From London (Plymouth) Christmas 1848
Arrived in Adelaide Mon 16 April 1849

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Would you please give any credit to
Ted Chapple, as he has done the research
and I have a copy of his book, being a
Chapple descendant. I hope this will
be useful to you.

Taken from "The Chapples from Exeter
to the Goldfields", Edward William
Chapple, 1994, Ancestral Publications.
(ISBN0-646-20885-3 Australia).
The Spartan, 364 tons, from London departed
Plymouth Christmas 1848 and
arrived in Adelaide on Monday 16 April 1849,
with Captain Pain (Payne) as
Copied from Shipping Intelligence
published in the Adelaide paper –


Passengers were listed as

Mr Perry and wife, Mr D Perry,

Mr Arnold and wife,

Miss Perry, Miss J Perry,

Duncan Kuefit,

George Berry, W Berry,

Edward Jeffery,

and Henry Robinson in the Cabin.

Edward Bassett,

Thos A Dodson,

Daniel Gillett and wife, Emma Gillett,

John Jones,

Wm Snurr and wife and child,

John Lamb,

Henry Smith,

Henry Afford,

John Atherton,

John Kimber,

James Martin,

Geo. Arnold,

John Campbell,

Daniel McWilliams,

Wm Clarke,

Frederick Abbott,

W Carter,

John Fisher,

John Lamb,

Susan Jones,

C Walters,

William Aldridge,

Ann Sheetar,

Mary Shea,

Margaret Flynn,

David Ryder,

Thomas Harrison,

Jeremiah Harrison,

W Slubley and wife,

Christopher Grange and wife,

Thomas Galley,

B Elwood,

John F. Shardalow,

Wm Jeffs wife and child,

Edward Sweetman wife and
three children,

Wm Sumner,

Thomas Sweetman wife
and three children,

Hannah Hunter, Henry Hunter,

Edwin Fowler wife and two children,

Margaret Harkington,
Samuel Harkington,

Charles Tompkins and wife,

John Clark, Jan Clarke,

Korah Wells and wife

John Matthews,

William Carruthers,

Thomas Cook,

Peter Nichols wife and
two children,

Samuel Rayner,

Alfred Cooper,

Thomas Oldman,

Samuel Harward,

Alex Morton,

Joseph Dunbadin,

Mary Harrison,

Geo Bending,

John Cheriton,

John Chapple wife and six children,

Richard Kelly,

J Davis,

George Kelly,

John Hamby,

John Webber wife and three children,

John Preston,

John Grattan wife and four children,

T Bailey, Christopher Bailey,

Cherry Bailey, Marta Bailey,
Isabella Bailey,

R Wills,

Susan Webber,

C Hammond,

Margaret Chasple, and
James Chasple, in the steerage.