Cemetery Locations in Chenango County, New York

Chenango County Cemetery Locations

Below is a list of over 300 cemeteries, burial grounds and burial plots that dot the landscape throughout Chenango County. To view a map of a cemetery's location, just click on the red map button. Many of the cemeteries and burial grounds are linked to lists of interments. To view the list of interments, just click on the green link button.

Many of the cemeteries have been called by different names at various times by various authors, groups or agencies. In the list below, I have tried to cross-reference all the known cemeteries with more than one name.

This is not a complete listing of all the cemeteries and burial grounds in the county, but I will be adding new cemeteries from lists I've gathered in the next several weeks. To complete the project, I will also be adding a list of cemeteries and burial grounds by town. For now, additional lists of cemeteries, burials and other interment information, please check the Chenango County GenWeb Cemetery Page.

If a list of burials or interments is not available on the Internet, you can write to the Chenango County Historian's Office, or write or e-mail Cathy Barton at the Otis Thompson History Room, Guernsey Memorial Library. Both addresses, and Cathy's e-mail address, are available on the Chenango County GenWeb Page and the Chenango County Genealogical Resources Page.

I have completed maps or known locatons for cemeteries in all Chenango County Towns:

Afton Bainbridge Columbus
Coventry German Greene
Guilford Lincklaen McDonough
New Berlin North Norwich Norwich
Otselic Oxford Pharsalia
Pitcher Plymouth Preston
Sherburne Smithville Smyrna
If you know the location of a cemetery or burial ground in Chenango County that is not on this list, please e-mail me and let me know the location of the cemetery. I will be glad to add it to this list.

Special thanks to Ronnie Aungst for providing a list and map of cemetery locations in the Town of Smithville and to Donna Burlingame Gividen for the information on the Old Burlingame Burial Ground.

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Cemetery Name Map?/List? Latitude & Longitude Town
Adams Farm Cemetery See Stewart's Corners Cemetery   Plymouth
Albee Cemetery map 423846N 0751952W New Berlin
Aldrich Cemetery map list 423339N 0752702W Norwich
Amblerville Farm Plot See Rich-Sage Cemetery   New Berlin
Arnold Cemetery map 423645N 0752122W New Berlin
Ashcraft Cemetery map 422845N 0754855W German
Aylesworth Cemetery map 423724N 0752634W New Berlin
Babcock Plot See Beckwith Cemetery   Pharsalia
Baptist Church Cemetery map 421738N 0752841W Bainbridge
Baptist Church Cemetery See East End Cemetery   Smyrna
Barber Farm Cemetery See Giles Cemetery   Norwich
Barnes Cemetery map 422056N 0755041W Greene
Barnes Cemetery See North Pharsalia Cemetery   Pharsalia
Barnes Farm Plot See Gregory Cemetery   Oxford
Beardsley Cemetery map 422714N 0753832W Oxford
Beardsley Family Plot   Not Located McDonough
Beardsley Farm Plot   Not Located McDonough
Beatty Farm Plot See Phillips Cemetery   New Berlin
Beckwith Plot map list 423332N 0754213W Pharsalia
Bellinger Cemetery map 423605N 0752728W Smyrna
Benedict Cemetery map Not found Pharsalia
Bennettsville Cemetery map list 421523N 0752702W Bainbridge
Birdsall Cemetery map 421829N 0754834W Greene
Bixby Cemetery map list 421714N 0752844W Bainbridge
Blackman Cemetery map 422733N 0753450W Oxford
