(Snyder Co.)
"Not to know what happened before we were born is to remain
always a child; for what were the life of man did we not combine
present events with the recollections of past ages."- Cicero.
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     The original Christopher Royer, whose genealogical history follows, was
born at Rhine Pfaltz, South Germany, where he was also married. Thier
issue was one daughter. In 1748, the parents, with their only child,
embarked for America. During the first part of their voyage, his wife
became greatly depressed and troubled. She said, " In America all is
wild, and there are no churches nor preachers," but the captain of the
ship assurred her that there was no need of troubling herself, that there
were churches everywhere in America, which afterwards proved to be
true, for the first sermon her husband heard was under a shady white oak
tree, where the city of Lancaster now stands, which was then a small
village. After recieving assurance, she became more calm, appar-
ently, but there must have been deep-seated anxiety in her mind, for
sometime later she became sick and died. She was buried in a watery
grave, " the ocean," leaving her infant daughter in the care of her be-
reaved husband. This made the remainder of the journey very sad and
lonesome. In due time, they landed at Philadelpia, PA. He came to
the locality, where the city of Lancaster now stands. His little daughter
grew to womanhood among friends and at Pine Grove, Schuykill Co.,
Pa., she married Jacob Gungle. While living in Lancaster, he married
his second wife, Miss Catherine Royer, of american birth and of the
same name, but so far as known there was no relationship between them.
Here his oldest son, Johann George, was born. He was the father of Hen-
ry Royer, who was born in Bethel township, Berks Co., Pa. whither his
parents had moved. He related most of the foregoing reminiscences to
the writer at Mr. Royer's home near Rebersburg, Centre Co. Pa. He
farther stated that three of his grandmother's (nee Royer) brothers, John,
Daniel, and Joel, connected themselves with the German Baptist church
at Lancaster, Pa. and afterwards removed to Buffalo Valley, now part of
Union Co. Pa. Some of their descendants are still residing there, and
others emmigrated to western states, among them is Joel B. Royer at
Elmwood Nebraska. The writer received the following information from
Michael Zug, a well informed historian, of Lebanon, Pa.

* RR note: Chistopher was listed as being a passenger on the ship list of the Phoenix, Sept. 15, 1749

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Insert photo of Catherine, wife of John Royer,
(nee Gemberling,) mother of Amelia, wife of the author.
Insert photo of Amelia, Daughter of John and
Catherine Royer, Now wife of author.

     Christopher Royer was born Feb. 13, 1718, and died March 1796,
aged 78 years, 1 month and 1 day. His wife, Catherine, (nee Royer)
was born in Sept. 1728, and died April 28, 1809, aged 80 years, 6 months.
Their remains. together with others of the Royer family, rest in the bury-
ing grounds at Klopp's Church, at Hamlin, Lebanon County, Pa., as
read from tombstone inscriptions. It was known by tradition, that
both Christopher Royer, Sr., and Catherine, his wife, were honest and up-
right people.
     From Lancaster Christopher moved to Rehrersburg, Bethel township,
Berks Co. Pa.
     Beside the dauhter with his first wife, Christopher Royer had five
sons with his second wife, catherine, as follows: John George, Christ-
ian, Christopher Jr., Sebastian, Amos. Prior to 1811, these five
brothers resided near Rehrersburg, Berks Co. Pa.
     John George Royer, the oldest son of Christopher, Sr. , was born at Lan-
caster, Pa., Dec. 12,1750, and died July 30, 1823, aged 72 years, 8 mos.
and 11 days. About 1780, at Lebanon, Pa., he married Elizabeth Shuey,
oldest daughter of Ludwick Shuey, who was born Jan. 13, 1758, in Beth-
el township, Berks Co., Pa. She was a member of the Reformed
church, and died Dec. 3, 1830, aged 72 years,10 months and 20 days.
In 1811, he and his family removed from Berks County to Brush Valley,
in what is now Miles township, Centre Co. Pa. , near where Rebersburg
now stands. Here he purchased a fine, large farm from Conrad Reber,
after whom Rebersburg is named. This farm remained in the Royer
family for many years afterwards. John George and Elizabeth Royer
had several sons, all of whom died in infancy excepting one, Henry, ( who
became the owner of the Reber farm). There were three daughters,
Catherine, the oldest, who was married to John Kern; (See history of
Kern family*) ; Elizabeth, who was married to Jacob Gift; (See his-
tory of the Gift family**); Christina, the third daughter, who died sin-
gle, in about 1830, aged about 30 years. She was buried in the Rebers-
burg cemetery.
     Henry, the only son of John George Royer and Elizabeth (Shuey)
Royer, was married to miss Mary Gross of New Berlin, Union Co. Pa.
He was born in bethel township, Berks Co. Pa., April 6, 1796, and
died near Rebersburg, Pa. July 8, 1890, aged 94 years, 3 months and 2
days. His wife, Mary (Gross0 Royer, was born March 29, 1801, and
died June 25, 1883, aged 82 years, 2 months and 26 days, both of whom
are interred in the Rebersburg cemetery. They were people of high char-
acter, honored and respected by all who knew them.
     Five children were born to Henry Royer and wife; John George Wash-
ington, Elizabeth, Phoebe Ann, Elvina Catherine, and Isabella Jane.
     * see Chapter 5, page 105
    **see Chapter 2, page 33 

Insert photo of Col. Henry Royer and his wife,
Mary, nee Gross, Both died at Rebersburg, Pa.

     John George w. Royer was married to Miss Mary Harter, He died
Jan. 12, 1881, aged 53 years, 3 months and 4 days. He is buried at
Rebersburg, Pa. His widow still survives him and resides at Reber-
sburg, Pa. They lived on the old Henry Royer homestead for a number
of years. They were blessed with the following children: Laura, Elvina,
( who had one child, Theodore,); Mary Elizabeth, Charles Roland, Hen-
ry Calvin, Emmon George, Cyrus Theodore, and Ida Minerva.
     Mary Elizabeth Royer married John Kerstetter, and resides at Logan-
ton, Pa. They have one daughter, Wilda Ruth.
     Charles Roland Royer married Anna Frank, and they reside in Altoona,
Pa. Their children are: Montessa, who married William Lytle. They
reside at Altoona, Pa. and have two children, Janette and John.
     Helen Frank Royer, second daughter of Charles R. Royer, died Jan.
16, 1893, aged 3 years, 7 months and 21 days.
     Henry Calvin Royer died Nov. 30, 1857, aged 5 years, 1 month and
3 days.
     Emmon George Royer died mar. 22, 1859, aged 4 months and 3 days.
     Ida Minerva Royer died may 27, 1873, aged 13 years, 2 months and 13
days, all three being buried at Rebersburg, Pa.
     Cyrus Theodore Royer, who was married to Ida Herlacher, and resides
at Loganton, Pa. The following children were born to this union: Ran-
dolph, Chauncy, Grace, Earl, George Paul, and one other child who died in
     Elizabeth Royer, daughter of Henry Royer, was married to Thomas
Wolfe. They had four children: Thomas Newton, Jasper Royer, Anna
Minerva, and Mary Jane.
     Thomas Newton Wolfe was married three times. His first wife was
Melissa Kleckner. They lived in Garrison, Ia., and had four children:
Thomas, (who died at Garrison, Ia., at the age of 22years, and is buried
at New Berlin, Pa.); Ollie, Robert K., and J.Lee.
     Ollie Wolfe married Eph S. Benner, and they reside at New Berlin,
Pa. They have six children: Ada, Ernest, Anna, Catherine, Joseph-
ine, and Arlie.
     Robert K. Wolfe married May Ferrick. They reside at St. Louis, Mo.,
and have two children, Thomas Ferrick, and Elizabeth Adele.
     J. Lee Wolfe married Mame Bridgens. They live at St. Louis, Mo.,
and have one child, Olive.
     Thomas N. Wolfe married for his second wife, Fannie Schlarbaum,
who died in June, 1883. To this union there were born two children:
Elsie Brentz Wolfe, and Edwin F., who resides at Bellewood, Pa.
Elsie Brentz Wolfe married Mr. Hartley, who died in March, 1904.
They resided in Iowa, and have one child, Eldon.
     For his third wife, Thomas N. Wolfe married Mary Berkey. To this
union three children were born: May, Jasper and Myrtle.
Jasper Royer Wolfe died July 29, 1902, aged 57 years, and is buried
at Bellwood, Pa.
     Anna Minerva Wolfe married David M. Weaver, who died Apr. 4,
1896, aged 50 years, and is buried at Bellwood, Pa.
     Mary Jane Wolfe was married to William J. Musser. They live at Lady-
smith, Wis. This union was blessed with two children, Elsie and Grace.
     Thomas and Elizabeth ( Royer) Wolfe lived happily together for many
years until both had reached a ripe old age. But death finally separated
them. Thomas Wolfe died October 23, 1882, aged 69 years and 29
days and his widow followed him Dec. 11, 1904, aged 82 years and 24
days. Both are buried at Rebersburg, Pa.
Phoebe Ann Royer married Daniel Brungart. They had two chil-
dren: Elmira Elizabeth, who died Feb. 15, 1850, aged 3 years and 9
days and is buried Rebersburg, Pa., and Jasper R., who is married
to Mary E. Long. They reside in their fine home at Rebersburg, Pa.
     Elvina Catherine Royer married aaron Grieh and resides at Tylers-
ville, Pa. Mr. Grieh died Dec. 16, 1877 aged 51 years, 3 months and
15 days and is buried at Tylersville, Pa. They had nine children as
follows: Mary Catherine, George Phares, Arthur James, Newton Aaron,
Ann Elizabeth, John Royer, Henry Daniel, Cora Jane and one who
died in infancy.
     Mary Catherine Grieh married first, Lewis Snook. They resided at
Millhiem, Pa. Mr. Snook died and is buried at Aaronsburg, Pa. They
had six children: Aaron Griel, Sallie Elizabeth, Olive may, Fred Cleve-
land, Wallace Koeider and Robert Emery Pattison, the latter of whom
is dead.
     Aaron Grieb Snook married Sevilla Sholl. They live at Freeport, Ill.
     Sallie Elizabeth Snook married Jonathan Steiner and lives at Sunbury,
     After the death of Mr. Lewis Snook, Mary Catherine Grieb (Snook)
married her second husband, john Stoner, to which union there was
born one daughter, Mary Melissa.
     George Phares Grieh died and is buried at Tylersville, Pa.
     Arthur James Grieh married Margery Condo and resided at Tylers-
ville. Pa. They had six children: George Gross, Cleveland Curtis,
Royer Russell, Elsie Elvina, Anna Lula and Nevin Henry.
     Arthur James Grieh died Dec. 6, 1898, aged 40 years, 2 months and
29 days and is buried at Tylersville, Pa.
     Cleveland Curtis Grieb married Regina Miller, who together have one
child, Roxanna Miller, and they reside at Ebensburg, Pa.
     Elsie Elvina Grieb married Cleveland Rishel. They live at Tylers-
ville, Pa., and have one daughter, Grace.
     John Royer Grieb married Eva Carrie. They reside at Tylersville,

Pa. Seven children were born to this union: William , Carrie, Cora
Elvina, (who died Nov. 1898 and is buried at Tylersville, Pa.) Aaron
Russell, Ruth Phoebe Ann, Paul Harrold, one who died in infancy and a
baby not yet named.
     Henry Daniel Grieb married Margery Grieb. They reside at Tylers-
ville, Pa., and one child, Nina Voneda.
     Isabelle Jane Royer married Jacob Philip Kreider. They reside at
Wolf's Store, Pa. Mr. Keider died Jan. 14, 1880, aged 44 years, 8
months and 28 days and is buried at Rebersburg, Pa. The following
children were born to this union: Newton Philip, Wallace J., Calvin J.,
(who died July 23, 1867, aged 8 months and 25 days and is buried at
Rebersburg, Pa.,) Rosa May and Henry Royer.
     Wallace J. Kreider married Ella C. Hosterman; they live at Wolf's
Store, Pa. They have three children; Roy, Philip (who died Dec. 1,
1890, aged 3 days and is buried at Rebersburg, Pa.) and Beatrice.
     Henry Royer Kreider married Elizabeth Moyer and resides at Mount
Alto, Pa. They have one daughter, Josephine.
