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Kilmore village

Place Names of Co. Down: K.....

Ka.......Ke....-Kid...Kilb.......Kill.......Killy.......Kilm.......Kin.......Kir.......Knock.......Know- Ky

Place Name Parish Map Ref Information
Kargagh Ban Donaghmore . alternate spelling for Cargabane townland in 1829
IIW V 4p119
Karmakully Newry . alternate spelling for Carnacally townland in Bagenal rent Roll of 1575
PNNI V1 p 11
Karnav Gar Newtownards . alternate name for Cairngaver; highest hill in the area; site of Scrabo Towe
PNNI V2 p 236
Karny Ballytrustan . alternate spelling for Kearny townland in 1659 census
PNNI V2 p 61
Kary Hill
Cary Hill
Down . on the banks of the Quoile River; residence of the Perceval- Price family in late 19th century & Michael Perceval in 1936; photo available
WAG p22 ; SHM '90 p 16; DR* 28/9/36
Kates Bridge Bright 21: 49/39 over a stream in Whigamstown townland
Katesbridge Drumballyroney 20: 20/41 a village in Ballybrick townland, 7km N of Rathfriland; bridge over river Bann; named after Kate McKay; click here for a photo and more information .
Katherine Quay Ballyculter . private harbour near Old Court; built by Lord de Ros in 1844; photo available LWAG p 43 ; LM 1989 p38; Inv 2014 p10
Kay Cottage Kilcoo . a house in Newcastle; residence of Arthur Rooney in 1910
Keans Bridge Clonduff . wkm SW of Hilltown old b/w map D11

Kearney Point

Ballytrustan 21: 65/52 a townland of 236 acres; 4km ENE of Portaferry; click here to see its location on a townland map; means' area of the angular rocks'; in 1659 there were 17 English/Scots & 9 Catholic families here; coal ship aground, 2 drowned 30 Dec 1797; let in perpetuity to Rev. Mr. Blacker of Markethill in 1836 ; average rent then was £27.13.10; potatoes, wheat & barley; school established 1822: the average rent in 1836 was £27 a year; it was let in perpetuity to Rev. S. Blacker; lrge mill here; shipwreck sale 10 Dec 1842: shipwreck 28 Feb 1846: shipwreck 15 Dec 1849; wreck of German barque "Adler" 20 Jan 1877;SS Strathure ashore 10 Feb 1883 NS; V7 p 8, 15 & V17 p 124, 127, 128 OSM; SP; : DR; PNNI V2 p 61, 63; JUAHS p14 & 2011 p20
Kearney's Hill Bangor
part of Portavie Estate; 2km SE of Groomsport
PNNI V2 p 174
Pat Kearney's Big Stone Clonduff 29: 24/23 also known as Goward dolmen or Cloughmore Cromlech; click here for a photo
HMNI p89; IPP p 106
Kearney's Town Ardglass . farm; 2km N of Ardglass town
old b/w map O16
Kearneystown Garvaghy . a cluster of houses in Tullyorier townland; 6km SE of Banbridge
old b/w map G7; PNNI V6 p 208
Keeghan's Bridge Donaghcloney 20: 12/57 or Geehan's Bridge; over River Lagan 3km NE of Waringstown
Keele Dromore . spelling used for Ballykeel townland in 1659 census
PNNI V6 p111
Keel Point Kilmegan . on the inner harbour of Dundrum Bay; bridge built connecting Murlough with Keel Point Sep 1858
old b/w map K14; WDG p11,12,218
Keelan Lake Kilclief . lake; 2km W of Kilclief village
old b/w map Q16
Keelstown Inch . a house cluster near Downpatrick; residence of John Bassett in 1840 & Charles Seay in 1851 & H. Cargo & Son in 1910
Ballyphilip or Witter on the coast, 4km SE of Portaferry town; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' the fair house'; held by John Fitzsymon in 1578; in 1659 there were 0 English/Scots & 4 Catholic families here; the lowest rent in 1836 was 30 shillings and the highest 35 shillings a year
PNNI V2 p 130;SP; V7 p 7 OSM 
Keerinan Tullylish . spelling for Kernan townland in 1659 census
PNNI V6 p 341
Kelles country Comber & Tullynakill . a district name in ancient times ; named after Kelly families originally from Drumbo
LR 2005 p15
Kellys Close Kilcoo . 1km N of Kilcoo village
old b/w map H12
Kelly's Lough Loughinisland 21: 40/49 1km NE of Drumaness village in Drumnaconnor townland; also known as Ram Lough & Pollramer Lough BH ; PE
Keltonstown Kilmegan 20: 33/42 5km N of Castlewellan
Kelvinville Dundonald . residence of F.A. Owens in 1902 POD
Kemp Stones Newtownards 21: 44/74 ancient chambered grave in Greengraves townland , 4km E of Dundonald; b/w photo available
PNNI V2 p 230 ; TMUOP p28, 29
Kilclief . name of an ancient Catholic church in Killard townland O'L V1 p 181,192; LM 1994 p58
Kenles Loughinisland site of an ancient chapel in 1615 & Mass Rock gatherings here during the penal period LCB p 16; O'L B p 323
Kennedys Hill Donaghadee 21; 55/73 hill near Ballyblack townland, 4km NW of Grey Abbey town
PNNI V2 p 196 
Kennedys Hill Drumballyroney 29: 23/37 3km SW of Ballyward; in Lackan townland
old b/w map G10; PNNI V6 p 183
Kennedy Park Clonallan 29: 15/21 farm, 2km N of Warrenpoint
Kennedy's Quay Holywood . in Belfast Lough; in Holywood village
V7 p 83 OSM
Kennedy Villa Donaghmore 20: 9/37 farm, 6km S of Loughbrickland
Kennel Bridge Knockbreda . over a stream just NW of Stormont Castle old b/w map S5
Kenoge Donaghcloney . a hamlet in Annaghanoon townland in 1609
PNNI V6 p 85
Kensington Villa Bangor . villa on the west side of Bangor Bay; built in 1890 for John Neill OS map 1902 2 .05
Kensington Villa Bangor . residence of William Carson in 1886 POD
Kensington Knockbreda . house & garden of 1 acre in Knock townland ,leased by John Dickson in 1863 from Alexander Dickson
GV; OS map 1902 5.09
Kensington Villa Knockbreda . villa in Kings Rd, East Belfast next door to Kensington (above) in 1902
OS map 1902 5.09
Kentagher -Killydressy Ballyphilip see Keentagh V17 p 125 OSM
Keonan Donaghcloney 20: 12/51 farm, 4km S of Donaghcloney town
Kernal Lough Ballyphilip 21: 59/52 small lake in grounds of Portaferry House
Kernan Tullylish a townland 2km S of Tullylish village ; 749 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' rowan tree'; hill 423 ft; lakes; proprietor A. R. Stewart Esq. & Earl Clanwilliam; 3 mills in 1836 V12 p140,142, 143, 144,146 OSM; old b/w map G5' PNNI V6 p 340
Kernan House Tullylish . residence of Thomas Lockhart in 1910
Kernan Lake Tullylish 20: 8/47 3km S of Tullylish townin Kernan townland; site of massace in Mar 1641 of 80 Protestant settlers who were drowned by soldiers under Capt. Phelim Art McBrian whilst travelling from Co Armagh
BCT p 18; PNNI V6 p 341