Blackmans Cemetery See Headys Corners Cemetery   Plymouth
Bloom Cemetery map 423605N 0752728W North Norwich
Bly Cemetery map 421905N 0754342W Greene
Bolster-Edwards Cemetery See Edwards Cemetery   Pitcher
Bonney Cemetery map 423605N 0752728W Smyrna
Bosworth Farm Cemetery map list 423442N 0754314W Pharsalia
Brackel (Church) Cemetery map list 423313N 0755016W Pitcher
Brisben Baptist Church Cemetery map 422201N 0754047W Greene
Broad Cemetery map 421258N 0752540W Afton
Brooks Cemetery See Edmonds Cemetery   New Berlin
Brooks Cemetery See Brooksbank Cemetery   Oxford
Brooksbank Cemetery map  list 422326N 0753352W Oxford
Brown Cemetery map list 423347N 0754501W Pharsalia
Brown Cemetery map 423748N 0753552W Plymouth
Brown Cemetery map 423039N 0753803W Preston
Buell Cemetery See King Settlement Cemetery  list   North Norwich
Burdick Cemetery map list 423455N 0754714W Pharsalia
Burr-Hoag Cemetery See Phetterplace Cemetery   Norwich
Bush Cemetery map 421806N 0752803W Bainbridge
Butler Cemetery See Twitchell Cemetery   McDonough
Button Burial Plot map list 423256N 0754213W Pharsalia
Campbell Cemetery map 424202N 0752408W Columbus
Carter Farm Plot See Watson Cemetery   Greene
Carter School House Cemetery map list 424250N 0752140W Columbus
Center Cemetery map list 423556N 0754511W Pharsalia
Champlin Cemetery map list 423256N 0754120W Pharsalia
Chandlers Corners Cemetery See Hinman Cemetery   Pitcher
Chapel Cemetery See Old Chapel Cemetery   Coventry
Chapel Cemetery map 422201N 0754047W Greene
Chapin Hill Cemetery   Not Located New Berlin
Chase Cemetery   Not located Preston
Christ Church Cemetery map list 424048N 0752941W Sherburne
Church Cemetery See Millbrook Cemetery   Oxford
Church Hollow Cemetery map 421259N 0753708W Afton
Clark Cemetery See Campbell Cemetery   Columbus
Clark Cemetery   Not found Guilford
Cline, F. Cemetery 2 map 422543N 0754215W Smithville
Cline, P. Cemetery 2 map 422610N 0755110W Smithville
Close Farm Cemetery See Reynolds Cemetery   Smyrna
Cole Cemetery map 423122N 0752318W New Berlin
Cole Hill Cemetery map 423900N 0754114W Otselic
Collins Farm Cemetery          list Not found Norwich
Columbus Center Cemetery list list 424025N 0752153W Columbus
Columbus Corners Cemetery map list 424058N 0751943W Columbus
Colwell Cemetery map 423411N 0753354W Plymouth
Congregational Church Cemetery map 421729N 0752841W Bainbridge
Cook Farm Plot See Terwilliger Cemetery   Greene
Coon Cemetery map 423646N 0752621W New Berlin
Cooper Cemetery map 422141N 0753001W Guilford
Corbin Cemetery map 422856N 0754109W McDonough
Cornell Cemetery map 422709N 0752613W Guilford
Corning Cemetery map 423337N 0754947W Pitcher
Coventry Cemetery map 421854N 0753804W Coventry
Coventryville Cemetery map 421843N 0753552W Coventry
Cowles Cemetery map 422406N 0754345W Smithville
Cox Cemetery map 423801N 0753621W Plymouth
Crane Cemetery map list 423503N 0754636W Pharsalia
Crary Cemetery See Huntley Cemetery   Columbus
Cummings Cemetery   Not found Greene
Curtis Cemetery map 422646N 0753450W Oxford
Curtiss Cemetery map 422941N 0753802W Preston
Daniel Cemetery map 423259N 0753950W Preston
David Jackson Cemetery See Barnes Cemetery   Greene
Davis Cemetery map 421823N 0753108W Bainbridge
Davis Cemetery map list 422851N 0753151W Norwich
Davis Cemetery 2 map 422610N 0755110W Smithville
Deshom Cemetery   Not Located Preston
Dingman Farm Plot See Davis Cemetery   Smithville
Donnelly Cemetery map list 423322N 0753516W Plymouth
Dorman Cemetery map 422453N 0753020W Guilford
