Clipper Ship INO


Clipper Ship INO

Passenger list for Clipper Ship Ino,1852, NY-SF

Donated by.John H Goebel
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Jno Hoffer, D P Durst, O Wolcott,
H Smith, Chas W Schuman,
Fred Bahr, Mrs Schruder and 3 children,
Miss M Wellner, W Hurry Jr, R C Pendelton,
J Byden, F Laroque, W H Pilgrim,
B H Price, W H Dennison, J H Hurback, A Bloomer,
S L Palmer, P Calyer, D C Tarbell,
P Karney, D S Ryder, W Spetzer, R J Bysbee,
D S Giddings, J Hell, H M Fay, C J Ironmonger,
G P Bowles, W F Scott, J H Aylesworth,
A P Vickland, F McRae,
F B Sands, F Wilson, P Haskel, E O’Connor,
A H Lughdon, S H Studley, G P Healey,
G W Johnson,H Bawden, E Judson, W D Brown,
R Douglass, H Doherty, H S Deane, H Timmerman,
J S Ward, W Wilbur, A Raymond,
E White, Jas White, E Collins, N Curtis,
A Dunlap, J Fletcher, G S Taylor,
W Nuson, T Mahaney, lady and 3 children,
G Benchley, N Benley, C F Brown, P Dinemore, J Close,
A Hogenchell, J Hogenchell, C Durat,
J B Rice, F M Thayer,
James and John Bicknell, C Jack, P Keeghan,
W M Dalling and lady, M Carrol,
J S Wilbur, J Whittaker, C Pendelton, J McDonald,
A Wilson, J W Gifford, J Will,
J B Shelling, D Fulton, C Marion, F H Kearney,
J Keenan, T Thompson, C Williams,
L Hardin, A Hegan, F Plutten, C Arresin, J Scott,
M Smith, G S Chatterdon,
A Moran, A S Deedout, L Flint, T Harrison,
Jas Brown, J Perry, D Dunn, G Hatch,
W Lincoln, lady and 2 children---total 122.
From the San Francisco Alta California Tuesday,
Jul 14, 1852, p2


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