census



New: 1860 Census transcription

Berrein County

6:37 1850 Census


17:12 1830 Census Index. Seeking Transcriptions
New: 1840-50 Censuses Indexed
New: 1860 Census

Vital Records

New: Marriages of Mississippi


New: Marriages
New: 1850 McClungs in Missouri A Search
New: 1860 Census of McClungs in Missouri.
1:10 Miscellaneous Census Records
5:6 Mortality Schedules of Missouri
4:14 Land Records of James D. McClung

Cedar County

7:13 1870 Census
8:13 Land Records

Davies County

2:12 1870 Census
5:31 1880 Census

Gentry County

7:13 1850-60 Census

Polk County

2:12 1840 Census

Ste. Genevieve County

7:12 1840 & 50 Censuses


New: Military Records
New: 1860 Census

NEW YORK Records

New: 1820 Census transcription


New: Marriages of North Carolina
New: Census Index Searches

Rowan County

New: Deed Abstracts 1786-97
New: Court Records Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
New: Tax Lists 1757-1800

OHIO Records

New: Tax Records from Early Ohio Records by Keith McClung
25:21 1800-10 Tax Records by H. Juhling McClung
New: 1820 Census by H. Juhling McClung
7:11 Ohio Records & Pioneer Families
25:28 Ohio 1850 Census Records by H. Juhling McClung
New: Ohio 1870 Census Transcription by Judith McClung

Vital Statistics

New: Marriages of Ohio

Preble County

8:19 History: Matthew McClung


New: The Guion-Miller Rolls


New: Research Log for PA, OH, IN
Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1810
New: Index to Early Wills of PA and some abstracts
New: Early Records Tax Lists & Censuses 1790-1810
New: 1820-40 Censuses
New: 1850 Census
New: Pennsylvania Archives: 2nd, 5th, 6th Series

New: Quaker McClun Records donated by Bill Davenport

Allegheny County

7:13 1830 Census

Butler County

New: 1880 Census

Lancaster County

4:12 Index to Wills 1729-1850
NEW: Deeds 1729-1770, A-M
New: Church Records: Marriages and Baptisms

Lebanon County

NEW: Robert McClung and Lebanon County From Bill Davenport

Washington County

29:2 Application for Rev. War Service of Samuel McClung


New: Census Index Searches
New: Early Census Transcriptions
New: Newberry Co. Families a chart of the censuses
New: 1860 Census Robert in Edgefield
New: 1870 Census James in Newberry
New: Revolutionary War Soldiers
New: Pension Application for John McClung Rev. War

Newberry County

New: Deeds-Direct Index 1776-1843


New: 1820 Federal Census
3:13 1830 Federal Census
New: 1840 Federal Census
New: 1850 Federal Census
New: Marriages in Tennessee
New: Bible Records
6:36 Revolutionary Soldiers
New: Newspaper Clips

TN War of 1812 See at top for soldiers in War of 1812

Blount County

New: Marriage Records

Greene County

New: Minutes of Court Records: 1783-1796
New: Deeds 1785-1810
New: Deeds 1810-22
New: Wills 1783-1890

Knox County

New: The French Broad - Holsten Country
4:11 Gray Cemetery
4:16 Genealogy of Lee McClung

Smith County

New: Pension Application for John McClung Rev. War

Washington County

New: Court Records

TEXAS Records

New: Marriage Records from Early Texas
1860 Census for Texas
New: 1870 Census (Erath)
New: Pension Records for Civil War Soldiers

Fannin County

2:12 1880 Census


New: Research Log for VA & WV
WILLS INDEX: Expanded from original
7:10 Virginians in the Revolution
6:29 VA Miscellaneous Records
5:31 Southwest Annals
7:11 Virginia Taxpayers 1782-7

Census Records

2:5 1810 Census Index
12:3 1820 Census Index
13:14 1830 Census Index
13:14b 1840 Census Index
9:10 1850 Census Index

Vital Statistics

21:45 Early Marriages in Virginia

Augusta County

5:41 First & Second Marriage Books
5:10 Virginia Colonial Militia
6:31 Chalkley: Court Records 1745-1800
New: Chalkley: Court Records, Vol. II, McClung extracts.
New: Chalkley: Court Records, Vol. III, McClung extracts.
New: Early Western Augusta Pioneers by G. W. Cleek, for McClungs
4:12 The 1753 Timber Ridge Congregation
6:35 Waddell: Annals of Augusta Co.
New: 1850 Census Transcription

Bath County

NEW: Cemeteries
NEW: 1810 Census
NEW: 1860 Census
9:7 Marriage Records

Botetourt County

New: Deed of John McClung, 1780
1830 Census
5:40 Seedbed of the Republic
7:21 Sheriff of Botetourt County

Highland County

6:36 Morton: History of

Rockbridge County

8:14 1830 & 40 Censuses
New: 1880 Census
New: Marriages by Rev. Samuel Brown
New: Probate Records
New: Deed Indexes
6:27 Presbyterian Records
4:15 Moore/McClung Connection


6:37 Soldiery of WV
NEW: Original Documents
New: 1870 Census Transcribed by Judith McClung

Fayette County

1:5: Fayette Co., WV Marriage Records

Greenbrier County

County Map
2:11 Greenbrier Church Notes
5:10 Virginia Colonial Militia
3:14 Mathews Trading Post
4:17 1777 Petition
4:17 Land Owners after Rev. War
5:32 Pioneers and Their Homes
5:38 Memoir of Indian Wars, etc
7:14-21 History of, by Cole

8:15 1850 Census of Greenbrier County
NEW: 1870 Census of Greenbrier County
1:3 Marriage Records of Greenbrier County
7:8 Estate Settlements
4:2 Cemeteries in Greenbrier Co. WV to be cont.
4:3 Cemeteries, cont.
4:4 Cemeteries, cont.
5:7 Cemeteries, cont.
6:2 Cemeteries, cont. Includes Nicholas
29:8 Cemeteries, cont.
7:27 Obituary: Capt. Wm. Washington McClung

Be sure to visit the Greenbrier County, WV sites on RootsWeb

Harrison County

31:22 1860 Census for Charles McClung

Lewis County

New: 1930 Census Ulysses Frank McClung md Icy M.

Monroe County

4:11 Marriage Bonds 1799 - Mgs to 1920

Nicholas County

Also see: Greenbrier Cemeteries for some Nicholas included
10:9; 11:3 Marriage Records of Nicholas County
2:2 Death Records of Nicholas County
6:38 Deed Records
NEW: 1870 Census
6:29 Brown: History of Nicholas
8:20 History of Rupert, WV Part I
9:1 History of Rupert, WV Part II
7:26 Alexander McClung Progeny in the Civil War

Pocahontas County

7:14 Historical Sketches by Price


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