Downey Farm Plot See Eccleston Cemetery   Preston
Dunkin Plot map list 423819N 0752922W North Norwich
Dutch Hill Cemetery map 422830N 0754641W German
Dyer Cemetery map list 423641N 0752459W New Berlin
East Cemetery See Brown Cemetery   Plymouth
East Afton Cemetery See Broad Cemetery   Afton
East End Cemetery map  list 424116N 0753352W Smyrna
East Guilford Cemetery map 422028N 0752421W Guilford
East Hill Cemetery map list 424129N 0752715W Sherburne
East Pharsalia Cemetery map list 423315N 0754309W Pharsalia
East Side Cemetery map 421333N 0753107W Afton
Eccleston Cemetery   Not located; stones removed Preston
Eddy Cemetery 2 map 422714N 0754524W Smithville
Edmonds Cemetery map 423420N 0752403W New Berlin
Edwards Cemetery map list 423228N 0755239W Pitcher
Elliott Cemetery map 421532N 0754549W Greene
Elliott Farm Plot See Houghton Cemetery   Greene
English Cemetery map 421555N 0754904W Greene
Enos Cemetery map 422642N 0753454W Oxford
Evergreen Cemetery map 422900N 0752426W Norwich
Fairchild Cemetery 2 See Towsley-Fairchild Cemetery   Smithville
Fairview Cemetery map 423742N 0752342W New Berlin
Fanning Cemetery See Eccleston Cemetery   Preston
Fenner Cemetery map 423555N 0752342W New Berlin
Ferris #1 Cemetery map list 424111N 0753810W Smyrna
Ferris #2 Cemetery map 423952N 0753834W Smyrna
Finch Burial Ground map list 423549N 0755028W Pitcher
First Baptist Church Cemetery map list 421352N 0753132W Afton
First Settler's Burial Ground map 424058N 0753422W Smyrna
Flint Cemetery map 423152N 0754814W German
Fly Meadow Creek Cemetery map 423116N 0753656W Preston
Follett Cemetery See King Settlement Cemetery  list   North Norwich
Foote Cemetery map 422238N 0752622W Guilford
Ford Cemetery map 422731N 0755021W German
Foster Cemetery map 423123N 0753317W Norwich
Fosgate Farm Plot See Kenyon Cemetery   Pitcher
Four Corners Cemetery See Westview Cemetery   German
Franklin #1 Cemetery map 423243N 0753945W Preston
Franklin #2 Cemetery map 423227N 0753900W Preston
Freeman Cemetery map 423832N 0755137W Lincklaen
Frink Cemetery map list 423653N 0754125W Pharsalia
Gale Cemetery map 423110N 0754146W McDonough
Gale Farm Plot   Not Located McDonough
Gates Cemetery map list 422856N 0753247W Norwich
Genegantslet Cemetery map 422051N 0754810W Greene
German Hollow Cemetery See Seymour Cemetery   Plymouth
Giles Cemetery map list 422822N 0753237W Norwich
Glenwood Cemetery map 421354N 0753202W Afton
Godfrey Corners Cemetery map 422524N 0752627W Guilford
Gorham Cemetery See King Settlement Cemetery   North Norwich
Gospel Hill Cemetery map 422421N 0753056W Guilford
Gould Cemetery See Smith Cemetery   Preston
Green Lawn Cemetery map 421755N 0752906W Bainbridge
Greenwood Cemetery map list 423747N 0751951W New Berlin
Gregory Cemetery See King Settlement Cemetery   North Norwich
Gregory Cemetery map 422727N 0753247W Oxford
Griffin Cemetery See Medbury-Arnold Cemetery   New Berlin
Griswold Cemetery map 422848N 0755013W German
Gross Farm Plot See Chapel Cemetery   Greene
Gregory Farm Plot See Lamphere Cemetery   Oxford
Grove Park Cemetery map 423340N 0753148W North Norwich
Guilford Center Cemetery map 422430N 0752755W Guilford
Guy/Reed Cemetery map list 421247N 0753424W Afton
Hackett Cemetery map 422455N 0753740W Oxford
Hall Cemetery map 423045N 0753606W Preston
Hamilton Farm Plot   Not located Guilford
Hamilton Farm Plot See Tillotson Cemetery   McDonough
Harris Cemetery   Not located Guilford
Harris Cemetery See Foster Cemetery   Norwich
Harrisville Cemetery map list 424050N 0752749W Sherburne