Kerney &
Kerney Point

Ballytrustan alternate spelling for Kearney townland in 1830 PNNI V2 p 61
Kerrs Bridge Moira 20: 11/62 over the railway line, 4km W of Moira  .
Kerrs Close Kilmood . farm; 2km S of Comber
old b/w map Q8
Kerrstown Ballyphilip . near Portaferry
DCPH p 98
Kerrs Bridge Kilclief . near Kerr's Corner, & Kilclief National School
Inv 2000 p 29
Kerr's River Kilcoo . ancient name for the Shimna River which runs through Newcastle WDG p111
Ker's Villa Donaghadee . house & 4acres in Townparks townland;leased by rep. Edward Leslie in 1863 GV
Kesh Bridge Blaris 20: 22/60 in Aghnatrisk townland; 3km NW of Hillsborough town
Aghaderg . alternate spelling for Caskum townland PNNI V6 p 29
Kessenan Tullylish . alternate name for Kernan townland on Rent Roll 1692 PNNI V6 p 341
Keyhill Clonduff . alternate name for Kinghill townland in 1777 PNNI V3 p 89
Kidds Corner Kilcoo . at the corner of Tollymore Road & Newcastle Road
PTTF p17
Kidds Town Donaghmore . farm; 10km NE of Newry town old b/w map D8
Kielle - . ancient name for Lecale district O'L B p 153
Kilandress Killyleagh . alternate name for Killaresy O'L V1 p 332
Kilbeg Down . ancient name for Ballykilbeg townland
LR 2005 p24
Kilbogland Magheralin . 4 acres of land in Ballynadrone held by Coslet Waddell in 1868 PNNI V6 p 228
Kilbride Bright 21: 53/36 a townland 1km S of Killough town; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' Bridget's church'; site of an ancient Catholic church by 1622 it was a ruin; granted to Richard Fitz-Richard who died 1629; proprietor Lord Bangor in 1836 V17 p 34, 35 OSM;O'L V1 p 154, 157 , 201; LR 2005 p25; WDG p234
Kilbright Donaghadee 21: 60/72 a townland 2km W of the coast; 4km S of near Millisle; 232 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means church of the variegated place'; in 1659 there were 6 English/Scots & 1 Catholic families here; owned by Sir William G. Johnson in 1863 V17 p 124 OSM; SP; PNNI V2 p 192; GV
Kilbroney Kilbroney parish & townland of 575 acres; borders on Carlingford Lough; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' Bronach's church'; town of Rostrevor is here; proprietor David Ross Esq., of the Lodge in 1836; bleach green here in 1836 & 1886; ancient standing stone here; bleach greens owned by Henry Dunn & R. & D. Martin here in 1910 V3 p 28, 32 OSM; PNNI V1 p 132; IPP p 109; POD
Kilbroney House Kilbroney . 1km NE of Rostrevor; built by architect Thomas Duff in 1830s for Martin family
old b/w map C12; Perspective V7 p7
Kilbroney Red Bog Kilbroney 29: 21/22 in The Mournes near Rostrevor Forest
Kilbroney River Kilbroney 29: 19/20 rises in the Mournes and flows south to Rostrevor
Kilbroney Upper Kilbroney 29: 19/23 a townland of 1068 acres;on the slopes of the Mournes, 4km N of Rostrevor between The Ghann & Kilbroney rivers; click here to see its location on a townland map V3 p 26 OSM
Kilbulk Loughinisland near Ballyrolly & Ballykilbeg; site old an ancient Catholic chapel LCB p 16; O'L V1 p 90; LM 1994 p58
Kilburn Donaghadee villa in Warren Rd, Donaghdee; residence of Misses Hamilton in 1910 POD


Killinchy in Drumreagh townland; north side of Saintfield/ Killinchy road;site of an old graveyard, mostly Catholic; gravestone inscriptions UHF Vol 5; oldest stone 1757
V5 MIs
Kilclief Kilclief 21: 59/45 a parish, a small village & a townland of 623 acres; 10 km E of Downpatrick on the coast; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' church of wattle or timber church'; owned by Archdeacons of Down in ancient times but leased by Nicholas Fitsimmonds in 1622; very old church & castle; mill here in 1836 ; school here in 1836; Bishops land £40 in 1744; history lecture 9 Mar 1850: Col. Leslie Estate fire 24 May 1851; concert & amateur theatricals 14 Feb 1880; old story about monks who worked the mill , reprinted 6 Oct 1999 V17 p 78, 118 OSM ;DR:HMNI p104; O'L V1 p 208 & B p 319; LR 2005 p27
Kilclief Castle Kilclief . Norman Castle near the Church of Ireland; Mr. Armor resident in 1792; click here for a photo
Kilclief Cottage Kilclief . near the castle , office & farm to be sold 27 Oct 1849:
Kilclief Point Kilclief 21: 60/46 at the entrance to Strangford Lough near Kilclief Castle
Kilconemie Drumballyroney . spelling used for Kilkinamurray townland in 1659 census PNNI V6 p 199
Kilcoo 29: 28/33 a village and a parish; 6km SW of Castlewellan on Rathfriland road; means 'church of St. Cua' or ' church of the hollow'; the village is in Ballymoney townland; Catholic church here ; in 1765 there were 345 Protestants & 1510 Catholics in the parish; generous gift from landlord, Lord Bangor 18 Jan 1879; destitute poor 21 Feb 1880 V3 p 41-45 OSM; O'L v1 p 38 & B p 323; DR ; PNNI V3 p 97, 101, 117
Kilcooley Bangor 15:49/80 now on the SW outskirts of Bangor town .
Kildare’s Crew Ballee just NW of Killough; click here to see its location on a townland map ; owned by Major Beauclerk in 1836 ; there were 5 families here needing famine relief in 1847; owned by Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk in 1863; article 5 Feb 1869 V17 p 20,22 OSM; GV ; FCD S2 p 25
Kildownie Moat Dundonald . in Dunlady townland; a hill & stream TMUOP p50
Kildroichid Ardkeen . name of an ancient church near Lisbane O'L V1 p 425
Kileen Holywood . residence of William Dobbin in 1870 PR
Kilfarran Dromore . alternate name for Killysorrell townland in 1659 Census PNNI V6 p 132
Kilfeaghan Kilbroney 29: 22/17 a townland 4km E of Rostrevor on the slopes of The Mournes; 298 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map;means ' Fiachan's church'; originally belonged to Sir Art Magennis in 1611; cromlech/dolmen -Giant’s Grave; proprietor David Ross Esq., Lodge in 1836; V3 p29, 32, 39 OSM; CM:HMNI p89 ; PNNI V1 p 144
Kilfeaghan Upper Kilbroney . a townland of 517 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; .
Magheralin 20: 13/56 a townland 4km S of Magheralin; 131 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ; means ' wood of the cooking place'; owned by Sir Art Magennis in 1609
PNNI V6 p 242
Kilhorne Kilkeel   near Annalong; old graveyard here; school here
UHF V10 
Kilhorne Bay Kilkeel 29: 37/19 in the Irish Sea 1km SW of Annalong
Kiliscolban Dromore . spelling used for Skillyscolban townland in 1659 census PNNI V6 p 141
Kilkahyll Kilkeel . alternate spelling for Kilkeel in 1527 PNNI V1 p 119
Kilkeel Kilkeel 29: 31/14 a parish, a townland of 554 acres & a town (in Magheramurphy townland) on the Irish Sea, near the mouth of Carlingford Lough; click here for a map of the townlands in this parish; means either Caol's church or church of the narrow place'; click here for some photos and more information .
Kilkeel Bay Kilkeel 29: 31/13 in Irish Sea, long bay near Kilkeel town
Kilkeel House Kilkeel 29: 30/16 farm, 2km NW of Kilkeel
Kilkeel River Kilkeel 29: 32/37 runs north to Slieve Corragh; a mill was set up here by the Walmsley family from England c. 1790s
PNNI V3 p 181 ; MO 12/8/2009 p30
Kilkeeran Killinchy . anceint name for Kilcairn ; old Catholic graveyard V5 MIs
Kilkeeran Kilmore ancient church site KCB p 4
Garvaghy 20: 23/44 in SW foothills of Dromara Hills; 1174 acres ;click here to see its location on a townland map;means wood of Murchadh's hound'; Covenanters/ Presbyterian church built 1821; also called The Glen Meeting house here; school here in1836 V12 p 79, 80, 81, 84 OSM ; PNNI V6 p 199: GIC
Killaghy Donaghadee 15:57/76  2km W of Millisle; 984 acres; in the western part of the parish; has a hill 143 feet above sea level, a bog and a small pond; school erected in 1829
V7 p 45 ,50 OSM  
Killaghy Shankill in the southern part of the parish V12 p 138 OSM
Killaire Bangor . alternate spelling for Ballykillare townland in 1659 census PNNI V2 p 154
Killaire House Bangor . in Ballykillare townland; leased by Samuel Davidson family in 1887-1895 from Capt. A.M. Henderson; staff photo c. 1890 available
TMUOPp 48,123
Killandress Kilmore alternate name for Killaresy .
Killaneeny Saul . a clachan in Carrowcarlin townland PR



