By Sherry Smith Stancliff and Robert C. Stancliff

Published by S. S. Research, Library of Congress No. 95-78956, Copyright 1995

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This book is a comprehensive genealogy and history of American Stancliff, Stancliffe and Stanclift (and other spellings) descendants of immigrant ancestors of James Stanclift from Old Lyme and Middletown, CT; Rev. John Stancliff and Benjamin Stancliff of Philadelphia, PA; David Stancliffe of Lake County, IL; John Stancliffe of Pittsburgh, PA; and New York City. IT IS THE ONLY KNOWN PUBLISHED AUTHENTIC GENEALOGY OF THE STANCLIFF AND ALLIED FAMILIES IN AMERICA. It follows the migration of the families throughout the United States including AL, AR, AZ, CA, Canada, CO, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, ND, NE, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, and WV for 10+ generations.

Over 2650 individuals named Stancliff /Stancliffe /Stanclift including children of married Stancliff women have been identified and related to their ancestors. The index lists an estimated 7,500 individuals. This genealogy includes about 175 "Allied" families from which spouses are descended. The book is fully name and place indexed and source referenced with a coat of arms and sketch of the house built by James Stanclift in about 1690. It contains over 550 pages and is hard cloth bound and of "library" quality. Nearly 350 copies of this book have been purchased by Descendants, Libraries, and Genealogical and Historical Societies.   It has been awarded the Connecticut Society of Genealogists 1996 Literary Awards Grand Prize for Genealogy and the Ohio Genealogical Society 1997 First Prize for an Ohio Related Family History.

The majority of the ten plus generations of Stancliff's in America are descended from the immigrant Yorkshire, England stone cutter named James Stanclift of Middletown, CT. James was first found in the Old Lyme, CT in 1684. In about 1690 he was the first settler (the founder) to build a house and live in what is now Portland, CT a fact commemorated by a Connecticut State sign by the Portland Court House. He opened the famous Portland, CT brownstone quarries that were later the source of stone for the brownstone mansions of New York, Philadelphia and Boston. The Washington Monument in Washington D.C. was to be built with stones from each of the states. The stone from CT was from what was once the Stanclift brownstone quarry. The campaigns and battles that Revolutionary War, War 0f 1812, and Civil War soldier's units participated in during the time of their service are linked to this file.  (Click on the above links)

The Stancliff/Stancliffe/Stanclift surname originated in 1274 when surnames were first becoming established in the Shibden Valley, near Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. The first head of the family was known as John de Stanclyf or John of the stone cliff. It is believed that nearly all individuals of that name and similar spellings in both America and England are descended from this ancestor and thus are all cousins. The family grew in the Halifax area and owned at least three large land holdings known as Scout, Hagstocks, and New Hey. Scout Hall built in 1680 on the site of the first Stancliff houses named Scout still exists.

Surnames of families "Allied" to the Stancliffs cited 4 or more times in the text are as follows: Those now included in this site are underlined and linked. To access them click on the name.  If the link you desire is not available, please send an e-mail to and indicate your relationship to the family in question.

Families of Stanclift, Stancliff, Stancliffe are included in these internet pages.   To access them click on their name:  Links to generation 9 and 10 and later are not included since some are still living.


