Ship Amason

From London 6 Sept 1850


Donated by A Bergman

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Harry Hooker 18 m

Charles Ashby 41 m

Alice Ashby 35 f

B.F. Warner 38 m

J(?) Butler 54 m

C.W. Butler 48 f

George Bundy 21 m

? Vincent 31 m

E.A. Bacon 23 m

William Pickering 28 m

Heinrick(Meurrick) Muller 19 m

John Fysch(?) 40 m

John Cousins 32 m

William Parker 30 m

John Heilt 22 m

Margaret Wehner 28 f

Louisa " infant

John Washinton 30 m

Mary Jane " 32 f

Sarah Ann " 8 f

Mary Ann " 10 f

Henry Edwards 20 m

Ruth Palussin 27 f

Elizabeth " 7 f

Mary Ann " 5 f

Amelia " 3 f

Charlotte " infant f

Sarah Crocker 23 f

Victor Lichinski 30 m

Richard Kruger 24 m

Sarah Murray 21 f

MaryAnn Kimp(Kemp) 30(?) f

Alfred " 3yr 6 mo m

Adele " infant f

Amelius Levine 27 m

Joseph Bragatji?(Bragatzi) 15 m

Benjamin " 57 m

Francisco Margotti 22 m

Lomar? Testi 22 m

Ferdinand Stophi? 30 m

James Giddigs (Giddings) 57 m