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Resources relating to the Bisset name :-

Following the Norman conquest of Britain in the eleventh century, members of the Bisset family of France were granted lands in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  The principal Bisset family estate was called Lessendrum.  The following documents deal with the family's early history in Scotland and with Lessendrum. 

The Thanage of Fermartyn's Lessendrum chapter (pp 244-256).
The Charters of the Priory of Beauly (pp 18-21), dealing with the early history of the Bissets in Scotland.
Photographs of Lessendrum and a map, from a 1997 estate agent's illustrated brochure.
A letter written to the pope by Baldred Bisset around 1300, disputing the claims of Edward I of England.
Miscellaneous primary / secondary sources relating to the Bisset name or to ancient individual Bissets.


Clan or Family?  This question is often the subject of much vigorous debate.  The following are letters from Rachel Bisset (who was born at Lessendrum and whose brother became head of the Bisset family) and from Malcolm Innes, Lord Lyon King of Arms. 

A letter from Rachel Bisset and Michael Bisset concerning the status of the Bisset Sept / Clan.
A letter from Lord Lyon King of Arms to Ronald J.  Bisset concerning the status of the Bisset Sept / Clan.


Other on-line resources.  Homepages, the Bisset list at Rootsweb (highly recommended), and other Bisset resources. 

Bisset / Bissett genealogy homepages and GEDCOM Files.
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