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Toddlers and Children

CTW - Children's Television Workshop

Childrens Links & Pages Main Page

PBS Kids!

Amazing DinoKids!! -
Young dinosaur stories, songs, fun!

Parenting, Childrens' & Fun Links

childrens links, kids resources, games,
fun, references, educational, software

Childrens Arts and Crafts Kits and Driftwood Cra

Kid Songs~Amanda's Fun House
Of Melodies~Children Songs With

Childrens Resources and Fun Sites.

Free Kids stuff A - H 1000's of Useful
Free kid stuff and more!

Children's videos and books, fun
educational pre-school videos!

Links for Children

The AnswerSleuth's Kids Fun

KID SAFE Web Sites - Stenhammar.Net

KidsNsites: KidsNfun

Barney & Friends

Barney Kids Page

Lycos Guide to TV Shows: Barney & Friends

Nickelodeon The Nickelodeon Webring!

The Nickelodeon Webring

Nick Jr. - Play to Learn with Blue's Clues,
Franklin, Kipper, Maisy, Little Bea

Create Your Own Batman & Robin WeB Card

Batman The Animated Series


Educational Links including
Homework helpers, and dictionaries

More Online Web Dictionary

Homeschool Information Library -
Teaching and Learning - Index

Homeschool Resource Guide

I Love Homeschool

TLC Learning Center: For your kids

Things for Kids on the Internet

Charlotte's Web Education Page

Middle School Sites

Dyslexia - Eclectic Homeschool

Educational Links

Educational Web Sites for
Teachers and Students

Kids Links page

education courses

Education: Multi-Topic Sites

Mrs. Burns' First Grade

Children's Links

Kid Sites


Homework Help - Get help with math,
english, science, geography, history

Redwood Games HomeSchool Info

Social Studies Around the Web - The World

Social Studies Resources | Comprehensive Links

4th Social Studies

4th and 5th Grade Student Research
Resources - homework helper and cybrary

All Free Stuff - Coupons -- Freebies -
Free Stuff - Free Coupons - Free Catalog

Annie's Free Stuff and Freebies -
free coupons, freebies, free stuff, totally f

Annie's Free Resources for Teachers

Just for Kids/Kids Networks:
Kindergarten to Grade 3

Fun at *Kidspots on the Web*


KidSource OnLine Welcome Page - Free Interactive,
educational software for Kids

GameZone Online - Dr. Seuss Kindergarten - The Internet's #1 Education
Site for K-8 Teachers and Kids

Read, Write Now -Dinosaurs

Learning Partners -- Let's Write!

Biology - Homework Help Net Links

Biology Help Topics

Biology Help from Capt. Bio.

Biology 101 Help Page

Biology: Help and User Guides
for the Biology Subject Guide

Science Learning Network: Home

Science For Kids, Children,
Projects & Experiments

Science Project Help Sites

Science Magazine

Helping Your Child Learn Science

The Math Forum - Math Library - 4th Grade

StudyWeb: Math:Math Software

The Math Forum - Math Library -
Internet-Based Projects

The Math Forum - Math Library -
Instructional Pkg/Games

Math Math Fun & Games Online-
Parenting of K-6 Children Net Links

WebMath: Instant solutions to your math problems.

The Online Math Tutor

Science and Math Initiatives (SAMI)

The Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math

Table of Contents MATH

Glossaries and Dictionaries by Encyberpedia

UVA Library - Encyclopedias, Directories & Dictionaries

A Web of On-line Dictionaries

MoreOnline Web Directory

travlang's Translating Dictionaries

OneLook Dictionaries

Homework Help 2

Study-Help,Tutoring, Homework, Learning, School

Homework Help & Research Help

Excite Education: K-12: Homework Help

Homework Help - Home Page

Homework Help

Get help with your homework from Schoolwork Ugh!

