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Compiled by Russell Hudson, December 2005. Updated 13 March 2012

Gertrude and Clyde Wolfenden, "Bird Farm", Talbot Victoria

Gertie Wolfenden and her brother Clyde with Russell Hudson, at "Bird Farm", Victoria in February 1988. Gertie and Clyde Wolfenden are children of Lizzie Hudson, the sister of my grandfather Thomas Hudson.

Sadly, Clyde passed away in the year 2000 and Gertie died on 23 April 2010, just short of her 96th birthday, which was due to be celebrated on 28 May 2010.

In March 1980, I wrote to a number of Hudson relatives living in the Clunes District, seeking information on William Hudson and his descendants. Gertie responded on behalf of her aged aunt, Ruby Jane Hudson/Weatherson (another sister of my grandfather), and provided me with a wealth of information on the family of William Hudson and Mary Jane Goddard, whose small farm "Sunny Brow"was  located on the Smeaton Plains at  Lord Clyde between the towns of Clunes and Smeaton. From our first correspondence up to her death in 2010  Gertie and I have kept in touch through letters and by visits to her home on "Bird Farm" and more recently at the hostel where she was resident in  Maryborough.

Gertie will be remembered as the most senior of all the descendants of William Hudson and Mary Jane Goddard. Throughout her life she maintained a keen interest in the branches of the Hudson family and was in frequent contact with many of her relatives.

In addition to her genealogical contributions, Gertie was active on "Bird Farm", where she worked hard with her brother Clyde, and she also made a significant contribution to community activities in the region between Clunes and Maryborough.

(Photograph Hud-fam-295, Jenny Hudson, 1988)

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On my home page I acknowledge that this compilation would not have been possible without the assistance I have received from relatives, friends, and web-mates, and from the many officials in libraries, record offices, shire offices, churches and genealogical societies. The "credits" component of this page provides me with the opportunity to record my gratitude to some of the individuals and reference centres who have contributed to the knowledge of the Hudson Family. To anyone I have inadvertently omitted, I express my sincere apologies.  Please remind me so I  can include my appreciation for your  help in a future update of this page. Acknowledgement for help in studying the Dunstan, Clarke and Cuttle Families will be made at a later time.

In addition to the advice and assistance I have received from the individuals mentioned above, I have used published information of relevance to the study. This includes material available in book form, in journals and on the web. The following list of "links" is very much a work in progress, but includes some of the important and interesting reference materials I have used during the study of the Hudson Family. More material will be added to both the Hudson Family sources and to those for the Dunstan, Clarke and Cuttle Families.


Events, Amendments and Additions to the Site from 2005 to 2010


Descendants of James Hudson (1878-1962). Entry made on 19 December 2010. Deanne Elizabeth Guthrie (nee Lamb), a great granddaughter of James Hudson (1878-1962) has provided details of marriages and births in the line from Norma Joyce Hudson and husband William Earnest Lamb through their first son William Hudson Lamb and wife Elizabeth Joy Rowe. Her contribution adds another thirteen descendants to the list. For the new entries see (Table of the Descendants).
Descendants of Joseph Edmund Hudson (1890-1956). Entry made on 12 November 2010. Jenny McDonald (nee Hudson) has provided me with some amendments and a significant number of new entries to the list of descendants of her grandfather Joseph Edmund Hudson. Jenny tell me that a steady stream of Hudson descendants visit the Clunes district to see where their ancestors William Hudson and Mary Jane Goddard once resided. For the new entries see (Table of the Descendants).
Descendants of James Hudson (1878-1962). Entry 20 October 2010. Peta Banting (nee McIvor) advised that, earlier this year,  her "lovely granddaughter", Ella Angela Anne Banting, was born to proud parents Ryan John Banting and Nicole Anne Parella. Ella is a g g granddaughter of James Hudson. See (Table of the Descendants).
Descendants of James Hudson (1878-1962). Entry 23 August 2010. Relatives and friends of the McIvor family (descendants of James Hudson's daughter Phyllis Hudson/McIvor) were saddened to learn of the recent deaths John McIvor (1943-2010) and Judy McIvor/Robins (1955-2010). See (Table of the Descendants).
Descendants of Thomas Hudson (1877-1956). Entry 23 August 2010. Susan Hudson, great granddaughter of Thomas Hudson, and her husband Paul Rodger are delighted to announce the birth of their first child, a son Elliott Hudson Rodger born in Sydney, NSW. See (Table of the Descendants).
Descendants of William Hudson (1883-1929). Entry 27 July 2010. Suzie and Kim Perrin have provided amendments and additional information on their family. Kim is a great grandson of William Hudson. See (Table of the Descendants).
Descendants of Agnes Hudson (1879-1962). Entry 14 July 2010. On 08 July 2010, Sharon Richter provided information on several new descendants in the line from her great grandmother Agnes Hudson. See (Table of the Descendants).
Descendants of William Hudson (1883-1929). Entry 13 May 2010. Peta Henderson (nee Davis), a great granddaughter of William Hudson (1883-1929), has provided details of her husband John Osmond Henderson and daughters Sarah Ray and Leah Kathleen Henderson. See (Table of the Descendants).
Death of Gertrude Wolfenden. Entry 13 May 2010.

