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    During a summer picnic in 1948, a few Dobberstein cousins (grandchildren and their spouses of Herman Dobberstein) decided to formalize their gatherings and organize a family reunion that met annually. For over 50 years they have been doing just that. Members of the Dobberstein family will celebrate their 52nd anniversary reunion on Sunday, July 9, 2000 at Hatten Park in New London, Wisconsin.


Descendants, either by blood or marriage, to Herman Dobberstein are automatically members of the Dobberstein Family Reunion Association. Any other distantly-related Dobberstein namesakes or non-related descendants of a Dobberstein immigrant are invited to share their family history and genealogy with others through this on-line newsletter by contacting the reunion historian.


As a family reunion association our goals are to collect and share our family history and genealogical statistics, and to preserve our ancestors' past for our descendants' posterity. We share this information through a number of ways, as outlined below:

  • Newsletter: Each year family members send their vital statistics, family news, and events of the past year to the reunion historian who compiles this information into a reunion newsletter entitled the Dobberstein Reunion Digest. It is prepared in time for distribution at the annual reunion each July.
  • Family History Book: In commemoration of the 50th anniversary reunion, historian Robert Cole prepared a history and genealogy of 15 immigrant Dobberstein namesakes who emigrated from Prussia in the mid to late 1800s and their offspring in the United States. The Dobberstein Registry was published in 1998 and 100 copies were printed for those who ordered them. A few copies were sent to libraries renown for their genealogical collections, as well as the Library of Congress. Only a few copies remain and will be sold as requests are received. Contact the author for availability.
  • Internet Home Page: This web site is another one of the methods used to collect and solicit genealogical information from family members and other non-related Dobberstein namesakes. It is my hope to expand this into an on-line newsletter, with updated information, statistics, stories, family lore, genealogical research and queries available in an interactive mode.


Here it is, the weekend of the Memorial Day holiday, and everyone is planning their summer activities. So make your plans now to attend the Dobberstein Family Reunion held at Hatten Park in New London on Sunday, July 8, 2001. The traditional pot luck meal will begin at noon, with the business meeting and reunion activities following. Another fund-raising auction will be held to help defray the costs of the reunion and the annual newsletter. So bring your crafts, hand-me-downs, doo-hickeys, and other items that you'd like to donate to the reunion effort, and help bolster our reunion funds. For those who aren't able to attend this year's reunion, mailed donations will be most welcome.

Once again, I look to you to provide the material for our reunion newsletter. Please send your family news, items of interest, vital statistics, family pictures, newspaper clippings and other information for the newsletter to me so it arrives by June 30th. For those that didn't have an opportunity to write a story of their Dobberstein grandparent last year, I'd like to include further remembrances and memorials in this year's newsletter. So whether your grandparent on the Dobberstein side is alive or passed away, take a minute to write and send a story of how you remember them. Or it can be a childhood memory, a funny event, a tragic mishap, a vacation or trip with them, or an interesting story they told you.

Send all material and correspondence to the snail-mail or e-mail addresses below by June 30th. Thanks.

Dobberstein Reunion Association
c/o Bob Cole, Family Historian
1017 N. Bayridge Road
Appleton, WI 54915-2861
E-mail: [email protected]

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