Education Resources

Information Please Kids' Almanac: On-Line Dictionary,
Encyclopedia, and Homewor

Education Resources Just For Kids Internet Directory

Freebies at Rochester Online


Free Family Tree Software--Click Here! Kids at the Cemetery

More Genealogy for Kids

Reader Finds a Children's Notepad is Great for Kids

Kids Can Send an Adult to Camp This Summer

Using Your Research to Create Heirloom Children's Books

Nineteen Children on Two Continents: Analyzing an Online Family Group Chart

Make Your Ancestry Come Alive For Your Children

Help Children Celebrate Genealogy

Teach the Children with a Family Book

Why Genealogy is Important for Children

The Custom of Naming Children

Giving Children Bits of Your Past




Easter Links
Letter From The Easter Bunny

Classic Hymns for Easter (MIDI)

Easter Happy Hoppy

Easter Collage



Christmas Links

Santa's Workshop

Santa's Library

Chistmas In Italy

Christmas on the Net - The Many Faces of Santa

Santa Around the World


Holiday Fun Facts


The Legend of La Befana

La Befana and I Befanotti in

Italy - Holiday - Befana in Cyberspace -
UNICEF - Home Page

Letters From Santa & North Pole Deeds
- Santa Letters

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ~
Christmas Carols ~

Santa - Workshop Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
and the other reindeer

EmailSanta: Rudolph the red nosed reindeer !!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 2

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Santa's Workshop 4


Santa's Workshop 3

All Seasons Santa's Workshop



North Pole Santa's Workshop

SantaCentral.Com - 1999

Santa's Workshop: Christmas: Santa Claus

Santa's Secret Village(sm) at

Santa's Workshop 2


Santa's Workshop




Popeye Antique Disney Toys

The Unofficial Flintstones/HB Homepage

TBS Superstation: Flintstones

Popeye the Sailor

Official POPEYE Fanclub


The Popeye Home Page

DC Comics

t h e n e w B A T M A N -
S U P E R M A N a d v e n t u r e s

Batman Beyond

Superman Homepage!

Superman Web Ring: Next 5 Sites

Spider-Man in Amazing Adventures

Spiderman's WebMaster Freeware and
Shareware For Windows95

Cartoon Network: Dept. of Cartoons

The Powerpuff Girls Power Ring

Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon 3-D

Pokemon World - The Official Pokemon Site

The Pokemon Web Ring

Lycos Guide to TV Shows:
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Welcome to

MickeysMouseHouse -- Where the Magic Lives Online!

Fox 4 Kids Club, Kids Games,
Childrens Games, Childrens Stories,

Childrens' Games Kids Games Fun
Games Cool Games Playable Over The Web

Kids Domain

Teen Beat

Welcome to - The Official
Barbie Doll Web Site

Barbie Links on the Web

Awesome Barbie Slide Show

A Vintage Barbie Ring

Barbie Collector's Ring: Next 5 Sites

Barbie Doll Magnets

Barbie PC Software

GI-jOE® Collectors Web Ring

G.I. Joe Master Directory

Links to other GI Joe sites



Coloring Books and Books Online

The Twelve Days of Christmas ~

Stacey Mayer's Free Online Coloring Books -
Arabian Horse, Unicorns, Carousel h


KD PC Download: Gumby Coloring Books


Ivy's links to online coloring pages

StoryTime Coloring


Coloring Book

Clock Coloring Books

Coloring Books - Let your child
color pictures online

Online Coloring Fun!

Bonnie's Favorite Online Coloring Pictures

Online Coloring Pages

WebSchooling - coloring-online

Coloring Online

Coloring and Activity Books

The Theodore Tugboat Online Activity Centre

Online Stories, Books & Periodicals By
and For Children and Young Adults


Children's Storybooks Online -
Award Winning Links

Childrens Playground -

KIAC Childrens activities

How to Cartoon

Cyber-Time Children's Page -
A Safe Place for Kids to Surf The Net

Tenny's Kids Page

Free kids stuff - Freebies Net Links

Personalized children books
Create-A-Book Marclese Creations

Children's Storybooks Online

Childrens Personalized Printed Books--
including Disney, Sesame Street, Looney T

**FORME**Children's Books Printing Estimates

Childrens Books, Parenting Guides,
Teachers Reference Books Top Selling Books




Online Wordsearch Puzzles

Free online games, puzzles, stories
and activities for kids

Cascoly Software: Free online Games, Puzzles,
Clipart and educational programs

Online Crossword and Other Puzzles.

Online Crosswords

JigZone: Online Jigsaw Puzzle

Web Puzzler


Online Puzzles for Kids - Animal Scrambler

Crossword Puzzles

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