Gertrude ("Gert"/"Gertie") Wolfenden (1914-2010) was the daughter of Lizzie Hudson and James Wolfenden and a granddaughter of William Hudson and Mary Jane Goddard. As far as I am aware, she was the longest-living descendant of William Hudson. Gertie celebrated her 95th birthday last year and was looking forward to her 96th birthday on 28 June 2010. She died in Maryborough, Victoria, with a funeral service held  at St Michael's of all Angels Anglican Church in Talbot on 28 April 2010 prior to a burial at the Amherst Cemetery.

My first correspondence with Gertie was in 1980 when she responded to a letter I had sent to her aunt (Ruby Hudson/Weatherson) in which I requested assistance in compiling a history of the family of William Hudson. In her response Gertie wrote: "Auntie Ruby Weatherson got her daughter to bring your letter over for me to answer (because) Auntie Ruby thinks I can tell you some things you want to know". The eleven page letter contained descriptions of the family and lists of Hudson descendants, and was a major contribution to the Hudson history. Throughout the next thirty years I have maintained regular contact with Gertie through letters and visits. She will be remembered fondly by all of her relatives and  friends in the Fells Gully, Dunach and Maryborough region of Victoria and throughout Australia. Thanks Gertie. See (credits-links.htm).

Death of Peter Charles. Entry 13 May 2010. I received a phone call on 14 April 2010 from Sally, the daughter of Marion and Peter Charles, to let me know her father had passed away in Albury on 04 April 2010. Before Marion's death in 2005, she and Peter made several visits to the valley of Longsleddale, Westmorland to see the birthplace of her grandfather William Hudson (1827-1908). On her trip in 1980, she wrote to her cousin Gertie Wolfenden describing her excitement of finding the church where William Hudson's parents were married and he was baptised. In part she wrote: "Peter had just about given up, but I kept saying just a bit further and then around a little bend this lovely little stone English Church". And later she writes: "Now Gertie, you won't believe this, but he (a Longsleddale resident) opened the Marriage Register and the very first entry in the book was Thomas Hudson married Isabella Green in 1815". Marion's enthusiasm and Peter's support were major factors in compiling the family history.
Table of Descendants of Thomas Plummer Clarke. Entry 13/03/2010 A provisional list of the descendants of Thomas Plummer Clarke and Frances Stelfox has been compiled from contributions made over the years by a number of Clarke descendants. This remains a work in progress (Descendants of Thomas Plummer Clarke)