Killaney  . a small parish & townland of 298 acres; west of Saintfield; click here to see its location on a townland map ;its ancient name was Anaghdoloun; means " the Church surrounded by the marshes"; site of an ancient church & graveyard run by abbots of Movilla; tithes of fish granted to Lord Clandeboy in 1629; well forested in 1625; in 1659 there were 2 Catholic families living here but mainly settled by Scots families; the proprietor in 1836 was Lord Downshire whose agent was Mr Reilly of Hillsborough; in 1837 there were 15 farms from 3-26 acres with the average being 10 acres ;rents from 28- 32 shillings an acre; good quality land ; attack on minister 1837: farming society 5 Aug 1843; Church of Ireland & 3 Presbyterian churches here & a general graveyard SHM '86 p 32 & '98 p 78,79 ; V 17 p 133 & V 7 p 120 OSM; V 7 p 123 OSM ; DR; GIPR; GIC; O'L V1 p 372, 373
Killaney Lodge Killaney . residence of Mr. W.J. Price J.P. 3 Jul 1924 DR*
Killaney Garvaghy 20: 19/46 a townland 3km SW of Garvaghy village; 524 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' ivy covered church'; belonged to the Bishop of Dromore; site of an ancient Catholic chapel, graveyard & St. Patrick's Stone, used as old Mass Rock; standing stones near flow bog
PNNI V6 p 200, 201; V 12 p 81 OSM; KCB p 4
Killaney House Garvaghy . 2-3 kms. SWof Tullyglush & 1-2 kms. SW of Garvaghy Hill; residence of Thomas Henry Stronge & Rev. Albert Ernest Samuel Stronge Phil Strong
Killanure Saintfield . see under Killinure .


then Kilclief
21: 59/43 a townland 6km S of Strangford town, on the coast; formerly in Ballyculter parish but added to Kilclief in 1834; owned by Lord De Ros in 1836 ;shipping accident 29 Sep 1849; story about smugglers in 1800; photo available; 'Hearts of Down' Gaelic Athletics Association begun 1903 NS; V17 p 30, 31 OSM; LWAG p46; DR; DR* 9/4/28R; MO 5/03
Killare Bangor . alternate name for Ballykillare townland in Rental roll 1681
PNNI V2 p 154
Killard Point Kilclief 21: 61/44 rocky point near Killard townland; wreck of 'SSRL Alston' at Killard Point 31 Jan 1885; author Michael McLavery retired here and wrote about the area c. 1940
DR ; LR 2004 p26+
Killaresy Killyleagh 21: 51/57 a townland 4km NW of Killyleagh on Killinchy road; in Toye townland; name of an ancient church; in 1704 Rev Patrick Moylin was parish priest; a general graveyard here & Mass rock KCB p 4, 5, 25; V17 p 83 OSM; GIC; O'L V1 p 332, 345
Newtownards 15:44/75 
a townland 3km NW of Newtonards town;412 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' Earnan's church' or 'church of the sloes'; site of a Catholic chapel in 1615; in 1659 there were 4 English/Scots & 0 Catholic families here & the proprietor was David Kennedy Esq.; there was a bleach mill here in 1836 
O'L B p 326; V7 p 110 OSM;SP; PNNI V2 p 231;TMUOP p232
Donaghadee  . a townland 4km SW of Donaghadee town; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' church of the field';ancient graveyard here; Samuel Atcheson's farm sold 16 Jun 1792 (NS) ; H. McKee invokes Tenants Rights against landlord V.E. Knox 9 Jan 1874 (DR); Mr E. Knox & his tenantry, dinner 29 Jun 1889; sale of Killaughey estate 5 Sep 1891; new National School 12 Nov 1898 (NC) NS; V17 p 124 OSM; DR; NC; PNNI V2 p 193
Killavees Down a townland 2km NE of Downpatrick; 98 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map;site of an ancient Catholic chapel; owned by the Southwell Estate in 1752 & leased to William Mercer Esq. ; owned by heirs of Lord De Clifford; with proprietor Lord De Clifford in 1836; dry soil; near Downpatrick race-course; proprietor Mr Ferguson c. 1870 V17 p 53 ,57 OSM; LM 1991 p25; O'L B p 141, 322 & O'L V1 p 253
Killclosh Kilclief . alternate spelling for Kilclief parish in 1704
O'L B p 503
Killcoman Newtownards . alternate name for Scrabo townland in 1675 PNNI V2 p 236
Killconain Kilmore   in Cluntagh townland; name of an ancient Catholic chapel, graveyard & well KCB p 24; O'L V1 p 331
Killdownie House Dundonald 15:42/76 farm; 2km N of Dundonald village .
Killeany Garvaghy   see Killany V12 p 81 OSM


Dundonald- part 15:39/76  2km NW of Dundonald village; 32 acres; means ' the little glen'; the proprietor in 1837 was Rev. Cleland; land quality middling; farms from 3-20 acres; rent 25 shillings an acre; crops were potatoes, oats & barley;article on scutch mill 8 Jul 1876 V7 p 40, 65 OSM; TMUOP p231; DR ;