     In Oct. 1884, when the writer, A.K. Gift, made a visit to Col. Henry
Royer, his grand uncle at Rebersburg, Pa. he gave out additional his-
torical facts relating to Brush Valley. Although very old he was still in
possession of all his mental faculties. He said:" I am a son of Johan
George Royer; my grand father was the original Christopher Royer, who
came from the Rhine Pfalz, South Germany, in 1748. I am now 87
years old. I eat and sleep well. In 1811, when I was 15 years of age, I
came with my father's family from Bethel township, Berks County to
Brush Valley, now Miles township, Centre county, Pa. Here my father
bought and settled on the same farm where I now reside.At that time
there was but one house where Rebersburg is now located, a log school-
house and a log church. The seats of both consisted of logs laid down,
and boards laid across at right angles. There was no stove in the church.
The only fire they had during the winter months was a log fire outside of
the church. Here the worshippers would warm themselves before the
services began. The pulpit was a box with a seat on it and a railing in
front of it facing the audience.
     About the year (1811) there were but a few clearings in the valley.
"Among the first settlers were the Brumgards, Gasts, Shafers, Yer-
ricks, Hoys, McCarmans, Walfords, Bierlys and the Royers.
     These early pioneers were of strong, hearty and honest class of people
whose word was as good as their bond.
     In the solitary house, at that time, in Rebersburg, was a small store,
kept by Mr. Ballinger. Our nearest grain market was Reading, Pa.,
128 miles away. After I was old enough, I made trips to that town
with my father's team.

   After Foster's grist mill was built it was the only mill in the valley.
It was then owned by Mr. Bickel. There was afterwards a small store
at Foster's Mill, kept by Duncan and Foster. This Foster was an uncle
of the second Foster who owned the mill. 
     The valley was then full of wild game, deer, bears, racoons, foxes and
wild cats. The creek was full of fish, principally trout.
   I had some brothers, but they all died, most in infancy.
I am the only living son. I had three sisters: Catherine, who married
John Kern; Elizabeth, who married Jacob Gift and Christina, who died
unmarried in 1830, aged 30 years."
     Christian, the second son of Christopher Royer, Sr. who came over
from the Rhein Pfaltz, South Germant, in 1748.

     Christian was one of five brothers and was born in Berks county, Pa.,
in (1764). He was married to Miss Christina Schwanyer. He and
his brothers lived near Rebersburg. Finally in about 1799, Christian
moved from Reading, Berks Co.,Pa.
     From this place in 1804, he and family migrated to Middlecreek
Valley, Northumberland , afterwards Union, now Snyder county, Pa.,
four miles west of Middleburg, Pa.
     In the year, 1804, he bought a farm, whereon was a saw mill and a
grist mill.
     This he purchased from Conrad Bubb. This mill property is now in
1908 owned by Albert Dreese, formerly known as Grimm's mills. He
lived here till 1820, when he sold his property to a man named
Pennypacker, an ancestor of ex. Gov.Pennypacker, and emigrated with
his family to Richland county, Ohio. Here he bought a tract of land,
containing six hundred acres, mostly unimproved, government land, but
now very valuable. Here he erected the first saw mill on the Block
Fork, of the Mohician Creek, a tributary of the Muskingum River.
     He died in Richland county, Ohio, in 1842. This union was blessed
with eight children, all of the third generation, namely, Elizabeth, Samuel,
Issac, Ephriam, Amos, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison.
     Elizabeth eldest daughter of Christian Royer, was married to Mr.
Shouaberger. They had two sons and two daughters, being the fourth
generation; Issac, who resided in Perryville, Ohio; Reuben, residing in
Toledo, Ohio. The daughters were Amanda, who resided in Mansfield,
Ohio, and Sopheni, who is dead.
     Samuel, eldest son of Christian Royer, was born in Reading, Berks
county, Pa., in Dec. 1799. He was married, but to whom and when is
not known.
     He had seven children, fourth generation, namely, Sarah, married
John Bluert, of Crimson, Ohio.
     A. Jackson Royer born 1828, married to Martha Peterson, resided in
Lucas, Ohio. A. Jackson is well read in the genealogy of his
branch of the Royers.
     Levi was born in 1830, married Miss Mary Bason, of Medina, Wis.
     Elnora Royer was born in 1830 and was married to Henry Bolliet, re-
siding in Lodi, Wis. She and her husband were blessed with the follow-
ing nine children, being the fifth generation, namely Leander Bolliet,
born in 1855, married to Ida Bottrell; Calvin, born 1856, married
to Miss Lena Anderson; Aretus, born in 1858, married to Ida Hook.
     Emma, was born in 1860 and is married to Arthur Stewart; Ida born
1862 and married to Orville W. Steward. Mrs. Steward's address was
Morrisville, Wisconson. She is very much interested in the Royer
    Adeline was born in 1866; Chester was born in 1869 and Jacob, the
youngest son of Henry and Elnora Bolliet, was born 1873 and is married
to Miss Alice Royer.
     Winchester Royer, son of Samuel, ws born 1834. He was married
to Miss Susan Bell, who died at Mansfield, Ohio. 
     Ann Royer was born in 1838. She was married to Peter Miller, who
died in 1888 in Indiana.
     Christiana, the youngest daught er of Samuel Royer, was born 1842.
She was married to Fred Smith, of Cedar Creek, Indiana.
     Isaac, the third son od Christian Royer, was married and had the fol-
lowing children:
     Enoch was married. His address is Wahpeton, North Dakota.
     Elnora Royer married Mr. Jones; her address is Clintonville, Wis.
     Sophia Royer married Mr. Gore, whose address is Winchester, Wis.
     Amella Royer, married to Mr. McKinley; address Winchester, Wis.
     Savilla Royer, married to Mr. Zohner; address Dale, Wis.
     Mahola Royer, married to Leiby; address Dale, Wis.
     Ephriam, the fourth son of Christian Royer is married, but to whom
is not known to the writer. He had six children. Albert Royer was
married; address was Dassel Station, Minn., Bedford, married, address
Flat Rock, Ohio.
     Sarah was married t Mr. Iofford, of Hutchinson,Minnesota.
     Christopher Royer, Jr., third son of Christopher Royer, Sr., was born
June 19, 1768, in Berks County, Pa., and died October 16, 1849. He
was married to Magdaline Gross, who was born March 9, 1769 and died
March 17, 1836. For a while they resided at or near Rebersburg, same
county, where his brothers resided. In 1807 ( or 1811 as some records
give it) he removed with his family to Brush Valley, Centre County,
Pa., and settled near where the town of Rockville is now situated. Here
he bought a large tract of land and built a mill north of said town.
He also owned a didtillery and carried on general farming. It was said
that he was a finely proportioned man and a giant in strength. At
one time, for a test, he carried twelve bushels of wheat from the first
floor to the second floor. This was done by loading a bag on each shoulder,
and two across over the first. His children were Daniel, Henry, Amos,
Jefferson, Joel, Catherine, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Barbara.
     Daniel Royer was born in 1794 and died Jan. 1876. He was married
to Rachael Shutt and was a very successful farmer, very industious and
a good stock man. He was honest and well repected by all who knew
him. Daniel's children were Samuel, born Sept. 18, 1818 and died
April 8, 1900. He was married to Salsie Kling, but they had no chil-
dren. they resided on their valuble farm in Lamar township, Clinton
county, Pa.
     Stephen Royer was born in 1821 and died in 1868. He was married
to maria Long, of Lamar township, Clinton county, Pa. It is said that they
had three children, one of whom became a prominent attorney in
     Philip, third son of daniel Royer, was born Nov. 11, 1825 and died
June 30, 1895. He was married to Isabelle Harper, who was born Aug.
26, 1830 and was a daughter ofGeorge harper, Brush Valley, Centre
county, Pa. He was the owner of two fine farms and made farming his
business. he was a good, honest, and upright christian man.
     This family was blessed with eight children.
     Clayton, who died March 24, 1891, was married to a Miss Schuyler,
a daughter of Lewis Schuyler, of Clinton county, Pa. They had no
     Calvin was born Jan. 5, 1870, and is married to Miss Yoder. They
are farming on the old homestead and have two sons.
     Mary Savila was born Sept. 4, 1857, and is married to Layman
Bierly. They reside in the state of Oregon. He died several years ago,
without children.
     Alice was born May 6, 1859 and is married to Mr. Dorman, of Clinton
county, Pa.
     Emma was born March 1, 1863 and is married to Pierce Dornblaser,
of Clinton county, Pa. They reside on their farm in Nittany Valley.
    Maggie was born June 14, 1865 and married C.N. Kreider, of Nittany
Valley, Centre Co. Pa. He is in the lumber business and resides in Virginia.
     Sadie, daughter of Phillip Royer, was married to Mr. Hayes, of Nittany
Valley, Pa. and are farming on their own farm. She was born Feb. 8, 1860.
     Della Royer is married to a Mr. Brungard, and they are farming on
their own farm in Nittany Valley. Della was born Nov. 9, 1872.
John was born in 1830, and was married to Miss Fanny Custard.

formerly from Nittany Valley, Centre county, Pa. Years ago they removed
to Missouri, where John died in about 1901, his wife surviving him for
some years. He owned a nice farm, made farming his business and financially, he was well to do.
     Daniel S. Royer was born Dec. 17, 1836, and was married to
Eva Heckman, a daughter of Jon Heckman of Sugar Valley, Clinton county
, Pa. He was a farmer owning two good farms and resided in Tamar
township, Clinton county, Pa. Years ago he sold his real and personal
property, and emigrated to Springfield, Ohio. Their children were Adda
, Newton, and Nettie.
     Adda is married to Rev. Charles Heckert, who is president of Wittem-
berg College at Springfield, Ohio.
     Newton is married, but the writer failed to learn his wife's maiden
name. He is a Lutheran minister in good standing. After serving diff-
erent charges; his salery being increased, from time to time, he took a
charge at Brookville, Ohio, where he now resides, (1907).
     George A. Royer was born in Feb. 1839. He was married to Annie
Luchenbach. He owns a good farm on which they reside, near Akron,
Ohio. Both are still living, (1907).
     Mary was born 1833, and died in 1874. She had been married to
Thomas Grieb of Sugar valley, Clinton county, Pa. They owned a farm
and grist mill at that place, but someyears ago, they sold out, and went
to the state of Missouri. He married his second wife, and is still living.
     Lovina was born in 1827, and died in 1869. She was married to Ja-
cob Grieb, who died march 20, 1860. Both are buried in the Lutheran
and Reformed cemetery at Tylersville, Clinton county, Pa. He was a farm-
er by occupation, and highly respected by his acquaintances. Thier
children were Daniel C., John, I.N., Samuel and Superba.
     Amos, the second son of Christopher Royer, Jr., was born in Northum-
berland Co., now Snyder , Sept. 12, 1806. It appears that soon after
this birth, Christopher Jr., and family moved to Centre Co., Pa. which
was organized in 1800.
     In 1831 Amos was married to Miss Elizabeth Frasher, who was born
Oct. 2, 1806. Her mother's name was Catherine Crobt, a daughter of
Conrad Crobt. She died Nov. 30, 1875, and her husband, Amos, died
June 24, 1894. This family was blessed with the following children:
John H. Royer, who was born Nov. 4, 1832. He was married to Mary
E. Frye, in 1861, who was born in Nov. 1843. To them was born a
daughter named, Annie E., in 1862. She married Henry Horner and
resides with her husband at Centre Hall, Pa.
     John H. Royer enlisted as a private in Co. C., 148 Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf.,
on Aug. 25, 1862, and died at Washington D.C., June 30, 1863. He
was a good, brave soldier. His widow is now married to George Y.
Weeks, residing at Tyrone, Blair Co. ,Pa.
     Isabel, daughter of , Amos and Elizabeth Royer, was born January 1,
1834, married to Alex. Shannon, March 20, 1856, who was born May 23,
1834, and died Oct. 8, 1905. To them was born, William R. Jan. 15,
1857, who died Jan. 10. 1860; Mary E., born Feb. 24, 1859, died Sept.
18, 1860; Amos G., born Jan. 8, 1866, died June 6, 1868; Dora E.
born Nov. 26, 1869, died Feb. 14, 1872; John H., born Sept. 26, 1860,
married to martha A. Post, and died Jan. 5, 1902. No children. Sarah
J., was born Feb. 28,1862, single; Anna H., born June 28, 1864, was
married to Thomas S. Terry, Jan. 1, 1889. They have one child, Al-
thea, born Oct. 30, 1889. Orris W., was born Nov. 27, 1871, single.
     Barbara Royer, daughter of Amos, was born Jan. 30, 1835. In Oct.
1862, she was married to Isaac Reish, who was born Dec. 28, 1838. They
resided at State College, Pa. Barbara died April 9, 1899. To them were
born two daughters, Hannah J., who is married to C.C. Bumgardner,
residing at Zion, Centre Co., Pa.