Thomas Plummer

Clarke and Family. Entry 13/02/2010

Sandra Clarke, a great granddaughter of Thomas Plummer Clarke and Frances Stelfox, has compiled a summary of the Clarke family from their English origins, to the Russian upbringing of their children, to their migration to New Zealand and then Australia and the US. (T.P. Clarke).
Descendants of Gertrude Hudson (1886-1972). Entry 13/12/2009. Two new additions to the Conduit line from Gertrude Hudson include Isabelle Louise Conduit, b2008 and Levi John Smart b2009. Also, Sebastian Hutchinson's birth year was amended to 1994. Thanks to Phil Pikin, Maureen Conduit and Marcia Hutchinson for the updates.
Descendants of Agnes Hudson (1879-1962). Entry 04/11/2009. An additional birth entry on 09/11/2009. Helen Quick has sent some amendments and updates to the list of descendants of her great grandmother Agnes Hudson. These include the marriage of her son Stephen to Laura Davis, the marriage of Sandra Hudson to Daryl Tognolini, and the births of five new descendants - Ruby Bryant b2009, Adel Roche b2009, Lauren Pupovac b2007, Max John Pupovac b2009 and Gyan Dev Balaji Mancharan b2008.See (Table of the Descendants).
Descendants of Thomas Hudson (1877-1956). Entry 04/11/2009. Sarah Keenihan (nee Hudson) and husband Sean recently announced the birth of  Xavier William Keenihan b2009. Xavier William is their third child and second son. See (Table of the Descendants).
Descendants of Gertrude Hudson (1886-1972). Entry 04/11/2009. Phil Pikin, a grandson of Gertrude Hudson, has advised me of the birth dates of two recent additions to the Conduit branch of the family, Sasha Valentine Conduit b2008 and Lucia Teoki Conduit b2009. See (Table of the Descendants).
Descendants of Agnes Hudson (1879-1962). Maddison Grace Stepnell, a great-great granddaughter of Agnes Hudson, has advised me of a correction to her name and of the recent death, on 21 July 2009, of William George Hudson (1942-2009). See (Table of the Descendants).
 Descendants of Joseph Edmund Hudson (1890-1956) Mary Rubens, a granddaughter of Joseph Edmund Hudson , has provided new and revised information for the family line from her mother, Lorna Mary Hudson (1927-1996). These additions have significantly increased the total number of descendants from the Clunes pioneers, William Hudson and Mary Jane Goddard . See (Table of the Descendants).
Descendant List Updates and Photos Additions and modifications have been made to the lists of descendants from Thomas Hudson (information from Charmaine Tapping), George Hudson (Graeme Tapscott and Kay James), and Gertrude Hudson (Phil Pitkin). See  Descendants and Table of the Descendants). Group photographs of the children of Thomas Hudson have also been added. See hud-d-thomas.htm. Revised 26 January 2009.
Descendant List Updates Craig and Roma Smyth have provided additional information on descendants of Margaret Doris Hudson (hud-d-doris.htm), and Peta McIvor/Banting has provided additional information on descendants of James Hudson (hud-d-james.htm). Revised 20 November 2008.
Edna "Wiggs" Cocks/Hudson A respected senior member of the Hudson family passed away on Tuesday, 27 July 2008. Edna May Cocks/Hudson (known to many as "Wiggs") died at age 94. A celebration of her life was held at Fremantle Crematorium on 31 July 2008  and, later, relatives and friends gathered at the home of her daughter Robin (hud-d-james.htm).

William Clarke Metallurgist

William George Clarke's career as a metallurgist in the goldfields of Western Australia is described, together with some notes on his family background and his sporting and community interests. (Revised 10 July 2008 cla-wgclarke.htm).

Descendants of Doris Hudson (1894-1971)

 Michelle LENDON and Christopher John SMYTH have provided an update to the descendant database with details of Jaxon Tannah SMYTH (b1998) and  Kynan Jai SMYTH (b2004). They are now proud parents of three sons (hud-d-doris.htm).

 Gertie Wolfenden's 94th Birthday Gertie Wolfenden celebrated her 94th birthday on 28 June 2008. As far as I am aware, Gertie is the most senior descendant of all the seven hundred and twenty five known descendants of William Hudson and Mary Jane Goddard (hud-d-lizzie.htm). Congratulations Gertie!
Death of Jack Weatherson. Roderick John (Jack) Weatherson died at St Vincent's Private Hospital, Fitzroy on 02 May 2008 aged 86 years. A Funeral Service was held in St Paul's Anglican Church, Clunes and he was buried at Campbelltown Cemetery (hud-d-ruby.htm)
William George Clarke - Boer War Plaque in Kings Park A memorial plaque, located near the Boer War Memorial in Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia, recognises the service by William George Clarke to the South African and Imperial Veterans Association of Western Australia. Sergeant Clarke (1878-1941) fought with the New Zealand No. 1 Battalion and Rhodesian Field Artillery and, on discharge, came to Western Australia where he worked as a metallurgist in the Eastern Goldfields. He was President of the Association's Kalgoorlie Branch from 1929-1941 (cla-wgclarke.htm).
James and Elsie Hudson

Descendants of James Hudson, together with other Hudson and Godley relatives and friends, gathered at the home of Denis and Pauline Godley on 06 April 2008 to celebrate the 90th birthday of Gwen Hudson/Godley, the daughter of James and Elsie Hudson. In recognition of her reaching this milestone, Gwen was presented with the "key to the door" (see photograph at (hud-d-james.htm).

Ross Hudson, grandson of James Hudson, provided an update of descendants from his parents Vern and "Wiggs" (see hud-d-james.htm).

