Euphemia Petrie Robertson
(1830 - 1904)

This is William JOHNSON's wife. This is the only photograph of Euphemia that I have.

Unfortunately I don't have a photograph of William.

Euphemia is buried at the Ulmarra Cemetery NSW. The photgraph on the right is her grave along with William and a son Freddy.

Frank Ritchie Johnson

(son of William)
(1866 - 1947)

This is an old photograph that was in a very old eliptical frame. I removed the photograph and took a photo of it because the original is in poor condition with silverfish infestation. You can see the white areas where they have eaten away some of the image.

Frank and Susan's grave is also at the Ulmarra Cemetery Northern NSW.

Susan Shea

(1874 - 1939)

Frank Ritchie Johnson's wife. They had 9 children.

At the right is the same headstone as above except a long shot of it. Euphemia's headstone can be seen at the top right (the dark one).

There are a number of relatives buried in this cemetery.

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(1903 - 1943)

Son Of Frank and Susan. Born at Ulmarra, Northern NSW. After he married he went to live in Brisbane QLD. He married Alice Bedford on 28 December 1935. They had three children - Elaine, Joyce and Reginald.

He died in Brisbane and is Buried in the Lutchwyche Cemetery Brisbane Qld.

This is the primary school at Cowper Northern NSW where my father, uncles and myself attended. Photograph c 1970's.

This is dedicated to my late Father

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