Killeen Cottage

Dundonald . residence of David Morrison in 1902 POD
Killeavey Slanes . farm house in Ballyfinragh townland
old b/w map U16
Holywood- part 15:39/76  a townland 3km S of Holywood; 137 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' the little glen'; the proprietor in 1837 was Mr McGill of Dromore; in 1834 there were 17 houses with 9 families employed in agriculture & 3 in trade; 30 males & 38 females; 4 servants, 4 in handicrafts
V7 p 40 ,77, 79 OSM
Killeen Cottage Holywood . house & farm of 42 acres in Killeen townland; ;leased by David Morrison in 1863 from John Cleland GV ; old b/w map R5
Killeen House Holywood . house off Ballymiscaw Road Q6/19 CBSA
. see Killinakin .
.  . or Ballinegrange; ancient townland in 17th century in East Down; owned by Earl of Ardglass in 1669 & leased to Cromwell Ward Esq LM 1985 p52; V17 p 123 OSM
Killenaterny Grey Abbey  . alternate spelling for Kilnatierny townland in 1830 V17 123 OSM; PNNI V2 p 208
Killengar Newtownards . alternate name for Kiltonga townland in 1627 PNNI V2 p 232
Killeniner Saintfield . see Killanure .
Killenny Killaney . ancient name of Killaney ;just W of Saintfield .
Killeny Garvaghy  . spelling for Killaney townland in Subsidy Roll of 1663 PNNI V6 p 201
Killernard Bright .
name of ancient Catholic chapel at St. John's Point
O'L V1 p 181
Killerny Newtownards .
alternate spelling for Killarn townland in 1659 census
PNNI V2 p 231
Killeshanan Donaghmore .
alternate name for Killysavan townland in 1659 census
PNNI V1 p 101
Killevalgin Grey Abbey  .
see Killyvolgan
V17 p 124 OSM
Killevy Castle Newry near Camlough in Co. Armagh part; residence of Powell Foxall J.P. in 1846 & 1881
Killeleyney Donaghcloney . a hamlet in Corcoreeny townland in 1609
PNNI V6 p 91
Killeloman Donaghcloney . in the south of Corcrreny townland
PNNI V6 p 91
Killfarane Donaghmore . alternate name for Killysavan townland on Rent Roll of 1692
PNNI v1 p 101
Killiany Garvaghy . spelling for Killaney townland in will of 1720
PNNI V6 p 201
Killiemure Saintfield . ancient name for Killinure townland
SP:SHM '94 p56
Killinakin Killinchy a townland 2km NE of Killinchy town, on Strangford Lough; 214 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; a general graveyard is here
V7p 86 OSM ; GIC
Killinchy Killinchy
a parish & a town & townland of 555 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; means 'church of St. Duinseach'; click here for photos and more information .
Killinchy in the Woods Killyleagh  . a townland 6km W of Killyleagh town; click here to see its location on a townland map; 988 acres; bought by Ker family before 1780; an ancient church & graveyard here on the site of the school house; great destitution 20 Mar 1847: incendiarism 23 Feb 1850: Sabbath school 16 Dec 1837: soiree, teachers 26 Dec 1853; Sabbath school presentations 14 Nov 1857 DR* 3/12/03 ; TCC p 33; DR; O'L V1 p 330
Killiney Villa Bangor  . in Crawfordsburn Rd, Bangor; residence of G. Absolom in 1901 POD
Killinney Garvaghy  . alternate spelling for Killaney townland in wills of 1841 PNNI V6 p 201
Killinore Cottage Magheralin . farm; near River Lagan; 4km NNW of Magheralin village
old b/w map J2
Saintfield 20: 36/64 a townland of 770 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; 2km S of Carryduff on the Ballynahinch road; in 1659 there were 2 English/Scots & 4 Catholic families living here; school here; in 1837 there were 65 houses; 176 males & 201 females; best quality land; farms from 20-40 acres; rents from 20-30 shillings an acre; the proprietor then was Mr Price of Saintfield
V7 p 118 OSM ; SP: SHM '94 p56 & '86 p 32
Killips Court Holywood . a row of 12 house in High St,Holywood owned by Thomas Killips in 1863 GV
Killiscolban Dromore . alternate spelling for Skillyscolban townland in 1760 IIW V4 p34
Killivolgan Greyabbey . alternate spelling for Killyvolgan townland in 1659 census PNNI V2 p 207
Killkelly Drumballyroney . alternate spelling used for Tirkelly townland in 1659 census PNNI V6 p 177
Killmanagh Greyabbey . alternate name for Ballygrangee townland in 1662 PNNI V2 p 204
Killmeans Kilmore  . name of an old Mass Rock & church KCB p 4
Killmologe Kilkeel . see under Kilmologe .
Killnagarrick Saintfield . local name of an ancient church in Tonaghmore townland which burnt down in 1641; means ' church of the rocks' SHM '94 p37,39; O'L V1 p 372 & B p 324
Killnahattin .Kilkeel . ancient name for an old Catholic church of St. Mary's in Ballaghanery, in ruins since 17th century O'L V1 p 29; PNNI V3 p 60
Killough Rathmullan then Bright 21: 53/36 town & townland of 422 acres 7km SE of Downpatrick ;click here for a photo and more information ; click here to see its location on a townland map; means 'church of the lough' .
Killough Bridge Ardglass 21: 53/38 over water where Strand Lough meets Killough Harbour
Killough Harbour Ardglass 21: 54/37 large harbour between Killough & Ardglass
V17 p 34 OSM  
Killyleagh  . near Killyleagh Castle; name of an ancient Catholic chapel; means ' river church'; chance meeting of Lady Dufferin & Phelim Magennis produced the song The Irish Emigrant c. 1840s KCB p 24; O'L V1 p 331; LM 1994 p46-49
Killowen Kilbroney 29: 18/15 on Carlingford Lough, 2km SE of Rostrevor; means ' river church'; an old territorial name which contained 7 townlands, Ballinran, Ballyneddan, Ballyedmond, Ballincurry, Ballindoalty, Ballintur & Tamnyveagh; owned by Donal & James McYawnie in 1568 then given to Lord Nicholas Bagenal 1690s & then owned by Bishops of Dromore; school here in 1836 :farming society 19 Feb 1842; Seafield House, home of Charles Russel, Lord Chief Justice of England in 1894; email me for an old photo V3 p 38 OSM:MS WAG p 74; PNNI V6 p 12; MO 5/8/ 2009 p6; OFN p 201
Killowen Mountains Kilbroney . 666 acres; a new townland; click here to see its location on a townland map
PNNI V1 p 146
Killowen Point Kilbroney 29: 18/15 juts out into Carlingford Lough 2km SE of Rostrevor; owned by Lord Nicholas Bagenal in 1690s
MO 5/8/ 2009 p6 .
Killrasy Killyleagh . see under Killarasy .
Dromore . alternate spellings for Killysorrell townland on Rent Rolls of 1692 PNNI V6 p 132
Killtariff Drumgath  . see Kiltariff V3 p 21 OSM
Killultagh Blaris  . parish works program held in the manor in 1836; it was one of Lord Hertford's manor houses and estates V12 p 32, 39,42 OSM
Killvey Loughinisland  . means ‘the deer’s church’ LCB p 81
Killy Andrews Killyleagh  . alternate name for Killlarasy .
. name of a field which was the site of an ancient Catholic chapel in Ballywooden townland
O'L V1 p 203
 . name of an ancient Catholic chapel & graveyard in Barnamaghery townland; also called Killyman
Killyclough Loughinisland . ancient name for a Catholic church & cemetery in Farranfad
O'L V1 p 90
Killydressy Ballyphilip or Witter  . a townland 2km SE of Portaferry town; click here to see its location on a townland map ; means ' brambly quarter'; all rents were 35 shillings a year in 1836; proprietor in 1836 was Andrew Nugent; all rents above 22 shillings a quarter; leases 3 lives or 31 years; a small stream runs through it
V7 p 7, 8, 125 OSM; PNNI V2 p 131
Killygarten Kilmore  . old Mass Rock where Catholic worshipped in penal times & ancient graveyard KCB p 4; O'L V1 p 329
Killglais Kilmore . name of an ancient church possibly in Clontaghnaglar O'L V1 p 330
Killyglinnie Ballykinler . site of an ancient Catholic church & graveyard in Upper Ballykinler; also called Parkaneety O'L V1 p 125, 227
Killygoney Magheradrool 20: 37/55 old cemetery;means ‘wood of the Conies or church of the Conies”; 3km N of Ballynahinch on the Saintfield road BH
Killyhoran Kilkeel . means 'church of the cold spring well'; the site of an ancient church in Moneydarraghmore townland
O'L V1 p 28; PNNI V3 p 60
Killy in the Woods Killyleagh see Killinchy in the Woods
Killyleagh Killyleagh 21:53/53  a town & a parish; click here for a map of the townlands; means 'church of the descendants of Laoch'; click here for a photo and more information .
Killyleagh Castle Killyleagh . 12th century Norman castle;belongs to the Hamilton family; : click here for a photo and more information .
Killylone Kilmore . ancient name for a Pre Reformation Catholic church in Magheralone townland O'L V1 p 92
Killyman Kilmore  . old Mass Rock & chapel & graveyard in Barnamaghery townland ; also called Killybawn KCB p 4,24; MIs; O'L V1 p 329, 330
Saul . a house cluster in Carrowcarlin townland; owned by Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Ardglass in 1662 & the Southwell Estate in 1752
PE; O'L V1 p 237; LM 1991 p26
Killynether Comber 21: 47/72 a townland 3km NE of Comber; 151 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; the proprietor in 1837 was Capt. McIllreath whose agent was Mr Black; farms of bad quality 3-40 acres; rents were 30-40 shillings an acre; 33 males & 34 females in 1837; National School here in 1863
V7 p 39, 42 OSM ; GV
Killynether House/Castle Comber . house & farm of 25 acres, click here for a photo and more information.
Killynure Saintfield . see under Killinure .
Killysavin Donaghmore a townland of 581 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' wood of the savin bush '; originally owned by Magennis clan; ancient wall, the Danes Cast here ; 60 acres of bog; proprietor General Meade in 1836 V17 p 130 & V3 p 8, 9 OSM; PNNI V1 p 101
Killysavin Villa Donaghmore 29: 7/39 2km E of Poyntz Pass & the Co Armagh border  .
Killyscolban Dromore . alternate spelling for Skillyscolban townland IIW V4 p42
Killysorrell Dromore
a townland 3km SW of Dromore town; 231 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' wood of the wire- worms'; school here in 1817 & 1836
V12 p 73 OSM; HSSS; PNNI V6 p 132
Killysorrell House
. residence of Susan Scott c. 1700
DR 23/1/1869Hanna
site of an old church in Milecross townland & Catholic graveyard
V5 MI 
Killyvees Down . alternate spelling for Killavees townland
Grey Abbey 21: 61/67 a townland 3km SE of Grey Abbey; 322 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ; means ' central wood' ; in 1659 there were 4 English/Scots & 2 Catholic families here
PNNI V2 p 207 ; SP
Killywoolpa Ballykinler . site of an anicnet Catholic chapel in Lower Ballykinler O'L V1 p 121
Magherally 20: 17/47 a townland 6km S of Dromore; 586 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' McGreevy's wood'; fort on highest hill; originally belonged to Bishop of Dromore; Green bog here V12 p 112, 114, 115 OSM; PNNI V6 p 264
Kilmacrew House Magherally 20: 17/48 farm; 2km NE of Magherally village
Kilmacrew Lodge Magherally . farm;residence of Richard Coulter Culley Esq. in 1894
Kilmainham Castleboy . name of Royal Military Hospital which belonged to St. John Hospitalliers c. 1300; also the name of a jail in Dublin O'L V1 p 412
Kilmalock Ballyculter . name of an ancient chapel, St. Malacy's, near parish church O'L V1 p 192
Kilmanagh Grey Abbey or Ballygrange; Ancient townland in 17th century in East Down V17 p 123 OSM
Kilmegan Kilmegan   a parish ; the town of Castlewellan is in this parish;school here in 1836;soiree 23 Aug 1851; Earl Annesley & his tenants, list of those in deputation 7 Jun 1879; Earl Annesley tries to resolve rent dispute 15 Jan 1881 V12 p 101 & V3 p 55-60 OSM; DR; O'L B p 323
Kilkeel 29: 34/18 site of ancient church of St. Luan; 2km N of Ballymartin village
O'L V1 p 25,26 ; PNNI V3 p 60
Moira 20: 13/62 a townland 2km WNW of Moira; click here to see its location on a townland map; means My little Finn's church'; originally belonged to O'Lavery clan; proprietor Sir R. Bateson in 1836 ; V12 p 120 OSM; PNNI V6 p 288

