Mendocino County Post Cards


I collect old Mendocino County Post Cards and I would like to share those photographic memories with anyone who may be interested.  Photos on this page are donated by Irl Rickabaugh, Ed Bold, and little old me.

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If you or anyone you know have old photographs or post cards of Mendocino County towns, people or places please share them with me. I will make copies and return them. Bring photos there and we can scan them in and hand them right back to you so there is no chance of them getting damanged or lost.    Help preserve our local history. I hope you enjoy this site.


Great photograph of the Gerharts with the Home Market delivery Cart.

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 Ukiah City Hall circa 1913 Fire Dept is on the ground floor SE corner of School and Church

 Ukiah City Hall circa 1952

 Ukiah City Baseball Team
 Ukiah City Baseball Team playing where Safeway is now.Fort Bragg Vs Ukiah.
 Tony and Kay Gerhart with the Home Market delivery wagon about 1942.
 Ukiah City Baseball Team - same game as above.
 Ukiah Gateway Sign in Winter circa 1933

 The Red Lion Hill Billies Band circa 1934 Estell Allen started this bunch.

 Ukiah Gateway Sign in the Summer circa 1933

 Absalom Tidwell Perkins - Perkins St was named for him.

 Minnie Grace Smith the first Telephone Operator in Ukiah circa 1899.

 This is how the "U" looked in 1914.

 Ukiah's First Airplane 1912
 Ukiah's first airplane wreck - same day!

 Steam powered tow truck to the rescue to pull out a Speedwell Truck.
 One mile race at the old track in Ukiah it says on the back Ukiah won and Fort Bragg was second 1909.
 The Ukiah Fairgrounds as it first looked in 1937.
 The Ukiah Fairgrounds BEV note airplanes have landed on the track to left.
 Ukiah Fairgrounds on North State with a one mile race track. circa 1952.
 Ukiah Fairgrounds Race Track (Old Location)
 Kellers band in 1913.
 The Eagle Stable at Henry and North State Street in the 1890's.
 New England Stable at NE Corner of State and Henry.
 Smiths Stable Stage on the way to Blue Lake from Ukiah
 Four Wagon Loads of Hops at the RR depot in Ukiah Where the Holtz Company is today. L-R are Howard and Dick Brooks Fred Mayfield and Herbert Pickle.
 Ukiah Opera House at the North West corner of School and Henry
 Ukiah House Hotel Meals 25 cents lodging 25 cents and 50 cents..
 Dodge and Chevy Auto Dealer and the Gibson Hotel SW Corner of State and Henry St.
 Parade Float for Hansen's Furniture Store.
 Jardine Insurance booth at the Redwood Empire Fair.
 The Dr. King House at the North West corner of Mill and S Dora. c 1900.
 1904 Stipp Home Ed, Elsie, Tom, Alice, Mary, Pierce in the tree and dogs Pete and Bob.
 Prune shed at the Stipp Ranch south of Ukiah.
 Prunes drying at Stipp Ranch.
 Old Ukiah Home at the North West corner of Spring and Standley.

 Ukiah Looking South on State St. From Smith St.
 Looking South across the front of the Courthouse at the Poulos Building and the Cecille Hotel
  Cecille Hotel Portlocks Hardware and Bechtol Paints.
 Looking South across the front of the Courthouse note the old bus.
 Looking West and North from the roof of the Court House Christian Church to right.
 School Street behind the Courthouse. Bank of America at left circa 1920's
 Commercial Bank of Ukiah later the first Bank of America.
 The Hofman Building on the SE corner of State St. and Standley St.
 The W A Hoffman Emporium at the NW corner of State St and Standley.
 Roller Furniture Store Julius Roller left Chris Burns. NE Corner State and Church.
 School St. looking North from about Church St. Wards store where the book store is now.
 Montgomery Wards Store at School and Perkins about 1936
 Foster's Five and Dime Store 300 block South State St. circa late 1930's
 Fosters Variety in the 1920's.

 The Reorganization of the Ukiah Chamber of Commerce.
 The Redwood Journal Ukiah on East Standley. Now a vacant lot behind the IOOF Hall
 Richard Nixon visits Ukiah in his run for the Senate.