Harvey Cemetery map list 423247N 0754924W Pitcher
Hawley Cemetery See Reynolds Cemetery   Smyrna
Heady's Corners (Heady) Cemetery map list 423335N 0753706W Preston
Hendrick Cemetery   Not located Guilford
Hinman Cemetery map list 423515N 0755056W Pitcher
Hitesite Cemetery See Reynolds Cemetery   Smyrna
Hoag Cemetery See Phetterplace Cemetery   Norwich
Holmesville Burying Ground map list 423100N 0752356W New Berlin
Hopkins Cemetery map 424004N 0750754210W Otselic
Horton Cemetery map 422217N 0754809W Greene
Houghton Cemetery map 421743N 0754713W Greene
Howard Cemetery map list 424338N 0752546W Sherburne
Hull Cemetery See Mead Cemetery   Oxford
Huntley Cemetery map 424402N 0752229W Columbus
Indian Cemetery map 422937N 0755039W German
Ingersoll-Rand Cemetery See Union Valley Cemetery   Bainbridge
Ives Farm Plot See Hendrick Cemetery   Guilford
Ives Settlement Cemetery map 422243N 0752733W Guilford
Jaquin Cemetery map 422002N 0752821W Guilford
John D. Lewis Cemetery map 423149N 0753820W Preston
Jennison Cemetery map list 422914N 0752912W Norwich
Kales Hill Cemetery See Pike-Hawkins Cemetery   Coventry
Keech Cemetery See Turner Cemetery   Preston
Kendricks Cemetery map 424000N 0752635W Sherburne
Kenyon Cemetery map list 423339N 0754932W Pitcher
King I Cemetery See King Settlement Cemetery   North Norwich
King II Cemetery See King Settlement Cemetery   North Norwich
King Settlement Cemetery map 423541N 0752741W North Norwich
Kirby Cemetery map 421540N 0752910W Bainbridge
Kirk Cemetery See North Pharsalia Cemetery   Pharsalia
Kit Frink Cemetery See Aldrich Cemetery   Norwich
Knapp Cemetery See Harris Cemetery   Guilford
Knickerbocker Cemetery 2 map list 422359N 0754531W Smithville
Lambs Cemetery See Columbus Corners Cemetery   Columbus
Lamphere Cemetery map 422507N 0753229W Oxford
Lane Cemetery map list 423940N 0755203W Lincklaen
Lane Hill Cemetery See Lane Cemetery   Lincklaen
Latham Cemetery   Not located Guilford
Levee Cemetery map list 423617N 0753830W Plymouth
Lewis Cemetery map 422958N 0754650W McDonough
Lewis Cemetery See Edmonds Cemetery   New Berlin
Lincklaen Center Cemetery map list 424237N 0755101W Lincklaen
Little Falls Cemetery See Mead Cemetery   Oxford
Lloyd Cemetery map 424231N 0751902W Columbus
Loomis Cemetery map 422606N 0753953W Smithville
Lord Burial Ground map list 423405N 0754845W Pitcher
Lord Burial Plot map list 423432N 0754726W Pharsalia
Lower Genegantslet Cemetery map 421757N 0754821W Greene
Lower Page Brook Cemetery See Elliott Cemetery   Greene
Lower Phelps Cemetery map 423225N 0752225W New Berlin
Lower Smithville Flats Cemetery 2 map 422320N 0754828W Smithville
Maple Grove Cemetery See Lower Smithville Flats Cemetery   Smithville
Maple Grove Cemetery map 424238N 0754352W Otselic
Maplewood Cemetery map 422453N 0752251W Guilford
Mason-Packer Cemetery See Samuel E. Lewis Cemetery   Preston
McDonough Town Road Cemetery See Beardsley Cemetery   Oxford
McNitt Cemetery map list 422952N 0753051W Norwich
Mead Cemetery map 422339N 0753615W Oxford
Medbury Cemetery map 423631N 0752410W New Berlin
Medbury-Arnold Cemetery map 423740N 0753756W New Berlin
Melondy Hill Cemetery map 421210N 0752755W Afton
Merrick Cemetery map 422225N 0753350W Oxford
Millbrook Cemetery map 422545N 0753724W Oxford
Miller Cemetery map 422327N 0753721W Oxford
Miller Cemetery map 422439N 0754224W Smithville
Mollie Burial Plot map list 423336N 0754507W Pharsalia
Monroe Cemetery map 423402N 0754059W Pharsalia