Kilmood &


Kilmood 21: 46/63 a parish & a townland of 921 acres;4km NW of Killinchy; click here to see its location on a townland map; total population of the parish in 1831 was 2,220 people with 60 linen weavers;most families in the parish were Protestant; in the townland in 1831 there were 16 houses; 12 families were employed in agriculture & 3 in trade; 58 males & 58 females; 1 professional man; 2 servants;the proprietor then was Lord Londonderry whose agent was Mr J. Andrews of Comber; good land;farms were from 10- 30 acres; crops were potatoes, wheat & oats; Church of Ireland here; one school established 1822; cattle show 12 Aug 1837: farming society 21 Jan 1843; Ulster Protestant Defence Association meeting 13 Jun 1868 (DR); Farming Society annual show 24 Jul 1875 (NC) V7 p 94, 95, 96 OSM; DR; V 5 MI; GIPR; NC
Kilmore- moran
Kilmore 21: 44/51 a village, a townland of 149 acres & a parish; 6km NW of Downpatrick; click here to see its location on a map; means ' the great church'; owned by Sir Hugh Motngomery in 1615; in 1659 there were 39 English/Scots & 25 Catholic families here; school exams 13 Jun 1796 & 5 Dec 1796 & 19 Dec 1796; politcal meeting of all inhabitants 7 Oct 1796; there is a Church of Ireland, Presbyterian & Catholic chapel in the village; Glebe House; Crossgar House; school erected 1828; population in 1821 was 252; Bishops land £30 in 1744: 8 Jul 1837; effects of the Big Storm 12 Jan 1839; Poor Law district population was 3381 in 30 Nov 1839; sale of townland to Dr. Denvir in 1853: Sabbath School: Tractarianisn in parish 13 Dec 1845 & 4 Apr 1846 +: Puseyism 31 Jan 1846: opening of Protestant hall 13 Mar 1852: to be sold 29 Oct 1853; renovation of Orange Hall 3 Jun 1876; SP: NS; SHM '94 p55; V17 p 88, 91, 92, 116, 118 OSM: BH; DR*: DR ; GIPR; TCC p 33; O'L V1 p 329 & B p 320, 323
Kilmore House Moira . residence of John Macoun J.P. in 1893 BWN
Kilmore Shankill a townland of 1514 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ; hill 149 ft above sea level;owned by Sir Art Magennis in 1609 then assigned to Edward Trevor; mill pond, 3 mills & canal here in 1836; proprietor C. Brownlow Esq. J. Hancock agent in 1836; this is the only townland in Shankill parish in Co Down V12 p138, 139 OSM; PNNI V6 p 12
Kilmorey Arms Hotel Kilkeel . in Greencastle St, Kilkeel; opened by John Shannon 8 Feb 1845; auction of furniture as Mr. John Shannon retiring 16 Oct 1866; proprietor in 1876 was Samuel Woods & in 1910 was Miss Crory
Newry Telegraph; POD
Kilmorey House Kilkeel . residence of Charles Beech in 1819
Kilnagreinan Kilkeel . means 'church of the sunny spot' ; a pre-Reformation church in ruins in Cranfield townland
JMLSG 2010 p14-22
Kilnamurry Garvaghy . alternate spelling for Kilkinamurry townland
Kilnatierny Grey Abbey a townland just N of Greyabbey town, on the shores of Strangford Lough; 122 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' the lord's little wood' ; in 1659 there were 3 English/ Scots families & no Catholics here
PNNI V2 p 207.;SP
Kilnburn Donaghadee . house & 2 acres in Townparks townland;leased by Robert Hamilton in 1863 from Daniel Delacherois GV
Kilnolgan Greyabbey . possibly Killyvolgan; belongeg to St. Johns Hospitalliers
O'L V1 p 413
Kilntown Dromore 20: 18/55 small village, 2km NW of Dromore
Kiln View Cottage Moira . residence of J.E. Hull in 1910
Kilpatrick Seapatrick . ancient name for Kilpike townland in 1659 census PNNI V6 p 316
Kilpike Seapatrick 20: 12/48 a townland 3km N of Banbridge; 468 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; owner Lord Dungannon; leased to T.M. James Esq.in 1836; Glebe House here ; bleach mills here ; murder M. Potts 27 Jan 1844; site of pre Reformation church here; a general graveyard here V12 p124, 126, 132, 134 OSM; GIC; DDPP 124
Kilracan Fort Donaghmore . near Glenn Chapel; site of Mass Station in Penal times c. 1700s
DDPP p36
Kilrasy Killyleagh 21: 51/57 see Killaresy
Saintfield . name of an ancient church of St. Caelan in 1633 O'L V1 p 345 & B p 27
Kilsorrel Dromore  . see Killysorrell .