 L-R Betty Pacini, Barbara Blair, Mayor Forrest Huges, Pat Larsen and Pat Tisdale for a Ukiah Centennial publicity photo.
 Fawn Cafeteria where the Library is now. Was the Greyhound Depot.
 Fawn Cafeteria at Night
 Desenan's Barbecued Meats. SE corner of State and Gobbi.

 Ukiah Milling Mill at the South West corner of S. State and Mill St.
 Ukiah Miller Company Employees Walter Brown and Werner Holtzhouser.
 Ukiah Auto Electric Co.

 Millers Stage 1912.
 Eversole's NW corner of State and Smith St.
 Eversole's Business Card.
 Eversole's New Building School and Henry - Cheese Cake Momma now
 Looking South from State and Smith at the Palace. Note sign for the Park and Golf Course.
 Looking South from State and Smith.
 State St. looking North from Smith St.
 Looking South on State St from about Lambs in today.
 Looking South on State St from near Scott St.
 1916 Oakland Auto at Ukiah
  Farmers Plaining Mill on Perkins at the Rail Road Tracks Ukiah.
  Daniels and Harlow Pontiac Cadillac - Hanks AutoMart just past the dealership.
 North State between Henry and Scott on the East Side of the street
 Ukiah Auto Court 810 N State St.
 Veterans Suprlus on State St.

 Bartlett's Oil Truck
 Mendocino Van and Storage van 1949.
 Pioneer Company Truck circa 1940
 Ukiah Union Elementary (later became Yokayo) 8th grade Class of 1946. Jack Simpson teacher.
 Old Standard Oil Depot on Lesile near Gobbi St circa 1915
 Early Ukiah Service Station.
 Beacon Drive Inn - Great Burgers!!
 Flavorland Drive Inn
 Casa Del Ukiah.
 Black Cat Cafe South of Hopland

 Ukiah Post office 1917 to about 1935    PO 1937     PO 1950

  Ukiah Courthouse about 1890. Note spoke gate to keep out horses.
 Ukiah Courthouse from the top of the Odd Fellows Hall
 Ukiah Courthouse circa 1905      circa 1910    circa 1920  circa 1938
 Ukiah Jail, Courthouse and Hall of Records on School Street
 County Jail and Sheriff's Office on School St at Standley.
 Hall of Records on School between Perkins and Standley.
 A second view of the rear of the Court House and the Sheriff's Office.

 Sheriff Dick Williams in vest Bev Broaddus second from left Circa 1935 at the Old Jail on School St.
 Sheriff Reno Bartolomie Circa 1954

 The Palace Hotel when it was next to the IOOF Hall circa 1890.
 The Palace Hotel when it was Next to the IOOF Hall Looking South on State St.

 Ukiah Palace Hotel circa 1910's Note balcony like cover around front and side
 Ukiah Palace hotel circa l920's
 Cecille Hotel 1915 SE corner of State and Perkins
 Grand Hotel Ukiah became the Cecille in 1904
 Donohue Hotel SW corner of State and Henry
 McGlashan building. State and Church Burned in 1917
 Looking North on State from the Cecille Hotel.
 The Albertson Insurance Office L-R James Everett Holiday, Frank Albertson, Elmer "Pete" Albertson 1911.

 Ukiah 1917 Fire. Started in the Fashion Livery now a parking lot next to the Palace Dress Shop
 Ukiah Fire June 18, 1917 Looking South on State from in front of the Courthouse

 Hofman Building SE corner of State and Standley
 Marks Building and Fashion Livery prior to the 1917 fire. SW corner of State and Perkins

 Standley St. looking West from State St.
 Ukiah Auto Parts
  White Cottage on South State St.
  Edna and Walt Lemmerz
 The Rainbow Cafe and Fountain This building was moved to Main St and is now Redwood Auto Supply.
 Redwood Auto Supply. Note the top front Same building as the Rainbow Cafe.
 Schulers Surplus Store S State St.
 Yates Service Station NE corner of State and Ford St. L-R Donald Weselsky and Loren Hunt.
 Red Star Auto Camp. SW corner of State and Gobbi where the bank is now
 Big Oaks Auto Camp on South State Owned by the Frohns at this time.
 Johnson Auto Camp Ukiah circa 1933 100 feet N of Talmage Rd