     Lizzie M. is married to J.H. Kreamer, residing at State College, Pa.
     Rachael was born in April, 1837, and died March 7, 1888. She was
married to David Krebs, in Dec. 1861, who was Feb. 22, 1833, and
died April 29, 1887. Comrade Krebs enlisted in Co. C., 1848 Regt. Pa.
Vol. Inf. on Aug. 27, 1862. He was wounded at Gettsyburg, on July 2,
1863, and was honorably discharged Feb. 4, 1864. He died some years
ago. Both he and his wife Rachael are buried in the Pine HallCemetery,
Centre Co. Pa. Their union was blessed with one son and four daugh-
ters: J. Calvin, the son, resides at State College, Pa.; Ida E. married to
B.C. Bloom, resides in Benmore; Emma S. is single and resides at State
College; Annie H. is single and resides at the same place; Hannah J.,
the youngest daughter of Amos Royer, was born Oct. 8, 1842, and marri-
ed G.W. Hoy, deceased. Since then she has not married. Her res-
idence is at State College, Pa. She is in good circumstances, and is the
owner of a large and valuable farm.
     Jefferson, third son of Christopher Royer, Jr. was born near Rockville,
Centre Co., Pa., on Aug.28, 1808, and died Nov. 26, 1895. He was
married to Hannah Gramley, on Nov. 20, 1834, who was born July 17,
1815, and was a daughter of George Gramley. They resided in Miles
township, until her death, may11, 1890, engaged extensively in farming
in Centre and Clinton Counties. He frequently bought and sold farms
timber tracts.
     In 1869, he bought his father-in-law's farm which was a large and
valuable piece of land, on account of its fine cleared land, and very valu-
able timber on part of it. He and his wife were greatly interested in re-
ligious matters. They were both members of the Evangelical Association.
They had five children whose names follow: Magdalena, was born Oct.
13, 1835, and died in infancy, Jonathan, James M., Daniel D. and Ches-
     Jonathan was born Oct. 16, 1836, and was married to Annie Shafer,
who died in May, 1901. They resided at Zion City, Pa., near which
place he owns a fine farm. He is the postmaster and owns a dwelling
house at the place, with a good store room in which business is done.
The family was blessed with two children, Joel and Vergie.
     Joel is married to Miss Emma Garbrich, is farming his father's farm,
and is doing well. They are without issue.
     Vergie is married to Effly Gentzler, whose occupation is farming.
     James M. Royer was born Feb. 1830 and was married, and resided
at St. Louis, Mo., where he died at the age of 47 years. It seems his
body was brought back to his old home, for it is reported that he was
buried at Rebersburg, Pa. He was a soldier in the CivilWar. On Oct.
25, 1862, he enlisted and served in Co. G, 147th regt. Pa. Vol. Inf. and
was honorably discharged at the close of the war. He was a good and
brave soldier. It is said by his comrades, that he never shirked any
duty he was called upon to perform by his superior officers.
     S.S. Royer was born August 15, 1846 and was married June 21, 1877
to Miss Mary A. Roush (Reish) who was born Feb. 11, 1855. He
located on his father's farm which he now owns and occupies. It is a
fine and valuable place, containing about 256 acres with good buildings
and other modern improvements. Three children were born to this
union: Edwin L., Kline H. and Anneata. The three are now taking
courses in the high school and in due time expect to graduate.

     Chester A. was born July 8, 1850, married to Perry Gentzler, a prac-
tical farmer. They reside in their place located in Nittany Valley,
Centre county, Pa. Mr. Gentzler's buildings on his farm, with other
modern improvements originally cost quite a fortune. A beautiful grove
containing about ten acres, located near the buildings is planted full of
evergreen and all sorts of ornamental trees and shrubbery. Their home
residence is very large and commodious. They are good, honest people.
They are noted for their hospitality, no one ever being allowed to leave
their dwelling hungry.
     This family is blessed with three children.
     Homer Gentzler, the eldest son, is a graduate of State College and is
an instructor at said institution and receives a good salary.
     Roy Gentzler is employed in the Styate College Bank and is doing well.
Earle Gentzler is still living at home on the farm assisting his parents.
     Henry, fourth son of Christopher Royer, Jr., was born in Nothumber-
land, then Union, now Snyder county, Pa., near Middleburg, Pa., on
June 11, 1802 and died in Sugar Valley, July 17, 1849, aged a little
over 47 years. He was married to Miss Susan Wolfe, a daughter of
George Wolfe, a native of Haines township, Centre county, Pa. She
was born August 22, 1811 and died in Brush valley, August 17, 1844,
aged 38 years. Both she and her husband are buried in the cemetery
at Rebersburg, Pa.
     Henry Royer was a boy in his teens when his father, Christopher
Royer, Jr., moved to Brush valley in about 1819. He and his family
settled on one of his father's farms, near Rockville, Pa., and made farm-
ing his business during his active life, acquiring a fair competance.
During his boyhood he acquired such an education as the schools in
those early days afforded, but his good sense and sound judgement made
up in a large measure for this lack of training.
     With his first wife, Susan Royer Wolfe, the family was blest with the
following children: Joseph, Thomas E. Franklin V. Annie, Abigail
and Rachael.
     In due timeafter the death of his first wife, Henry married Catherine
Frontz. The following children were born to them: Henry G. and
George Scott; these were twins, and Isabelle.
     Joseph, eldest son of Henry, was born in 1833 and died at Howard,
Centre county, Pa., Sept. 27, 1891. He was married to Miss Hannah
Heverly, who died Sept. 16, 1905. Their was no issue to this union.
Joseph Royer was a prominent merchant and grain dealer.
     Thomas E., second son of Henry Royer, was born Sept. 17, 1840.
After the Civil War in 1868 he was married to Miss Emma J. Hains,
who was born Sept. 6, 1846. She is a daughter of Jeremiah and Susan
Hains (Brungart) of Miles township, Centre county, Pa. He is the
owner of two valuable farms. He and his wife are liberal and well to do
people, having retired, they reside in their home in Rebersburg,Pa.
Their union was blessed with two children.
     Susan M., now the wife of John Long, of Red Oak, Iowa, and Harry
H. who is engaged in farming on the old homestead, at Rockville,Pa.
He makes farming a success. Harry is married to Miss Lulu Stover, a
daughter of Thatius Stover, who was a member of the 148th Reg't Pa.
Vol. Inf.
     Thomas E. Royer was a veteran soldier during the Civil War. While
young and in full flush of manhood on the 25th day of August 1862,
he enlisted and offered his services in defense of his country, as a private
in Co. A. 148 Pa. Vol. Inf. This company was recruted at Rebers-
burg, Pa. His first experience as a soldier was in the battle of Chancellorsville.
His next was at Mine Run, Gettysburg, Bristol Station, Auburn Mills
and other minor battles; also during the fierce charge made by the
148th at Spottsylvania Court House. He was disabled by a wound for
such work as the members of that famous regiment were usually assign-
ed to. His thumb and third finger of his right hand were shot away,
but as soon as his wounds were healed, comrade Royer joined the con-
valescent corps 51st company and remained on duty until August 25,
1865 when being honorably discharged at the close of the war, with the
rank of corporal, he returned to his old home and friends in Brush
Valley, Centre county, Pa.
     Franklin V. Royer, third son of henry Royer, was born December
26, 1842 and died July 5, 1900 at Vintondale, Columbia county, Pa.
On Jan. 3, 1869 he was married to Miss Susan Brumgard. Who was
born Jan. 28,1843. She was the Daughter of John Brumgard. They
were blessed with two children; Harvey B. Royer was born August 23,
1871. He was married to Rosa Schwenk and resides in Johnstown, Pa.
He is a conductor on a trolley line. They have two children, Leroy
and Merrill.
     Clayton Royer is married to Miss rebbecca Moyer, of Sugar valley.
     They reside about twelve miles west of Johnstown, Pa. where he is
engaged in the lumber business. They are blest with five children:
Dale, born April 15, 1895 and died Dec. 3, 1896; Mary A. and Abbie
A., twins, born July 8, 1898 and died July 9, 1898. The above children
were born in Green township, Clinton county, Pa.
     Charles A. was born in Buffington township, Indiana county, Pa.,
April 9, 1900.
     Earl was born in Westmoreland county, Pa.
     Henry G., fourth son of Henry Royer, was born April 10, 1847. In
1868 he was united in marriage to Miss Ellen B. Wolfe, a daughter of
Henry Wolfe, of Miles township, Centre county, Pa. who was born
April 13, 1848. The first two years after their marriage, they engaged
in farming on his father in laws farm. After this they mved to Johns-
town, Pa. and became a traveling agent for the McCormick Im-
plement company.
     Their issue was one daughter, "Mame" who was born July 17, 1869.
She is married to Mack Foultz, a merchant at Bellwood, pa. They
have one child.
     At the age of nearly 17 years in Feb. 1864, Henry G. Royer enlisted
for the Civil War, joining Co. E. 7th Reg't. Pa. Cavalry. He was honor-
ably discharged on August 23, 1865, at Macon, Ga. It is reported by
his comrades that he was a brave and faithful soldier, full of ambition
and ready to do his duty.
     George S. , fifth son of Henry Royer was born April 10, 1847. He
was twin brother of henry G. Royer whose history has already been
     On January 19, 1875, George was married to Miss Theresa L. Herb,
who was born October 5, 1852 and died April 11, 1905. This union
was blest with three children.
     Charles H. Royer, who is one of the principal clerks at Easton, Pa.
in Lehigh Valley Railroad Depot. He is a good, reliable young
     Clarence R. also resides in Easton and is employed in the machine
works. Katherine H., the daughther resides in Easton, but is now, 1907, em-
ployed in Philadelphia as a nurse. She is fine, reliable young lady.
     George S. Royer, the father, was a soldier in the regular army having
enlisted December 7, 1866, serving in the Co. C. 11th Inf. and was dis-
charged December 7. 1869. He was a very honest and useful man,
yet the ending of his life's career was very sudden and sad.
     For twenty-five years he was employed by the lehigh Valley Railroad
Co. For some years he was conductor on the trains between Easton,
Pa. and Jersey City. On Jan. 14, 1899, at Plainfield, New Jersey, by accident, he was in-
stantly killed. This was indeed a great and sudden bereavement to his
beloved wife and dutiful children. His age was 51 years, 9 months and
4 days.
     Isabella Royer, Eldest daughter of Henry Royer, was born Nov. 25,
1845. She was married to J.D. Johnson on March 25, 1866. Mr.
Johnson was born March 9, 1842 and was employed on the lehigh
Valley Railroad for thirty years. Part of this time he served as con-
ductor on passenger trains. Several years ago however, it was found
that his physical condition would not permit him to continue any longer
in his vocation. With some reluctance he retired and started a livery
and feed stable in the city of Easton, Pa.
     The above union was blessed with four children.
     Harry K. Johnson resides in the city of Easton, Pa., where he owns
and conducts a shoe store, doing a large profitable business.
     Joseph H. Johnson also resides in Easton, Pa. He is extensively en-
gaged in the laundry business and is doing well.
     Katie J. Johnson, the daughter, is a well bred and highly educated
lady. She is not married and has been for years a professional school
teacher, engaged in the city of Easton, Pa.
     Annie C. Royer, the second daughter of Henry Royer, was born May
31, 1834. She was married to David Geistwite, who was born Nov. 22,
1823 and died Jan. 22, 1898. He is buried in Brumgards cemetery.
During his life he followed farming and lumbering, owning at one time
two good farms. He was a good neighbor and honest in his dealing with
his fellow-men and liked by all who knew him.
     This family was blessed with seven children: James J. Geistwite, the
eldest son, was born March 16, 1853. He was married to Miss Fayette
Woomansdorf, a daughter of John Woomansdorf, who resides near
Loganton, Clinton county, Pa. He is engaged in farming on his father-
in-laws's farm. They have no issue.
     Jona Cedon Geistwite, second son, was born August 22, 1854.
     He is married to Miss Jane Esterline. They reside east from Rebers-
burg, Pa. on the farm of Clark Gramley. They are blest with two
children, Allen and Edward. This is an honest and thrifty family.
     George H. Geistwite, third son was born April 16, 1861. He was
united in marriage to Miss Rebecca Beck, a daughter of Jonathan Beck,
of Sugar valley. Mr. Geistwite is a farmer by accupation and farms
Mr. Joseph Moyer's farm near Centre Hall. Their issue is one daughter,
     Thomas A. Geistwite, fourth son, was born March 28, 1866. He is a
lumberman by occupation now located in West Virginia. He has no
     David R. Geistwite, fifth son, was born August 3, 1871 and was
married to Miss Maggie Shroyer, a daughter of david Shroyer, of Sugar
valley. They have no children.