Drumgath a townland just SW of Rathfriland ; click here to see its location on a townland map;means 'wood of the bulls'; belonged to Sir Arthur Magennis in 1611; the proprietor was General Meade in 1836; farms were from 4-20 acres; old leases were 16 shillings an acre & new leases 30 shillings an acre; V3 p 21 OSM; PNNI V1 p 122
Kiltarriff Hall Drumgath 29: 18/33 1km SW of Rathfriland; a stone battle axe found here
IPP p 19
Kiltonga Newtownards 15:48/74 an local area name now on the western outskirts of Newtownards town; means' church on the tongue of land'; site of an ancient ecclesiastical site; Bradshaw's bleach green here 30 May 1874; curling at Kiltonga Dam 22 Jan 1881; scutching exhibition at Johnston's 20 Aug 1887 ; curling match 16 Feb 1895; acetylene gas lighting 6 Jan 1900 NC; PNNI V2 p 232; TMUOP p130
Bright . named of an ancient Catholic church & graveyard in Ballynoe townland; area owned by Janico 'Artois in 1427 O'L V1 p 141,142
Kiltoughers Bright . alternate name for Ballynoe townland c. 1749 O'L V1 p 142



4km SW of Hillsborough town; a large district in 1575 held by Rory Magennis & manor here in 1641; a new parish; also see Corcreeny townland; Church of Ireland, Moravian & Catholic churches here; Sabbath school 31 Dec 1836: seat of the Marquis of Downshire 21 Oct 1837: new church St Johns 4 May 1839: meeting of tenantry 2 Mar 1850: Catholic Parochial House; Farming Society 15 Aug 1863; meeting of tenants 1 May 1869; opening of Orange Hall 8 Nov 1879; Kilwarlin Cottage here V12 p 68,99 OSM; UHF V18; old b/w map K5; PNNI V6 p 12, 13;LR 2005 p 12
Kilwarlin House Hillsborough . residence of Henry S. McClintock in 1886 & anthony F. Maude in 1910 POD
Kilwarlin Lighthouse Slanes . built on South Rock in the Irish Sea in 1797; named in honour of the 2nd Marquis of Downshire; 66 foot high PNNI V2 p 119, 120
Kinallen Dromore 20: 25/60 a village & townland ;4km W of Dromara;660 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' the beautiful headland'; part of the ancient district of Kilwarlin; hill 628 ft here ; mill in 1836 ; river Lagan runs through: slander & poison 7 Dec 1844; Kinallen Hill Head Farm here V12 p 70,72,73 OSM: DR; PNNI V6 p 133
Kinder House Bright . in Killough; near Nannie's Sound on the coast KCP p 74
Kinedar Bangor . villa in Southwell Rd, Bangor; residence of John McMeekan in 1901
Kinedar House
at Sydenham Ave , Strandtown ; residence of Sir Otto Jaffe in 1902
Kinelarty . a Barony ; originally Cenel- fagartaig , the ancient territory of the Clanna Rury; takes in Loughinisland, Kilmore, Magheradrool and Magherahamlet parishes; originally owned by McCartan clan then Edward Cromwell who sold then to Matthew Forde of Seaforde in 1636 WDG p224; PNNI V2 p xviii; Irish News 7/1/2008 p14;
Kings Arms Donaghadee . an inn in Shore St, Donaghadee; the proprietor in 1846 was James Kelly
Kings Arms Kilbroney . an inn in Rostrevor; proprietor in 1846 was Elizabeth Moffatt
King's Arms Newry . in Hill St, Newry;also a posting house; proprietor in 1824 was Thomas Davies
King's Arms Newtownards . an inn in Newtownards;proprietor in 1824 was Alexander Wallace
King's Arms Saintfield . in Bridge St, Saintfield; proprietor in 1811 was Thomas Clark POD
King's Arms Inn Warrenpoint . also a posting house; proprietor in 1824 was Hugh Cunningham
King's Bridge Halt Inch . railway station between Crossgar & Downpatrick NWAG p 37- map
King's Castle- old Ardglass . this is a Norman castle built around 12th century; click here for a photo & more information .
King's Castle- new Ardglass . in Hill St, Ardglass; on a hill overlooking the harbour; built early 19th century by Charles Russell, Killough corn merchant & shipowner; residence of George Beauclerk in 1863 (leased from Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk) & Charles Russell in 1886;residence of Mr. William Gaffikin in 1910 & 1927 then sold to Belfast Co-operative Society as a holiday home for its members; has been used as holiday accommodation, military camp, religious retreat; photo available
LWAG p 58 ,59; GV; DR* 12/4/1927; POD ; LM 1989 (cover photo) p42-44
King Edward Villas Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast; vacant in 1902
Kinghill Clonduff 29: 25/33 a townland 3km W of Kilcoo; click here to see its location on a townland map; means " church in the marsh" or 'pleasant wood'; , an ancient ecclesiastical site & graveyard here; granted to Rory Magennis in 17th century then owned by Sir Edward Trevor & Bryan O'Neale; residence of W.W. Newell Esq. in 1836 ; forest; corn mill & school here in 1836 ; owned by Willian Newell- Barron in 1863; the Barron estate was sold to the tenants 29 Mar 1934 under the Land Purchases Act TC p25; V3 p 3 OSM; AR p 2; PNNI V3 p 82, 89; RR St J p9; GV ; C-P 21/5/2009
Kinghill House Clonduff aka Barron's Lodge; built by the Newell family who bought Kinghill in early times; residence of George Newell in 1785 then Capt. John Newell; his daughter Mary married William Barron of Co. Tipperary & the land passed to him; residence of William Newell- Barren in 1852 & 1886; residence of Mrs. Barron- Newell in 1892; ; sold in 1922 to Mr. John Joseph McPolin
TC p25; POD; CP 21/5/2009; CP 23/4/2009 ; AEVB; CP 7 /5/2009
King Hill Killyleagh . hill; just S of Killyleagh town old b/w map Q13
Kingscourt Bangor . villa in Ballyholme Rd, Bangor ; residence of J. Martin in 1901
Kingsden Knockbreda . in Knock Rd, East Belfast; residence of Herbert Vaheyin 1902
Kingsfield House Down . farm; 2km SSW of Downpatrick; residence of Rev. James Watson Skelton of Kilclief in 1873 & the Misses Keenan in 1910
old b/w map N15; church records; POD
King's Grave Kilcoo . an ancient cairn in Tollymore Forest Park, 2m in diameter & 3 m high
WDG p 11
Kings Hill Donaghcloney 20: 10/53 farm; 4km W of Donaghcloney town; residence of Eliza Jane McCaw with 2 acres in 1876
Kingsland Bangor . near the seashore, site of switchback railway in 1889; destroyed in a gale in 1894; photo available
Bangor p16
King’s Meadow Clonduff see Deer’s Meadow; the people had their glazing free here in 1836; the poor people even erected huts in summer and cut the turf V3 p 3 OSM; PNNI V3 p 136
King's Weston Down . original name for Quoile Quay in 1717; named after Edward Southwell's manor in Essex UK DR* 26/2/67 & 11/1/1941L; LR 2013 p56
Kinkeele Clonduff . alternate name for Kinghill townland in 1659 census PNNI V3 p 89
Kinlagh Ballyphilip . near Portaferry; residence of John Corran in 1790 DS 2008 p22
Kinnahalla Clonduff 29: 25/29 mountain in the NW foothills of the Mournes; means ' peak of the boulder'; plantation of fir trees and game in Goward townland in 1836; 850 feet above sea level; the wood was in the charge of a gamekeeper and was well stocked with hare V3 p 5 OSM; PNNI V3 p 143
Kinnehalla River Clonduff 29: 24/30 runs from Fofannybane to the River Bann near Hilltown
Kinnegar Bangor a street in Bangor town with 16 houses GV
Kinnegar Holywood originally a rough piece of ground known as Coney Warren; mesolithic site; Belfast Golf Club here 1881; article on golf club 11 Apr 1891; used as rifle range by Army RWN p 23; TMUOP p 22; NWAG p 33; NC
Kinnegar House Holywood . with one acre; owned by James Bogan in 1876
Kinnegar Rocks Donaghadee 15:60/77 rocky headland near St. Patrick's Well;2km S of Donaghadee .
Kinningbourne Newtownards . alternate spelling for Cunningburn townland in 1690
PNNI V2 p 228
Kinnoge Donaghcloney . a hamlet in Annaghanoon townland in 1609
PNNI V6 p 85
Kintagh Witter . alternate spelling for Keentagh townland in 1659 census
V7 p 7 OSM; PNNI V2 p 130
Kinvara Bright . large house near Killough; lived in by Dr. Murphy c. 1900; troops billeted here during WW2
KCL p 21, 51
Kinvara Comber . a house; built in 1909 by Guy Stone
NDM p36
Kircassock Magheralin 20: 13/56 a townland 3km S of Magheralin; 198 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map means ' bend of the bulrushy place';held by John Barrett of Lisnafiffy in 1666; Mr. Christy's threshing machine here 1797, one of the 1st in Ireland
UF p 40; PNNI V6 p 243
Kircleth Kilclief . ancient spelling for Kilclief parish O'L B p 153
Inishargy 21: 59/63 a town, 5km SE of Grey Abbey; on Strangford Lough; click here for a photo and more information; click here to see its location on a townland map .
Kircubbin Bay Inishargy 21: 59/64 in Strangford Lough, just N of Kircubbin town
Kirdnon Tullylish . alternate name for Kernan townland PNNI V6 p 451
Kirkdonnel Dundonald . ancient name for Dundonald V7 p 64 OSM; TMUOP p85
Kilkeel . alternate spellings for Kilkeel parish in Rent roll of 1692 PNNI V3 p 15
Ardkeen 21: 63/58 a townland of 1056 acres; 3km SW of Portavogie; click here to see its location on a townland map;means 'Kirk (church) townland"; in 1659 there were 8 English/Scots & 12 Catholic families here & the proprietor was Hugh Coghran Esq.; castle here; turf cut in large bog; Church of Ireland here;old mill here; Ards Protestant Defence Association meeting 30 May 1868; James McGeean cured by "Rose-Curer" 18 Apr 1874; school here in 1836 V17 p125,126 & V7 p1, 2, 3, 18 OSM; SP; DR:HMNI p112; GIPR; GIC; PNNI V2 p 15, 16; JUAHS p15
Kirkland & Toy Killyleagh 21: 51/57 a townland 4km NNW of Killyleagh town; click here to see its location on a townland map; 264 acres; old Catholic chapel & general graveyard here called Killrasy; V17 p 80 OSM; KCB p 25: DR; GIC; O'L V1 p 332
Kirnan Tullylish . alternate spelling for Kernan townland in 1786
IIW V4p19
Klondyke Builgings Holywood . 70-76 Holywood Rd, Strandtown in 1902
Kneknapan Drumballyroney . spelling used for Lisnacroppan townland in 1659 census PNNI V6 p 169
Knock Knockbreda
4km E of Belfast; townland of 288 acres; school here in 1837; ruins of old church with a general graveyard here ; a log wood mill in 1832; National School here in 1863; railway station between Belfast & Dundonald; railway collision near Knock, 2 killed 20 May 1871 (DR); child buried alive 15 Nov 1884+ ; formation of Golf Club 5 Jan 1895 (NC) ; Knock village now called Cherryvally village V7 p 31, 102 OSM; DR; GV; NWAG p37- map; GIC; NC; ACC; ACC p10
Knock House Knockbreda . in Knock Rd, East Belfast; a big house on graveyard hill; residence of Daniel McLorinan in 1852 & D. McAllister in 1902; became the business premises of Crai g McDowall & Co. (baker's equipment suppliers) c. 1940
POD; ACC p121
Knockadooney Shankill  . highest hill ;224 ft above sea level; V12 p 138 OSM
Knockagar Saul . in Walshestown; site of ancient Catholic church
Inv 2006 p50
Knockana Kilclief  . a detached townland also known as Commonreagh; near Killough Bay ; click here to see its location on a townland map
Knockanarny Donaghmore  . see under Knocknarney V3 p7, 9 OSM
Knockanavrey Donaghmore  . ancient wall, Dane's Cast runs over a hill and into Co Armagh V17 p 130 OSM