 Ukiah Grammar School circa 1890's
 BEV of Yokayo School circa 1940
 The El Rosario a Chatholic School became the Albertinum now Trinity School on Barns St.
 BEV of Ukiah above State and Church St. circa 1939.
 Ukiah High School circa 1900
 Ukiah High School circa 1950's
 Ukiah High School Milk Club at Yokayo School
 Oak Manor School when it was new

 Ukiah from the above the West end of Clay Street circa 1890
 School Street right behind the Court House circa 1885.
 Savings Bank of Mendocino County NW corner of School at Standley St. circa 1920's
 Bank of Ukiah NE corner of State and Standley circa 1903. Law office there now
 IOOF Hall Toggery and First National Bank
 The old Medico Drug store at the NW corner of State and Standley
 State and Standley.
 Al's Shell Station at Talmage Road
 Saunders Richfield Station Ukiah
 Hillside Community Hospital.
 The New Masonite Plant.
 Mill on the Robbins Ranch out Low Gap Rd. on right is William Joseph Salisbury left may be Jack Salisbury.
 Al Weger at the redwood tree cut to make the Redwood Tree Service Station.
 Old view of the Redwood Tree Station.
 Redwood Tree Service Station.
 Hayes Music Store and the Foster Five and Dime
 Hodge Brothers Cafe on N. State where the Golden Dragon is now
 BIV of Ukiah circa 1963.
 Ukiah Theater circa late 1950's
 Ukiah Theater.
 J. C. Penny's behind the Court House on School St.
 Opening Night at the Victory Theatre in Ukiah Feb 2, 1914
  Mendocino State Hospital circa 1910
 Mendocino State Hospital State Asylum
 Mendocino State Hospital from the Air. Note West Wing of the "RTs" builing in foreground.
Mendocino State Hospital Old part of the receiving and treatment buildign before the remodel.

 Guidi's bar and store in Talmage.
 Talmage Post Office.
 Talmage Store and Post Office.

 Anton Stadium

 Birds Eye View if the "new" Masonite Plant. Note all the old wrecking yard at the top of the photo.
 Italian Grocery on the West Side of Perkins. Owned by L. Cololmbini. Just West of the railroad tracks
 Triple S Camera State and Gobbi
 Rones Candy and Ice Crean on North State St.

 Elk Horn Hotel on East Perkins. East side between Main and Mason St.
 Blue Bonnet on Opening Day in 1951
 Blue Bonnet Right after it opened in 1951
  Blue Bonnet Drive Inn on South State St.
 Russian River Bridge near Talmage
 Ukiah Fish Hatchery at the top of Standley Street
 Ukiah Fish Hatchery interior.
 Tourist Camp Ukiah - Now the Todd Grove Park circa 1912
 Ukiah City Park 1919 Welcome Home WW I Vets
 Harvey's House Free Auto Camp at the NE corner of Walnut and Live Oak

 Vichy Springs Pool
 The Office at Vichy Springs
 Vichy Springs "plunge"
 Playing Croquet at Vichy Springs. Dr Hudson with foot on ball.
 Vichy Springs Dinning Room.
 Vichy Springs Dinning Room interior in the 1930's.

 Orr's Hot Springs.
 Hadley's Resort.

 East Perkins in about 1956. The Lido was still old 2 story building
 Ukiah Racer - Molly in the Jitterbug
 The Crawford Mill on North State St.

 The Largo Bridge South of Ukiah across the Russian River.
 The Largo Cal Dry Ice Plan Building circa 1949.

 Boonville 1909
 Down town Boonville circa 1966
 Boonville Hardware Store C. W. Finny 1915
 Boonville Hotel 1907
 Boonville Street Scene circa 1905
 Boonville High School.
 Boonville School circa 1878. Can some one identify this school for sure?.

 Wendling Mill before it was called Navarro.
 Prather's Store at Philo
 The Greenwood stage meet the Cloverdale Stage at the Philo Store.

 Calpella circa 1910
 The Calpella Grammar School right after Construction in 1925.
 The Calpell Grammer School right after Construction in 1925.

 Coyote Valley looking South down on old Highway 20 - Lake Mendocino is here now.
 Coyote Valley looking South along the Russian River on the West side of the valley.