William and Edith Hudson An excellent photograph of Edith Hudson with her children was provided by her daughter "Joan" and grand-daughter "Edie" (in the United States) and forwarded to me via Dianne King. Edie also updated her family line (see hud-d-william.htm). April 2008.
William and Edith Hudson Susan Wood-Penno, great-great grand-daughter of William Hudson (1883-1929) has provided further details on the line from her grandmother Phyllis Ray HUDSON and Arthur Alexander MOTT (see Table of the Descendants and/or (hud-d-william.htm). Jan 2008.
William and Edith Hudson Dianne Perrin/King, grand-daughter of William Hudson (1883-1929), has revised and updated the list of descendants from her mother Isabel Maude (Belle) HUDSON  and father Montague Guy PERRIN. This can be viewed at both Table of the Descendants and Descendants of William Hudson (hud-d-william.htm). Jan 2008.
Births, Deaths and Marriages

The List of Descendants of William Hudson and Mary Jane Goddard has been amended to include the following events:

Line of Thomas Hudson - Death of Harold TOY in 2000; birth of Harrison Orlando HILL in 2006. Death of Philip Richard HUDSON in 2001. Line of James Hudson - Death of James Anthony (Tony) HUDSON in 2007. Birth of Chayse Camden Henty HOWITT in 2007. Line of Lizzie Hudson - Death of Clyde Goddard WOLFENDEN in 2000. Line of Gertrude Hudson - Birth of Lily Frances SMART in 2007. Marriage of Felicity Mary CONDUIT to Tereapii John Eric KORONUI in 2007.

Support needed for St Mary's Church, Longsleddale St Mary's Church, a "vital focus" for the small Lake District community of Longsleddale, and a popular destination for the many visitors to the valley, requires urgent repairs to the roof and some of the walls. The Longsleddale PCC is seeking donations to support the project from "all of those whose lives have been touched in some way by contact with Longsleddale Church". For further details of the project, and information on how donations may be made, please go to Longsleddale, Westmorland and follow the link to St Mary's Church.
Muller Family Mary Hudson, daughter of William Hudson (1827-1908) married Henry Conrad Muller, the son of Jacob Muller and Anna Elise Schmidt, pioneer settlers of the Smeaton District, Victoria. Addition information (hud-d-mary.htm) has been compiled on the Muller family.
William and Edith Hudson Kathy Homes, g g-daughter of William Hudson (1883-1929), has compiled a list of descendants from her grandmother Phyllis Ray Hudson/Mott. This can be viewed at Table of the Descendants and at descendants of William Hudson (hud-d-william.htm).
James Ronald and Eva Hudson The list of descendants of James Ronald and Eva Hudson has been updated with information provided by their daughter, Rose de Burgh, and can be viewed at  of William Hudson and at the descendants of James Hudson (hud-d-james.htm).
Descendants of William Hudson The list of descendants of William Hudson (1827-1908) and Mary Jane Goddard (1853-1934) has recently been updated and can be viewed at Table of the Descendants of William Hudson.
Update: (15/09/2006) Denis Godley has provided some further details of the Godley family, part of the line from James Hudson (hud-d-james.htm)
Marriages Added: (15/09/2006 Marriages of two great grandchildren of Gertrude Hudson (hud-d-gertrude) have been included in the list of descendants. These are the marriage of Luke William PITKIN in South Africa in 2004, and the marriage of Katrina Louise PITKIN in Vanuatu in 2006.
Recent Births, etc: (13/06/2006)

Recent descendants of Gertrude Hudson (hud-d-gertrude) include the following members of the CONDUIT FAMILY: Mathew Isaac GINN, Eli Charles SMART, Mason Alexander CONDUIT, Caleb Elijah CONDUIT and Gabriel Elias CONDUIT.

New Page: (03/02/2006)

WILLIAM RUSSELL HUDSON (1909-1973). A brief description of my father's life and sporting achievements at the University of Western Australia.

New Pages: (28/01/2006)

JAMES GODDARD (1822-1860) with links to: James Goddard - Exile, Goddards from Hawley, Court and Prison Records, Transportation on the "Joseph Somes", Settlement of the Geelong District, Family of James Goddard and Mary Askew, and Mary Askew

MARY ASKEW (1820-1890) with links to Higham and Shirland, Derbyshire, Askews from Higham, "Sir Robert Sale", Thomas and Ann Askew, and James Goddard.

Recent Page:

CREDITS and LINKS – A page to acknowledge the many people who have provided information and assisted in the preparation of this family history. Also, to provide a list of references and links to some of the other sources of information used in the compilation (credits-links.htm)

Recent Births, Marriages and Deaths:

Death of Marion Gertrude SMYTH/CHARLES, grand-daughter of William Hudson, family of Doris Hudson (hud-d-doris.htm)

Birth of Maisie Judith KEENIHAN, great-great-great-grand-daughter of William Hudson, family of Thomas Hudson (hud-d-thomas.htm)

Birth of Kit Keeling Galen HOWITT, great-great-great grandson of William Hudson, family of James Hudson (hud-d-james.htm)

Birth of Chloe Isabella HUDSON, great-great-great grand-daughter of William Hudson, family of Thomas Hudson (hud-d-thomas.htm)

Marriage of Susan Lee HUDSON, great-great grand-daughter of William Hudson, family of Thomas Hudson (hud-d-thomas.htm)



Birth of James Hudson WALKER, great-great grandson of William Hudson, family of James Hudson (hud-d-james.htm)

Death of Phyllis May HUDSON/McIVOR, grand-daughter of William Hudson, family of James Hudson (hud-d-james.htm)

Descendants of Mary Hudson: The list of descendants of Mary Hudson has been revised (25/06/2007) to include additional information  from the Index to Victorian BDM data.