     David is a blacksmith by trade and located at Easville, Sugar Valley.
     John H. Geistwite, sixth son, was born August 28, 1876. He is a
single man and a laborer by occupation.
     Susan F. Geistwite, the daughter was born April 14, 1856. She
joined in marriage with Harvey Snook, who was born March 10, 1852
and died October 30, 1885.
     Abizail Royer was born at rebersburg, Pa., April 2, 1836.
     She was married Jan. 2, 1856 to Thomas Brumgard, who was born
in Green township, Clinton county, Pa. on Nov.14, 1833. Mr. Brum-
gard by occupation is a farmer and lumberman. He has a farm of his
own and a nice home in Green Bur. He and his wife are hard working
people. Their issue was four sons and three daughters.
     Newton R. Brumgard, eldest son, is married to Miss Jane Walker, a
daughter of Jeremiah Walker, of Rebersburg, Pa. They reside at
Hyner, above Lock Haven, Pa. Her was in the lumber business. their
issue was three sons and ten daughters.
     John H. Brumgard was married to Miss Mary Strible, of Forest Hill,
Union county, Pa. They were blessed with four sons and four daughters.
He was a farmer by occupation. He died May 21, 1905.
     Harvey C. Brumgard is married to Miss Anna Boob, Swengel Station,
Union county, Pa. Their issue was four daughters. Mr. Brumgard is a
lumberman by occupation and resises in Mifflinburg, Pa.
     Harry Brumgard died in infancy.
     Charlotte M. Brumgard married Daniel Engle, of Loganton, Pa.
They were blessed with one daughter Ella, an accomplished young
woman. Mr. Engle is well-to-do and owns a fine farm.
     Margaret E. Brumgard was married to Daniel Smith, of Green town-
ship, Clinton county, Pa. Their issue was one son. They owned a
nice farm of forty acres with good buidings. Some years ago he died
but his widow, Margaret, still resides on the place.
     Annie F. Brumgard was married to Clayton Boob, of Swengel Station,
Union county, Pa. They had no children. Annie died June 15, 1894.
     Rachael Royer was born October 3, 1838. She married Andrew
Ocker who was a farmer by occupation, has also been in the mercantile
business for a number of years and to which he also added the lumber
     This family has been blessed with three sons and five daughters.
     Mary J., Emma K., Sadie V., Della J.,Agnes E., William H., and
two who died in infancy.
     Mary J. Ocker was married to Charles Sheats, residing in Madison-
burg, Pa.
     Emma K. is married to William Rishel, who also reside in Madison-
burg, Pa.
     Sadie V. is married to Noah Yerick, and they reside in Lock Haven,
     Della J. is single and resides with her parents in Madisonburg, Pa.
     The full history of this family has not been reported to the writer.
     Joel Royer, the fifth son of Christopher Royer, jr., was born July 17,
1810, and died at rebersburg, Centre Co., Pa. on Nov. 21, 1893, aged
83 years, 7 months and 17 days. He was the youngest of the children.
of Christopher Royer, jr. Joel was never married.
     The historian of these sketches was familiarly acquainted with him.
It seem that to those who knew him best that he was a friendly and
easily approched disposition. He was a friend indeed to those who
were in need and treated them kindly.
     In 1847 Captain John A. Sutter, the great pioneer settler of Californ-
ia, commenced the building of a saw mill by digging the mill race at
what was afterwards known as Sutters Mill, in Coloma Co., California.
More by accident than forsight, the first practical discovery of the prec-
ious metal, gold, was made.
     In about 1860, when Mr. Royer was at about the age of forty years,
when the California gold fever was raging so fiercly over the country,
in order to get rich quickly, no doubt, he decided to go to California
and dig for gold.
     In those earlier days, there being no railroads over the plains and
mountains, and the General Freemont Pass over the Rocky Mountains
not being so familialry known, the ocean ship route from the eastern
states to california was generlly taken. Mr. Joel Royer and his party
took passage at New York City for California, shipping by way of Cape
Horn. It was a long, tedious and dangerous route, encountering sever-
al very severe storms; sometimes for weeks on the ocean, they suffered
for want of food, for a while having nothing but dark brown sugar.
They were on the ocean for two months. Finally they arrived in the
California "Gold Fields." They began operations. For the first two
months Royer and party were not very successful. After awhile they
"struck it rich." Their field of operation was mostly in the mountain
regions, isolated and lonely, for at that time the country was thinly
settled. No roads were opened. On several occasions they were snowed
in and without much shelter, being far away from supply lines, they
were obligated to endure great hardships. He was absent from home and
friends for five years. Returning he took the overland route by the
mountain paths and over the plains, etc. Mr. Joel Royer in his best
years, was a staunch and strong man, capable of great endurance. His
ashes rest in peace in the cemetery at Rebersburg, Centre Co., Pa.
     Catherine, eldest daughter of Christopher Royer, Jr., was born June
25, 1795, and died Oct. 10, 1878. She was never married, remaining
with her father until his death, which occurred in 1849, after which she
lived with her sister, Barbara, Mrs. Bierly. She was a remarkable old
lady, her mental faculties were not impaired to any great extent in her
last years. She could relate many instances that happened years ago.
She is buried in Rebersburg Union Cemetery.
     Elizabeth, second daughter of Chrisopher Royer, Jr., died in 1806.
She was married to Henry Smull, who was born May 8, 1799, and died
Feb. 2, 1879. He was a farmer and stone mason by occupation. Thier
children were John C. Harrison, Jefferson T., Mary (Polly), Abigail
and Lovina.
     John C. Smull, son of Henry Smull, was born in Centre Co., Pa.
April 21, 1823, and died March 5, 1898. He was married to Mrs. A-
melia, a daughter of Solomon Engle. Her first husband was Samuel
Greenhoe, deceased. She died about 1892. Both are buried at Rebers-
burg, Pa. Mr. Smull was a tailor by trade. He followed this business
at Beavertown and at Rebersburg, Pa. At the latter place he was post-
master for some years. Their children were Ira, Alice, and Ida.
     Abigail Smull was married to Mr. Brownlee, of Stephenson Co., Ill.
He was a good soldier in the Civil War. He died some years ago.
     Mary, familiarly called Polly Smull, a daughter of Henry Smull, was
born near Rebersburg, Pa. in 1821 and died in May, 1897. She was
married to William Walker, in Jan. 1840. The children of this union
were: Amanda, now Mrs. Peter Kessler, of Rebersburg, Pa. Ira J.,
who is married to Miss Mariah Peck. He is a farmer in Stephenson Co.,
Ill. Jessie M. died single at the age of forty years. Wilson T. is mar-
ried to Miss Kate Zimmerman. They reside near Dahotah, Ill. Thom-
as W. married Miss Annie Loose of rebersburg, Pa. Emma, now Mrs.
A.F. Vanata, of Coburn, Pa. Mary M. now Mrs. J.F. Garthoff, of Co-
burn, Pa.
     Elvina Smull, a daughter of Henry Smull, was married to Peter Kline-
felter, of Madisonburg, Pa. Four children were born to this union: Lu-
ther, Titus, Charles and Jane. Their former residence was Madison-
burg, and now at Flemington, Clinton Co., Pa.
     Sarah Smull was born March 15, 1832, and died May 14, 1880.She
was married to Samuel Gramley, Esq., of Rebersburg , Pa., who was born
March 4, 1827. This family was blessed with four sons and three daugh-
ters: Tiras J. died in infancy; Prof. C.L., Titus M.; Clement H., Isa-
bella who died in infancy; Naomi J. , and Ada.
     Prof. C.L. Gramley, eldest son of Samuel, is married to Joanna Weav-
er, a daughter of George Weaver, of Rebersburg, Pa. The issue of this
union was two children: Gertrude, who died some years ago, and is bur-
ied in the Union Cemetery at Rebersburg, Pa. Alma is married to Mr.
Claut Hains.
     Prof. Gramley and wife reside in Rebersburg, Pa. For a number of
he has been a professional teacher in the public schools, and is now
(1906), principal of the Rebersburg High School. Prof. Gramley very
ably filled the office of Superintendent of public schools of centre Co. for
a period of thirteen years. He is a very able and successful man in the
field of education.
     Titis M. Gramley married Miss Agnes Loose. They are blessed with
five children: Ward is a professor, Waid, Bruce, Eugene, and Orpha,
who is a teacher.
     Clement H. Gramley, son of Samuel Gramley, married Miss Lizzie
Grape, of Clinton Co. Pa. Clement is a farmer, having bought the old
homestead in Milestown, Centre Co. Pa.They have two children.
     Ada E. Gramley married William Hubler, and reside in Rockville,
Pa. They have two children.
     Naomi J. Gramley, youngest daughter of samuel Gramley, is married
to Charles Heckman, of Cliinton Co. Pa. They are blessed with two
     Harris Smull was married twice. His first wife was Miss Nancy Mc-
Gee. She died and in due time thereafter, he married Matilda Hackman.
He was a stone mason by occupation. He died at the age of 44yrs. 11
months and 27 days. They were all buried in the Union Cemetery at
Rebersburg, Pa.
     Thomas Smull was born May 24, 1834, in Rebersburg, Pa. He was
the youngestin the family. When quite young, his grandfather Royer
took charge of him. During his boyhood he attended the public schools
in Rebersburg. After arriving at the age of 15 years, he lived with his
cousin, Samuel Royer, in Nittany Valley. Here he had a good oppor-
tunity to learn and talk and understand English, which he lacked.
At this place he attended school for six years, four months during each
year. After leaving school, he taught successfully for eleven terms. Mr.
Smull is a successful merchant at Mackeyville, Clinton Co., Pa. He was
postmaster for about thirty six years. In the Civil War, during the south-
ern invasion in 1863, he enlisted for the emergency. He became a mem-
ber of 28th. Regt. Penna. State Malitia, and was honorably discharged at
his home. He is a member of the G.A.R.
     Thomas J. Smull was married to Miss Harriet Transue. She was born
in Hublersburg, Pa. Nov. 4, 1842. Their children were Lilly E.,
born July 22, 1874, and died at the age of 8 months. Thomas J. Jr., born
Sept. 22, 1875. He is a successful school teacher. James L. Smull,
born June 7, 1879, is also an able school teacher.
     Sarah, the third daughter of Christopher Royer, Jr., was married to
Samuel Winters. She died Nov. 25, 1868. They had no issue. She is
buried in the Union Cemetery, at Rebersburg, Pa.
     Barbara Royer, youngest daughter of Christopher Royer, Jr., died Aug.
17, 1873, aged 68 years, 8 months and 27 days. She was married to
William Bierly, who was born Sept. 18, 1818, and died Sept. 6, 1898.
They were blessed with one child, Martha, who was married to Jesse
Long, and resides in Rebersburg, Pa.
     Sebastian Royer, fourth son of Christopher Royer, Sr., whose second wife's
maiden name was Royer, as already noted, was born in Berwick town-
ship, Lancaster Co.,Pa. June 21, 1785. He married Miss Elizabeth
Weber, and removed to Rebersburg, Berks Co., Pa. In about 1811,
he with his brother Christian, and families, migrated to Penns and
Franklin townships, Northumberland, now Snyder Co., Pa. Here
Sebastian purchased a farm, located near Royer's Bridge, four miles
west of Middleburg, containing about 170 acres, the bulk of which is
now, 1907, owned by Clark S. Boyer.
     Sebastian died Jan. 28, 1829, and tradition says that he was buried
in Hassinger's old Cemetery, two miles west of Middleburg, Pa. His
wife Elizabeth, nee Weber, survived him and married Geo. Aurand,
the grandfather of Rev. Frederick, and his brother Jacob Aurand, Jr.
Elizabeth died in Middleburg and is buried in Hassinger's cemetery.
Sebastian and wife were blessed with the following children: John,
Samuel C., Catherine, Margaret and Magdalene.
     John, the eldest son, was born Nov. 23, 1796, amd married Catherine
Gemberling, a daughter of Philip Gemberling, who died near Selinsgrove,
Pa., in 1859, aged 86 years. John died April 20, 1837. His wife
page 144
Catherine, was born Jan. 4, 1804, and died June 28, 1885. Both she
and her husband, John Royer are buried in the old Hassinger cemetery,
two miles west of Middleburg. They were honest and respectable peo-
ple. Some years after Catherine's first husband died, she married Abra-
ham Eisenhower, whom she also survived. With this husband she had
one son, Benjamin, who married Miss Harriet Bowersox, a daughter of
William Bowersox. Their issue was one daughter, Amelia, who was
born July 24, 1860. Amelia was an infant when her mother died, which
occurred Nov. 9, 1860. She found a good home with her grandmother,
Catherine Eisenhower, who reared and schooled her like her own child.