 Cold Creek on Highway 20 Shell Station
 Cold Creek on Highway 20 Texco Station.
 The Cold Creek School Bus owned and driven by Lawrence Daut.
 Cold Creek Fish Hatchery at PV road and Highway 20 area
 Cold Creek Ranch Interior (Who are these guys?).
 Cold Creek Ranch Interior. Note the seats made from saddles.
 Cold Creek Ranch Highway 20.
 Denny's Auto Court 101 and Laughlin Way
 Tweetys Store and Auto Camp became Denny's Auto Court Circa 1930's
 Redwood Valley Garage.
 Stansell's Garage in Redwood Valley.

 Hopland Entering from the South. Circa 1900
 Hopland Down Town circa 1915
 Hopland High School circa 1935
 Hopland Down town Circa 1935.
 Hopland Auto Court Circa 1940's
 Hopland Auto Court and Service Station.
 M P Metzler General Store Hopland.
 Hopland General Store
 Hopland from the train station water tower - Note the Thatcher Hotel
 Hopland Rail Road Depot and Auto Stage circa 1917.
 The Rail Road is coming to Kelseyville! Old card promoting the Hopland to Lake County Rail Road which failed.

 Saaz Ranch Hop Kiln Hopland
 Hop Kiln Hopland
 Train Wreck 1911 Derailed by a cow
 Train Wreck Head on two people died.circa 1929
 Duncan Springs Front Gate.
 Duncan Springs Resort Hopland
 Duncan Springs Cabin.
 Hopland Grammar School.

 Thatcher Hotel

 James A Cumminskey's Firewood Sawing Machine Pat 1906 #817,628

 Potter Valley Main St looking West
 Potter Valley Main St. looking East
 Bridge in the center of Potter Valley.
 Potter Valley Grange Hall Main Street.
 Hartstone Log Cabin Inn Potter Valley.
 Potter Vally Inn on Main St.
 Potter Valley High School.
 Shelton's Little Deal Fountain in Potter Valley.
 Potter Valley Eel River Siphon construction
 Spottswood Home in Potter Valley
 The Thornton Hotel in Potter Valley circa 1900's.
 John Day Fishing and Huntind Resort on the Eel River Potter Valley.
 Potter Valley Bridge circa 1910
 Potter Valley Bridge circa 1910.

 Redwood Valley Charcoal Plant
 Ben Ra Moter Lodge between Willits and Ukiah North of Ridgewood
 Ridgewood Summit.

 Andy's Willits
 Eleven Oaks Service and auto court.
 Eleven Oaks Service and auto court
 Early view if Commerical St Willits.
 Willits Down Town circa 1920's circa 1930's  circa 1930's
 Willits 1925
 Willits Majestic Hotel and Theater c 1923.
 Willits Why Buy an Elephant Parade in Willits.
 Willits Main St. c 1930.
 Working the new concrete on the highway at Willits.
 Willits Service Station.
 Willits U-Auto Stop.
 Willits Business Section - The Toggery. c 1939.
 Willits Whitney's Standard Station c 1934.
 Willits Free Auto Park.
 Willits Main and W. Valley
 Willits Main St. c 1938.
 Van Hotel Dinning Room and staff 1936 Tom Wong center with owner Mrs Van Cleemput.
 Interior of Brooktrails Lodge Bar.
 The Travelers Hotel Willits.
 Willits Auto Park.
 Willits Main St.
 Willits Main St. looking North circa 1949
 Winner of the 480 mile Redwood HIghway Race Mad Bull #5 passing through Willits.
 Howard Hospital circa 1938
 Willits Carnegie Public Library
 Willits Union High School when it was brand new
 Willits Headquarters Highway Division.

 Bottom of Photo is the Harold Castell Mill later sole to Pacific Coast. West of highway 101 is the Little Lake Lumber Co and then at the upper right is the Southwick Lumber Mill and the Kelsey Lumber Mill to the right.

 Palace Hotel Willits
 Hotel Willits
 Hotel Van Willits
 U-Auto Stop
 Little Lake Garage with 5 Star Autos owned by the same family.
 The El Rancho Meson 8 miles North of Willits was the Carter's Log Cabin and in the 1960 was named Acorn Park.
 Olson's Pleasure Auto Camp North of Willits
 The Olsons at The Pleasure Auto Camp.
 Olsens Pleasure Camp11 miles North of Willits - Longvale now.
 Camp Shangri-La North of Willits
 Irvine Lodge North of Willit near Longvale.

