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The picture above is the old centre of Zuidhorn, province Groningen, The Netherlands about 1980. This picture was taken from the west by airplane. At the left on the picture, you see an almost straight street with one white care and a combination of a white car and a white mobile home plus one red car below. This is Nieuwstraat. Directly to the right of where the mobile home is parked the house with a dark blue roof tiles is the actual house where Arent Feikes Overkamp was born in 1817 (father unknown) and his mother Reina Jans Overkamp temporarily lived until she married Jannes Pieters Schuil and relocated to Noordhorn. At the bottom of the picture, situated practically in the middle you can see the old cemetery of Zuidhorn where all people were buried who died between 1840 and 1960, some graves were removed because of falling apart. It is on this cemetery where Reinder Overkamp Sr. and Renje Pluister were buried in January 1937. Antje Overkamp, sister of Reinder Overkamp Sr. was also buried here. Unfortunately, these graves are not on the picture. They are situated more to the west. When you look at the picture almost on top and almost in the middle you see a light brown six storey apartment building and behind it a complex of buildings. This is Het Zonnehuis. It is a revalidation centre/hospital and caring centre with professional nurses. In this centre Reinder Overkamp Jr. and his wife Marchien Onnes died (1972/1974). Just in front of this light brown apartment building, a little below to the left you can discover this typical Dutch facade. This is the west facade of the Town Hall. At the top of the picture almost in the left corner, you see a grey road leaving the picture. This is the main road to the city of Groningen, which is about 7 miles from Zuidhorn. You can also see the railroad as a thin line in the green fields going to the right and slowly upwards. No doubt, you can discover the church on the utmost right on the picture. This is De Nederlands Hervormde Kerk (Dutch Protestant Church that was build around 1600. Many of our ancestors got married there. Reina Jans Overkamp was baptized there. Jan Reints Overkamp was baptized there and his parents Reind Simons Overkamp and Trijntje Harms were married there as well. All of our ancestors who died before 1840 were buried here around the church. However, unfortunately no gravestone survived. It is even likely that they had no gravestones or tombs, because they might easily have been too poor to buy one.

Information Source & picture:
Reinder van Til, grandson of Reinder Overkamp Jr. and Marchien Onnes.
**Thank you very much, cousin Reinder!**


We are trying to find a family link with one or more of the surnames: ELDER, SCOTT or LOW with DUNCAN in Scotland, possibly in the DUNDEE / ANGUS area.

We are also interested in the following areas:

DUNDEE Jute Mfg. (especially James SCOTT & Sons, Ltd.).
A DEWAR or NEISH diamond mine in Africa (1800's or early1900's)
River Clyde shipbuilding, especially in GLASGOW.
A Jam Company owned by a LOW family based in New York state around the 1840’s.


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