Moore Cemetery map 422759N 0754113W McDonough
Moore Cemetery map 422431N 0753425W Oxford
Moore Cemetery 2 See Towsley-Moore Cemetery   Smithville
Morgan Cemetery map 422326N 0752418W Guilford
Morse Cemetery map 421938N 0754808W Greene
Mount Hope Cemetery map 423104N 0753131W Norwich
Mount Upton Cemetery See Maplewood Cemetery   Guilford
Nash Cemetery map 422941N 0754816W German
Neff Cemetery map list 425423N 0754508W Pharsalia
Neidlinger Farm Burial Ground See Union Valley Cemetery   Bainbridge
Neidlinger Farm Plot See Jaquin Cemetery   Guilford
Nevins Farm Plot See Blackman Cemetery   Oxford
Newton Cemetery map list 423656N 0754352W Pharsalia
Nichols Cemetery 2 map  list 422612N 0754131W Smithville
Niesh Cemetery See Aldrich Cemetery   Norwich
Nineveh Cemetery See Guy/Reed Cemetery   Afton
North Afton Cemetery map 421625N 0753230W Afton
North Canal Street Cemetery map 421958N 0754608W Greene
North Guilford Cemetery map 422709N 0752829W Guilford
North Norwich Cemetery map 423707N 0753110W North Norwich
North Pitcher Episcopal Church Cemetery map list 423730N 0754908W Pitcher
North Pharsalia Cemetery map list 423634N 0754201W Pharsalia
North Side Burying Ground map 423746N 0753656W Plymouth
Northwest Corners Cemetery map list 423745N 0754618W Pharsalia
Norwich Quarter Cemetery map list 423318N 0752801W Norwich
Oak Grove Cemetery map list 421457N 0754943W Greene
Old Burlingame Burial Ground 1 map list 423114N 0753054W Norwich
Old Chapel Cemetery map 421702N 0753931W Coventry
Old Greene Burial Ground See North Canal Street Cemetery   Greene
Packer-Mason Cemetery map 423210N 0753554W Preston
Padget Cemetery map 422357N 0753327W Oxford
Palmer Cemetery map list 424425N 0752624W Sherburne
Palmer's Corners Cemetery See Palmer Cemetery   Sherburne
Parks Cemetery map 421806N 0752713W Bainbridge
Pearsall Cemetery map 421833N 0752701W Bainbridge
Pendleton Cemetery map list 424202N 0752408W Columbus
Pendleton Cemetery map list 422923N 0753128W Norwich
Perkins Cemetery map 424212N 0751916W Columbus
Perkins Cemetery   Not Located New Berlin
Perkins Cemetery 2 map list 422626N 0754557W Smithville
Perkins Farm Cemetery See Nichols Cemetery   Smithville
Perry Cemetery map list 423537N 0754022W Pharsalia
Petley Cemetery See Maplewood Cemetery   Guilford
Petley Farm Plot See Morgan Cemetery   Guilford
Phetteplace Cemetery map 423156N 0754338W McDonough
Phetterplace Cemetery map list 422856N 0752729W Norwich
Phillips Cemetery map 423225N 0752350W New Berlin
Phillips #2 Cemetery map 423820N 0753330W New Berlin
Pike-Hawkins Cemetery map 421854N 0753804W Coventry
Pink Hill Cemetery map list 423723N 0755142W Pitcher
Pitcher Congregational Church Cemetery map list 423452N 0755135W Pitcher
Plasterville Cemetery See Riverside Rural Cemetery   North Norwich
Pleasant View Cemetery See Riverview Cemetery   Oxford
Pond Cemetery See Towsley-Pond Cemetery   Smithville
Presbyterian (now Episcopalian) Cemetery map 422953N 0754650W McDonough
Preston Corners Cemetery See Wait Cemetery   Preston
Prince Farm Cemetery See Parks Cemetery   Bainbridge
Prosser Cemetery map Not found New Berlin
Quaker Cemetery map list 424041N 0753428W Smyrna
Quarter Cemetery map list 424134N 0753027W Sherburne
Railroad Cemetery See Kirby Cemetery   Bainbridge
Ramsdale Cemetery map list 424420N 0752638W Sherburne
Randall-Miles Farm Plot See McNitt Cemetery   Norwich
Red School House Cemetery map list 424315N 0755323W Lincklaen
Reynolds Cemetery map 424005N 0753351W Smyrna