 Octagon House 1905 Eight miles out Sherwood. Was a boarding house

 This is the Oil Well on Oil Well Hill North of Willits.

 Willits Train Depot
 Northern Western Lumber Mill Yard in Willits. Circa 1890

 Lifted logs out of the Big River headwaters and let them down to the mill in Willits. Note the size of the spools. Miles of cable and a huge steam donkey was used in this effort.

 Yorkville Post Office.

 Black Bart Rock - the real one on old 101 near Ridgewood

 Covelo High school circa 1920
 Covelo Post Office and Drug Store
 Covelo Hotel
 Carner's Corner Traveler's Inn Covelo.
 Covelo High School.
 Covelo Indian School.
 Hotel Purcell Covelo.
 The Round Valley Creamery.
 Down Town Covelo.
 Down Town Covelo
 Main Street Covelo dirt streets.
 Covelo Down Town c 1934
 Results of a Round Valley Bear Hunt.
 Commerical Ave in Covelo.
 Howard Street Covelo.
 Later View of Howard Street in Covelo.
 Luke Yates driving the Covelo / Dos Rios Dailey Stage.
 Crawford Mill North of Covelo in the valley.

 Cummings Coffee Shop

 Dos Rios circa 1900
 Dos Rios Train Station.
 Dos Rios Train Station.
 Dos Rios Main Street.
 End on View of the Dos Rios Eel River bridge.
 Old Dos Rios Bridge.

 Grundy's Restaurant

 Hales Grove Store

 Island Mountain Station on the Railroad

 Laytonville Circa 1890
 Laytonville Cowboys circa 1890's.
 Laytonville 40 years later
 Golden State Ice Cream Parlor. Can anyone tell us anything about this business?
 Laytonville 1927
 Laytonville Grammer School.
 Laytonville 1927
 Laytonville circa 1933.
 Laytonville circa 1938.

 Longvale Station
 Longvale Station.
 Longvale Post Office and Mercantile and service station.
 Longvale Coffee Shop.
 Empire Rest Stop circa 1930 Now the rest area near Longvale
 Rail Road Construction near Longvale

 Reavis Hights
 Reavis Hights #2

 Tan Oak Park
 Tan Oak Park and Calder's Point 2,200 feet
 Czech Lodge 9 miles North of Laytonville
 Maple Lodge ten miles North of Laytonville

 Bell Glen Auto Park.
 Bell Glen
 Bell Glen Cabins

 Lane's Flat with a PickWick Stage in front.
 Lane's Flat Kitchen Crew.

 Beautiful down town Piercy circa 1925 and yes that is highway 101
 Camp Piercy a few years later.
 Camp Piercy Service Station.
 Camp Piercy on the Redwood Highway.
 DeVoy Grove at Piercy.
 DeVoy Grove Cabins.

 Dann Creek Store at Leggett.
 Dann Creek Store and Camp.

 Rhea's at Leggett next to Carl's Cafe.
 River Dale Resort Cummings.
 Lavender's Court where the Leggett Market is today.

 Happy Valley near Cummings
 Cummings Service Station
 Cummings Service Station
 Adanac Lodge 5 miles North of Cummings SW side of the Cedar Creek Bridge.
 Adanac Lodge 5 miles North of Cummings SW side of the Cedar Creek Bridge.


 Albion New Cash Store 1905
 The Albion South Side Hotel circa 1905

 Albion Mill circa 1927-30
 Albion Mill circa 1909-11
 Albion Mill Looking East circa 1895
 Albion Mill circa 1890's
 Albion Mill Log Pond Crew at Work
 Men Working Albion Woods
 Albion Mill circa 1907
 Albion Mill Wharf circa 1890s
 Albion Rail Road Engine for Albion mill at a Camp in the woods
 Albion Engine Number 3
 ALCoRY #7 -- Albion Lumber Co crew car on a turn around Albion RR.
 Gualala Engine #5 and crew.
 Albion Bridge under construction circa 1944
 Albion Flat circa 1940's
 Albion Peavler's Country Store
 Albion Grocery Store Circa 1950
 This is a train load of Auto Cars being taken to the Highway at Wendling (Navarro) in about 1915. This was the olny to get from the coast to the main highways

 Bourns Landing between Anchor Bay and Gualala circa 1890.