On Aug. 25,1885, Amelia was married to Charles D. Manbeck, who was
born Oct. 5, 1861, near Beaver Springs, Pa. They were blessed with an
only daughter, Edna K., who was born Dec. 10, 1890. Mr. Manbeck
is engaged in the grocery business in the city of Akron, Ohio, and is do-
ing well. After the death of Amelia's mother, her father, Benjamin,
married again, and removed to Michigan, where he reared a family. He
died some years ago, but his widow still survives him. Her family his-
tory could not be procured.
     John Royer, and Catherine his wife, resided on their homestead farm,
near Royer's Bridge, which was bequeathed to him by his father, Sebas-
tian. John and his wife Catherine, were blessed with the following
sons and daughters: Aaron C. , Philip G., Mary Ann, Carolina and
     Aaron C., the eldest son, was born in Centre , now Franklin township,
on the Royer homestead, on Oct. 26, 1823, died Nov. 23, 1865, and is
buried in the old Hassinger cemetery. He was married to Miss Mary
B., a daughter of John Hertz, of Union Co., Pa. She was born Dec. 3.,
1836, died July 1, 1904, and is buried in the brick, Lutheran church
cemetery, a half mile west of the old cemetery. They owned and lived
on the old Royer homestead, four miles west of Middleburg, Pa.
     Aaron C. and Mary B. Royer, his wife, were blessed with the follow-
ing children: John E., the only son, who was born in Snyder Co., Pa.,
Nov. 4, 1863. He was married to Miss Alice J. Bingaman, daughter
of Frederick and Mary, nee Smith, Bingaman. Alice J. was born in
Beavertown, Pa., Nov. 16, 1862. He owned and lived on his farm near
Rebersburg, Centre co., Pa., which he sold and then bought a farm near
Dola, Ohio, on which (1907) he and his family still reside. They were
blessed with six children. One was born in April, 1887, and died in
infancy; James S. , born Sept. 4, 1889; Mary B., born Sept 1, 1892,
and died Oct. 20, 1902; Helen E., who was born July 9, 1896; Charles
D., who was born May 15, 1898, and Ruth F., who was born July 14,
1901. All their children are living at home, excepting James S. Royer,
the eldest son, who was living in Alabama.
page 145
     Ellen V., eldest daughter of Aaron C. and Mary B., his wife, was born
Oct. 1, 1859. She is married to John S. Kauffman. They reside on
their farm four miles west of Middleburg, in Franklin township. To
this union five sons and one daughter were born, as follow: Aaron
Boyd, born Nov. 1, 1881, married to Mary Ritter; William R., born
Sept. 7, 1883, married Miss Alverna E. Walter; Charles Samuel, born
Dec. 7, 1885; John Edwin, born Aug. 1, 1888; Russel Royer, born
Nov. 7, 1900, and Laura Alice, born March 14, 1905.
     Eva Anna, second daughter, was born April 4, 1857, and was married
to Byron H. Edmonds, a son of Rev.L.C. Edmonds. They reside in
Ohio, on their farm near Wooster. Four children were born to these
parents; Ira Calvin, who was born Feb. 17, 1886, and was drowned in
Lake Erie, in Cleveland, Ohio, July 27, 1903, aged 17 years, 5 months
and ten days. A daughter was still born June 4, 1889. A daughter
born Dec. 19, 1895, named Mary Eliza. A daughter born March, 29,
1902, named Ruth Evelene.
     Philip C. Royer, a second son of John and catherine Royer, nee Gem-
berling, was born Dec. 14, 1834, in Centre, now Franklin township,
Snyder county, Pennsylvania. Philip was married to Miss Amelia Bow-
ersox, a daughter of William Bowersox. She was born May 21, 1834,
and died without issue on July 26, 1856, and is buried in the old Has-
singer cemetery. Later he married Miss Mary A., also a daughter of
William Bowersox. She was born in Centre, now Franklin township,
Snyder Co., Pa. June 17, 1836. They resided on the old Royer home-
stead. Afterwards he sold his half interest to his brother, Aaron C.,
and in 1860, they migrated to near Bellvue, Ohio, where he bought a
farm, residing there until 1877, when he sold out and removed to St.
Joe Co., Mich. Here he followed farmong and afterwards bought a
farm for himself.
     Philip's wife, Mary A. died July 10,1898. He died Feb. 4, 1899.
Both are buried in the three Rivers cemetery, Mich.
     They were blessed with four sons: John W., who was born in Penn-
sylvania, April 14, 1855. He was married to Miss Kate Ott, who have
one son, Mead Royer, residing at Three Rivers, Mich.
     Gelland A., who was born Aug. 20, 1861, in Ohio. He married Miss
Martha Spigelmeyer. They reside at Mendon, Mich., and have no children.
     Philip G. Royer, and wife also had two sons, Bedford and Luther,
both dying at Bellvue, Ohio, and are buried there.
     Mary A., eldest daughter of John and Catherine Royer, his wife, was
born March 11, 1826, and died Jan. 29, 1899. She is buried in the
Middleburg, Pa., Union cemetery. She married Joseph Bolender, a son
of George Bolender, Joseph was born Aug. 19, 1823.
Page 146
     They resided in the borough of Middleburg, Pa. By trade he was a
carpenter and cabinet maker. He was a good husband and a kind fath-
er, a conscientious and patriotic citizen. He was a brave soldier in the
Civil War. Having enlisted in August, 1861, he joined Co. D., 76th
Zouave Penna. Regiment, and was appointed a corporal in his company.
A few weeks before his term of three years enlistment had expired, and
at a time when his beloved wife and small children counted the days
when the father would be a welcome guest at home, word was received
that the father had taken sick and had died in the hospital at White
House Landing, Va., Aug. 5, 1864. He is buried there. Thus gladness
was quickly turned into sorrow and weeping.
     They resided in their home in the borough of Middleburg, Pa. Their
union was blessed with the following children:
     John Edwin Bolender, eldest son of Joseph and mary A., nee Royer,
was born Jan. 25, 1849. For his first wife he married Miss Annie Moy-
er, with whom he had three children. Mamie, who married george
Middleswarth, and resides in Lewistown, Pa.
     Wiliam G. is married and resides in Washington county, Pa.
     Clayton is married and resides in Adamsburg, Pa.
     John's first wife died. In due time he married his second wife, Mrs.
Youngman, nee Specht, with whom he had one child, maud, who lives
at home with her parents in Beaver Springs, Pa.
     George C., second son of Joseph and Mary A., was born Oct. 23, 1879.
He is burued in Middleburg, Union cemetery.
     Emma Louisa, eldest daughter, was born Feb. 24, 1846, and was mar-
ried to Benjamin Bachman, a son of Israel. He served two terms in the
Civil War. The first time in Co. F, 182 Regt.; the second term in Co.
A, 208 Regt. Pa. Vol. Inf., and was honorably discharged therefrom.
     Benjamin and Emma L., his wife, were blessed with one daughter,
Carrie Violet, who married W.A. Lutz, residing at Shippenburg, Pa.
They have one son, William B.
     Amelia, second daughter, was born March 21, 1852. She married
Newton S. Bachman, also a son of Israel. They reside in Middleburg,
Pa. Their issue was two children: Lester C., who was born August 24,
1872. He married to Miss Annie Mary, a daughter of John Rennin-
ger and resides in Middleburg, Pa. They were blessed with two chil-
dren: Jay R. and a daughter who died, aged 5 years and is buried in
the Middleburg cemetery.
     Mabel E. daughter of Newton S. Amelia C. Bachman was born
March 15, 1876. She resides with her parents in Middleburg, Pa.
     Caroline, the second daughter, died about 1837, aged 14 years and is
buried in the old Hassinger cemetery.
     Amelia, youngest daughter of John and catherine Royer, was born
Page 147
July 10, 1832. On May 24, 1855 she was married to A.K. Gift.
They resided on their farm near Paxtonville, Pa., until 1866. After
the Civil War they moved to their home in the borough of Middleburg,
Pa. and have resided there since with the exception of twelve years
that they lived in Nebraska.
     For a full history of the children see history of the Gift family.
     Samuel C. Royer, second son of Sebastian and Elizabeth Weber Royer
his wife, was born Feb. 2, 1803, in Northumberland, now Snyder Co.,
Pa. He was married to Miss Annie Kreamer, who was born Nov. 14,
1815. Samuel died in Miles township, centre Co., Pa. on June 25,
1875, aged 72 years, 4 months and 23 days.
     His wife died at the same place on April 12, 1879, aged 64 years, 4
months and 23 days. Both have been laid to rest in the cemetery at
Brugard's church east of Rebersburg, Pa. They resided in their home
not far from above named church.
     This union was blessed with the following children: Isaac C.B., the
eldest son was born Nov. 18, 1838 and was married to Miss Elizabeth
Arttal on Oct 25, 1868. They reside in their home near Rebersburg,
     Henry W. was born July 3, 1843. On March 27, 1874 he married
Miss Lydia Huber. Both are still living in 1907.
     George E., third son, was born Nov. 28, 1846. On May 25, 1871
he married Miss Hannah Grimm. They are still living, 1907.
      The daughters were Mary E., born Jan. 8, 1849. She was married
to Henry Miller on Oct. 26, 1879. They reside in Lock Haven, Clinton
county, Pa.
     Amelia C. was born Oct. 1, 1851. She resides in Lock Haven. On
June 15, 1876 she was married to William Williams.
     Jennie B. was born Jan. 16, 1853. On Dec. 25, 1879 she was
married to William F. Gramley, who died May 23, 1890, aged 33 years.
He is buried near Loganton, Pa. Jennie lives at present (1907) in
Lock Haven, Clinton county, Pa.
     Chester A. was born August 28, 1857. On June 25, 1880 she was
married to Lewis Metz, who died Oct. 28, 1888 in Lock Haven, Pa.,
and is buried there. Chester A. lives in Clintondale, Clinton county, Pa.
     The following children of Samuel C. and Annie Kreamer Royer died:
Jacob S. was born May 9, 1845 and died three years later.
     A daughter named Phebe, was born Jan 14, 1855 and died August 5,
1871, aged 16 years, 6 months and 22 days. She is buried in the
cemetery at Brungard's church.
     Catherine E., the eldest daughter of Sebastian and Elizabeth Weber
Royer, his wife, was born near Rebersburg, Berks county, Pa. March
3, 1787. In about 1810 she came with her father's family to Middle
Page 148
creek valley, Northumberland, now Snyder county, Pa. She married
John Gramley, who was born Sept. 22, 1783 and died Sept 29, 1825.
Some years after she became a widow she married a Mr. Bair, a widower,
whom she also survived.
     She died August 29, 1865, aged 78 years, 5 months and 26 days.
She is buried in the Rebersburg Reformed cemetery. John and cather-
ine E. Royer Gramley were blessed with the following children:, three
sons and one daughter:
     Joseph, the eldest son, was born July 22, 1811 and died March 9,
1884, aged 72 years, 7 months and 17 days. He was united in marriage
with Miss Esther nee Schmeltzer Gramley. She was familiarly called
"Hettie" by her friends. She was born in White Deer township,
Union Co., on July 21, 1814 and died Dec. 21, 1906, aged 92 years
and 5 months. Both she and her husband were good, honest and upright
     They were blessed with the following children given in order as to
age: Hannah Margaret, the eldest daughter was born April 5, 1835, in
Miles township, Centre county, Pa.
     She was married to David Kohl. This union was blessed with eight
children, two died and one is buried at Millmont Union county where
the parents lived at that time. They afterwards removed to Freeport,
Illinois. At this place two more of the children died and are buried six
miles west of Freeport.
     At this place on August 24, 1872 the mother died. She is buried in
the same cemetery beside her children. Of the four sons remaining one
resides in Iowa where their father, David Kohl, has since removed.
     Mr. David Kohl married his second wife but there was no issue. They
reside in Webster City, Iowa. His son, Newton, also lives in the city.
He is married but has no issue.
     Charles is married and to them were born five daughters. He was
superintendend of public schools for a period of five years and in about
1905 he died. His widow and two of his daughters are engaged in
teaching school. They are in very good financial circumstances.