Rhode Island Cemetery map list 424023N 0754805W Lincklaen
Rich-Sage Cemetery map 423215N 0753206W New Berlin
Ring Farm Plot See Widger Cemetery   Preston
Riverside #1 Cemetery map 423125N 0752318W New Berlin
Riverside #2 Cemetery map 423128N 0752322W New Berlin
Riverside Rural Cemetery map  list 423512N 0753136W North Norwich
Riverview Cemetery map 422630N 0753503W Oxford
Robbins Cemetery map 424123N 0754130W Otselic
Robbins Cemetery map 423902N 0752537W Sherburne
Robinson Cemetery map 423519N 0752337W New Berlin
Robinson Farm Plot See Moore Cemetery   Oxford
Rockdale Cemetery See Morgan Cemetery   Guilford
Rogers Cemetery map 423035N 0753804W Preston
Ross Cemetery map 422631N 0753559W Oxford
Rounds Cemetery map 422302N 0753437W Oxford
Saint Andrew's Cemetery map list 423717N 0752002W New Berlin
Saint Joseph's Cemetery map 422634N 0753620W Oxford
Saint Malachy's Cemetery map list 424125N 0752847W Sherburne
Saint Paul's Cemetery map 423333N 0753139W Norwich
Saint Peter's Cemetery map 421728N 0752852W Bainbridge
Samuel E. Lewis Cemetery map 422922N 0753528W Preston
Sawmill Road Burial Ground See Finch Burial Ground   Pitcher
Scribner Cemetery map list 423538N 0752014W New Berlin
Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery map 423034N 0753802W Preston
Seventh Day Hollow Cemetery map 424107N 0754540W Otselic
Seymour Cemetery   Not Located Plymouth
Shapley Cemetery map 422423N 0753334W Oxford
Shapley Farm Plot See Padget Cemetery   Oxford
Sherburne Four Corners Cemetery See Volmer's Farm Cemetery   Sherburne
Sherman Cemetery map 423505N 0752501W New Berlin
Sherwood Cemetery map 422704N 0753720W Oxford
Shumway Hill Cemetery See Cornell Cemetery   Guilford
Sipple Farm Cemetery See Bixby Cemetery   Bainbridge
Skillman Cemetery   Not Located McDonough
Skillman Cemetery See Waldron Cemetery   Smithville
Slater Cemetery See Donnelly Cemetery   Plymouth
Smith Cemetery map 422032N 0752730W Guilford
Smith Cemetery   Not Located Oxford
Smith Cemetery map 422852N 0753350W Preston
Smithville Flats Cemetery See Upper Smithville Flats Cemetery   Smithville
Soper Cemetery map list 423447N 0754916W Pitcher
South Hill Cemetery See Smith Cemetery   Guilford
South Oxford Cemetery See Hackett Cemetery   Oxford
South Plymouth Cemetery map 423435N 0753309W Plymouth
South Side Cemetery map 423656N 0753553W Plymouth
Stafford Cemetery map 422807N 0753749W Preston
Stanbro Cemetery map list 424037N 0754121W Otselic
State Street Cemetery See Village Cemetery   Oxford
Stead Farm Plot   Not located Guilford
Stebbins Cemetery map 423944N 0753729W Smyrna
Steere Cemetery map 423132N 0754001W McDonough
Steere Cemetery map 423856N 0751952W New Berlin
Stevens Cemetery map 421219N 0753720W Afton
Stewart's Corners Cemetery map 423616N 0753509W Plymouth
Stockwell Cemetery See Jaquin Cemetery   Guilford
Stover Cemetery map 423921N 0753413W Smyrna
Sunset Hill Cemetery map 422423N 0752953W Guilford
Sylvan Lawn Cemetery map 421936N 0754540W Greene
Tallett Cemetery map 423955N 0754329W Otselic
Ten Broeck Cemetery map 422234N 0753920W Oxford
Terwilliger Cemetery map 421508N 0754931W Greene
Tiffany Cemetery map 423513N 0752728W North Norwich
Tillotsen Cemetery map 421512N 0754346W Greene
Tillotson Cemetery map list 424325N 0752533W Columbus
Tillotson Cemetery   Not Located McDonough
Towsley-Fairchild Cemetery 2 map 422600N 0754451W Smithville
Towsley-Moore Cemetery 2 map 422540N 0754357W Smithville
Towsley-Pond Cemetery map 422522N 0754343W Smithville
Tremain Cemetery map 422141N 0754056W Greene