Hudson Family Credits

Origins in Longsleddale, Westmorland

Cumbria County Council: In February 1980, I received help from Sheila J. MacPherson, the Archivist-in-Charge of the Record Office, Kendal, providing me with details of the marriage of Thomas Hudson and Isabella Green and a listing of the baptism dates of their children, including my great grandfather William Hudson. Later, in 1981, she posted copies of the Bishop's transcripts of Parish Records from Longsleddale, and referred me to a thesis by Rosalind M. Haworth (1970) on "Settlement and Enclosure in Longsleddale". I visited Sheila during a trip to the Lake District in 1986. I also received advice in 1980 from Windsor D. Biggs, County Planning Officer, on the availability of maps of the Longsleddale valley. 

Cumbria Family History Society: In May 1986 I received assistance from Margaret M. Russell, Hon. Secretary of the Society, who provided me with information on how I might contact relatives of Hudsons from Longsleddale during a trip my wife and I undertook later in that year.

C.E.S (Ted) Davis: In the period June-October 1980, Ted Davis spent considerable time undertaking research on my behalf on the Hudson families from Longsleddale. From archives in Kendal, and from field trips to the valley of Longsleddale, he was able to provide me with detailed information on my Hudson relatives. His hand-written notes contained copies of Census Records, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials for Longsleddale, and provided details of Isabella Green/Hudson's family in Bampton.

Lawrie R. Davidson: In 1981, Lawrie Davidson visited St Mary's Church and Tillshole Farm in Longsleddale. He took a number of photographs of both the buildings and the valley. He also purchased and sent me detailed maps of the region. His visits to the Public Records Office resulted in transcripts from Census Records for 1841, 1861, and 1871.

Geoff Hudson: My youngest brother Geoff visited Longsleddale in 1982, and stayed at a B&B at Garnett Bridge. He visited the Fishwicks at Sadgill, who also were the owners of Tillshole, and they were kind enough to let him inspect the "Hudson family home". In March 1983, Geoff reported that he and his family had spent two nights at Tillshole, and in July 1983 he sent sketches he had made of the floor plan of Tillshole.

Sylvia Fishwick: Sylvia and her husband Martin, the present occupants of Tillshole, have always been kind and hospitable hosts to Hudson family members visiting the place of birth of William Hudson in Longsleddale. In August 1994, the land-owners of the valley held a festival in St Mary's Church. One of the objectives was to describe the history of occupancy of farms within the valley. I was delighted to be asked by Sylvia to provide information describing the history of the Hudson family in Longsleddale, and in particular the Hudsons who occupied the farms of Tillshole and Sadgill.

Ken J. McNamara: Ken completed a research project for his PhD on aspects of the sediments and fossil fauna exposed in the valley of Longsleddale. He was kind enough to give me a photograph taken looking west from the top of the eastern fell, near Brow Gill, that shows Tillshole on the western side of the River Sprint. His publication "The age, stratigraphy and genesis of the Coniston Limestone Group in the southern Lake District" describes the results of his research in Longsleddale.

Marion Charles: During an overseas trip in May-July 1980, Marion and her husband Peter visited Westmorland in search of the Hudson family roots. In a letter to Gertie Wolfenden, written on 22 July 1980, she describes, in detail, the features of the picturesque valley of Longsleddale, her excitement in "discovering" St Mary's Church, and her good fortune in meeting Mr Waine, the church vestryman, who was able to show her many records of Hudson marriages, baptisms and deaths. She wrote: "The very first entry in the book (the Marriage Register of the rebuilt St Mary's Church) was Thomas Hudson married Isabella Green in 1815." Marion also located the baptism record for William Hudson, and drove to near the head of the valley to see his birthplace at Tillshole.

Belle (Jeanne) and David Powell: Belle ("always known as Jeanne") Hudson/Powell was born at Near Orrest Farm, near Windermere, Cumbria in 1935. She is the great grand-daughter of James Hudson (1826-1868), the immediate elder brother of William Hudson (1827-1908), and hence she is my third cousin. Jeanne and her husband David Powell migrated to Australia in 1956, and in December 1999 Jeanne and I confirmed our common ancestry. In May 2002, she provided me with details of her line from James Hudson, together with some information on other descendants from the marriage of our great-great grandparents, Thomas Hudson and Isabella Green. In December 2005, Jeanne and David gave me two folios on their research on "The Hudson Family (from) Longsleddale-Kendal-Windermere".