Knockainelda Knockanelda

Ballyphilip . alternate spelling for Knockinelder townland in 1657 PNNI V2 p 49
Knockany House Drumbo 20: 34/62 farm; 4km SW of Carryduff on minor road  .
Knockazar Saul . name of an ancient Catholic chapel in Walshestown townland
O'L V1 p 220
Knockbally Mound
Bright 21: 52/36 ancient rath & site of old Catholic church & graveyard, 1km W of Killough; means "the hill or knoll of the pass" ;story of this haunted field available
DR* 21/11/2001; O'L V1 p 156; LR 2015 p31-36 (photos)


Kilbroney 29: 17/23 a townland 4km N of Rostrevor on the slopes of The Mournes ; 921 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' hill of the heifers'; originally owned by Sir Arthur Magennis in 1609 ; proprietor David Ross Esq., Lodge in 1836 ; school here in 1836 V3 p 32, 38 OSM; PNNI V1 p 148
Knockbarragh Park Kilbroney 29: 16/21 house & farm of 120 acres , on the slopes of The Mournes, 3km N of Rostrevor; leased by Charles A. von Stieglitz in 1863 from rep.Edward McCarten ; owned by Charles August Von Steiglitz in 1876 with 239 acres
Knockboy House Donaghcloney . farm; 2km SE of Waringstown old b/w map H4

