the Sancho Family of Guyana.
Kinship:Bentick,John&Tuckness Sancho
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Among the multitude of public prints, it is hard to say which lyes the most.Ignatius Sancho; (1729 - 1780), January 5, 1780.

Sancho Kinship Association, Inc
The Sancho Kinship Association, Inc is a not for profit, private, international, organization, dedicated to the preservation of the history, and the genealogy of the Sancho and allied Families.

Who can join the Sancho Kinship Association?

  1. Any person who are the descendants of the three brothers, Bentick, John, Tuckness Lambert Sancho.
  2. Any individual who is descended from relatives of persons who married descendants of Bentick, John, Tuckness Lambert Sancho.

  3. Individuals who are descendants of persons who are the share holders of the plantations Golden Grove and Nabaclis- the shared experience.

  4. Individuals considered friends of members of the Sancho Kinship.

  5. Spouses of the members of the Sancho Kinship are automatically members of the association.

  6. Relatives of the Spouses are also welcomed

Objectives of the Sancho Family Association

To collect, analyze, disseminate and preserve genealogical, historical and biographical data pertaining to the Sancho(Sanchi, Sanchez, Sankoh, Osanku, Sanku, and other variant spellings) surname. To promote interest in genealogical and historical research with emphasis on the Sancho family. To provide guidance and stimulate interest in the use of efficient procedures and the adherence to principles of accuracy and thoroughness in such research. To encourage high ethical standards and professionalism in all genealogical and historical research practices, including careful and thorough documentation

I am trying to promote historical research into the Sancho kinship, and soci-academic development in the Haslington, Nabaclis, and Golden Grove communities. To this end I would like the Sancho kinship to establish, and incorporated a not for profit organization which will be the vehicle to promote and to hold fund raising activities, realize funding to finances the following;

  1. Sancho Center for the Research in Black Life and Culture, in Golden Grove and or Nabaclis.
  2. Sancho Scholarship fund including bursaries for SSEE students from the Golden Grove Nabaclis, Victoria, Haslington and all other communities where Sancho family members reside to Golden Grove Government Secondary School, etc.
  3. Repair and upkeep of tombs, tombstones in cemeteries in which members of the Sancho and allied families are resting in peace.
  4. Crossing the digital divide - computers in places for public access such as library, community center, and schools in Nabaclis, Golden Grove and Haslington.
  5. Assist in community development projects in Nabaclis, Golden Grove and Haslington.
  6. Researching institutions where records of Sancho activities, and events are held- such as wills, birth certificates, death certificates etc, etc,
  7. Hosting Sancho kinship Reunion activities in Nabaclis, Golden Grove concurrently with the Gathering of the People,Sancho kinship beyond the shores of Guyana.
  8. Publishing Newsletter, Newspapers, and obtaining articles, images of Sancho family members published in the Guianese media, and other sources.
  9. Interested in promoting the agenda stated above I suggest the said organization be named Sancho Kinship Association, Inc, and the Newsletter a Sancho Sentinel.
  10. To establish libraries, in order to facilitate Sancho studies.
  11. To publish books, tracts, and Magazines and other literature to further its cause and help the public in different departments of human activities.
  12. To live peacefully and encourage peaceful living among the various peoples in the community.
  13. To safe guard the interests of the Sancho Clan.
  14. To seek at all times the rights of the members of the community of Sancho, and the shared experience.

I am interested in Sancho and allied family members, sending their nominations for Board of Directors, and the following posts- positions- offices. President, First Vice- President, Second Vice- President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Curator, Genealogists, Editor; Sancho Sentinel, Membership Chairperson, Merchandise Manager, Historian, Web Person, Religious Person, Legal Counsel, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and Public Relations Officer.

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