Trestle Cemetery See Foote Cemetery   Guilford
Tucker Burial Plot          list Not Located Pharsalia
Turner Cemetery map 423002N 0753431W Preston
Twitchell Cemetery map 423045N 0754325W McDonough
Ufford Corners Cemetery map list 723748N 0754830W Pitcher
Union Cemetery See Coventry Cemetery   Coventry
Union Cemetery map 422959N 0754618W McDonough
Union Valley Cemetery map Not located Bainbridge
Unknown Cemetery map Not located New Berlin
Unnamed #1 Cemetery map 423227N 0754138W McDonough
Unnamed #1 Cemetery map Not Located Oxford
Unnamed #2 Cemetery map 422953N 0754600W McDonough
Unnamed #2 Cemetery   Not Located Oxford
Unnamed #3 Cemetery map 422828N 0754337W McDonough
Upper Geneganslet Cemetery map 422052N 0754808W Greene
Upper Page Brook Cemetery map 421740N 0754246W Greene
Upper Phelps Cemetery map 423239N 0752220W New Berlin
Upper Smithville Flats Cemetery 2 map 422356N 0754827W Smithville
Upper Tyner Cemetery See Willcox Cemetery   Smithville
Valley View Cemetery map 423843N 0754655W Otselic
Van Ness Cemetery map 421912N 0754340W Greene
Van Wagenen Cemetery map 422647N 0753448W Oxford
Village Cemetery See Greenwood Cemetery   New Berlin
Village Cemetery map 422636N 0753608W Oxford
Volmer's Farm Cemetery map list Not located Sherburne
Vroman Cemetery map list 423530N 0754204W Pharsalia
Wait Cemetery map 423156N 0753726W Preston
Wakeman Cemetery See Stevens Cemetery   Afton
Waldron Cemetery 2 map 422525N 0754707W Smithville
Warn-Ten Broeck Cemetery See Ten Broeck Cemetery   Oxford
Watson Cemetery map 422018N 0754545W Greene
Wayside Rest Cemetery map list 423036N 0754711W Pharsalia
Welch Farm Cemetery See Lloyd Cemetery   Columbus
Wells Cemetery map 423029N 0753405W Preston
West Cemetery See Medbury Cemetery   New Berlin
West Bainbridge Cemetery map list 421920N 0753209W Bainbridge
West End Cemetery map 424115N 0753438W Smyrna
West Hill Cemetery map  list 424140N 0753156W Sherburne
Westview Cemetery map 422930N 0755142W German
Whipple Farm Plot   Not Located McDonough
White Cemetery map 422136N 0752709W Guilford
White Cemetery map list 423404N 0754146W Pharsalia
White Farm Plot See Albee Cemetery   New Berlin
Whitmarsh Cemetery map 422207N 0754806W Greene
White Store Cemetery See Evergreen Cemetery   Norwich
Widger Cemetery map 422927N 0753849W Preston
Wightman Cemetery map list 423343N 0752406W New Berlin
Wilcok Cemetery map 424317N 0753318W Smyrna
Wilcox Cemetery map 422535N 0753827W Oxford
Willcox Cemetery map list 422639N 0753953W Smithville
Wilcox Farm Plot See Hackett Cemetery   Oxford
Willard Cemetery map list 421459N 0754941W Greene
Willcox Cemetery See Wilcok Cemetery   Smyrna
Willoughby Farm Plot See Shapley Cemetery   Oxford
Winston Cemetery map 421706N 0754356W Greene
Woodlawn Cemetery map list 424020N 0755215W Lincklaen
Woods Corners Cemetery map 423258N 0753250W Norwich
WRC (New York State) Veterans Home Cemetery map 422646N 0753439W Oxford
Wright Farm Plot See Merrick Cemetery   Oxford
Wyatt Cemetery map 423154N 0754856W German
Wylie Cemetery map 421708N 0753819W Coventry
Yale Cemetery map 422101N 0753042W Guilford
Yale Cemetery map 423135N 0754541W McDonough
Yaleville Cemetery map 422141N 0753001W Guilford
Yeomans Cemetery map 423102N 0753720W Preston

Thanks to the following contributors:
1 - Donna Burlingame Gividen
2 - Ronnie Aungst

Feel free to e-mail me with comments, suggestions or information about cemetery locations.

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