Knockbrackan Knockbreckan


Drumbo- part a townland 2km N of Carryduff town; 589 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; the proprietor in 1833 was the heirs of Mr Cowan of Downpatrick whose agent was Mr W. Malcom of Hillhall; farms were 5-60 acres; rent old leases was 18 shillings & new leases 30 shillings an acre; 1 flax mill; in 1833 there were 61 houses; 35 families were employed in agriculture & 14 in trade or manufacture; 150 males & 164 females; 1 professional & 12 servants ; W. Keown & tenantry 18 Oct 1845; Presbyterian meeting house here with school attached V7 p 60, 63 OSM; DR ; GIC
Knockbreckan Knockbreda- part 20: 37/68 a townland of 184 acres; 2km SE of Newtownbreda;click here to see its location on a townland map; a meeting of Volunteers chaired by Roger McNeill & William Staveley held here 19 Dec 1792;Husbandman's Community meeting here 20 Feb 1793; a flax mill here in 1832
NS; V7 p 102 OSM 
Knockbreda Knockbreda a parish; just S of Belfast; click here to see its location on a townland map; sandy & clay soil; crops in 1832 were corn & potatoes with not much grazing; main towns in this parish are Ballymacarret & Newtownbreda; Lord Downshire agve £20 monthly for famine relief of those tenants in his townlands 26 Feb 1847; click here for an old painting
V7 p 97 OSM ; FCD S2 p 14 
Knockbreda Cottage Knockbreda . house & farm of 27 acres in Ballymaconaghy townland; leased by Jane Hayes in 1863 from Marquis of Downshire GV
Knockcallmakill Knockbreda . name of an ancent Catholic chapel in 1615
O'L B p 326
Knockchree Kilkeel 29: 27/17 mountain in the southern Mournes, 4km NW of Kilkeel; means' hill of the cattle'
CM ; PNNI V3 p 143
Knock Cottage Drumballyroney . farm; 4km NNw of Rathfriland
old b/w map E9
Knock Croom Knockbreda . at 284 Ravenhill Rd, East Belfast; residence of Alexander McIntoshin 1902
Knockdene Park Knockbreda . farm; in Knock Rd, near Newtownards Rd, East Belfast; part of Wards of Bangor estate but sold in 1841 & became a nursery ; bought by William McLeish in 1870 & turned into a housing estate
OS map 1902 5.09; ACC p10
Knockdoo Ballyphilip 21: 62/55 a hill; 4km NNE of Portaferry;also known as Rock Savage; site of an ancient Catholic church
O'L V1 p 410 , 419; JUAHS p2
Knockebearagh Kilbroney . alternat spelling for Knockbarragh in 1659 census PNNI v1 p 148
Knockenenarney Donaghmore . alternate spelling for Knocknanarny townland in 1659 census PNNI V1 p 103
Knockeragh Drumballyroney . alternate spelling for Knockiveagh townland in 1682 PNNI V6 p 183
Knockgorm Garvaghy 20: 19/45 a townland 3km SW of Garvaghy village;493 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' McGivern's Hill'; Bishop of Dromore's lands; meeting of Volunteers 5 Jan 1793; hill 507 ft;the lough is 428 ft above sea level an covers 11 acres ; old fort on island; rents were 25-31 shillings an acre in 1836 NS: V12 p79, 81, 82 OSM; PNNI V6 p 202, 204
Knockinelder Ballyphilip 21: 63/51 a townland of 163 acres;on Knockinelder Bay ;4km E of Portaferry; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' hill of the eagle'; site of an ancient graveyard; proprietor in 1836 was Rev. Blacker of Markethill with Capt. Blacker as agent; crops are potatoes, wheat & barley V7 p 8 & 17 p124, 127 OSM; O'L V1 p 393; PNNI V2 p 49
Knockinelder Bay Ballyphilip 21: 64/51 in the Irish Sea, 5km E of Portaferry
V7 p 7 OSM; PNNI V2 p 52
Knockinarney Donaghmore  . see under Knocknarney
Ballyculter . ancient name for Walshestown O'L B p 140, 322
Knock Hill
Drumballyroney 29:18/38 mountain 540 ft; 4km NNW of Rathfriland; coronation site of the Magennis clan; ancient cairn & burial cist here BIH p 10; PNNI V6 p 163, 166, 183 ; IPP p 108
Knockmasham Comber . the name of a mill in Edenslate townland occupied by Mr. Gamble in 1837 V7 p 35, 39 OSM
Knockmiller Ballyphilip . alternate name for Knockinelder townland in 1640 PNNI V2 p 49
Knockmore Blaris in Co. Antrim,3km NW of Lisburn; ; click here to see its location on a townland map; sandy loam soil; local lived to 113 years- Patrick Rice (in 1836) V12 p 28, 31 OSM
Knockmoyle Slanes . close to the sea; means ' bald hill'; site of the White House built by Patrick Savage in 1640s
PNNI V2 p 120
Knocknadoney Bridge Moira 20: 11/62 4km WNW of Moira




a townland 2km S of Holywood town; 845 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; a range of hills 600 feet above sea level runs through this townland; mesolithic site here; school established in 1829; the proprietor in 1834 was J. Kennedy, of Maryfield in this townland whose agent was Mr Jackson of Belfast;there were 72 houses, 51 families employed in agriculture & 5 in trade; 190 males & 222 females; 7 capitalists; 36 servants; the residence of the Bishop of Down, Ashfield, was in this townland; railway line here in 1863
V7 p 73, 76, 79 ,81, 82 OSM ; TMUOP p22;GV

Knocknagoney House

in Holywood Rd, Strandtown; residence of Col. John McCance in 1902; b/w photo avalable from 1910
POD ; ACS p169

Knocknagoney Cottages

in Holywood Rd, Strandtown; 2 cottages near Tillyburn Station in 1902
Knocknagar Knocknagore
Tullylish 20: 8/50 a townland 1km N of Tullylish town; 714 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' hill of the goats'; coal seam here; held by Sir Art Magennis in 1609; proprietor A. R. Stewart Esq.in 1836 ; school established 1829: Banford Bleach green here ;coal discovered 27 May 1837; school exams 29 Oct 1859 V12 p143,144 OSM: UF V30 p11; DR; PNNI V6 p 342
Knocknagorm Garvaghy . see Knockgorm .
Knocknamuckly Tullylish . just on the border of Seagoe parish, Co Armagh .
Donaghmore a long, thin townland, on the Co. Armagh border; 458 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means' hill of the sloes'; originally owned by Magennis clan; proprietor was Colonel Howard in 1836; bog here in 1836; Barr Catholic Chapel & school here; bog here in 1836
V3 p7, 9 OSM; PNNI V1 p 102;GV
Knocknasham ? . school here, supported by the Hibernian Sunday School Society in 1817 with 103 students attending
Knocknasham Mills Comber . run by Blakely Orr & Sons in 1912
Knocknashane Shankill a townland 208 acres; in Co Armagh in 1999  .
Garvaghy . alternate spellings for Knockgorm townland in 1659 census & Subsidy Roll of 1663 PNNI V6 p 203
Knocknelder Ballyphilip . alternate spelling for Knockinelder townland in 1657 PNNI V2 p 49
Knockree Kilkeel . alternate spelling for Knockchree PNNI V3 p 143
Knockshee Kilbroney 29: 22/16 mountain on the slopes of The Mournes, 3km E of Killowen Point; means ' hill of the fairy mound' V3 p 28 OSM; PNNI V1 p 158 & V3 p 144

Knocksticken Knoctickin

Loughinisland a townland of 453 acres;click here to see its location on a map;in 1659 there were 10 English/Scots & 4 Catholic families here; owned by Arthur Annesley then sold to David Ker family in 1786 ; the population in 1841 was 309 & in 1851 210 & in 1861 194 people; corn mill here in 1836; Peter Gilmore killed by lightning 22 Sep 1866 V17 p 96 OSM; JML (PRONI-D1255/3/23); HCDTD p38,40; DR; DR* 3/12/03
Knocksticken House Loughinisland . residence of late Thomas Kennedy in 1896
Knock Terrace Drumballyroney . a row of houses in Edenagarry townland on slopes of Knock Iveagh
PNNI V6 p 163, 184
Knockterson Magheralin . a part of Ballymacbredan townland owned byWilliam Worsley & McBredan family in 1609
PNNI V6 p 222
Knocktinell Kilkeel . site of an ancient pre Christian chieftain's burial; near Greencastle
O'L V1 p 11
Knotty Ash Kilbroney 29:19/18 municipal cemetery in Rostrevor town beside river . .
Knowe (The) Dromore 20: 19/50 farm; overlooking Big Bog 3km S of Dromore . .
Knowehead Ardkeen 21: 63/60 farm; 3km W of Portavogie
PNNI V2 p 21.
Knowehead Bangor 15:54/78 farm;4km SE of Bangor town; near Gransha .
Korcany Greyabbey . name of an ancient Catholic church, possible Temple Crone O'L V1 p 440
Kornan Tullylish . alternate spelling for Kernan townland PNNI V6 p 341
Krewkyll Kilkeel . alternate name for Cranfield townland in Rent Roll of 1540 PNNI V3 p 33
Kylbulk Loughinisland see Kilbulk LCB p 16
Kylestown Bangor . name of a house cluster no longer in existence .