 Shoeing Oxen with a old fastion squeeze trap to hold them in place.

 Navarro Ridge Gordon Meat Co and Hotel circa 1900.
 Navarro Ridge Hotel circa 1899.

 Anchor Bay
 Anchor Bay Store

 Woodward's Market and the Post Office near Little River

 Logging Train near the Casper Mill
 Jug Handle Creek Trestle Caspar Lumber Co Engine #3
 Jug Handle Creek Trestle with "Jumbo" on the trestle.
 Jug Handle Creek Trestle with engine.
 Steamer Carastrano Loading Lumber at Casper
 Casper Log Chute into the Pond
 Casper Mill Chute and Mill
 Caspar Lumber Mill
 Caspar Lumber Mill.
 Casper Bay
 Casper Bridge and Mill circa 1930's
 Casper Lumber Company Mill circa 1900
 Casper Blind Pig - R-L Mr. Canada, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Arthur and son, Mr. Borman

 Cleone circa 1905

 Comptche / Melbourne 1918.
 The Melbourne Store.
 Mamie Hamond and Grace McCormack in front of the Melbourne Dance Hall.
 Hanson Half Way House.Built by Charles H Oppenlander in 1873. Was named Half-way house when the road was completed to Ukiah.
 Moving the Comptche Post Office 1926 Will Oppenlander RT, Pete Meshisnek Center Bob Land back turned and Eiler Oppenlander on the ground.
 Comptche Post Office John and Eileen Gummerus with Taco the Chihuahua.
 Nocentelli barn in the foreground. Peterson Hotel and store middle with Ottoson ranch in background.
 Andrew McDonald Home at Comptche.
 Comptche / Melborn pre 1913 Woods Crew and Donkey.
 Hanson School at Comptche.

 Greenwood Hotel at Elk
 The Greenwood Creamery Delivery Team!!
 Elk Creek Trestle at Coldsprings Mt.
 Alder Creek Bridge.
 Alder Creek Bridge.
 Greenwoood Lumber Co train in the woods.

 The Chute at Cuffey's Cove

 Fish Rock settlement Fish Rock Road.
 Greenwood School on the Ridge
 Main St at Greenwood Elk.
 Elk Garage
 Elk Mill Log Pond Dam at the beach.
 Elk Mill Log Pond Dam empty.
 Water leaving the mill pond dam.
 Double Drum Donkey and crew Log term set up with roof - Trestle in background.

 Elk in 1918. Old L. E. White Mill
 Bird's Eye View of Elk and the Mill
 Goodyear Lumber Co Mill - was the L E White mill.
 Goodyear Lumber Co Mill.
 Greenwood Woods RR train of logs John Ross on side.
 The Rail Trestle South of Elk for the L E White Lumber Company.
 Stevenson Bridge on Elk Creek with train load of logs crossing 500+ feet long.
 Testle in a Y shape at the Greenwood Divide from Alder Creek, Salsig PO Shows.
 The Hourseshoe Bridge and Greenwood Creek dam.
 The Helen P Drew on the North Fork Bridge in 1908.
 Greenwood When it was really Big!
 Loading a Bob car in the wood for the Elk Mill.
 Greenwood Flyer in action loading a Bob car.
 Loading another Bob car with the Donkey above on the bank.
 Bishop Bridge.

 Fort Bragg First National Bank 1914

 Gus West Island at the end of Pine St. They say this was a "House of Joy"
 Main St Fort Bragg.
 Main Street Fort Bragg 1954
 Early Fort Bragg Fishing industry at Noyo
 Fort Bragg Community Building circa 1920's
 Fort Bragg Redwood Ave.
 Fort Bragg Redwood Ave.
 Fort Bragg Shore Line Super Station 1929 NE corner Main and Pine Gas 29.5 cents a gal.
 Fort Bragg Franklin St. circa 1890's
 Fort Bragg Main and Laurel
 The Windsor Hotel.
 Fort Bragg Fire Engine
 Fort Bragg Hospital