     Jasper is married and the issue is two children. Both these children
are college graduates. He is the owner of several fine and valuable
farms, one in Iowa and one in South Dakota.
     Joseph S. works for a railroad company as operater and ticket agent.
He is the owner of a fine home in Gold Field, Iowa, and a good
farm in Colorado.
     Benjamin S. Gramley, eldest son of Joseph was born Nov. 14, 1836
and he is married to Margaret Spangler. They reside near Kainsville,
Ill. where he has accumulated much valuable real estate, consisting of
four fine farms of 160 acres each and three houses and lots in town.
Page 148A
Insert photo of Jennie B. Gramley, nee Royer,
and her husband, Wm. F. Gramley, deceased.
Page 149
He and his wife were blessed with ten children. One child died and is
buried at Madisonville, Pa., and one son, Abner, died and is buried at
Kainsville, Ill. Four other sons and three daughters are still living.
     A daughter named Diana is married to Jeremiah Lutz. They have
no children, but they own a fine farm containing 150 acres in Kaine
count, Ill.
     Benjamin, son of Charles, is married to miss Alice Luse, from Rebers-
burg, Pa. They have five children living: Lizzie, Cora, Paul and two
small children They are farming on their father's farm.
     Mazie Gramley is married and resides with her husband on a fine
fruit farm in California. They have no issue.
     Irvin Gramley is married and has two sons and farms one of his father
Benjamin's farms.
     Ira is married to Kate Bair, of Rebersburg, Pa. They have two
children. He lives in southern Kansas and owns a farm of 400 acres of
     Benjamin's daughter, Katie, married a Mr. Fuller. they have three
children. one son and two daughters. They reside near Elburn, Ill.,
on their farm.
     Esther is married but has no children. They live in Aurora, Ill., in
one of her father's houses.
     Catherine Anna was born July 7, 1838 and died August 6, 1839 at
Rebersburg, Pa.
     Sylvester, second son of Joseph Gramley, was born Oct. 8, 1839. He
ws united in matrimony with Sidna Brumgard; he died June 17, 1868.
Their issue was two daughters and one son who reside in Aaronsburg,
     Alice married a Mr. Auman, living near mifflinburg,Pa., engaged in
farming on the farm of Rev. frederick Aurand.
     ester is married to a Mr. Holter, living at Howard , Pa. Sometime
after the death of Sylvester his widow married John Hoy, Jr., resideing
at Hublersburg, Pa.
     Mary Louisa, third daughter of Joseph Gramley, was born June 12,
1841. She was united in marriage with Reuben Smull and together
they reside on their excellent farm at Smullton, north from rebersburg,
Pa. they were blessed with one son George H. who is married to Miss
Blanche Stover. He is engaged in investments and insurance business
and is doing well, residing at Smulton, Pa.
     Jestie, third daughter of Joseph Gramley, was born march 14, 1845.
She was married to Simon Smull. their issue was ten children. Simon,
one of the sons, died. Charles, the eldest is a school teacher and is
married and has six children, three sons and three daughters.
     Herbert is married but has no issue. he is a stone mason. Edward
Page 150
is married and has two children. He is Postmaster at Smulltown, Pa.,
and runs a general store.
     George is working in Ohio in the shops.
     Joseph works in Clinton county on a farm near Keyville.
     Esther is married to Harvey Sowers, who carries on a general clothing
     Catherine is married and lives in Milton, Pa. her husband is a
     Jestie is married to Jesse Weist who died in 1906. Some of the younger
children have died.
     James J. Gramley, sixth son of Joseph, was born Jan. 28, 1843.
His matrimonial partner in life is Miss mary Royer, a daughter of Jacob
Royer, of Madisonburg, Pa. Their issue was eight children of whom
six are still living, three sons and three daughters.
     Anna Minerva, the eldest daughter, was married to Joseph Spangler.
Their family was blessed with eight children, seven of whom are living,
Carl, ward, Charles, Carrie, Florence, Dorothy and Ellen.
     Mrs. Anna Spangler died about 1904. She is buried three miles south
of Freeport Ill.
     Ada Rebecca was married to Fred Yocum. They are living at Hublers-
burg, Pa. He is in the lumber business and is well -to -do.
     Ammon Austin, son of james, is married to Miss Emma Dietz. They
were blessed with ten chilren: Roy, Edgar, William, Mary A. , Anna,
Edna, Mabel and three who have died. Ammomn is farming near Howard, Pa.
     Ellis James, son of James J., was married in Stephenson Co. Ill., to
Miss Lizzie Phile. After the death of his father-in-law, he bought the
farm containing 160 acres, with fine buildings thereon. It is a good
and valuable property. This family was blessed with four boys of whom
only two are living. Their farm is located four and one half miles east
of Freeport, Ill.
     Joseph, third son of James J., is married to Miss Fortner and lives two
miles from Dakota, Ill. He is engaged in farming on his father-in-law's,
Mr. Fortner's fine farm. This farm contains 300 acres, wheron are e-
rected a very large and fine dwelling house and barn. Joseph and wife
are well to do. They have one daughter.
     Carrie Esther, third daughter of James J., married Fred McNair. They
have one daughter, named Helen. They owned and occupied a fine farm,
containing 240 acres, located two and one half miles south of Elburn,
Ill. Her husband died in 1905, and is buried there. Since then the
farm is rented on an annual cash rental of $1185. Carrie and her daugh-
ter are well provided for.
    Mabel I., youngest daughter, married Herbert Bartly. Her husband
Page 151
is a printer by trade. They have one child, and reside in Lock Haven,
     George Schmeltzer Gramley, seventh son of Joseph, married Miss Mary
J. Brumgard, to whom was born one daughter, Florence. He is farming,
and owns two good farms near Salona, Clinton Co. Pa.
     Charles H. Gramley, eighth son of Joseph, was born Sept. 28, 1847,
and was united in marriage with Jestie Weaver. The family was blessed
with two sons and one daughter. Oliver and Pines were both railroad-
ers, working on the same train in Iowa. Oliver was engineer and Pines
as conductor. One morning Oliver being a little late, the train had just
started, when he made a jump, having hold with one hand, he slipped
on the ice and fell under the car wheels, and was instanly killed. He
carried an insurance of $1000 which was paid to his widow and child.
In due time thereafter, the widow married Pines, her first husband's
brother. They ahve one child, Rosie.
     Rosie, sister of Oliver and Pines, married a doctor who is well to do.
They have an issue of three children.
     Jestie, wife of Oliver and later wife of Pines, died, and was buried in
Iowa. Two years later Pines married a Miss Dressler, originally from
Pennsylvania. they had two children, Earl, and Edna. The latter mar-
ried a farmer, and who reside on their own farm, and have one child.
     Earl is still single (1907). Pines second wife, nee Dressler, also died,
and in the fall of 1907, he married his third wife. At present he is
keeping a restaurant in St. Louis, Mo.
     Andrew J. Gramley, ninth son of Joseph Gramley, was born May 24,
1861. He was married to Mary J. Brumgard, who was a full cousin of
his brother George's wife. For many years he followed preaching for the
Evangelical Association of which he is a member.
     He ia a man of talent and ability. In 1905, on account of bad health,
he had to quit his chosen calling.
     Andrew J. was married to Mary J. Brumgard. He bought aberry and
friut farm near Mansfield, Ohio. This family was blessed with two
daughters and one son. One is married to a Mr. Lose, with whom he
has one child. Emma second daughter, and Oliver, the son, reside at
     Joseph Austin, the youngest living son of Joseph Gramley, was born
May 18, 1849. He was married to Abbie Weber, and resides in Mifflin-
burg, Union Co., Pa. He is a veterinary surgeon by profession. This
union was blessed with eight children. The eldest is William, who is
married, but has no issue. They reside at Spring Mills. He is a mail
carrier on Rural Route, No. 1. They have two sons and three daughters.
     Charles is clerking in Mifflinburg, Pa.
     Edward is a conductor on a trolley line in Philadelphia, Pa. He is
married, and has two sons.
Page 152
     Esta is married and resides in Lock haven, Pa. They are well to do.
Their union is blessed with two sons; Oliver who is married, and resides
in Philadelphia, Pa. He is an employee of a Railroad Co.
     Pines lives lives in Mifflinburg and has employment in the railroad office.
     Emma lives at home.
     Austin was marrried, but his wife dying, he married his second wife, but there was no issue.
     The following is a list of the children of Joseph Gramley, who have
died in Miles township, Centre Co.,Pa. without issue:
     John Calvin, born Feb. 8, 1853, died July 18, 1855.
     A son born Jan. 8, 1854, died Jan. 8, 1854.
     William Byrum, born March 12, 1855, died Oct. 25, 1857.
     Emma Jane, born Oct. 23, 1857, died April 20, 1877.
     Ason born Feb. 4, 1861, died Feb. 4, 1861.
     John, second son of John Gramley, Sr., was born Jan. 1, 1814, and
died March 9, 1865. He was married to Maria Snader from Lebanon,
Pa. This union was blessed with three sons and one daughter.
     Susannah married Henry Richard, residing in Cedarville, Ill. They
have two sons and two daughters. Mr. Richards is the postmaster and
Justice of the Peace at Cedarville. His son, Oliver Gramley, is married
and also resides at Cedarville. They have one son and one daughter.
Both are graduates fromthe college at Freeport, Ill. Oliver was success-
ful in business and accumulated much wealth.
     Byron is married and has two sons, one of them dying at the age of 15
years. They reside in Chicago, Ill.
     Joel, third son of John Gramley, Sr., is married and had a family of
children but the writer was not successful in obtaining their names, or
other statistics. Enough however is known that the family lived in
the state of Indiana, and that the parents died there.
     Dinah, daughter of John Gramley, Sr., married Mr. Reed. they re-
sided in the state of Indiana. it is known that she and her husband
have passed away. They had issue, but there is no information as to
how many children, nor their names.
     Margaret, second daughter of Sebastian Royer, was united in marriage
with George Dreese, Sr. they lived on their farm in Beaver township,
Snyder Co. Pa. They were blessed with the following children: One
son, George, Jr., who was married to Miss Rebecca Blouch. They re-
moved to Indiana Co.,Pa. where they bought considerable real estate.
     They had nine children: Elizabeth, catherine, John, Amanda, George
W., Minnie, Emma, Ada and grant, who , with his sister, Elizabeth, has
died,. The parents, George and wife, Rebecca, have passed away, and
are laid to rest in the cemetery at Cookport, Pa.
     Elizabeth, eldest daughter of George and mararet Royer Dreese, mar-
Page 153
ried Samuel Winter. they live on their farm north of Beavertown, Pa.
Elizabeth died March 17, 1880, aged 65 years, 1 month, 23 days; her
husband, Samuel, died Feb. 2, 1896, aged 86 years, 1 month, 27 days.
Both are buried in the cemetery at Beavertown. Their Children were
one son, Isaac, and one daughter, Rachael. Isaac residing at beaver-
town. Rachael married Reuben Greenhoe, and lived at Beavertown, Pa.
He died May 28, 1899. His wife Rachael died March 18, 1901. Both
are buried in the Beavertown cemetery. they had eight children: An-
nnie, Jane, Mary, Libbie, William, Charles W., Jacob and Frank E.
     Annie is married to Rev. C.M. Aurand, who is a successfull Lutheran
minister and now (1907) has a charge at Martinsburg, Blair Co., Pa.
they ahve two children: Gertrude, who graduated from Irvin College,
and is marrried to Rev. Harry Michael. they reside at Northumberland,
Pa.; and Charles G. who is a student at the Gettysburg, Pa. College.
     Jane is married to W.H. Getz, residing at Dunkirk, Ohio. They have
six children; Mary, Vernon, Mabel, who is married to John Moser,
Raplh, Ruth, and Leonard.
     Mary C. is married to Jacob Aigler, residing at Beavertown, Pa. They
have two children; Reuben G. and jennie E.
     Libbie and William are single. William graduated with the class of
1905, from the Central State Normal School at Lock Haven, Pa.
     Charles W. and Jacob died in infancy, and Frank E. died at the age
of 20 years. All are buried at Beavertown.
     Mary, the second daughter of george Dreese, Sr., was married to John
Gramley, They moved from Union, now Snyder County, to Indiana
County, Pa. They both died and are buried at Hillsdale, Pa. They had
one son named Aaron.
