The Two Rosetos
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Last modified May 2012
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Hello, my name is Phil Falcone. My purpose in generating this webpage is to find those on the internet who have family or friends currently or formerly from either Roseto Valfortore, Italy or it's sister city, Roseto, Pennsylvania in the USA. I am Administrator of the newly created TWO ROSETOS Heritage Network on Facebook, a community dedicated to the folklore, traditions, ancestry, activities, and stories of these two towns. Contact me by clicking this image or use in your email.
Faces and Places - Roseto Valfortore

Roseto Valfortore - Background and Geography
Roseto Valfortore (Valley of the Roses),
is probably named for the fact that it is adjacent to the Fortore river.
It is surrounded by the other small towns of Biccari (NE), Troia (E),
Orsara di Puglia (S), Foiano di Valfortore (W), and Baselice (NW).
It is about equidistant between Foggia and Benevento.
Roseto Valfortore is a very small mountaintop town of approximately 1,317 residents
located 54 Km WSW of Foggia.
The town is approximately 49.61 square kilometers in area at an elevation of 658 m.
There are no major roads or sites in Roseto.
Comune Roseto Valfortore Coat of Arms
Foggia is the administrative province town of the Apulia (Puglia) region
which is at the mid to lower section of Italy, closest to the Adriatic coast.
Foggia Coat of Arms
Sister city: Roseto, Pennsylvania

There is a sister city in Eastern Pennsylvania, close to the Delaware River and New Jersey line. It is located between Bangor and Stroudsburg PA. This section of PA is known as the Slate Belt of which Roseto is an extremely small borough. There are three cemeteries there.
The internet link to the town is
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There is also information on medical research for the town at:

Pius X High School

This website is dedicated to my late father, Lawrence Falcone. While stationed in Pisa during WWII, he visited his hometown of Roseto Valfortore often.
He would translate letters for the townspeople who had English-speaking relatives all over the world,
and at Christmas he would play Santa Claus and distribute presents to the children.
As a side note, I took the name "The Two Rosetos" from the book by Carla Bianco, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, which has very detailed information gathered from her personal experiences in both cities during the 1960s.
To order the book on Amazon, click here> The Two Rosetos

Thank you and God Bless!

I believe now, more than ever, it is important
for you to stop by and be with friends.
Why not come to catch up on what you've
missed and participate.

Phil Falcone
Two Rosetos Administrator

Copyright © 2001 - 2012 Phil Falcone
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