Adams, Adamson, Aldrich, Allen, Allen2, Allin, Alward, Anderson, Andrews, Anthony, Argenbright, Armstrong, Ashley, Bacon, Bailey, Baker, Balcom, Barber, Barnes, Barr, Barrett, Barron, Bartel, Basset, Bates, Baxter, Beach, Beagle, Beam, Beck, Beckwith, Beebe, Beigh, Belden, Bell, Benedict, Bennaway, Benner, Benton, Berg, Berry, Bevin, Bidwell, Bird, Blair, Blake, Blandvelt, Blannot, Blinn, Blue, Bolster, Bollinger, Booge, Booth, Boring, Borland, Boughton, Bowman, Brainerd, Brant, Brayman, Bricket, Briggs, Brimhall, Broadwell, Brooks, Broughon, Brounson, Brown, Buck, Bunce, Burks, Burnham, Burrows, Campbell, Carey, Carlson, Carpenter, Carr, Carrier, Carter, Case, Castle, Chadwick, Chadwick1, Chaffee, Chapman, Chidsey, Childs, Chilson, Chinn, Christy, Church, Churchill, Claar, Clark, Clayton, Coffman, Colby, Cole, Comer, Conforti, Consolver, Cook, Cooper, Corbet, Cornwall, Cornwell, Cottrell, Covert, Cox, Crago, Crandall, Crawford, Cross, Crouch, Crow, Crumm, Cuna, Cunningham, Curtis, Davis1, Davis2, Dawson, Deacon, Decker, Delong, Deming, Demoss, Dempsey, Dennis, Denny, Deshon, Devoe, Dewey, Dewitt, Dickens, Doege, Doty, Douglas, Downs, Downs1, Drake, Drown, Dudley, Duffy, Duffy1, Duhadway, Duhl, Dunn, Dupree, Durant, Durham, Durkee, Duset, Earle, Earle2, Eaton, Eddy, Eddy2, Edwards, Ellis, Emery, Ennis, Ensign, Escola, Evans, Fabrygel, Fazekas, Fifield, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Fitzgibbon, Fitzpatrick, Fleming, Flick, Flory, Flower, Fluegel, Foote, Ford, Foster, Fox, Francis, Francis1,   Franklin, French, Fritts, Frost, Fuller, Fuller2, Gabel, Gardner, Garfield, Garland, Gates, Geist, Gibbs1, Gibbs2, Giddings, Giddings1, Giddings2, Gieselman, Gilbert, Gilkeson, Gill, Gillen, Gleeton, Goff, Golden, Goodale, Goodale1Goodrich, Goodrich2Gore, Gould, Graff, Graham, Grant, Gray, Green, Griffen, Griswold, Groton, Grover, Haffa, Hagen, Haight, Hale, Hale2, Hall, Halliday, Hamilton, Hanson, Hapgood, Hardy, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Harter, Hartshorn, Hartwig, Harvey, Hassinger, Hastings, Haught, Hawley, Haybarger, Hayes, Hayford, Hazelton, Hearn, Heath, Helms, Hewes, Hicks, Hicks2, Higby, Hill, Hilliard, Hinman, Hock, Holder, Hollis, Hollister, Holmes, Holt, Hoover, Hopkins, Horack, Houghton, Howard, Howe, Hoyt, Hubbard, Huber, Hudson, Huffman, Hull, Hunt, Hurd, Hyatt, Ingram, Ingram1, Irwin, Isaacs, Jablonski, Jackson, Jacquin, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Joslyn, Judd, Jyurovat, Karker, Keeler, Keeton, Keiler, Keith, Keller, Kelly, Kelsey, Kelsey1, Kendrick, Kenny, Kershaw, Kice, Kidwell, King, Kizziar, Knapp, Knapp2, Knigge, Kobleur, Kruger, Kummer, Lake, Lane, Lange, Lawrence, Leach, Leary, Lee, Lee2, Leedom, Lehman, Lester, Lew, Lew, Lewis1, Lewis2, Lloyd, Lockwood, Loester, Long, Loomis, Lord, Love, Loveless, Lowe, Lowry, Lupton, Maether, Mallory, Mankin, Manley, Mann, Manning, Marner, Marsh, Martin, May, Maynard, McAllister, McCann, McClain, McCray, McDonald, McFarland, McIntyre, McMillen, McNish, McPheeter, McQuiston, Mercer, Merrill, Meyer, Middleton, Miles, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Mix, Mix1, Mix2,   Moffet, Moline, Montonye, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Morse, Moses, Mosher, Munger, Munroe, Mussen, Neely, Nelson, Neuhaus, Newcomb, Newman, Nicholas, Nichols, Nickell, Niebert, Nordman, O'Donley, Odell, Olds, Olds2, Oliver, Ollis, Olmstead, Olsen, Oney, Ore, Orendorf, Osborn, Padilla, Palmer, Parker, Parkinson, Parson, Patrick, Pavlos, Payne, Peacock, Peak, Pease, Peck, Peek, Peters, Phelps, Phillips, Pierce, Pinkepank, Pinney, Pitcher, Pitkin, Pittman, Pohlman, Porter, Potter, Powars, Pratt, Prindle, Proctor, Proper, Prouty, Purdy, Putnam, Queen, Ragan, Ramey, Ramin, Randall, Ranney, Read, Redman, Reed, Reich, Reynolds, Riblet, Rice, Riggs, Ritchie, Robards/Roberts, Robinson, Rockwell, Rogers, Roland, Ross, Rowe, Rowley, Russell, Safford, Sage, Samford, Sanford (See Bunce and WoodIII), Sauer, Sawyer, Sayre, Schar, Scheffel, Schmuker, Schneider, Schriber, Scott, Scott2Scott3, Seager, Seamon, Sedgwick, See, Severens, Shafer, Shaw, Shay, Sheline, Shepard, Sherwood, Shipman, Siebert, Simmons, Slade, Slade1, Smith, Southmayd, Southwick, Speakman, Spear, Spencer, Squire, Stackhouse, Stafford, Stanbrough, Standeven, Stanley, Stephens, Stevens, Stevison1, Stevison2, Stewart, Stilson, Stocking, Strader, Strader2, Strader3, Strawser, Strickland, Strong, Stuart, Swantko, Swartz, Sweet, Swift, Talmage, Tate, Taylor, Tennant, Theriault, Thom, Thomas, Thompson, Throckmorton, Tillotson, Timmons, Tinker, Tootle, Torrey, Tracy, Treankler, Trede, Trembly, Tripp, Tripp2, Tucker, Underwood, Valentine, Van Camp, Van Hosen, Vancise, Vaughn, Vernon, Von Wuperfield, Vorse, Wade, Walden, Walker, Waller, Walters, Ward, Ward, Warner, Watkins, Watson, Way, Webb, Webster, Weed, Weekley, Weesner, Welles, Wells, Wescott, Wetmore, Wheeler, Whipple, White, Whitmore, Whitney, Whittaker,Whittington, Wieger, Wilcox, Wilder, Wiles, Willard, Willard1, Williams, Williams2, WilliamsFam1, Wilson, Winchester, Winn, Winslow, Wise, Wiswell,   Wiswell1, Witt, Wolcott, Wood, WoodIII, Woolbridge, Woolridge, Wright, Wrigley,   Yost, Young, Zizzi

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Linked to this Web Site is the first Chapter of this book.  It describes the origin in England of the Stancliffe Family.

The Stancliff Family in England.

James Stanclift the immigrant (Ca. 1638-1712)

Stanclift Gravestone Carvers by J. A. Slater

Gravestone Research by Sherry S. Stancliff  Includes John Hall in Riverside Cemetery

James Stancliff Jr. (1712 - 1785)

Photos of Buildings and Items of Interest in UK including Map to Scout Hall.

Possible Stancliff Family Descent from Royalty

Stambrough Perigrene Stancliff son of James Stanclift Jr. and first settler of Cobourg, Canada and McArthur, Vinton County, OH

Added Links to Giles Goodrich, Joshua Goodrich and Sylvender Darius Hanson Families.

Allied Family County Connections:

Stark County, Illinois


Stark County, Illinois:  

Portland, CT History - carved in stone by Doris Sharrow

Ruth [Johnson] Stancliff Family

Perry Zizzi Home Page (Stancliff Family)

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