 Fort Bragg Theatre
 Fort Bragg Main St 1930's.
 The Klondyke Bar Carl Colberg tending bar.
 Fort Bragg Comrade Club Hall
 Fort Bragg Suomalainen Band Juho J. Tuomala back row right.
 Dirigible Shenandoah Visits Fort Bragg
 Fort Bragg U-Catch-Em Trout Farm.
 Wonacott's U-Catch-Em Trout Farm at Fort Bragg.
 Fort Bragg Grammar School circa 1890's
 Fort Bragg High School circa 1890's
 Fort Bragg High School in the 1940's (?)
 Pt Cabrillo Light House circa 1910
 The Fort Bragg Redwood Store Circa 1895 later to be the Union Lumber Co. Store
The Union Lumber Company Store 1897.
 Fort Bragg Union Lumber Co Store
 Fort Bragg Union Lumber Co Store
 Union Lumber Co Store at Night.
 Union Lumber Log Pond and wharf. Circa 1910.
 Union Lumber Co Mill from the RR tracks.
 Ground floor is Charles Huhtala Taylor.
 This is the last load of logs to arrive at Union Lumber by train from the 10 mile woods in 1949.
 Frisco Dick in The Wasp at Fort Bragg
 Fort Bragg Baseball Team in the 1930's.
 Fort Bragg Funeral
 Fort Bragg Quake Damage on Franklin St.
 Looking Up Redwood Ave in Fort Bragg. The Union Lumber Company Strore is to your left

 Fort Bragg - Big Logs for the Union Lumber Co Mill
 Fort Bragg Round House for the C.W.R&N Rail Road Company circa 1917.
 Load of logs for Union Lumber Co.
 Logging with Oxen Fort Bragg Woods circa 1880.
 Fort Bragg - New Union Lumber Co Trucks

 Noyo Bridge circa 1920's
 Noyo River Mouth circa 1890
 Noyo Boating in the 1890's
 Noyo View in the 1890's with the old bridge
 White and Plummer store at the North end of the Noyo Bridge c 1890.
 Noyo River Mouth circa 1920's
 Noyo School circa 1905.
 Noyo with both bridges in. 1947 the new bridge is not being use yet.
 Noyo River after the New Bridge was built
 A view of the New Bridge at Noyo Harbor circa 1940's
 View of the Harbor from the Bridge 1950's??.
 Carine's Restaurant circa 1940 note the old Noyo bridge in the background.
 Noyo Anchor Inn Lounge.
 The Gate at the Noyo Auto Court Fort Bragg.
 Noyo Beach Auto Court
 Noyo King Salmon

 Salmon Creek Hotel.

 Little River Store and Post Office
 Silas Coombs General Mercantile pre 1916. L-R are Bob and Fred or Jim Prichard, Wm Coombs and Nellie Bunker.

 Glen Blair Mill circa 1900

 Gualala Mill in 1903
 Gualala Mill and Ferry 1890's.
 Gualala Mill and train load of logs.
 Gualala Mill Log dump.
 Gualala Mill and River in 1947.
 Taking on a Redwood! Al Hitchcock and A Copeland in the Gualala woods 1880's.
 Henry Hitchcock Tie Camp on the Gualala River 1890's.
 May be one of Hitchcocks Tie Camps in the Gualala Woods.
 John Philbrick's team hauling ties. Driver is Jaspar Hitchcock with John Ottoson.

 The South Fork Landing in the Gualala woods.
 Gualala Engine very early. This one had no brakes on it. They were very careful.
 Gualala circa 1915
 China Gulch Gualala looking North
 The First Gualala Hotel burned in about 1900.
 This is the second Gualala Hotel built in 1903.

 Bishops' Standard Station at Manchester

 Kasten Street Mendocino
 Old view of the town of Mendocino c 1880's.
 Old View of the Mendocino Shipping Point with a lighter being loaded from the chute.
 Lansing Street Mendocino
 Apple Hall Mendocino
 Mendocino Bay and lumber ship
 The Mendocino Mill "Maru" under way on Big River used to two logs and lumber.
 Logging cabins in Big River Woods. They fit right on the Bob cars to be moved.
 Mendocino Big River Beach and shipping point.
 Ferry Mendocino on San Francisco Bay
 The SS Romulus anchored in Mendocino Bay.

