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The oldest known member of the Foster family is Andrew Foster, who was born ca 1579 in England and died in 1685 in Andover MA at age 106. Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of New England,Vol.11 and tell us that before living in Andover, he lived in Glouster, MA, where he was constable in 1646. He was living in Andover by 1653, when he was excused from military service dure to his age. He became a freedman in Andover in 1664. His will, dated 18 April 1685, states that he was "very aged".

Anne Foster, Andrew's widow, was accused of witchcraft in the late spring or early summer of 1692,m according to History of Andover MA She was examined four times in the summer of 1692, and readily agreed to whatever her accusers asked her to say, except for one thing: she refused to denounce her daughter, Mary Lacey, and her granddaughter. For this she was condemned, but she died in jail before the sentence could be carried out. Go to the link for a partial transcript of her testimony.

This researcher has focused upon the descendents through these sons and grandsons of Andrew Foster: Andrew > Abraham >Isaac > William. There are data on two of William's sons, Andrew and Eliab, and their descendants.

Additional information on the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will be added as they are found. For more information on these generations, please go to Ruedger, Foster, and Related Families at WorldConnect.