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Welcome to Dobberstein Digest On-Line, the Internet version of the annual family reunion newsletter, published by the Herman Dobberstein Family Reunion Association of New London, Wisconsin, dedicated to preserving the genealogy and family history of the offspring families of Herman & Bertha Dobberstein.  

Take your time and peruse the pages of this site, and be sure to visit "What's New" to discover the latest information assembled on behalf of the Dobberstein Family Reunion Association, including an e-copy of the latest reunion newsletters.   


If you are looking for the most recent issue of the Dobberstein Reunion Digest
it can be linked and downloaded at Page 6.


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Click on the image to the left for further information about the book, Dobberstein Registry,
an historical and genealogical record of the complete Herman Dobberstein family and 14 
other unrelated 19th century Dobberstein immigrants to the United States and their offspring.