     Catherine (Katie) third daughter of George Dreese, Sr., married George
Goss and moved to Indiana county, Pa. Yjis union was blessed with
nine children as follows: Jeremiah, mary, Wilson ( who was in the
Civil War) John, George, Kate, Abbie, Isaac (who was in the Civil War)
and Libbie.
     george died while a soldier in 1863; mary, Jeremiah and Wilson
have all died. the parents have also died and they are buried in the
Hillsdale, Pa. cemetery, excepting the daughter, Mary who is buried
in the Boons Mountain cemetery, Clearfield county, Pa. Mararet,
fourth daughter of George Dreese, Sr., was married to Jacob Snook.
They had two children, Marie and Isaac, who died, his father, Jacob,
also dying and both are buried at Beavertown, pa. the widow, Margaret
Snook, moved to Indiana county, Pa., where she died and is buried at
Hillsdale, Pa.
     Grandfather George Dreese, Sr., died and it is said is buried at
beavertown, Pa. Grandmother Dreese moved to Indiana county after
Page 154
the death of her husband and lived with her children. She died about
1854 and is buried at Dixonville, Indiana county, Pa.
     Magdalene, third and youngest daughter od Sebastian Royer, was
united in marriage with Lawrence Haines. They lived on their farm
along the public road leading from Middleburg to Freeburg now in
Washington township, Snyder county, Pa. This farm is now (1907)
owned by John Meiser. Lawrence had a brother named Frederick,
who ws a millwright by trade and was the father of our esteemed friend,
L.R. Haines, of Beaver Springs, Pa. It is said that frederick haines
built the first saw and grist mill near Royer's bridge in Beavertownship.
It is also said that Lawrence Haines and his wife are buried at Freeburg,
Pa. The writer is not familiar with the history of this family. Some
data, however, obtained from Mrs. Malinda Earnest, of No. 2517
Barclay streett, Baltimore, Maryland. She says:" I want to trace
farther my relationship to Sebastian Royer (who was a son of Christo-
pher Royer, Sr., who came from the Rhine Pfaltz, South Germany in
1748.) My grandmother, magdalene, was Sebastian's daughter. She
married Lawrence Haines. Their daughter was married to Jocob Long,
who was my father. I am married to Wesley H., son of John Earnst,
of Millerstown, Pa. My husband is an iron moulder by trade. We
have a Royer organization. C.R. Keifer, of Hagerstown, Maryland, is
the secretary. He is a son of Christian Keifer, who was married to
Anna Royer. The Franklin county Pa. Royers belong to this branch."
     At Akron, Ohio they have a similiar organization. J.C.
Keller, of No. 166 Cuyahoga street, is the secretary. Mrs Keller was a
great-granddaughter of Christopher Royer, whom they claim as their
ancestor, who was born October 25, 1760 in York county ,Pa. He
was married to Mararet roblin, who was born in 1776. The Akron,
Ohio Royer association, however, gives the birth of this Christopher
Royer as 1769 and that of his wife as 1776. her name is given by them
as Margaret Kopelin. Both accounts agree as to thier children VIZ:
Jacob, John, samuel, Jonathan, Reuben, Amos, catherine, Lydia and
Elizabeth. It seems that this Christopher Royer removed with his
family from York county to Union county, Pa., and in about 1826 re-
moved to Stark county, Ohio, where he died May 3, 1845. Many of
his descendants still reside there and near Akron, Ohio.
     Annual re-unions are held at Lakeside Park, near the city of Akron,
Ohio. The writer has received a number of invitations to attend these
pleasant re-unions.
     It seems also that at and in the vicinity of Rockford, Ill., a branch of
Royers reside, who also have an organization. On August 25, 1896
they held a meeting at Rockford, Ill., and among other officers Jacob G.
Royer was elected secretary. During this meeting resolutions were
Page 155
passed with reference to a legacy in the shape of valuable real estate in
the city of St. Louis, Mo. The three branches named above, those in
Franklin county, Pa. those in Akron, Ohio and the last named branch
at Rockport, Ill., are all working to secure this covted legacy and the
writer, no doubt a remote relative, wishes them success in this under-
taking and hopes that full justice may be done them.
     The foregoing Jacob Z. Royer, claims that Christian Royer was his
great-grandfather. ( This may have been the Christian Royer, who was
one of the five sons of Christopher Royer, Sr., who came from Rhein
Pfaltz, South Germany in 1748.) Christian Royer was born 1764
in Berks county, Pa. and was married to Christina Schwanger in 1804.
They migrated to Union, now Snyder county, Pa. Here he owned a
farm, grist-mill and saw mill four miles west from where Middleburg is
now located. In about 1820 he sold out and removed to Richland
county, Ohio. More will be said of this family later. Some of the fore-
going history has been contridicted. Jacob Z. Royer says his great-
grandfather Christian Royer was the only son of Jean (John ) Royer,
who was the son of Jaques (Jacob) Royer, who was the brother of
Sebastian Royer.
     It seems that in 1764, one pierre Laclede Lingneste, a frenchman,
established an Indian Trading post where the city of St. Louis is now
situated. Some years afterwards Jaques (Jacob) Royer, Sr., accumu-
lated a great deal of real estate now almost in the hearst of the great
city of St. Louis, which he leased to certain parties, it is said, for a
period of 99 years. This territory has all been built up since with
elegant resides and costly business blocks. This claim for the Royer
family in the United Sates, who claim to be legal heirs of the said
Jacques Royer and have instituted legal proceedings in the courts of St.
Louis against the parties now in possesion of said real estate. It is
now said to be worth from $150,000,000 to $200,000,000. Much of
this information was obtained from Mrs. Melinda Earnest, of Baltimore,
Md., and from Mr. Michael Zug, of No. 138 Cumberland street, Lebanon,
Pa. He is a reliable historian and deserves a great deal of credit. His
ancestor on his father's side was Ulrich Zug, who came from Canton,
Zug, Switzerland, in Sept. 1727. Mr Zug has written a genealogical
history of the Royer branches in which he is interested and which will
be very interesting to all when published.
     The writer will now resume the history of the sons of Christopher
Royer, our ancestor.
     Amos, fifth son of Christopher was born about 1790. He was
married and had four Children.
Page 156
     Thomas Royer, who is married and resides in Perryville, Ohio.
      Pierce Royer is married. His address is also Perryville, Ohio.
     Alice Royer is married; the name of her husband is not known to
the writer, address Tightner, Ohio.
     Amanda Royer is married to Mr. Balliet. Their address is mansfield,
     Thomas Jefferson, the sixth son of Christian Royer, was married and
had an only son, Clinton. He is married but to whom and where re-
siding is unknown to the writer.
     James Madison Royer is also married and has two sons, namely
George and Retta. Both sons are living at Truesdale, Kansas.
     Sarah Royer, the eigth and youngest of Christian Royer's children
was married to Mr. Shanaberger. They had five children, namely
Robert Shanaberger, who resides at Lucas, Ohio. Leah Shanaberger,
who was married to Merks, of Lucas Ohio. Lucinda Shanaberger, who
was married to Mr. Kling, of Lucas,,Ohio.
     Lovina Shanaberger, was married to Mr. Patterson, residing in Perrys-
ville, Ohio.
     Ephriam Shanaberger, the youngest son, resides in Sygnot, Ohio.
     The historian of the family of Christian Royer was unable to procure
many of the names of the parties married to, as well as of the time of
birth and death. This seems to have been last in the oblivion of time.
     The writer wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness for a part of the
foregoing genealogical history of Christian Royer and others to his friend,
Michael Zug, a reliable historian of the city of Lebanon, Pa. In turn
he has received the data of A. Jackson Royer, of Lucas Ohio. He was
a son of Samuel as already noted.
     Mr. Zug has written a history of another branch of the Royer Fam-
ily of which he is a direct descendant.
     Amos, the fifth and youngest son of Christopher Royer, Sr., was born,
we presume, in Berks Co.,Pa., in about 1790. When grown to man-
hood, he lived near Rebersberg, said county, where his brothers resided
about 1804 to 1811. When the brothers left, Amos also migrated else-
In Oct. 1884, while the writer was on a visit to Colorado, Henry Roy-
er his grand uncle, residing near Rebersburg, Centre Co, Pa., amongst
other family reminiscence, related that his uncle, Amos Royer, migrated
from Rebersburg to Westmorland Co.Pa., and that Amos had been
married, and had five daughters, but no sons, and that he died in that county.
     At the time Col. Royer gave out this data, he was 87 years old. He
died July 8, 1890, aged 94 years, 3months and 2 days.
     The historian of these sketches made great efforts to trace the descend-
Page 157
ants of Amos Royer in that county, but did not succeed. It is supposed
by some, that he did not remain long in said county, and no correspon-
ence having been kept up, he was lost to his relatives.
     The historian, has now completed the biography of the five sons of
their original ancestor in the United States, Christopher Royer, Sr., who
came over from Rhein Pfaltz, South Germany, in 1748, 159 years
ago, but he does willingly admit that many unavoidable little errors may
have been committed, mostly for want of the proper data, which in
many cases were hard to procure.
     In writing a genealogical history of the family of Wendle Royer, the
writer is not able to go back any further, by lineal descent, than to Sam-
uel Royer. He was born July 8, 1743, in Berks Co., Pa., and died July
30, 1813. His wife Elizabeth, was born Jan. 29, 1744, and died July
17, 1817. Both are buried at Klopp's church, at Hamlin, Lebanon Co.,
Pa. The inscroption on their tombstones were copied by the writer's
historian, Michael Zug, in 1895.
     Samuel Royer, and wife Elizabeth, were blessed with three sons, name-
ly: John, Jacob and Wendle. They lived near Frytown, Berks Co.,
Pa. John died at an advanced age. Jacob was born March 8, 1778, and
died May 7, 1863, aged 85 years, 1 month and 29 days. Both John and
Jacob are buried at Klopp's church.
     Jacob Royer's only daughter, Elizabeth, was born in 1802, and died
in 1887. She was married to Jacob Walborn, with whom she had three
     At this late day, the writer was not able to procure the date of birth
and death of Wendle Royer. He was married to Miss Gephart. In a-
bout 1835, he migrated from Berks to Center Co., Pa., locating near
Madisonburg, in Brush Valley. Here he accumulated some real estate.
Both he and wife died here, and their bodies are laid to rest in the cem-
etery at Madisonburg. This family was blessed with three sons, Jacob,
John and Jonathan.
     Jacob Royer, the eldest son, was married to Rebecca Yerick. Both
died and are buried at Madisonburg. The names of their children fol-
low: Mary Ann, Benjamin Wendle, Israel Elias, Samuel, Elizabeth,
Sarah, Jacob and Naomi. Israel Elias, Samuel and naomi died.
     Mary Ann, the eldest daughter of Jacob Royer, married James J.
Gramley, son of Joseph, deceased. they reside in Rebersburg, Pa. This
family was blessed with eight children: Anna Minerva, deceased. She
was married to Joseph Spangler; Ada Rebecca, married to Fred Yocum,
and resides at Hublersburg, pa.; Ammon Austin Gramley married to
Miss. Emma Deitz, and resides near Howard, Pa.; Carrie Esther was
married to Fred McNair, deceased, and resides near Elburn, Ill.; Ellis
James Gramley was married to LizziePhile, residing east of Freeport,
Page 158
Ill.; Mabel Irene is married to Herbert Bentley; Mary Alverta has died;
Joseph, son of James J. Gramley, is married to Miss Fortner, residing
two miles from dakota, Ill. ( For complete history of this family see
page 150.)
     Benjamin Wendle, eldest son of Jacob Royer, married Amanda Stover.
This union was blessed with eight children: William, Clayton, John,
Mazie, Catherine, Ida May, Alvin and Pearl.
     William Royer was married to Bertha Feidler. They were blessed
with three children; Miles, Catherine and William Benjamin.
     Clayton married Minnie Hoy. they had two children; Mary and
Box. They reside in Bellafonte, Pa.
     John, third son of William Royer, was married to Miss Brooks. they
reside at Pleasant Gap., Pa. They were blessed with one son, James.
     Mazie was the eldest daughter of Benjamin Wendle Royer; catherine,
Ida, Alvin and Pearl, were the others.
     Israel Ellis, second son of Jacob Royer, has died.
     Elizabeth, second daughter of Jacob Royer, was married to Clark Burk-
ert, residing at Valley Falls, Kansas. She died, and is buried at Madison-
burg, Pa. Their issue was as follows:
     One son, Edwin, who married Elizabeth Evans. Their issue was one
daughter, Josephine Elizabeth. They reside at Valley Falls, Kans.
     Bertha died single.
     Lizzie married Lewis P. Houck. They have two children, Leona and
     Sarah, third daughter of Jacob Royer, was married to Jacob K. Gep-
hart, residing at Rebersburg, Pa. Their issue was ten children:
     Harry; Cora, who married Ammon Schroyer, residing at Rebersburg,
Pa. their children were Florence, Orvis, and Stella, who died.