Pamela Fell: Pamela Fell is another third cousin, being the great grand-daughter of Robert Hudson (~1830-), the next younger brother of my great grandfather William Hudson (1827-1908). Pamela contacted me in May 2003 and provided me with details of her ongoing research on the Hudson families from Longsleddale, particularly information on her branch of the family.

Mr and Mrs Bennett: In 1998, my wife and I met with Mr and Mrs Bennett, residents of "Middale", Longsleddale, also the owners of "Wadshow" on the western bank of the River Sprint. In the course of discussion of the Hudson occupancy of "Wadshow" from the early 1700s to the late 1800s, Mr Bennett allowed me to make some notes from legal documents detailing transfer of ownership of the property within the Hudson family, and the final loss of the property, following loan mortgage agreements secured against "Wadshow". The final indenture was between Thomas Hudson and John Atkinson, drawn-up on 8 January, 1886. By the time of the 1991 census, the property was occupied by the Atkinson family.

Kendal Library: In visits to the eastern Lake District in 1986, 1993 and 1998, I spent some time studying records at the Kendal Library. The staff were always extremely helpful and the facilities excellent.

B&Bs and Hotels: Many thanks to Brenda and Tom White of "Bridge House", Garnett Bridge (1986); Margaret and Harold Hodgson at "Patton Hall Farm", to the east of Kendal (1993); Crown Hotel at Eamont Bridge, south of Carlisle (1998).

Others to be added: Wainwright; Lake District Guides; Links.

Goddard Family from Hawley, Hampshire

Goddard Association of Europe: In December 2000, I responded to a notice in the West Australian (Perth's daily newspaper) seeking membership applications for the Goddard Association of Europe from people "with the family name Goddard" or those "connected to it through marriage". I joined the association through Ian Goddard, the Australian Co-ordinator. My Goddard research interests were published in the Association's Newsletter No.58, for April 2001, and I received a helpful response from the Association's Research Co-ordinators Brian and Julie Goddard in March 2001.  In May 2001, I received a note (via Ian Goddard) from Ernest Goddard, a member in England, pointing out that "a James Goddard (was) christened 03 November 1822 at Yateley, the son of James Goddard who married Jane Coffee 03 November 1821". In January 2002, I wrote to Julie Goddard seeking further information on my great-great grandfather James Goddard (1822-1860) and she and husband Brian have been most helpful in providing me with information on court hearings and convictions in Hampshire. Newsletter No. 69, for January 2004 carried, as the feature article, an abbreviated version of  my publication "Mary Jane Goddard - A Tribute to my Great Grandmother".

Askew Family from Higham, Derbyshire

In 1993, my wife Jenny, son Michael and I visited Higham and stayed in a B&B in the village's main street. Our hosts, Betty Ann and Peter Banham of "Holly Tree Farm", were kind enough to loan me a book on the history of Higham (see Turbutt, 1978). This provided an excellent reference for our stay, and contained the names of Thomas Askew (blacksmith) and his wife Elizabeth Askew. We also visited the County Library at Chesterfield, where we were able to study census records for Higham.

Migration, Life in Australia, and Lists of Descendants of James Goddard and Mary Askew, and William Hudson and May Jane Goddard, 

Major Contributors: The following relatives have provided valuable information, photographs and discussion on the Hudson family: Marion Smyth/Charles, Gertie Wolfenden, Vern Hudson, Bruce Hudson, Graeme Tapscott, Stan Hudson, Helen Hudson/Quick, Gary Wolfenden and Phil Pitkin.

Lists of Descendants: The compilation of the lists of descendants of the children of William Hudson and Mary Jane Goddard commenced in 1979 and continues today. In particular, the assistance of the following correspondents is gratefully acknowledged:

Mary Hudson: Gertrude Wolfenden, Ian Fraser, Kenneth and Loretta Muller.

Thomas Hudson: John Hudson, Geoff Hudson, Jennifer Toy, Barbara Toy/Hill, Phillip Hudson, Carol Hudson/Kilmurray/Ford, Charmaine Ford/Clifford/Tapping, Sherry Ravelle/Hudson.

James Hudson: Ron and Eva Hudson, Rose de Burgh, Vern Hudson, Ross Hudson, Denis Godley, Deanne Guthrie, Bruce Hudson, Peta McIvor/Banting..

Agnes Hudson: Stan Hudson, Helen Hudson/Quick, Jessica Bryant, Maddison Stepnell, Sharon Richter

George Hudson: Graeme Tapscott, Kay Tapscott/James.