 CCC Camp at Russian Gulch near Mendocino
 CCC Camp at Russian Gulch??.
 CCC Camp Russian Gulch BIV.

 Navarro By the Sea and the old Wharf and rail leading to it.
 Navarro by the Sea Town, Mill, bridge, Wharf and Railroad. Note that even the Island is under cultivation.
 Navarro By the Sea
 Navarro River Bridge
 Navarro Mill and Workers Housing circa 1900.
 The Navarro Mill Company Store.
 The Navarro Mill engine about 1885.
 Navarro Mill (Was Wendling).
 Navarro Store 1949.

 A Train on the Flood Gate Testle about 1910.
 McDonald to the Sea Highway - Highway 128 out to Navarro by the Sea

 Wendling Now Navarro. This was when the Mill was in full operation.
 Wendling Mill in operation.
 Logs arriving in Wendling 1910.
 Wendling Log Train 1910 Clarence Stout engineer in car.
 Wendling  (Is now Navarro)
 Four Wheeling near Windling NEAT photo

 Salmon Creek and Bridge.

 Schooner Gulch and Bridge.

 Point Arena Coast Guard Station
 Point Arena Disotelle's
 Point Arena Drug Store Interior and Dr Pitts.
 First Point Arena Light House circa 1885.
 Remains of the Point Arena Light House March 1907
 Point Arean 1906 Earthquake damage on Main St.
 New Point Arena Light House 1909
 Christiansen Ranch near Point Arena 1900's.
 This is how they loaded ships at a "Baker Chute" - Point Arena.
 Another view of the Point Arena-Baker Chute
 A third view of Baker Chute and boats waiting to load.
 Point Arena Wharf
 Point Arena Wharf - Early View
 Point Arena School
 Garcia School near Point Arena Curtis Beebe in this class of 1899.
 Point Arena Oil Well
 Karn (Karen) and Peder Christiansen early settlers.
 Point Arena Parade
 Point Arena BEV.
 Point Arena Meat Market.
 Halliday Stable in Point Arena 1900's.
 Halliday and Howe Store just down from Halliday's Stable.
 Point Arean Old buildings and wagon Beebe's and Fugunsen.

 The Kenkoku Maru on the beach near Point Arena.

 Fish Story near Cuffy's Cove Boat load of Ling Cod. Charlie Li Foo an early barber is on the right

 Incline at Rollerville on the Garica River. Boards being lifted up the hill
 Rollerville Town near Point Arena.

 Iverson Landing Beebe family with loads of RR ties for shipping.
 Iverson Landing Chute.

 Ten Mile Bridge Dedication
 Ten Mile Bridge
 Ten Mile Bridge work.
 Ten Mile Loggers with a Redwood stump.

 Union Landing 1919. L-R Cookhouse, Bunkhouse, Family home, George Wages' home, Water Tank, Cow barn out toward the bluff.

 Rockport Mill
 Rockport Store and Mill Office on Highway 1.
 Rockport Mill (2)
 Cotteneva Lnb Co Rockport.
 Rockport Mill Cable chute, Island and bridge.
 Rockport Suspension Bridge - First on the West Coast

 Usal Early view looking West
 Usal Foggy day at the mill.
 Usal Mill and Housing.
 Usal Mill and Housing
 Usal logging housing for mill workers
 Usal Company Store
 Usal Mill looking East up the canyon
 Usal Mill building
 Usal Wharf

 De Haven Mill at Gorden Creek at De Haven.
 Dehaven Store and J A Gorden home.
 Dehaven woods 1904.

 Westport Mill Wharf
 Westport Landing circa 1888
 Westport Mill Wharf (2)
 Westport Town View
 Westport Town View circa 1920
 Westport Town View circa 1920

 Quad Tree before it became the World Famous Tree House

 Rider Mill Rider Gulch up Wages Creek circa 1889-1893.
 Rider Mill in Rider Gulch 1889-1893.
 Rider Mill in Rider Gulch 1889-1893.
 Tan Bark Operation.
 Tan Bark Operatoin.
 Tan Bark Operatoin Joking around.
 Tan Bark Operation.
 Tan Bark Operaion hauling to be shipped to the Bay Area.
 Tan Bark Operation hauling through Litle River. Note the double wagon setup. The dryed bark was very light weight.

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