Stone Ridge Church Records 1875-1883

Historian Notes.  Records have been kept irregularly during the church’s history.  Over time we will attempt to transcribe the records and make them available to the public.  The earliest available record in the archives begins in 1858, and these records were transcribed by Mr. Hasbrouck in the 20th century. 
What follows are the records from the second book, beginning in 1875.  This volume is a 14 ¼ by 10 ¼ inch leather bound one entitled RECORD OF THE Stone Ridge Methodist Episcopal Church, and noted Purchased Sept 1875.  Published in New York, Nelson and Phillips.  The first section is labeled Historical Record.  The notes are as follows:

Nothing like correct history of a charge can be obtained unless the several pastors are willing to give a sketch of their work be it ever so limited
Many items of interest may be omitted in the very short reference we make to our predecessors, however unwilling we are to pass over their years with – the brief mention that becomes necessary because of our ignorance of the facts.  We are yet more unwilling to leave the pages designed for history to remain blank reminders of neglected duty.
1875-77  In 1875 Rev John Rowe was appointed to Stone Ridge Charge by Bishop E.R. Ames.  R.E.S. Osborn P.E.  This Record was begun by him.
Revival meetings were held at various places during his pastorate of three years.  In which the last winter he was assisted by Bro. + Sister Fisher.  The most fruitful meetings seem to have been at Krippelbush and Stone Ridge  119 names appear as probationers of whom (there is a blank line here) were received in full.  Thirty-five adults and 11 infants were baptized.  The church according to all statements gathering was prosperous.  During his first year the kitchen (to the parsonage) which had been burned during the previous year was replaced by the insurance company.

1878-79  In April 1878 Rev. W.W. Taylor was appointed by Bishop E.G. Andrews to Stone Ridge Charge.  Rev. P.R. Hawphurst P.E.
No entry is made on the “Probations Record” during the two years of his term.  No extra meetings were held excepting a Camp Meeting held in Oakleys grove during his last year viz 1879.  Conducted by the Elder, of the spiritual results of this meeting we find no record.  Financially it proved a success and $100. were raised to repaint the Parsonage and rebuild the front fence and provide outbuildings.  It was during his stay that the first Orchestra was built at the left of the pulpit in the Church at Stone Ridge and the Choir were removed from the gallery.  He was also instrumental in arranging and conducting society or “dimes” to raise funds to purchase a fine cooking stove for the Parsonage.  Bro. Taylor arranged the present Alphabetical list of members.  And leaves a record of six baptisms viz 4 Adults and 2 infants.

1880-83  In April 1880 J. W. Bohlman was appointed pastor by Bishop Isaac W. Wiley, D.D.  P.R Hampshurst P.E.
A floating debt of about $200. was collected and paid during the first year.  Revival meetings were held at Stone Ridge and Inwoods.  30 Probationers were received.
In 1881 A Subsription was circulated to raise $300 for repainting the Church repairing the chimneys on Church and ceiling the lecture room.  Also roofing the parsonage  the painting was done and the ceiling also.  The Church at Inwoods was roofed.  About $200 expended in improvements in both places  Two revival meetings were held one at Stone Ridge covering a number of weeks another at Krippelbush.  17 probationers were received and the Church enjoyed a measure of Quickening.
In 1882.  A Temperance movement was carried on at Oakleys Grove by Mr Mabee a traveling Temperance lecturer.  He organized the work afterwards in the M.E. Church.  A ten day meeting was held at Stone Ridge in the early winter   only one Probationer was received and many of the membership did not interest themselves in the work  What the Church has needed and does need – God grant it may enjoy, is a thorough revival in the hearts of Gods People.  Many are true to all the interests of the cause of the Lord Jesus and many others require spiritual renovation  At Stone Ridge the money remains to accomplish the repairs anticipated + paint and repaint the church inside.
A short revival meeting was carried on during the early winter at Inwood  4 Probationers were received there are others who made a profession who may yet join  The sheds at Inwood were roofed + repairs during the year  The money remaining to complete the repairs which are to be pushed at once.  Together with the repairs at Inwood were reported to the Conference 1883 at $100  42 of the Probationers were recd. In full membership during the three years.  54 were baptized and 67 couples married. 

1883  April 10th /83  Rev. F. D. Abrams was appointed by Bishop C.D. Foss  Preacher in Charge Rev J. W. Akerley Presiding Elder

This is the final entry under history.  The next section to be transcribed is Alphabetical Record of Members in Full Connection. 

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