Lizzie Hudson: Gertrude Wolfenden, Carolyn Barwise, Ronwyn Davies (Hall), Colin Hall.

William Hudson: Phillip Hudson, Phillip Perrin, Kathy Homes, Joan Hudson/Griffin, Edie Colbert, Dianne King, Susan Wood-Penno, Peta Henderson, Suzie and Kim Perrin.

Gertrude Hudson: Phil Pitkin, Maureen Peno/Conduit, Marcia Hutchinson, Bob Peno, Bob and Margaret McGowan.

Rachel Victoria Hudson: Gertrude Wolfenden, Marion Charles.

Ruby Jane Hudson: Jack and Evelyn Weatherson, Gary Weatherson, Helen Hudson/Quick.

Joseph Edmund Hudson: Bill Hudson, Helen Hudson/Quick, Edmund Benjamin Hudson, Mary Rubens.

Margaret Doris Hudson: Marion Smyth/Charles, Jack Smyth, Michelle Lendon (Smyth), Craig Smyth.

Hudson Family Links, References and Sources

Longsleddale, Westmorland


Baddeley, M.J.B. (1971). "The Lake District" (Red Guide), 24th Edition, edited by R.J.W. Hammond, Ward Lock Limited, London. (Longsleddale walks are described on pages 93, 94, and 95, and a northern portion of the valley of Longsleddale is illustrated in Section Map No. 3 "Ambleside, Kirkstone, Grasmere and the Langdales", opposite page 107).

Hayworth, Rosalind M. (1970)."Settlement and enclosure in Longsleddale - a history of the nature and pattern of settlement in the valley from the medieval period to the present day”. Thesis.

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McNamara, K.J. (1979)."The age, stratigraphy and genesis of the Coniston Limestone Group in the southern Lake District".Geol. J. Vol. 14, Pt 1, pp.41-69.

Millward, R. and Robinson, A. (date not known). "Exploring the Lake District". (description of Longsleddale on page 319).

Official Guide. "Kendal and Westmorland". (British Publishing Co Ltd). The district containing the rivers Kent, Sprint and Mint, north of Kendal, are described on pages 67-70).

Parson and White (1829). "District of Cumberland and Westmorland, Kendal Directory". (Description of Longsleddale on page 652). Also see lists of residents of the Parish of Longsleddale in the Kendal Ward for the years 1829 (page 672), 1849 (page 328), and Kelly's Directory for 1858 (page 37) and 1894 (page 128).

Wainwright, A. (1979)."Three Westmorland Rivers, the Kent, the Sprint and the Mint." The Westmorland Gazette, Kendal. (Longsleddale, on the River Sprint,  is described and illustrated in pen and ink drawings numbered 17-30).

Wainwright Diary (1980). "The A. Wainwright Diary, 1980". The Westmorland Gazette, Kendal. (Photograph of a waterfall on the River Sprint at the head of the valley of Longsleddale, April/May).

Ward, Mrs Humphrey (1889). "Robert Elsmere". (The description of the valley of "Long Whindale, the setting for the early part of Mrs Humphrey Ward's book, is believed to be based on the valley of Longsleddale).

Wilson, F.M. (1912) "Longsleddale". (This illustrated description and guide to the dale was copied at the Public Library, Kendal).


Ordnance Survey (1978). "The English Lakes - Windermere and Kendal". Outdoor Leisure Map 1:25,000 scale. This map is made for fell walkers, and is "printed on tear (I believe as in "rip" rather than "cry") and water resistant material. (An excellent, detailed topographic map of the area north from Kendal, including the entire valley of Longsleddale, and west to Windermere and Ambleside. Farmhouses and walking tracks are shown. The map is a revised version of the old Six Inch Map Series (six inches to the mile, or approximately 1:10,560 scale). 

Web Sites

EdenLinks Westmorland Villages and Parishes: (Descriptions of the Wards and Parishes of the Baronies of Westmorland and Kendal, County Westmorland. Longsleddale is listed as a Kendal Parish Out-Township within the Barony of Kendal. Histories, descriptions, directories and other historic documents are presented for the Kendal Parish and the valley of Longsleddal. Sources include Parson and White (1829), Kendal Township Directory, Records of Kendale Vol. 1, and information on Window Tax, Hearth Tax, etc.)

Cumbria (by Steve Bulman): (Descriptions, photographs and other information on Cumbria, including transcripts of several important histories and directories and old family photographs).

Lake District Walks Web Site: (A walking route is described  that commences near Stockdale and ascends  north via Great Howe and Tarn Crag to Branstree, above the start of the valley of Lonsleddale. The route then crosses Gatescarth Pass to Harter Fell, then down the SSE-trending ridge to Goat Scar and Shipman Knotts, before descending to the valley via Tillshole. The photographs are stunning, particularly a view to the south from Goat Scar along the old glacial valley of Longsleddale: ).