     Samuel Gephart married Lizzie Stover. They reside at Wolf's Store,
and have two children, Helen and Luella.
     Ada Gephart was married to Edwin Grenninger, residing at rebers-
burg, Pa. They had one child, Miles.
     Of Stella and Charles Gephart, the writer has no data relating to them.
     Bertie, Eddie, Ellen, and a younger child, all have died.
     Jacob Royer, Jr., fourth son of Jacob Royer, Sr., was married to Miss
Sarah Showers, residing at Madisonburg, Pa. This family was blessed
with three children. Oscar who was married; Lizzie married Elmer
Swartz; and Eliza who married Mr. Schreckengast.
     Naomi, the youngest daughter of Jacob Royer, Sr., died.
     John Royer, the second son of Wendle, was married to Miss Mary
Keape. Both have passed away and are buried at Farmers Mills cemetery,
Pa. This family was blessed with twelve children, namely George, who
died and is buried at Madisonburg, Pa.; Henry, Jonathan, William W.,
Page 159
Rebecca J., who died and is buried at Farmers Mills cemetery, Pa.;
Lucy also died and is buried at Madisonburg, Pa.; Elizabeth E.; Mary
A.; Susan died and is buried at Farmers Mills; Sarah M. and
Charles E. which makes twelve.
     Henry E., second son of John Royer, married Miss Amelia Hickman.
She died and is buried in Penn Valey cemetery. They had three
     Harvey E., who married Miss Mary Long had one child, Clyde.
     John F. married to Esther Shafer and have one child, Glen.
     Jonathan, the third son of John Royer, was married to Margaret
Rearick. Both have died and are buried at Bellefonte, Pa. They have
one daughter, Ada. She married Phillip H. Beezer, who had the follow-
ing issue: Rosie, Arthur and Helen.
     William W., fourth son of John Royer, died and is buried at Spruce-
town, Pa. He was married to Miss Sarah Rankin. Their issue was
five children.
     Anna Mary, who married Ephriam Harter. They had the following
children: Sarah V., George W. and Anna M.
     Sarah E., married to William W. Bible. They had one child, Elsie M.
     L.W. Royer married to Elizabeth Ewing.
     Edith was married to John C. Smith. Their children were Nevin A.,
John W., Albert J., Sarah E., Helen M. and Thurston.
     Carrie M. is married to Charles E. Saunders.
     Elizabeth E., third daughter of John Royer, married Frederick Lim-
bert, residing at Aaronsburg, Pa. They had the following six children:
Elmer E., married to Miss Mary C. Rocker, who had two children,
namely George E. and Haryy.
     Anna A. married Edward T. Swarm. they had two children, Charles
W. and Margaret E.
     Katie E. Limbert married John Keller. Their children were Ray V.
and Verna E.
     Charles E. was married to Miss Mazie Geistwite.
     Carrie A. Limbert married Clayton S. Musser. Their issue was as
follows: Estella E., Steward R., ans Philip E.
     Frederick L. married Miss Clara E. Smith. Their issue was one son,
Carl E.
     Mary A., fourth daughter of John Royer, died and is buried in the
cemetery at Farmers Mills, Pa. She was married to Jeramiah Snavely.
Their issue was two children; Agnes, wamarried to Andrew Rote (Role),
residing at Spring Mills, Pa. There was no issue.
     John Snavely married Miss Lettie Royer. They have two children,
Harvey and Mary.
Page 160
     Sarah M., sixth daughter of John Royer, married William H. Gentzler.
They reside in Missouri. They were blessed with ten children. Ammon,
who married Miss Martha Owen. Their issue was Lottie D., Viola B.,
William and Herbert.
     Frederick E. Gentzler married Miss Rena Webb. Their children were
Pearl M. and Ola.
     Forance H. Gentzler married Miss Nora Dewart. They had one child,
named Claud.
     Ernest C. Gentzler was married to Miss Alice Dunlap. They had one
child, named Agnes.
     The rest of Mr. William H. Gentzler's children were John E., Richard
D., Kathryn M., Mabel, Ethel and Robert B.
     Charles E. Royer, the youngest son of John Royer, was married to
Miss Martha P. Harshbarger, residing at Spring Mills, Pa. Their issue
was one son, Victor, who married Elizabeth Faxon. They had one child,
John M.
     Jonathan, the third and youngest son of Wendle Royer was married
to Nancy Shafer. This union was blessed with eight children, namely:
Jacob, daniel, samuel, John, Mary, Susan, george, who died while
serving as a soldier in the civil war; Mararet was the youngest of the
     Jacob, eldest son of Jonathan Royer, married Mary M. Mclain. The
issue of this union was ten children, eight of whom have died. Emma,
the ninth, was married to a Mr. Hensley, residing in Iowa. Deek, the
youngest of the family, married Miss Ethel Slot, residing in Kansas.
     Daniel Royer, second son, was first married to Miss Maragret Greim.
She died and is buried at Zion, Pa. They had one daughter, Maggie.
     In due time thereafter Daniel married his second wife, Christy Robin-
old. They had the following children: Mary, Pearl, Rillie, who is
married, John, Ollie, Ivon, who is married and has three children: Ellis,
Jarrett and Calvin.
     Magie, eldest daughter of Daniel Royer, was married to H.A. Mecht-
ley, residing at Tylersville, Pa. This union was blessed with thirteen
children, namely: Andrew Dill, Wilton Clark, Rambrandt, Samuel,
John Bright, Archey; two, the seventh and eigth, died; Winso, Goldie,
Grace, Alina, Ruth, and Lillie who is married to Mr. Bollinger. They
are blessed with one child.
     Samuel R., thirdson of Jonathan Royer, died in Indiana. He was
married to Miss hannah Shafer. They were blessed with two children.
The eldest died; the second, samuel Royer, Jr. was married, to whom
the writer does not know.
     John, the fourth son of Jonathan Royer, was married to Miss Lucy
Greim, residing at Zion, Pa. This union was blessed with six children:
Page 161
William, who lives in Illinois; George, who married to May Getchell.
They had one child, Dorothy May, who died in 1906, and is buried at
Dakota, Ill. Harvey, Ada, Emma, who was married to John Long, and
died 1901. They had one child, Returah; Johanna Letitia who died.
     Mary, eldest daughter of Jonathan Royer, was married to Jacob Bridge.
He died in Feb. 1901, and his widow died in Oct., 1905. Both rest in
the cemetery at Zion, Pa. This union was blessed with five children:
Susan, Emma, Annie, Candace and William.
     Susan, eldest daughter of Jacob Bridge, was married to Jacob Stein.
Their children were Alma, Mary, Fannie, Nettie Nellie, and John; the
last two named having died.
     Emma, the second daughter, was married to Edward Hebern, residing
at Bellafonte, Pa. Their issue wastwo children living, and two have
     Annie Bridge, third daughter, married Frank Shuck, residing at New
York. They have four children, Elsie, Mabel, Janetta and Herbert.
      Candace Bridge, fourth daughter, was married to John Grassmeyer.
This union was blessed with five children:
     Mary, married to Earnst Bitner, who have one daughter, Helen.
     John Grassmeyer, Jr., married Miss Katie Lingel. They have one
     George, youngest son of John Grassmeyer, married Clara Neff. They
have three children.
     William, son of Jacob Bridge, the youngest in the family, was married
to Miss Katie Hoy. They are blessed with one child.
     Margaret, youngest daughter of Jonathan, died in 1880, and is buried
in the cemetery at Zion, Pa. She was united in marriage with Frank
Shamp. This union was blessed with seven children, namely, Emma,
who died in 1891. She was married to Calvin Henderson; Mittie was
married to Mr. Richards; Mary married Samuel Sphroll. They have
three children, Katie married Louis Dunkle. Their children are Sallie
and Charles. Pheoby married William Yarnell. They are blessed with
eleven children. James Shamp was married to a Miss Sayers. They
have three children, Ura, Nettie, Walter and Frank. His first wife died, and
in due time thereafter, he married his second wife, whose maiden name
has not been reported to the writer.
     The history of Wendle Royer and his posterity is now completed.
Most of the data was procured from John Royer, of Zion, Pa., through
the hands of Jasper R. Brumgard, of Rebersburg, Pa. It is not known
that this Royer branch is directly related to Christopher Royer, Sr., who
came over from the Rhine Pfaltz, South Germany, in 1748, and was the     
Page 162
father of John, George, Christian, Christopher,Jr., Sebastian and Amos
     It is known that at least four other Royer ancestors came over to the
United States, from Germany, at different times, who, if related at all to
the Christopher, Sr., family, are very remotely related, but they may
have been connected in the fatherland, which fact cannot now be traced,
and is entirely lost by the oblivion of time.
     The following is a breif history of various branches of the Royer fami-
ly, in the United States, not closely connected.
     George W. Wagenseller, editor of the Post, Middleburg, Pa., is the
author of a benealogical history of a Royer family, whose ancertor was
John Michael Royer, born in Schwabacks, Wittenberg, Germany, in
1686. By inter-marriage, this Royer family was related to the ancestors
of the Wagensellers (originally Wagansael, in German, Wagansope).
The Wagensellers are numerous in Snyder county, Pa.
     There is also a branch of the Royer family living in Blair county,Pa.
It is said that they claim, as their ancestor, Sebastian Royer, who emi-
grated either from Switzerland, or the Palatinate, in 1818. They settled
first near Manheim, Lancaster county, Pa. and agterwards some of them
migrated to Blair county, Pa. Mr. A.H. Huber, who reported the a-
bove data, to Michael Zug, of Lebanon, Pa., a historian, says that the
Royers in that county are a class all well-to-do, very intelligent, great-
ly intereted in their Royer genealogy, and are always ready and willing
to give information to any one interested.
     It is claimed that the ancestor of the Royer family, who settled in
Buffalo Valley in Union county, Pa., many years ago (many are still
residing there) was the same Sebastian Royer already noted.
     Mr. Michael Zug, the historian of Lebanon, Pa., says that Sebastian
emigrated with four sons from the Palatinate to America in 1718. At
that time Amos, the youngest of his sons, who was albout fourteen years
old, was the ancestor of Michael Zug. They settled in Elizabeth town-
ship, Lancaster county, Pa., where he died April 2, 1769.
     Christopher Royer, the fourth son of Amos, was born in Lancaster
county, Pa., in 1739. He had four sons, three of whom migrated at
an early day to Union county, Pa., namely John, born March 17,
1768; Daniel, born in 1777 and Joel born April 1779 as already stated.
All had a numerous posterity many of whom emigrated to western sates.
Nearly all of them belonged to the German baptist church, many of
whom became prominent in that denomination as ministers and elders.
Prof. J.G. Royer, of Mt. Morris College, Ill., says he was born in
Union county, Pa. in 1838.
     He is a granson of John Royer above named. Rev. Galen B. Royer,
born in 1862, son of Prof. J.G. Royer, is a mimister in that church.
Page 163
Jacob Royer, Jr., born in June 1831, is of the same family of Royers,
lived in Stark county, Ohio. The wife of Jacob Camp Keller, of Akron,
Ohio, was a great-granddaughter of Christopher Royer already noted.
Joel B. Royer, of Elmwood, Nebr., a well-to-do farmer, is also a des-
cendant of this Royer family.
     Judge J.C. Royer, of the city of Tiffin, Ohio, belongs to a branch
only remotely related to the Royers, whose genealogy is given in this
history. Christopher Royer, Sr., who came over from Rhein Pfaltz,
South Germany in 1748, was the ancestor of this branch.
     Judge Royer's great-grandfather was also a Christopher Royer, who
was born October 25, 1768. He was married to Margaret Robelin, or
Kobelin, who was born in 1776 and died October 16, 1854. Christopher
resided in York county, Pa., from whence he and his family migrated
in 1826 to Stark county, Ohio. Here he died on May 3, 1845, aged 76
years, 6 months and 8 days. This family was blessed with six sons and
three daughters. The second son of John, was the father of Judge Royer,
of Tiffin, Ohio. The writer of this sketch was not able to trace any
ancestors of the above Christopher Royer, however, there is no doubt
that these various branches of the Royer family were closely connected
in Germany. They emigrated to America during a long period of years
but the tangled threads of genealogy can hardly be fully unraveled at
this late day.
     That such a relationship existed among these people at an early date,
is proven by the fact that nearly all the branches of the Royer families
had Christophers and Sebastians and, in many cases, these names are
still retained and esteemed.
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