Cumbrian Genealogy: (Lists of data available from Cumbria Family History Society and compilations from Directories, Parish Registers,1851 Census etc. Also lists of related links).

Cumbria Family History Society: 

Westmorland, EnglandGenWeb: 

Westmorland Members' Research Interests: (Lists of interests of some of the members of the Westmorland RootsWeb mailing list)

Addresses (to be added)

Cumbria County Council:

Cumbria Family History Society:

Kendal Library:


Goddards from Hawley, Hampshire

The Goddard Association of Europe -


Askew Family from Higham, Derbyshire

Turbutt, Gladwyn, (1978). A History of Shirland and Higham". Higham Press Ltd, Shirland, Derbyshire, DE5 6BP. Published by the Ogston Estates, 308 pages.

Warner, Tim, (undated). "Country Walks in North East Derbyshire - Shirland and Higham", North East Derbyshire District Council Community Programme (copy purchased in 1993).

Migration and Transportation

Description of Sailing Boats (more to be included).

Assisted Immigrants from UK 1839-1871 - Alphabetical List. WAGS Library Fiche 125-134.

Dearnley, Colin (1993). "The Ship 'Joseph Somes' - A Short History 1845-1851". Reference, 93 pages.

Nominal List of Exiles from Pentonville, Millbank, and Parkhurst Prisons; arrived Point Henry on the 24th day of September 1847 per the Ship "Joseph Somes", sailed from Portsmouth on the 4th day of June 1847.

The Immigrants

Wynd, Ian, Hill, T.R. and Lyons, V.M. (1986). “The Exiles”. Genealogical Society of Victoria. Introduction by Ian Wynd; alphabetical list of 1751 “exiles” from nine ships that “discharged their human cargoes” in Melbourne and Point Henry, Geelong.

Pickering, Les (pre-2002). "An Act Granting Pardons to Selected Convicts". From the "Cheshire Genealogist", Family History Society of Cheshire (Crewe Group),

Geelong District

Geelong and District:

Geelong Historical Records Centre. 

Hudson, D.Russell (2001). Mary Jane Goddard (1853-1934) - A Daughter of Murgheboluc. A tribute to my great grandmother. Monograph of 10 pages with 10 photographs, published privately in August 2001; revised June 2002.

Goddard, Richard G.H. (2004). Mary Jane Goddard (1853-1934) - A Tribute to my Great Grandmother. An article based on the monograph by D.R. Hudson (2001). Goddard Association of Europe Newsletter No. 69, January 2004, p 1-2, Editor R.G.H. Goddard.

Beaurepaire, Derek (1995). "The Stepping Stone - A History of the Shire of Bannockburn". Published by Golden Plains Shire Council. Printed by Henry Thacker Print Group. Contains 211 pages with numerous maps and photographs.

Venters, Irene Sarah (1990). Early Murgheboluc. Printed by Adams Printers, Geelong. A privately published monograph by Sadie Venters of the Bannockburn History Committee, comprising 114 pages, numerous old maps and photographs, descriptions of the history of development of the area, and summaries of families from the district.

Australian Museuems OnLine (AMOL) "You've got Buckley's ... Early Geelong" (

Brown, Philip. L. (1959) "The Young James Riley" (Geelong Historical Society).

Brown, Philip. L. (1959) "Meltham near Geelong" (Geelong Historical Society).

Walsh, Gerald (1979) "The Wine Industry of Australia 1788-1979" (

 Ward, Ebenezer (1864) "The Neuchatel Vinyard" (in "TheVinyards of Victoria as visited by Ebenezer Ward in1864", printed by Griffin Press Limited, Adelaide for Sullivan's Cove, 1980, (

Ian Wynd (?date) "Barrabool - Land of the Magpie" (establishment of vineyards in Victoria, pages 51-52; description of Pollocksford, page 79 and pages 128-129).

Clunes District

Weickhardt, F. Conrad (1970). Clunes - A Guide to the Visitor. Booklet compiled for the Shire of Talbot and Clunes. Revised by the Clunes Tourist and Development Association, 1975.

"Creswick & Clunes Advertiser Newspaper":

Western Australian Goldfields

"And All So Far From Home ... ":

General Genealogy

Cable, K.J. and Marchant, J.C. (1985). Australian Biographical and Genealogical Record Series 2, 1842-1899, Volume 1. (Page 125 has a photograph of William Hudson and Mary Jane Goddard/Hudson and a list of their seventeen children).


Dunstan, Clarke and Cuttle Family Credits and Links

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